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Fire Red/Leaf Green Gym Guide


Jason Shen

The First, last, and only Version!!!

Table of Contents:

A.	Legal stuff
B.	Brief facts about me*
C.	Introduction (the real one!)
        1. Updates(may include credit)
D.	Let's get started!
E.	Gyms ahead-Look out!
a.	Pewter City Gym
b.	Cerulean City Gym
c.	Vermillion City Gym
d.	Celedon City Gym
e.	Fuschia City Gym
f.	Saffron City Gym
g.	Cinnabar Island Gym
h.	Viridian City Gym
i.	Elite four-NOT :P
    F. Credits and other stuff
*Removed due to personal reasons.

A. Legal Stuff

Copyright 2004 as of right now! Any illegal reproduction or
Counterfeiting or just simply "copying" this Gym Guide without my
consent is STRICTLY prohibited. I will be after your hide and will be
very mad if you do this!

C. Introduction

As some of you people might know, this is a remake of Pokemon Red and
Blue, but with additional features, such as the Sevii islands. Other
than that, it should be a breeze for all you Red and Blue players! So
let's go!

C. Let's get started!

Ok, so here's the order of how the badges go: first is the 
Second is the Cascade badge. Third is the Thunder badge. Fourth is the
Rainbow badge. Fifth is the Soul badge. Sixth is the Marsh Badge.
Seventh is the Volcano badge. And finally there's the Earth badge, the
badge that signal's the disbanding of Team Rocket!(or does it...)

1. Updates + addition credit

- 11/17/06: I finally figured out to update!!!
- 11/17/06: Turns out that people couldn't fight Sabrina before 
Koga...that's my bad. Mucho credit to GameFAQs user, mattlorrigan. Thanks 
- 11/17/06: Credit to a specific user on Gamefaqs. I dunno if he's 
still on GameFAQs(IM: InfernoNick18). But wherever he is, I'm hecka 

D. Gyms ahead-Look out!

a.	Pewter City Gym

Ah! Your first gym city! (Well technically your second because of
Viridian City) This one should be very easy for you. If it isn't,
you have a problem. If you chose Bulbasaur or Squirtle, you should
be a-ok with this gym. If you chose Charmander, that's fine as well
because Charmander can learn Metal Claw, which is a steel technique.
And steel ABSOLUTELY wrecks Rock pokemon. so you should be fine all
the way. Well, here we go!

Geodude lvl. 10
Sandshrew lvl. 11

As you might notice, this guy has a pure ground pokemon, and this
gym is meant solely for rock, right? Hey, it doesn't matter. Some
rock pokemon are ground type, as well. If you have
Squirtle/Bulbasaur, then that job is done. If you chose Charmander,
you can either use the metal claw that it should learn later or pick
up a Mankey back at route 22(left of Viridian city) and get it to
learn Low Kick, which wrecks heavy pokemon. No problem? Good! Now
let's go to the gym leader, Brock!

Gym Leader Brock
Geodude lvl. 12
Onix lvl. 14

This shouldn't be too hard for whichever pokemon you chose. Against
Geodude, use Squirtle/Bulbasaur to whup it. If you chose Charmander,
use Metal Claw. Kill it fast before it uses Rock throw/Rock tomb!
Once you sweep through that, then you're up against Onix! If you got
Mankey back at route 22, get it to learn Low Kick and do that versus
Onix. Onix will literally topple over and BAM! it's done! After that,
you earned your first gym badge, the Boulder badge! Yipee! ah-hem...
anyway, after that, you get tm 38, which is Rock Tomb. rock Tomb is
an OK rock attack that lowers speed(for obvious reasons). So let's
move on!

b.	Cerulean City Gym

   This is the second city gym you'll be in. Getting nervous? Well,
it's not too late to go train some more! This gym is based on water
pokemon, so if you got a Pikachu back in Viridian Forest, then you're
set to go. If you chose Bulbasaur, then you're set, too! But if you
chose Charmander or Squirtle, then you'll need that Pikachu. But if you
didn't, then don't despair! Just nab an Oddish/Bellsprout(depending on
your version), train it, and then you're set to go!

Male Swimmer
Horsea lvl. 16
Shellder lvl. 16

Jr. Trainer
Goldeen lvl. 19

If you got a grass pokemon, watch out for Goldeen because she knows the
Peck technique, which is a flying type attack, which wrecks grass type.
If you have Electric type, then you should be able to breeze through
this. After that, it's time to face Misty!

Gym leader Misty
Staryu lvl. 18
Starmie lvl. 21

These guys are toughies if you don't watch your back. A well leveled 
Pikachu should be
able to survive and kill these annoying but powerful pokemon. If you're 
Pikachu's too weak, though, Staryu will cut through you like paper. If 
chose a grass type, you should have no problem. She'll be using X
Defends, X Speeds, and all those other battle-enhancing things. So
watch out. Be careful about her Water Pulse attack. Not only is it
powerful, but it confuses too! So if you have grass pokemon, use it to
stall to heal your Pikachu if it got hurt. Watches out for her
Starmie's recover technique. She'll use that at the last second wasting
all of that hard work you've done to hurt her Starmie! Anyway, if you 
get lucky with a critical hit and knock out her
Starmie, then you've just won the Cascade badge!!! In addition, you've
also won tm 03 which contains water pulse. Yays! So right now
you got 2 badges. Time to move on to the third badge!

c.	Vermillion city Gym

Beautiful city, this place is. The wonderful smell of the ocean, the
beautiful view of the ocean as well. It better be careful about Lt.
Surge because it's going to get electrified! That's right, the gym
is based on electric pokemon! Unfortunetly, all the pokemon that you
might've picked up will not be super effective versus electric
pokemon ;_; But don't worry! You can pick up a diglett from
Diglett's cave and train it to be the ultimate Electric short
circuiter! But by now, you might've noticed that there's a tree
interfering your way to the gym. That's ok, because you can pick up
a Cut HM in the SS Anne! Give it to a pokemon that can know cut and
you're set to go in!

Pikachu lvl. 21
Pikachu lvl. 21

Voltorb lvl. 21
Magnemite lvl. 21

Pikachu lvl. 23

This shouldn't be a problem if you have Diglett with dig or
Magnitude. Other pokemon that are non-water will work as well except
versus Magnemite, which are part steel. But Ground attacks
absolutely wreck them, so after you open that door, the you're ready
to face Lt. Surge!

Gym Leader Lt. Surge

Voltorb lvl. 21
Pikachu lvl. 18
Raichu lvl. 24

Diglett will finish these guys with AT LEAST one shot, if not about
two. DON'T use any other pokemon because Lt. Surge's pokemon will
destroy it. Raichu is probably the most powerful pokemon he has, and
with Diglett's weak defense power and Raichu's solid attack score,
Diglett needs to finish it, and QUICK. If it's not finised quickly
enough, you'll need someone to stall (and possibly maul Raichu, if
needed) to revive Diglett if you have a Revive or not. Once done,
you've received the Thunder Badge! Wo-hoo! That's gym badge number 3!
Let's move on!

d.	Celedon City Gym

Wow, Celedon City...By far the largest city and most beautiful in the
entire world... ah-hem! Anyway, besides the Game Corner and Team Rocket
being there (Doh! Darn them spoilers!) Let's go to the gym, where grass
pokemon is the weapon here.

Note:I don't really have my umm... sources with me, so pokemon will be
listed right now. Sorry! :(

But hey! Don't despair! I know this gym inside out! Ok, if you started
with Charmander, you should have no problem. But if you chose other
starters, don't worry! There's flying and possibly psychic pokemon
before you got here! So if you don't have them yet, pick 'em up, train
them, and start fighting in there!!!

Note...again: I might not have the trainers' pokemon list, but
fortunately, I have the gym leader's pokemon list! All is not lost
yet!!! Anyway, here's the line-up from Erica:
Victreebell lvl. 24
Tangela lvl. 24
Vileplume lvl. 29

Again, fire will breeze through this, as well as flying. Psychic will
too, but it doesn't have the partial resaistance to grass as from
flying and fire. So psychic guys need to beat up the part-poison
Victreebell and Vileplume. Tangela is pure grass(I think...) cuz my
Kadabra never had a "super effective!" dialog. So you'll want to use
flying or fire against this walking ball of noodles with red shoes.
Once entering victory, you'll finally get the Rainbow badge!!!!!Yay!!!
Time to move on to Gym #5!!!

e.	Fuschia City Gym

Fuschia City...looks very quiet, aside from the Safari zone(which some
of you are very excited about), but for those who are itching to fight
the Gym leader, follow me!!!

Ok, this gym had invisible walls in my experience with R/B/Y/G/S/C, and
well...they still do. It's disturbing, I know, but you can feel your
way through, so it shouldn't be too hard. Some of these trainers will
carry pokemon like Drowzee and Hypno (their not even poison, 
They are VERY figgin' annoying using poison gas, smog, confusion, and
hypnosis to try and put status inflictions on your poor
pokemon...(bastards...)Sorry about my language, and that's a very bad
habit, especially for children to see. So I apologize. Anyway, once you
feel your way to the center and possibly fight all the trainers, you'll
face Koga! I recommend some full heal before fighting him because he'll
try to sleep you, poison you, and possibly even paralyze you. So watch
out! Here's the line-up:

Koffing lvl. 37
Muk lvl. 39
Koffing lvl. 37
Weezing lvl. 43

This is a very tough line-up. If you have kadabra(or possibly 
you'll have no problem because of Alakazam's high sp. attack and speed,
which make sit a quick killer. The weapons to look at for are Muk and
maybe Weezing with Explosion. Muk it probably the staller or
recuperator of his team. He'll use Acid Armor(which raises sp.
defense(bad for your Alakazam!>_<)) and Minimize(which raises evasion,
which can be annoying if used many times). So your Alakazam/Kadabra and
you will get frustrated against Muk. But with patience, you'll beat it.
Weezing has the Explosion ability, which shouldn't be much of a problem
if you have other pokemon with you. Once finishing that possibly LONG
battle, your done, and you'll get the Soul Badge!!!!! Let's go check
out Saffron, shall we?

f.	Saffron City Gym

You have probably noticed that you can't go into the gym cuz there's a
S.O.B. Rocket Grunt blocking the doorway. Meanie...anyway, you have to
beat Giovanni in the 11th floor in Silph Co. in order for all the
Rockets to move out. It's hard work, but once done, you'll be able to
fight in the Saffron Gym!!!

This gym is full of Psychic, so ghosts should have no problem. The
thing is, is that the ghosts that you probably picked up are part-
poison, which psychics absolutely wreck. It's OK. No need to panic, as
some of the psychics are part-water (coughcoughslowbro and
slopokecoughcough), and some psychics have pretty low sp./defense, so
your best pokemon should wipe them out. Some pokemon have dark-type
techniques, which WRECK psychics, so if you have any of those, you
should have no problem. Here's Sabrina's line-up (once you solve the
path to the gym leader puzzle O_O):

Kadabra lvl. 38
Mr. Mime lvl. 37
Venomoth lvl. 38
Alakazam lvl. 43

I have no idea why she has's not even Psychic! Even if it
did have psychic techniques, it's sp. attack base stat isn't that good,
so Venomoth shouldn't be a problem. In this gym, Mr. Mime is the
staller. Moves like reflect, light screen, and possibly barrier will
make you want to destrow your GBA. Well, DON'T. Just kill it as fast as
possible and you'll be alright. Alakazam MAY give you problems, so kill
it fast. If necessary, use dark-type techniques like bite and faint
attack to whup her psychics to next Tuesday. Then voila! You've just
received your 6th badge!!! Onward to Cinnabar!!!

g.	Cinnabar Island Gym

*Whistles*...pretty small city for a gym to be on, let alone an island.
Now you probably noticed by now that the gym door is locked. Why?
Because you're brain is a piece of pebble!!! I'm joking, so I apologize
if I offended you. To get the door to the gym open, you need to get the
secret key in the Pokemon Mansion (next door to the gym, can't miss 
Just go throw those switches and you'll eventually get the key along
with a couple of tms. Unfortunately, they are not good enough against
fire pokemon, which the gym trainers and the gym leader will be using.
Do not panic! You should have a water pokemon or a ground pokemon,
which both wreck fire. Roock works too, so if you fetched an Onix or a
Geodude/Graveler/Golem, you should have no problem. There are riddles
in a machine that you have to answer to get the door open. Answer it
right and the door opens, but if you get it wrong, then you'll be
forced to fight the trainer almost right next to the machine. You might
as well get the practice, and Blaine is one tough dog. Once you
answered the riddles and hopefully fought some trainers for training,
you'll go head-to-head against Blaine!!! Here's the fiery line-up:

Growlithe lvl. 42
Ponyta lvl. 40
Rapidash lvl. 41
Arcanine lvl. 47

This battle is VERY hard for me and my pokemon. His Growlithe and
Ponyta are a piece of cake, but Rapidash and Arcanine (ESPECIALLY
Arcanine) are gonna give you some problems. Rapidash is very ruthless
with Take Down and Fire blast, so be careful. If you have full heal,
then use those if your pokemon get burned. Arcanine will burn your team
up (literally!) if you don't watch your back, so quickly kill it with
water, ground, or rock techniques. Arcanine will use Extremespeed, the
equivilant of Quick attack, but more powerful and supposedly "faster"
than Quick attack. Blaine has a couple of potions (not regular potions,
of course!) because he wants to frustrate you. He did it to me, but I
turned out to be ok. After a long fought battle, a victory will get you
the Volcano badge, the seventh in the world!!! Bada-bing!!! Ah-hem...
Anyway, celebrate while you can, but there's still one more badge to 
the Earth badge. Dum-dum-dum-dum!!!
h.	Viridian City Gym

You've been around Viridian City a few times, and you've always
wondered why you couldn't get into that gym. Well, it's because it
WAY too powerful compared to how you did when you FIRST passed the
city. Now you are the equivalent of that gym (if not slightly more
powerful) in power. See how much you progressed? You've grown so
much powerful than you did the first time around the block! *cries* guys grow up too fast...ah-hem. Ok, let's get ourselves
focused. You can now enter the gym and get ready to rumble!!!

As you might've noticed, this gym has some interesting trainers. The
theme is ground, but some are either fighting, poison, or even
psychic! How disturbing! But you should know the drill on how to
beat these guys: you've already done it once! In addition, there's
also a sliding puzzle that you have to get through to get to
Giovanni, the Gym leader (gasp! The leader of Team Rocket is the gym
leader!!! :O). Wheeee! Fun sliding, huh? Well, after you get though
that and finish fighting some trainers, you'll do a final showdown
against Giovanni!!! Here's the line-up:

Rhyhorn lvl. 45
Dugtrio lvl. 42
Nidoqueen lvl. 44
Nidoking lvl. 45
Rhydon lvl. 50

These guys will be mauled by water, but ground against
Nidoking/queen, Rhyhorn, and Rhydon will work fine too, although
since they have a pretty high defense score, they won't go down in
ONE hit, but maybe two or three. This one is a piece of cake, but if
it isn't go train some more and then you'll beat him. If you do beat
him, you'll finally get the Earth badge, the badge that signals the
disbanding of Team Rocket!!! And it's also the 8th and final badge!!!
Yay!!!! Celebrate with me people!!!!!!!!! *dances like an Egyptian*
ah-hem...anyway, the badge business is done, so let's move on!!!

i.	Elite Four-NOT! :P

Well, you're probably wondering, "Where's the stuff for the Elite Four?
*pouts*" Well, FYI, the Elite Four is not a gym, let alone gyms!!! Too
bad for you!!! :P

F.	Credits and other stuff

I'd like to thank the people on the Pokemon Fire Red board for filling
me in on the Fire Red stuff. Thanks guys! I'd also like to thank
Nintendo for even making up the game. Thanks, Nintendo! I'd also like
to thank Gamefaqs for inspiring me to help others in their time of 
Thank you all people, and have a good one.

The End.........?