Question from inzanemada

Where can I find the tm for hypnosis?

Can i find a TM containing hypnosis??
if i can.. where?

i need it so i can complete my haunter's skills
-shadow ball
-dream eater

i would remove shadow ball so i can use the nightmare and curse combo....

and one more question... haunter evolves to gengar only if i trade him... right??
i just need need to clarify if the guy from celadon city was telling the truth...

inzanemada provided additional details:

But my haunter didn't learn hypnosis....yet... on what level can he learn hypnosis??

inzanemada provided additional details:

So where can i find these mushrooms?

Accepted Answer

RaikouTGC answered:

Mushrooms are held by Wild Paras and Parasect
Tiny 50% on Paras/Parasect
Big 5% on Paras/Parasect

You can Use Thief, Covet Or Trick to Steal them from Wild ones in Mt.Moon (Paras) or Cerulean Cave (Parasect)

Or on Captured ones in the Safari Zone
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togepi12 answered:

There is no tm for hypnosis. I think you can obtain it by using 2 tinymushrooms or a bigmushrooms on the move relearner on 2island and let haunter relearn hypnosis. :)
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zvuzay answered:

Gengar's hyponis is a initial move so once you breed a gastly it will ikely to have this move or use a tiny mushroom to relearn this move.
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