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How do i get to the power plant?

I have tried to look but i cant find it

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Elementalninjam answered:

Well, it's been a while, but I should be right.

First of all, you need Surf. Once you have that, take the route that goes left out of Cerulean City (the way you got to Lavender Town origianally). Once you have gone far enough, you will either have to go south or use the water way to the north. Take the latter path, and you should come upon the Power Plant. Navigate through, and you will find the Legendary bird Zapdos at the end.

Hope that helps.
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PokemonHero17 answered:

You go to the waterway in the south. There's a pokemon center you can fly to. The rest of this the above post is right. There's a pokemon maniac before you get to the power plant.
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ExCeleby answered:

Right These

First You Can Fly To The Route 10 / Rock Tunel
You Walk to north
you see a sea
surf and go to power plant

in power plant you go survive in there
go walk to get zapdos ( capture it donk kill that / legendary pokemon)
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you need more help than you should look up Strawhat's Walkthrough FAQ in the bottom of the Hints and Cheats Section.

It'll tell you what to do in detail and you only have to press ctrl + F and type in what you're looking for and it'll take you there.

Hope this helps.
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moondust929 answered:

Note : You will need SURF.
1.Fly back to Rock Tunnel .
2.Go to the west side of the grass.
3.Go to the open fence.
4.Use SURF.
5.Follow the path of the water.

Hope this Helped!
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SherinBinuR answered:

Fly to the north east PC and surf north, east and south.
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rizzyryan answered:

Go out side of the rock tunnel than find the nearest water use surf go right than down and it should be on your left.
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PokeMan6631 answered:

Go to vermillion city first(2nd gym). From there go to the entrance of the rock tunnel by using cut. Now, use surf in the water beside the pokemon center there. Head south and follow the river. You will reach the power plant at the end of the river(Its not far). Zapdos can be found here along with a few tms and thunderstone
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gamerdude1 answered:

Go to the pokemon center near rock tunnel . then go a bit north and use surf go right ,down,left and boom you are in power plant .
but make sure your team is tough and you have a good stock of balls because zapdos is not an easy one to catch
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