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Item duplication?

Is the item duplication "glitch" in Fire Red?
If so, how do i do it? It's been years since i used it and my minds drawing a blank....

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xlphantom answered:

For FR/LG you can only use a gameshark to duplicate pokemon.
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Blaziken_rjcf answered:

No it isn't.
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Matty_G33 answered:

Assuming third generation, you can only duplicate using Emearld. I'm not 100% sure but there is apparently a cloning glitch on either Pokemon Collusseum or XD, both Gamecube titles.
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greywolf676 answered:

The glitch is in the original red and blue
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RAndCgamelover2 answered:

There is no glitch on fire red, leaf green, ruby, or sapphire. Is only on emerald.
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cinderis answered:

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Ryuuseigan answered:

No, you could only clone Pokemon in Emerald. Try breeding your Pokemon.
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