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Shiny Pokemon Pics & Shiny Entei?

Hi, I want to find pics of normal Pokemon/Shiny versions of them, especially the 3 Starters. I'm choosing Bulbasuar but I have no idea what he'll look like if I get him as a Shiny, I don't want to screw up & reset by mistake not knowing I got it. Also, I just learned that a couple of Pokemon's Shiny Chances are determined when you start your game, i.e. Entei. I will want Entei later (since I've chosen Bulbasuar), is there any way to know if you'll be getting it as a Shiny without having to go through 90% of the game? Way to f'ing go Nintendo, what kind of a mind screw is this to make these Pokemon's Shininess determined when you begin the game? Anyway, please let me know ASAP, Thanks anyone & everyone!

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I thought so, I checked out the Fire Red Pokedex on but I couldn't see any other pics, I mean there were 2 sets of pics per each Pokemon but I thought they were pics of the Pokemon between diff. versions. I couldn't tell which if any were supposed to be Shiny. :(

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CrashmanEXE answered:

There are quite a few websites that have the Shiny version sprites, if you goto and goto the FR/LG Pokedex and find the pokemon you are looking for it is on the right side of the game you choose.
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Nitewlf answered:

If you go to look on either of the pokedexes and go to anybody. It shows them and their shiny formes.
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