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What are the strongest pokemon of each type?

I'm starting over, & i want an unstoppable team for Fire Red. I like having a variety of types so i would like to know which are the best pokemon for each type with just the pokemon that can be caught on FR.


Did i get em all? I purposely left out bug pokemon because as far as i know they suck lol. Anyway, if you could include which "natures" are best for each pokemon too that would be awesome : )

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Also.. which is the better starter in the long-run?

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WOOPS! lol left out Ice & Electric!

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icp116878.. I'm sorry but that was the worst answer ever. can someone else give me a clearer answer?
obviously a charizard is a better pokemon than say.. a ninetales right? this is what i'm wondering. which pokemon are stronger for each type when they have evolved fully.

Accepted Answer

From: ATLFalconsVick7 4 years ago

Normal: Snorlax. Incredible stats and even better movepool. It'd be hard for him to faint even if you wanted him to.
Psychic: Alakazam if you can trade Kadabra for him, otherwise it's close between Kadabra and Mr. Mime. Both are very powerful special attackers, though.
Fighting: Hitmonlee for sure. Great speed, incredible attack, surprisingly good special defense.
Ghost: Not much choice here. Gengar. Gastly is very difficult to raise but the Shadow Ball TM makes everything worth it.
Dragon: Again, no choices here; Dragonite. I wouldn't recommend raising one though, because Dratini and Dragonair are pretty mediocre and take FOREVER to level. Not worth the time investment.
Flying: Not counting the legendary birds, Dodrio, hands down. Basically a way stronger version of Fearow. Drill peck is a win.
Poison: Muk has great offensive stats and a pretty good movepool. Pretty crappy type altogether, though. Just ask Team Rocket, lol.
Grass: Venusaur. Good overall stats and a very solid movepool including all three status powders.
Water: Close between Lapras and Blastoise. Blastoise has better defenses but Lapras has better typing and more HP and attacking powers. Lapras in my opinion, others would probably argue Blastoise's case.
Fire: Arcanine by FAR. He was originally meant to be a legendary, so his stats are way higher than any normally obtainable pokemon's stats should be, and he has access to some great moves, including Flamethrower and the superpowered version of Quick Attack, Extremespeed.
Ground: Dugtrio and Marowak are both good for different reasons. Dugtrio will pretty much always go first in battles, but doesn't hit that hard. Marowak is slower, but much stronger, and has a more diverse movepool. Your call.
Rock: Golem if you can trade for him, but otherwise, Rhydon is a very solid backup plan.
Ice: Lapras and Jynx are both vying for this position. I already chose Lapras, so we'll go with Jynx; great offensive stats and a wonderful movepool.
Electric: Jolteon by FAR. Outspeeds everything and does a lot of OHKOing even with Shock Wave, which is a TM you get after beating the first gym. Jolteon is easy to over-level, I know from experience; and it's a good problem to have.

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All types are the even bug type you just need to learn how to use them there moves

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Normal: Lickitung (from trade)
psychic: Mew or Mewtoo (sorry if i spelled mewtoo wrong)
Fighting: Machamp
Ghost: Gengar
Dragon: Dragonite
Flying: Pidgeot
Poison: Muk
Grass: Vileplume
Water: Kingler or Lapras
Fire: Moltres
Ice: Articuno
Electric: Besides Pikachu, Zapdos
Bug: even though you don't like them, butterfree
I purposley left out starter Pokemon, because i don't know which one you have.
I would say squirtle, because most gym leaders can be really affected by water. also you can teach it ice moves which can be used against Lance.

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If you are also looking at Gen II Pokes that you can pick up after the E4, then:

Normal: Tauros/Blissey/Snorlax
Psychic: Exeggutor
Fighting: Machamp/Heracross
Ghost: Gengar
Dragon: Dragonite/Kingdra
Flying: Legendary Birds (non-uber Dragonite/Charizard/Skarmory)
Poison: Gengar/Nidoking/Nidoqueen
Grass: Victreebel/Venusaur
Water: Lapras/Vaporeon/Kabutops/Gyarados
Fire: Charizard/Arcanine
Ground: Golem/Tyrannitar
Rock: Golem/Tyrannitar
Ice: Lapras
Electric: Jolteon, Raichu, Electabuzz
Bug: Pincer/Scyther/Heracross
Dark: Murkrow
Steel: Steelix/Scizor

I routinely choose Charmander, just because he eventually becomes a Fire/Flying, which is a fairly versatile double type. However, jwheeler is right; there are precious few good grass-types, while good fire- and water- types are far more common.

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Jwheeler, kinda weird how u agreed with some of mine and called me a fail? this is more of an opinion question and should be posted on the boards, but i just gave my honest opinion.

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Well cerulean cave has a lot of leveled up pokemon and so does seven island.

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