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How do i get to the top floor in Pokemon Tower?

I don't know how?

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stingerbrg answered:

I'll try to avoid spoilers.

You first have to go to Celedon City and go to the Game Corner, then beat the boss trainer. He'll give you an item that allows you to get to the top floor.
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Loganizz124 answered:

Go to celadon city and then to th game corner and go to the very bottom floor and beat boss rocket he will drop the silph scope and then you take that to the tower and a marowak appears you beat her because shes uncathable and then the top floor has rocket trainers on it.
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AlexanderBmora answered:

A good way to this is by using all your strongest pokemon and once your battle is over go down stairs to heal all of your pokemon
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you need more help than you should look up Strawhat's Walkthrough FAQ in the bottom of the Hints and Cheats Section.

It'll tell you what to do in detail and you only have to press ctrl + F and type in what you're looking for and it'll take you there.

Hope this helps.
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cruzplayer22 answered:

You have to defeat all the trainer, then you get to the owner of the tower you can go back to the lobby witout the battles resetting and restore your pokemon but you better hurry cuase you being timed
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