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Can you catch a legendary pokemon without the master ball?

Can you?

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RaikouTGC answered:

And save before the battle so you can reset if you KO it
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lewa473 answered:

just get em to low health and throw a bunch of pokeballs
i recommend ultra balls
and get a BUNCH of them before heading out
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CrashmanEXE answered:

Yes it is possible but it requries alot of skill and Ultra Balls.
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lewiscr1 answered:

It takes alot of skill ............................................... and luck
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Dogking91 answered:

I try and I got him low health and caght him with one ultra balls and don't ask me how becaues i think was all luck
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AlexanderBmora answered:

You can if you have a lot of ultra balls, high level pokemon and pokemon that know sleep/paralyis.
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xchunchenx answered:

It Is Possible
Take A Pokemon With High Level And Speed
Learn A Move Call
False Swipe
Or Dragon Rage
They Can Damage Your Enemy And Leave Them 1-40HP ( If You Are High Level)
This Move Will Prevent From Accidently Kill Them Or What
Paralyze Them To Make It More Easier
Throw Pokeball 1st
Then Great Ball
And Ultra Ball

Poison And Burn Will Kill Them Easily
So Be Careful
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SuperSmashBro13 answered:

Yes. It is VERY difficult, but certainly possible. You'll obviously want to keep a few things in mind.

#1: If the legendary is afflicted with a status effect (such as Sleep or Paralysis), they'll be easier to catch. Note that you do NOT want to Poison or Burn them, as this may kill them before you have a chance to catch them. Sleep is always preferred and typically works better, but it can be hard to pull off and it's only temporary. Paralysis is easiest and is the one I usually go with.

#2: Get their health down as low as possible. This is obvious with any Pokemon, but the same rules apply here. They don't necessarily have to be in the red zone to catch them. A move like False Swipe will prevent you from killing them, and moves like Dragon Rage and Sonicboom do the same amount of damage each time.

#3: Get prepared! Buy about 25 of the Balls you intend to catch them with (such as Ultra Balls). You should also have a few healing items so that you can survive until you catch them.

Other than that, save in front of the baby and have more patience than you thought possible, and eventually, the legendary will be caught. You'll also generally want to throw a defensive tank in there to take the hits while you try to capture the legendary, and it's best if the tank's type is resistant to the legendary's moves (like Blastoise to Moltres).
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Cheerful_Star answered:

For me, I prefer PokeBalls to show off to my friends lol
First of all, bring a pokemon that knows false swipe
Get the legend poke that you're about to catch's health to 1 with false swipe, but paralyze it first.
after that, about 50 pokeballs or more will have the job done

It might not work everytime, but I caught all the legend birds with pokeballs
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supermario11196 answered:

Definately, I helped my little brother will Moltres, i used just one attack, got his health to exactly half threw a normal pokeball and caught moltres on the first try,
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QuackOutLoud answered:

Yes, you can.
It's very difficult to do so, but it's still possible.

One method is using a move called False Swipe (they only pokemon i can think of that can learn this move is scyther atm), it's a move that will damage the enemy without ever killing them.
You can use this move til the legendary you're fighting is at 1 HP, than you can put it to sleep, or paralyze your enemy, than start spamming Ultra Balls, or whatever you like.
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