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Asked: 3 years ago

What pokemon have hold items?

I taught my Pidgeot Thief relatively early, and all I've managed to get from it are black belts and a chesto berry from one of the Snorlaxes. Can someone either give me a list of all the trainers' pokemon that are holding items or at least tell me where I can find one? Also, I've already checked Serebii and I can't find anything helpful...

Accepted Answer

From: RaikouTGC 3 years ago

Wild Held Items are Random, not Trainers. Please provide Links to these supposed Confirmations

The Only Trainer Held Items outside of the Trainer Tower that I know of is Crush Kin Ron & Mya each of their Pokemon has a Black Belt

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It's actually random. The trainer you're battling could have a item or not. It's been confirmed on Serebii, Marriland, Bulbapedia, The Pokemon Wiki on Wikia, and Veekun.

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