Question from johnson52

I can't find Raikou ?

I tried everywhere help

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LugiaLatias answered:

All right, to get Raikou you need to have chosen a Squirtle as your starter, but I assume you already knew that. You also need to beat the elite four, i think. Then just kind of walk around. It takes awhile, but I totally forgot about looking for my Suicune, and then i found him on route one. go figure. so i think it's really just up to chance.
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PokemonHero17 answered:

Get a level 39 pokemon. Use max repel and look everywhere. That's the only advice I could give to you. Hope it helps.
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ExCeleby answered:

If You Chose Start pokemon with :
Charizard (Fire) -----------> Suicune (water )
Squirtle (Water)--------------> Raikou ( lighting)
Bulbasaur (Grass)------------> Entei (Fire )

That only 1 you can get ......

Area to get it random grass ( i think )

i get it in Palet Town
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