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How do I beat elite four #4 (Lance)?

I can't beat his dragonite with my articuno because his OUTRAGE attack is super effective. How do I beat him?

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cloud__9 answered:

What i did was taught a water type ice beam becuase dragon is not super effective.
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randomgamers123 answered:

I managed to use articuno but u can always catch a dratini or dragonair in the safari zone and train him. zapdos also works ok as dragonite is part flying. rocks might work, i usually use my zapdos articuno or dragonite
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Jaro1234 answered:

I would use Ice pokemon. You also can use Ice Beam. And a dragontype move is super effective against a dragontype.
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raikou243 answered:

Try using and ice type pokemon because it is super effective on dragon types
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pokemonexpert12 answered:

Use a ice pokemon or any other pokemon that knows a good ice attack like blizzard of ice beam my favourite is a poliwrath cuz it wuold help me with the first one who uses ice pokemon
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ZWolf2198 answered:

Use water/ice types or dragon types.Basicly anything that can learn ice or dragon moves.
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ShinyFeraligatr answered:

You are lying, Outrage hits neutrally on Arcticuno.

If you need help, level up Arcticuno and get him Ice Beam (if you got rid of it.) Most quick ice attacks will defeat Dragonite. Of course, if you REALLY need something to resist Outrage, you can only use Magnaton.
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AlexanderBmora answered:

Try using Snorlax or another pokemon that can learn ice beam or blizzard. Something else you can do is train your Articuno to a really high level like 70 and above.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

You need to follow two basic guidelines you need to follow.

You need to level up your party a bit more so they're above level 50 if they're not and know that ice attacks will become your friend for this battle.

Hope this helps.
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Chaos_Dinja answered:

well more and likely give have a pokemon know DRAGON WATER and ICE those are the main types to use usually u would not use a legendary for the elite for because there moves arent always that great use an evolved pokemon like charizard blastoise and well you know lapras is an awesome one because it has high defense and high sp attack and its attack is also good try that if you can
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Animefanfreak5 answered:

I think the best way to beat lance is to have 2 dragon types and of course your starter w at least 1 ice type and a rock type i recommend at lv 70 + and make sure u got lots of healing items and revives :D
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blastburn4 answered:

I would use a strong ice type like glalie or piloswine but articuno works 2 u should give it blizzard.
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lolol96 answered:

Get articuno about lv 60 then use ice beam on all the dragon pokemon.
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mariam12345 answered:

Ice beam and Sheer cold
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link5642 answered:

Sometimes a psycic pokemon is powerful against dragonite. I'm not exactly sure...
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