Question from mypetrock

Asked: 6 years ago

where can I find the vs seeker?

This allows trainers to battle other trainers that were previously battled.

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From: kirkinout 6 years ago

There is a woman next to the counter inside the Pokemon Center in Vermilion City. She will give you the VS Seeker if you speak to her.

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The VS Seeker can be found in the Vermillion City pokemon center, the Cool Trainer standing in front of the desk will give it to you.

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kirkinout and PlichoW r right
it can be obtained in the Vermillion pkmn centr by talking to the lady in front of the counter

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this is what you do
1)go to Vermelion city
2)talk to a lady with with purple hair
3)then you recieve a vs seeker

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