Question from lordd128

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i get a alakazam?

I have a lvl 42 kadabra and still no alakazam how do i get one?

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From: Shadowlynk 6 years ago

Kadabra only evolves into Alakazam when you trade it.

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Trade it, the person you trade it to will get your Kadabra and it'll immediately evolve to Alakazam.
Get someone to trade you there Kadabra, make sure they aren't holding an Everstone...that'll stop it from evolving.

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trade over a Kadabra

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Obtain a Kadabra and trade it to a friend and get it back. When traded, Kadabra will evolve to Alakazam, so who you trade it to must trade it back to you so you have Alakazam in your Pokedex.

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