Question from Jelloratbob

Where's the Coin Case?

I'm on 3 island and I still haven't found it.

Jelloratbob provided additional details:

Where in the game corner? P.S. Cool name.


RaikouTGC answered:

Celadon Game Corner
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randomgamers123 answered:

In celadon city theres a resteraunt. once u find it, talk to everyone until someone gives u a coin case(i cant remember who gives it to u) and u use it to hold coins(duhh)
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aznblackthrilla answered:

The coin case is located in Celadon City, below the Rocket Game Corner. There is a series of house and in one you will find a restraunt. Speak to the man in the far back corner on the left and he will (after telling you his problems) hand over the Coin Case!
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pokemonexpert12 answered:

Theres a restruant in celadon the second house the one in middle then talk to that fat guy at the end and he will give u the coin case hope tshi helps!
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Alakazam_KooL answered:

In celadon city south-eats of the game corner there's a restaurnant. The guy eating in the corner,talk to him & he gives you the coin case.Go back 2 the game corner and buy coins,play games or next door buy pokemon,TM's and awesome holding items.

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Alakazam_KooL answered:

sorri..... In celadon city south-east
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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

"Sorry", Alakazam_kool_.
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