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How many pokemon are in this game (and only this game, no trades)?

Some sources say there are "over 150 pokemon." Some say you can catch nearly 400. So which is it?

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OK, so the list provided by xF0x suggests that there are 386 pokemon in this game that are catchable, but Kirby says there are about 150. I am still confused!

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So you are telling me this is like pokemon Red/Blue + 250 others?

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Only 150,1 other by event

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Well actually there are like 4,5 pokemon that don`t appear here

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Here is the list of all Pokemon obtainable in FireRed without trading:

Note, this list includes event Pokemon as well as Pokemon obtainable through breeding and evolving.

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Here`s the deal you can`t catch Slowpoke`s Family and Bellsprout`s Family but you can catch the other pokemon on that list.Most of the Johto Pokemon you can`t catch.You basically you can`t get Alakazam,Golem, and Machamp without trading.

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If you need more help then you might want to look at an FAQ on this.

It'll tell you everything you need to know in detail.

Hope this helps.

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There are 133 possible Generation I pokemon that you can get if trades are not counted. However you cannot get 133 on one playthrough. That number includes all the starter pokemon and all the fossil pokemon. So in a single playthrough you can only obtain 125 Generation I pokemon.

In addition, if I counted correctly, there are 46 Generation II pokemon that you can obtain without any trading.

The 386 number is if you trade pokemon into FireRed.

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