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Can i breed mewtwo... or suicune...?

Can i breed any pokemon that has no gender?

inzanemada provided additional details:

So what examples of pokemon i can breed that has no gender??

Accepted Answer

mkylem answered:

The only legendary pokemon that you can breed is manaphy which you can only get in pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum. The only other way to is to use an action replay code to force the egg.
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togepi12 answered:

You cannot breed any legendaries with the exception of manaphy i think. Its available in DPP. :)
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undertakerjoey answered:

No and no their is only one legendary pokemon that you can breed that pokemon is manaphy otherwise just about every genderless that is not a legendary can be bread using ditto
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animanga1999 answered:

sorry, its not possible any legendary pokemon cant be breeded . I think only the regular Pokemon without gender is possible
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LugiaLatias answered:

You can breed pokemon with no gender if you get a Ditto, but I'm afraid it is impossible to breed legendaries. Sorry!! :(
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