Important Battles FAQ by psychotic troll

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                            IMPORTANT BATTLES FAQ
                         for NINTENDO GAMEBOY ADVANCE
                     created by: Nick Lau/psychotic troll
                        Last Updated: June 4, 2007
                              Version 1.1 FINAL 

                              / FAQ INTRODUCTION \

Welcome to the Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Important Battles FAQ, which is also 
my first contribution to GameFaqs. This guide deals with exactly what it says 
it does- important battles. That means that you will find detailed information 
on all Gym Leader, Rival, Elite Four, Giovanni, and Legendary Pokemon battles. 

Before each section, an introduction about the topic will be given. Following
the introduction will be the main information paragraphs. Most of the sections
have been finished, but the seemingly inadequate Elite Four section is being
added to, and the Legendary section will be up soon. Please check the "This 
Version Includes..." section to quickly see what this FAQ currently offers. The
updates are coming quite slowly- high school is a time-consuming burden.

If you have anything to contribute, whether it be information that you think I
need, requests for information on a certain topic, or notification of a mistake
I made, please contact me at the email address listed in the "Contact" section.

                             / TABLE OF CONTENTS \ 

Remember- Use Ctrl+F and the search codes to get to the section you need. "CS"
  stands for "Coming Soon" so check back later!
I.   Table of Contents                       (tbct)
II.  This Version Includes...                (tvin)
III. Gym Leaders                             (gmld)
     A. Gym Leaders Introduction                   
     B. Brock- Pewter City Gym               (bpcg)
     C. Misty- Cerulean City Gym             (mccg)
     D. Lt. Surge- Vermilion City Gym        (lvcg)  
     E. Erika- Celadon City Gym              (accg)
     F. Koga- Fuschia City Gym               (kfcg)
     G. Sabrina- Saffron City Gym            (sscg)
     H. Blaine- Cinnibar Island Gym          (bcig)
     I. Giovanni- Viridian City Gym          (gvcg)
IV. Elite Four                               (elfr)
     A. Elite Four Introduction            
     B. Lorelei                              (rlel)
     C. Bruno                                (bnuo)
     D. Agatha                               (agta)
     E. Lance                                (drmn)
V. Rival                                     (rvbt)
     A. Rival Battles Introduction                 
     B. Battle 1 - Professor Oak's Lab       (pfob)
     C. Battle 2 - Route 22                  (rtwt)
     D. Battle 3 - Route 24                  (rttf)
     E. Battle 4 - S.S. Anne                 (ssan)
     F. Battle 5 - Pokemon Tower             (pktw)
     G. Battle 6 - Silph Co.                 (rvsc) 
     H. Battle 7 - Route 22 (Revisited)      (rttr)
     I. Battle 8 - Champion Battle 1         (cpbt)
     J. Battle 9 - Champion Battle 2         (cbtt)
VI. Giovanni                                 (gvbt)
     A. Giovanni Battles Introduction 	
     B. Battle 1 - Team Rocket Hideout       (gvbo) 
     C. Battle 2 - Silph Co.                 (gvbw)
VIII. Credits and Legal/Contact Info         (cdct)

                         / THIS VERSION INCLUDES... \

Remember- Use this section to see what this FAQ version has information on. 
  Check back often to see what's new! Right now, this FAQ covers:

Gym Leader Battles:
  - Brock            [Pewter City Gym]
  - Misty            [Cerulean City Gym]
  - Lt. Surge	     [Vermilion City Gym]
  - Erika	     [Celadon City Gym]
  - Koga             [Fuschia City Gym]
  - Sabrina	     [Saffron City Gym]
  - Blaine	     [Cinnibar Island City Gym]
  - Giovanni (GYM)   [Viridian City Gym]
Rival Battles:
  - Rival Battle 1   [Professor Oak's Lab]
  - Rival Battle 2   [Route 22 (Optional)] 
  - Rival Battle 3   [Route 24]
  - Rival Battle 4   [S.S. Anne]
  - Rival Battle 5   [Pokemon Tower]
  - Rival Battle 6   [Silph Co.]
  - Rival Battle 7   [Route 22 (Revisited)]
  - Rival Battle 8   [Champion Battle 1]
  - Rival Battle 9   [Champion Battle 2]
Elite Four Battles:
  - Elite Four 1     [Indigo Plateau 1st Time]
  - Elite Four 2     [Indigo Plateau 2nd Time]

Giovanni Battles:    [Battle 1 - Team Rocket Hideout]
                     [Battle 2 - Silph Co.]

                                / GYM LEADERS \

 Gym Leader Introduction

For all you newbies who don't know what gyms are are, gyms are basically huge 
buildings with more powerful-than-average trainers and one extremely tough gym
leader specializing in one type. Almost all cities in FR and LG have one. (The 
cities with gyms are: Viridian, Pewter, Cerulean, Vermilion, Celadon, Fuschia,
Saffron, and Cinnibar Island.) Each gym leader will give you a normally large
sum of money and a TM with their signature move in it. You will also get two 
out of the following three things: 1. All pokemon under a certain level obey 
you  2. One of your pokemon's stats are raised  3. You get to use a new HM move
in the field. Most of the gyms aren't really that hard if you have the right 
type of pokemon. Good luck! (The gyms are listen in the order that you 
challenge them, not encounter them.)

Brock - Pewter City Gym (bpcg)

Specialized Type: Rock
Weak Against: Grass, Water, Fighting
Rewards: -TM 39 (Rock Tomb)
         -Boulder Badge [Raises Attack, can now use Flash (HM 05)]
  Jr. Trainer
    - Level 10 Geodude
    - Level 11 Sandshrew
    - Level 12 Geodude
    - Level 14 Onix


Being your first gym leader, Brock can be pretty challenging. However, it is 
really not your level or stats that determine whether or not you win this 
battle, but mainly the type of pokemon you chose in the beginning. Bulbasaur 
and Sqirtle people have it easy. Just use your main elemental attack (Vine Whip
, Bubble, etc.) For the Charmander trainers, tihs is definitely not your place.
All of your attacks right now suck against rock types, (with the exception of 
metal claw, if you have it), so you will definitely have to rely on some other
pokemon to do your fighting for you. There are three ways to approach this. One
is to get another pokemon. If you read other guides, most will tell you to use
a Butterfree and its confusion attack. This works, but isn't the best way. I
personally recommend a Mankey, which is a fighting type. Train it up to at 
least level 12-14 and take on Brock. If you're too lazy to, or just don't want
to invest time in a pokemon you don't even like, you can try to use your 
starter. If you decide to do this, you must have a Charmeleon (level 16), and 
you must use metal claw. If you evolve your Charmander you will have a much
better chance. The only con to this method is the fact that Onix has a godly
defense (in this stage). Metal claw used by a level 16 Charmeleon will do about
1/4 to 1/3 damage to Onix's total HP. You only need to watch out for Rock Tomb,
which lowers speed and is super-effective. Brock will use a potion if needed, 
and you should too. Don't feel bad if you got killed a couple of times before 
finally beating him; he's pretty hard for a first gym. (Unless you're using 
Squirtle of Bulbasaur. If you lose with them, you're a moron.)  

Misty - Cerulean City Gym (mccg)

Specialized Type: Water
Weak Against: Grass, Electric
Rewards: -TM 03 (Water Pulse)
         -Cascade Badge [All Pokemon under level 30 will obey you, can now use 
          Cut (HM 01)]
    - Level 16 Horsea
    - Level 16 Shellder
  Jr. Trainer 
    - Level 19 Goldeen
    - Level 18 Staryu
    - Level 21 Starmie


Once again, Bulbasaur has it easy. 2-3 vine whips should take care of Staryu, 
and 5-6 for Starmie. If you chose Squirtle, you can try to use some of its 
non-water attacks, but those are limited. Your best bet is probably to catch
a Oddish/Bellsprout (depending on your game) or a Pikachu. The same goes for
Charmander trainers. Starmie has a pretty high special attack so you probably
shoudn't take him on with a fire type. In Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow 
versions, Misty would use Bubblebeam, an okay water attack that wouldn't have
any other effects. This time, she uses Water Pulse a lot, and that has a 20% 
chance of confusing you, which is very annoying. If you get confused, switch 
out immediately! If you stay confused, you have a 50% chance of hurting your-
self, and with more of Staryu/Starmie's Water Pulses, you could easily faint.
Also, I think Starmie also uses swift more often than before, so watch out for
that. Once you beat Misty, the Cascade Badge is yours, and a much easier gym
lies ahead.

Lt. Surge - Vermilion City Gym (lvcg)

Specialized Type: Electric
Weak Against: Rock, Ground 
Rewards: -TM 34 (Shock Wave)
         -Thunder Badge [Raises your Pokemon's speed, can now use Fly (HM 02)]
    - Level 21 Pikachu
    - Level 21 Pikachu
    - Level 21 Voltorb
    - Level 21 Magnemite
    - Level 23 Pikachu
  Lt. Surge
    - Level 21 Voltorb
    - Level 18 Pikachu
    - Level 24 Raichu


Overall, this gym is a lot easier than Misty's, because of the abundance of 
rock/ground pokemon lying around. And for once, Charmander isn't at a disad-
vantage. If you started with Bulbasaur or the above-mentioned Charmander,
then you can go ahead and use your basic attacks. If you have Squirtle (or pro-
bably Wartortle by now, then you need a rock/ground type. IF you didn't pick up
a geodude at Mt. Moon, then hop over to Diglett's Cave and get a Diglett, (even
better, a Dugtrio, but don't count on it; they're really rare), then use dig on
Ly. Surge's Pokemon. That's basically it on how to beat him. Unfortunately, 
there are also many things you have to watch out for. One is Voltorb's speed. 
It's pretty high for a level 21 pokemon, and if you weren't ready for it, it's
pretty shocking. (No pun intended.) Even worse is Raichu's speed. Definitely 
don't stick Pidgey/Pidgeotto in there, because though they also have high speed
, Electric attacks are super-effective against them.

Erika - Celadon City Gym (accg)

Specialized Type: Grass
Weak Against: Fire, Flying, Ice 
Rewards: -TM 19 (Giga Drain)
         -Rainbow Badge [All Pokemon under level 50 obey you, can now use 
          Strength (HM 04)]
    - Level 23 Bellsprout
    - Level 23 Weepinbell
    - Level 21 Oddish
    - Level 21 Bellsprout
    - Level 21 Oddish
    - Level 21 Bellsprout
  Jr. Trainer
    - Level 24 Bulbasaur
    - Level 24 Ivysaur
    - Level 24 Bellsprout
    - Level 24 Bellsprout
    - Level 23 Oddish
    - Level 23 Gloom
    - Level 22 Bellsprout
    - Level 22 Oddish
    - Level 22 Weepinbell 
    - Level 22 Gloom
    - Level 22 Ivysaur
    - Level 24 Victreebel
    - Level 24 Tangela
    - Level 29 Vileplume


Well, I'd like to bring to your attention the fact that you've probably been
afflicted with some sort of status condition while battling your way to Erika.
Almost all the pokemon in this gym are half poison, and most of them know
poisonpowder, acid, stun spore, or sleep powder. I would recommend a lot of
awakenings, parlyz heal, and antidotes. This is the first gym that Charmander
trainers have an absolute advantage in, and once again, those with Squirtles 
are gonna struggle in without the recommended types. If you don't have a fire/
ice/or flying type, a psychic will work fine, because of the many half-poison
types. A Kadabra works well, but due to the high special attack of Vilplume and
Victreebel and the not so high special defense of Kadabra, Drowzee/Hypno will 
be better. The only pokemon you have to worry about in Erika's team are the
Victreebel and Vileplume. Tangela will use mostly grass attacks, while 
Victreebell and Vileplume will try to inflict status conditions on you. All 3
will use Giga Drain A LOT. Try to sweep them all out in the first round with
the recommended types and don't hesistate to heal status conditions if needed.

Koga - Fuschia City Gym (kfcg)

Specialized Type: Poison
Weak Against: Psychic, Steel, Ground 
Rewards: -TM 06 (Toxic)
         -Soul Badge [Raises your pokemon's defense, can now use Surf (HM 03)]
    - Level 34 Drowzee
    - Level 34 Kadabra
    - Level 38 Hypno
    - Level 31 Drowzee
    - Level 31 Drowzee
    - Level 31 Kadabra
    - Level 31 Drowzee
    - Level 33 Arbok
    - Level 33 Sandslash
    - Level 33 Arbok
    - Level 34 Sandslash
    - Level 34 Arbok
    - Level 34 Drowzee
    - Level 34 Hypno
    - Level 37 Koffing
    - Level 39 Muk
    - Level 37 Koffing
    - Level 43 Weezing


This gym is similar to the Celadon gym in the sense that most of the trainers 
try to poison you right off the bat. Again, antidotes are a must. Also, though
I don't know why, there are a lot of psychics here as well, so awakenings are
good for those Hypnosis-happy Drowzees. Good types to use here are Psychic,
Ground, and Steel. Steel is the best because it's immune to poison types, but
there aren't many steel types out there, so psychic and ground will work. For 
the psychic pokemon, if you really want to cover every single base, a dark poke
mon will mutilate them. The best pokemon to use in this gym is an Espeon with 
bite. You probably can't get one though, so make do with what you have. Now for
Koga. All of Koga's pokemon will try to poison you at least once, and they have
a good chance of success. One thing you definitely need to watch for is Toxic, 
although it only poisons you, it starts of taking 1/16 of your HP, then doubl-
ing. So, soon it'll go to 1/8, then 1/4, then 1/2. It's imperative that you 
use an antidote the moment you're poisoned. Safeguard helps a lot, and you can
also bring out a poison type of your own, (since they're also immune), but it's
not recommended since poison types are weak. Most of his pokemon are slow, so 
try to wipe them out quickly. Muk is especially annoying with Acid Armor and 
Minimize. If you can, put it to sleep or paralyze it when you first face it. 
One more thing. Weezing, though really weak most of the time, can use Explosion
which kills itself and inflicts huge amounts of damage, especially for those 
with low defense. My Alakazam had a huge special attack, but was KO'd by one
Explosion. So watch out for that. This gym isn't that hard if you have speed 
and high defense. 

Sabrina - Saffron City Gym (sscg)

Specialized Type: Psychic
Weak Against: Dark 
Rewards: -TM 04 (Calm Mind)
         -Marsh Badge [All pokemon under level 70 will obey you, can now use 
          Rock Smash (HM 06)]
    - Level 33 Slowpoke
    - Level 33 Slowpoke
    - Level 33 Slowbro
    - Level 33 Gastly
    - Level 33 Gastly
    - Level 33 Haunter
    - Level 31 Kadabra
    - Level 31 Slowpoke
    - Level 31 Mr. Mime
    - Level 31 Kadabra
    - Level 34 Mr. Mime
    - Level 34 Kadabra
    - Level 38 Haunter
    - Level 34 Gastly
    - Level 34 Haunter
    - Level 38 Slowbro
    - Level 38 Kadabra
    - Level 37 Mr. Mime
    - Level 38 Venomoth
    - Level 43 Alakazam


You'll probably notice that the pokemon levels in this gym are similar to that
of Koga's. That's because these two gyms leaders can be taken on interchangeab-
ly. However, the right order (or at least, the one in the little manual) is 
Koga first and then Sabrina, but they're the same average levels so if you had
no problem with Koga, you'll be fine. One nice change is that you won't have to
worry about getting poisoned. You might be confused, but that's pretty rare. 
Anyways, the best type to use against Sabrina is Dark, but if you can't manage
to get one, it's okay. I basically matched up her pokemons defenses with a 
pokemon with a high attack stat, and same with specials. If you didn't under-
stand that, I basically used not super-effective attacks against her, but 
attacked each pokemons weak defense that, because all her pokemon don't have
very good defense. For the Kadabra, target its weak defense, and send out a
pokemon with a high attack. For Mr. Mime, send out either a high special 
attacker or physical attacker, because both its defenses. Venomoth has an okay 
special defense, and an average physical defense, so pick either one. Just one
word of caution. Venomoth is poison and flying, but even though poison is weak
against ground, its flying side is immune, so don't try it. I would advise a 
psychic for it. Anyways, for Alakazam, it has the weakest defense ever so just
use a strong physical attack, becuase if you don't get him first, he'll get 
you. The only problem you'll have with Sabrina is if you don't kill Mr. Mime on
your first try. If he survives the first round, I can almost guarantee he'll
use either reflect or light screen. That cuts down the power of you attacks by
one half, so you'll be considerably weaker. The only thing that can get past
light screen and reflect is brick break, but even that's not effective against
psychic and does little damage. After this battle, the next gym will be a 
little easier so don't give up!

Blaine - Cinnnibar Island Gym (bcig)

Specialized Type: Fire
Weak Against: Water, Rock, Ground 
Rewards: -TM 38 (Fire Blast)
         -Volcano Badge [Raises your pokemon's special attack and special 
          defense can now use Waterfall (HM 07)]
    - Level 36 Growlithe
    - Level 36 Vulpix
    - Level 36 Ninetales
  Super Nerd 
    - Level 36 Vulpix
    - Level 36 Vulpix
    - Level 36 Ninetales
  Super Nerd
    - Level 34 Ponyta
    - Level 34 Charmander
    - Level 34 Vulpix
    - Level 34 Growlithe
    - Level 41 Ponyta
  Super Nerd
    - Level 41 Rapidash
  Super Nerd
    - Level 37 Vulpix
    - Level 37 Growlithe
  Super Nerd
    - Level 37 Growlithe
    - Level 37 Vulpix
    - Level 42 Growlithe
    - Level 40 Ponyta
    - Level 42 Rapidash
    - Level 47 Arcanine


This gym is really easy if you have one of the recommended types. Those with
Blastoise now will have a fun time, and Venusaur and Charizards will have to 
rely on another pokemon. Basically, the first two of Blaine's pokemon are
jokes. Rapidash might worry some people with take down and fire blast, but if 
you have a water/rock/groundyou're fine. Arcanine is when it gets hard. 
Arcanine knows extremespeed, which goes first no matter what. Its attack is 
nothing to laugh at, and neither is its special defense. If it uses fire blast
and your water pokemon faints, don't feel bad. Arcanine's special attack is one
of the highest in the game (well, almost). Don't worry about taking a turn to
use burn heals, and don't it is recommended that you level up a lot until 
you're level 50 or higher. A good place to train is the Pokemon Mansion. Blaine
isn't one of those trainers with high AI, and mostly uses brute force. Be 
thankful it's not Gold/Silver/Crystal... Blaine had a Magmar that knew thunder
punch and it wiped out my Garyados so quickly it wasn't even funny. I wish I
could say that this was one of the easier battles, but it isn't. The rewards 
are good though... you get fire blast all for yourself. One little tip that's
not really related to this, but yeah- say yes to Bill when he asks you if you 
want to go to the islands. It's well worth it.

Giovanni - Viridian City Gym (gvcg)

Specialized Type: Ground
Weak Against: Water, Grass, Ice 
Rewards: -TM 26 (Earthquake)
         -Earth Badge [All pokemon will obey you]
    - Level 39 Arbok
    - Level 39 Tauros
  Black Belt 
    - Level 43 Machoke
  Cool Trainer
    - Level 37 Sandslash
    - Level 37 Sandslash
    - Level 38 Rhyhorn
    - Level 39 Nidorino
    - Level 39 Nidoking
    - Level 38 Sandslash
    - Level 38 Graveler
    - Level 38 Onix
    - Level 38 Graveler
    - Level 38 Marowak
    - Level 43 Rhyhorn
    - Level 43 Rhyhorn
  Super Nerd
    - Level 37 Marowak
    - Level 37 Marowak
    - Level 38 Rhyhorn
    - Level 39 Nidorina
    - Level 39 Nidoqueen
  Black Belt 
    - Level 38 Machoke
    - Level 38 Machop
    - Level 38 Machoke
    - Level 45 Rhyhorn
    - Level 45 Dugtrio
    - Level 44 Nidoqueen
    - Level 45 Nidoking	
    - Level 50 Rhydon


Finally. The last gym. And once again, just like with Brock, Charizards are
in trouble. Those with Blastoises and Venusaurs will have an easier time but
not necessarily A LOT easier. No matter what type of pokemon you have, this
will prove to a be a very challenging battle. Giovanni's pokemon are all 
united under one single common factor. Their attack. I will outline each 
pokemon's strengths and weaknesses before continuing. Stats not mentioned are 
to be understood as average.

Rhyhorn- high attack, very low special defense, low speed
Dugtrio- high attack, very high speed, low defense, low special defense
Nidoqueen- high defense, low special attack, pretty high attack
Nidoking- high defense, high attack, low special attack
Rhydon-  very high attack, very high defense, very low special defense

As you can see, this battle won't be easy. For the Rhyhorn and Rhydon, use 
surf. Don't use Hydro Pump. "But it's stronger!" Yeah, but it doesn't have high
accuracy, and that's what will help you win this battle. All the pokemon need
to be taken out in the first round. Dugtrio isn't really hard. You must send in
a very fast pokemon is you wish to counter Dugtrio's speed. It will probably 
use Earthquake right away. If you survive the round, wash it away with surf. 
What I did was use my Poliwrath's counter, which deals back twice the amount of
physical damage that was done to me. And since Earthquake took away almost half
of my HP, Dugtrio fainted easily. I personally think that Nidoqueen and 
Nidoking are more challenging than any other pokemon on Giovanni's team since
they both have no defense weaknesses. Use psychic and water against them. It 
will probably take 2-3 hits to bring then down. 

Once you've won, you'll get an amazing TM 26, as well as the final badge that 
allows you to take on the Elite Four. But don't feel too proud of yourself. 
This battle is nothing compared to what you'll face at Indigo Plateau. 

-------------------------|-=/THE ELITE FOUR\=-|(elfr)--------------------------

Elite Four Introduction

Whew! So you've beaten your rival 7 times AND all the gym leaders. Now it's 
time for a real challenge. After going through Victory Road, you'll end up at
Indigo Plateau, where you will be able to challenge the Elite Four, and an
unknown champion. The Elite Four's pokemon are extremely strong, and you must
them one after the other without any healing from Pokemon Centers. As with the
gym leaders, each one specializes in a certain type, but this time all their 
pokemon are over level 50. The Elite Four (1st and 2nd) strategies are posted
here, but if you want Champion help, go to Rival Battles 8 and 9. (NOTE- You
must complete a list of events until you can fully take on the Elite Four again
.) (FT stands for First Time, ST stands for Second Time)

NOTE- I'm still working on this section, I know there's a lot that I haven't
      put yet.

Lorelei (rlel)

Even her name looks icy, just like her pokemon. Lorelei isn't all that hard, 
even if her levels are a little high. The second time you fight her, you'll
be surprised. 

FT Pokemon- Dewgong (lvl 52)
	    Cloyster (lvl 51)
    	    Slowbro (lvl 52)
	    Jynx (lvl 54)
	    Lapras (lvl 54)

ST Pokemon- Dewgong (lvl 64)
            Cloyster (lvl 63)
            Piloswine (lvl 63)
            Jynx (lvl 66)
            Lapras (lvl 66)

All I can say is that if you're having trouble with this, pull out and train.
Most of her pokemon are half water so use electric attacks. You can also use
fighting against all the ice types except for Jynx (which can kill you with 
Psychic moves). Cloyster is really weak, and has really low special defense, so
electric attacks will be great. Lapras is the hardest, with HP that can match
Snorlax's. Watch out for Hail, which doesn't hurt Ice types. Piloswine is 
horrible, Slowbro is actually better. It falls to water attacks. 

Bruno (bnuo)

This guy is all brute force. His pokemon don't know any special attacks, so 
your pokemon's defense is really important. Raising your evasion is good, 
because many of his attacks don't have high accuracy to begin with.

FT Pokemon- Onix (lvl 51)
	    Hitmonlee (lvl 53)
    	    Hitmonchan (lvl 53)
	    Onix (lvl 54)
	    Machamp (lvl 56) 

ST Pokemon- Steelix (lvl 65)
	    Hitmonlee (lvl 65)
    	    Hitmonchan (lvl 65)
	    Steelix (lvl 66)
	    Machamp (lvl 68)

At first, he really sucks. I don't know why he has Onix's but they suck too.
Use water/grass attacks to wipe him out. Psychic attacks will basically kill
all his fighting pokemon. If you find that their special defense is too high
for you to handle, use Flying types. Fly is an especially good move because
it gets you one extra turn of safety. When you face Steelix, use either water
or fighting moves. It has one hell of a defense.

Agatha (agta)

I personally think this is the hardest battle in the whole Elite Four. She is
immune to both Normal and Fighting attacks, so don't use those. She will 
switch her pokemon a lot and confuse you so make good use of berries.

FT Pokemon- Gengar (lvl 54)
	    Golbat (lvl 54)
    	    Arbok (lvl 56)
	    Haunter (lvl 53)
	    Gengar (lvl 58)

ST Pokemon- Gengar (lvl 66)
	    Misdreavus (lvl 65)
    	    Arbok (lvl 68)
	    Crobat (lvl 68)
	    Gengar (lvl 70)

This lady is hard. Her pokemon will confuse, poison, and basically beat the 
crap out of you. Basically, her Gengars are fast, her Golbat is fast, and her
Arbok is just plain annoying. If you have a Psychic type that has high speed
like Alakazam, sweep her team. Her Gengar knows Psychic, Double Team, Shadow
Ball and Toxic so watch out. When you fight her the second time, just KO
Misdreavus. It's a joke. Crobat has the highest speed in the game, well, maybe
Sceptile does, but if you have extremespeed, use it. For this battle, a move
like Safeguard will totally help a lot. Many of her pokemon like to use 
Mean Look, then Toxic, then Double Team.

Lance (drmn)

This guy's pokemon are just plain cool. Fortunately, all his pokemon are weak 
to two types- Electric and Ice. Use those to your advantage. On the bad side,
they all know Hyper Beam, an insanely powerful attack. If you want to be brave,
send out another dragon type to face him off, but you'll get killed yourself.

FT Pokemon- Gyarados (lvl 56)
	    Dragonair (lvl 54)
    	    Dragonair (lvl 54)
	    Aerodactyl (lvl 58)
	    Dragonite (lvl 60)

ST Pokemon- Gyarados (lvl 68)
	    Dragonite (lvl 66)
    	    Kingdra (lvl 66)
	    Aerodactyl (lvl 70)
	    Dragonite (lvl 72)

After you stop drooling over his pokemon, take a closer look at them. You'll
see that they are all weak to ice and electric. Hyper Beam, his team's shared
move is really strong, but if you can survive it hit em back. For some strange
reason, some of his pokemon know electric attacks so don't send out water types
. His Gyarados is just like your rival's, so you know what to do. His 
Dragonites and -airs are simple, ice types are super-effective. Kingdra and 
Aerodactyl are what will give you problems. Kingdra has really high stats in 
almost every category, including both defense stats so it might take you 
longer to beat him. Aerodactyl is really fast, but water attacks will drown him
. Beat this guy, and you're on to the Champion!

----------------------------|-=/RIVAL BATTLES\=-|(rvbt)------------------------

Rival Battle Introduction

Throughout you game, you will constantly be annoyed by your rival, whom you 
named at the beginning of your adventure. Unfortunately, he will always pick 
the pokemon that yours is weak against, so in Charmander's case, it would be
Squirtle, Squirtle-Bulbasaur, and Bulbasaur-Charmander. You will encounter him
for a minimum of 7 times, but if you choose to go for the optional battle, and
take him on a second time at the Indigo Plataeu, them it will come to a total 
of 9 times. At first, his pokemon will be fairly weak, and mostly evolutions of
pokemon you've probably seen before or own. But as you progress, him pokemon's 
levels will start matching those of the gym leaders, and he will carry very 
powerful pokemon. For each battle listed below, I will name his pokemon and 
different ways to defeat him. Good luck!

Battle 1 - Professor Oak's Lab (pfob)

Pokemon- Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur (lvl 5)

This is the first pokemon battle you will ever experience, and a very annoying
Professor Oak will be guiding you through it. Basically, at this point, your
pokemon will know one attacking move, and one stat-affecting move. Your
opponents AI isn't that high, and will inconsistently use their stat-affecting
move a lot. Use that time to hit him with as many scratches or tackles as you
can. After 5, he will go down, and your pokemon will gain 60 exp, allowing it
to level up. Don't expect all battles to be this easy.

Battle 2 - Route 22 [optional] (rtwt)

Pokemon- Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur (lvl 9)
         Pidgey (lvl 9)

If you came to Route 22 earlier and didn't find your rival, that's probably 
because you didn't deliver Oak's Parcel yet. After you've run the errand and 
received the Pokedex, come back to find your Rival waiting for you with his 
starter and a Pidgey. His starter is a lot stronger now, and has learned at
least one elemental attack that's effective against you. If you caught another
pokemon, use that against it. If not, keep a lot of potions ready and don't use
your elemental attack. For Pidgey, it's basically pretty weak and easy to take
down, with the exception of Bulbasaur trainers. Just last it out and use tackle
or another physical move. 

Battle 3 - Route 24 (rttf)

Pokemon- Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur (lvl 18)
         Pidgeotto (lvl 17)
         Rattata (lvl 15)
         Abra (lvl 16)

Okay. This battle is a lot harder than any other rival battle before this. 
Luckily for you, his starter and Abra haven't evolved (though they should have)
and it makes it easier for you. You will fight Pidgeotto first, and it will 
use quick attack 50% of the time. Sand-attack is also annoying. Use Pikachu or
Geodude against it. Rattata has a fairly high attack, so have a high-defense
pokemon against him. A Mankey would work well. Abra, for now, is a joke. It
only knows teleport, and it does absolutely nothing in battle. This is the
perfect chance to level up a low -level pokemon. Just pit it against Abra and
take your time. Now for the starter. It's really strong, so I hope you have a
good anti-starter pokemon. (e.g. Pikachu/Raichu works well against Squirtle, 
Geodude/Graveler against Charmander, and Pidgey/Pidgeotto against Bulbasaur.)

Battle 4 - S.S. Anne (ssan)

Pokemon- Charmeleon, Wartortle, or Ivysaur (lvl 20)
	 Pidgeotto (lvl 19)
	 Kadabra (lvl 18)
	 Raticate (lvl 16)

Well, this battle is really similar to the battle before this, the only change 
is that he evolved all his pokemon except for Pidgeotto. For the bird 
pokemon, any electric or rock type will demolish it, but it better be quick
because Pidgeotto still uses sand-attack a lot. Raticate is basically the same
as Rattata, except for the fact that it has a really high attack, and knows
hyper fang now. Now, Kadabra. Boy, what a change. Remember little teleporting
Abra? It's evolved, and knows powerful attacks like confusion. Its special 
attack and speed is amazing for a level 18 pokemon, so watch out. A pokemon 
with bite will work wonders, but any pokemon with a high attack will do fine. 
Now for the starter, which he's finally evolved. Unless your own starter is 10
levels higher than his, don't try to take him on with it. His Charmeleon/
Ivysaur/Wartortle knows at least 2-3 powerful elemental attacks, so it isn't 
wise to try to approach them head on. Use a good anti-starter, mentioned in 
Battle 3, and throw out some powerful attacks of your own.

Battle 5 - Pokemon Tower (pktw)

Pokemon- Charmeleon (lvl 25) 
	 Kadabra (lvl 20)
	 Gyarados (lvl 22)
	 Exeggcute (lvl 23)
	 Pidgeotto (lvl 25)

Pokemon- Wartortle (lvl 25) 
	 Kadabra (lvl 20)
	 Growlithe (lvl 23)
	 Exeggcute (lvl 22)
	 Pidgeotto (lvl 25)

Pokemon- Ivysaur (lvl 25) 
	 Kadabra (lvl 20)
	 Gyarados (lvl 23)
	 Growlithe (lvl 22)
	 Pidgeotto (lvl 25)

This is where your rival starts forming unique teams based on the type of 
starter you got. Everyone has to deal with Kadabra and Pidgeotto, but some will
face Gyarados, Exeggcute, and Growlithe. All their levels aren't really THAT
high, but are a definite improvement from last time. For Kadabra, again, use 
strong physical attacks and send out a pokemon with a high special defense. For
Pidgeotto, electric attacks, and maybe ice, if you have them, work well. If you
face Growlithe, water attacks will do the job. For Exeggcute, it gets stronger
later on, but right now it's weak. It will probably use Hypnosis, or Barrier, 
so make sure you have awakenings. Gyarados, the evolution of the really lame 
and weak Magikarp is a force to be reckoned with. It knows Bite, Dragon Rage, 
and a bunch of other moves, so kill it quickly with electric attacks. For the
starter, same as usual. 

Battle 6 - Silph Co. (rvsc)

Pokemon- Charizard (lvl 40) 
	 Alakazam (lvl 35)
	 Gyarados (lvl 35)
	 Exeggcute (lvl 38)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 37)

Pokemon- Blastoise (lvl 40) 
	 Alakazam (lvl 35)
	 Exeggcute (lvl 38)
	 Growlithe (lvl 35)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 37)

Pokemon- Venusaur (lvl 40) 
	 Alakazam (lvl 35)
	 Gyarados (lvl 35)
	 Growlithe (lvl 38)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 37)

All I can say is wow. His puny little second-evolution starters have evoloved,
and so have two other pokemon. For Pidgeot, use electric attacks as fast as you
can. It has very high speed and will probably attack first. Fortunately, it no
longer knows sand-attack. Alakazam still has horribly weak defense, so treat it
like you did Kadabra. Gyarados is now something even more powerful than before.
It's attack is really high, and so is it's special defense, but because it's 
water/flying, it'll bow down to electric attacks. Exeggcute is the same, just a
higher level, and same with Growlithe, which learned a couple new attacks. The 
starters are what will really slow you down. Charizard knows flamethrower, an
extremely powerful fire attack. Venusaur is a killer with razor leaf, and likes
to inflict status conditions. Blastoise has a high defense and special defense,
so make sure you have strong attacks. 

Battle 7 - Route 22 (Revisited) (rttr)

Pokemon- Charizard (lvl 53) 
	 Alakazam (lvl 47)
	 Gyarados (lvl 45)
	 Exeggcute (lvl 45)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 47)
	 Rhyhorn (lvl 45)

Pokemon- Blastoise (lvl 53) 
	 Alakazam (lvl 47)
	 Exeggcute (lvl 45)
	 Growlithe (lvl 45)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 47)
	 Rhyhorn (lvl 45)

Pokemon- Venusaur (lvl 53) 
	 Alakazam (lvl 47)
	 Gyarados (lvl 45)
	 Growlithe (lvl 45)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 47)
	 Rhyhorn (lvl 45)

Well, your rival's finally added a new pokemon to his amazing arsenal. His 
Rhyhorn is a lot better than Giovanni's, and has many powerful attacks, such
as Fissure. It can OHKO you but has a really low accuracy rate. Grass and Water
attacks work best. His Pidgeot is basically the same, and so is Gyarados. Use
electric attacks on both of them. His Exeggcute is still weak as ever, and
fire attacks will KO him quickly. Growlithe is still okay, it's not strong, but
not easy. Basic type matchups will defeat it. Alakazam is what you need to 
worry about. It knows Psychic, which is the second most powerful Psychic attack 
in the game. Put that together with his unbelievably high special attack stat 
and results are devastating. Dark moves will be convenient, but again, strong 
constant physical attacks will work. His starter is the same, with a couple of 
new attacks. 

Battle 8 - Champion Battle 1 (cpbt)

Pokemon- Charizard (lvl 53)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 59)
	 Rhydon (lvl 59)
	 Exeggutor (lvl 59)
	 Alakazam (lvl 57)
	 Gyarados (lvl 61)

Pokemon- Blastoise (lvl 53)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 59)
	 Rhydon (lvl 59)
	 Exeggutor (lvl 59)
	 Alakazam (lvl 57)
	 Arcanine (lvl 61)

Pokemon- Venusaur (lvl 53)
	 Pidgeot (lvl 59)
	 Rhydon (lvl 59)
	 Arcanine (lvl 59)
	 Alakazam (lvl 57)
	 Gyarados (lvl 61)

This is sorta bad. You just worked your ass off trying to beat the Elite Four
and now you have to endure the strongest rival battle ever? After his long and
dramatic speech, you'll have to face him (with cool music in the background.)
Instead of addressing each pokemon briefly, I'll talk about each one 

Pidgeot- It really isn't that hard. Electric attacks, like Thunder, will take
him down easily. He doesn't have any especially strong stats, except for speed,
which is a little above average. 

Rhydon- Remember him from Giovanni's gym battle? This one will know horn drill,
earthquake, and many other powerful attacks. Water or grass attacks will finish
him off quickly.

Alakazam- He knows a couple of really powerful Psychic attacks, like Future 
Sight and Psychic, but a move like earthquake will take him down. Watch out, 
because your rival seems to love using Full Restores on him. He will probably
be sent out last, so make sure you have enough HP to put up a fight.

Arcanine- This pokemon is amazing. It knows flamethrower, fire blast (I think..
.) and extreme speed, the hardcore version of quick attack. Water attacks will
kill it, but you'll probably lose some HP before you can defeat it.

Exeggutor- Weird. It knows grass attacks like Giga Drain, and Sleep Powder, but
doesn't use them that much. It has Egg Bomb and Psychic (maybe... someone check
that one). Dark or Fire will work really well.

Gyarados- Now it knows Hydro Pump and Thrash. It has really good special 
defense, but nothing that a strong electric pokemon can't handle. It will 
probably attack first. 

Blastoise- Again, you're faced with Hydro Pump. Skull Bash is a pretty lethal
attack, but if you use fly, or dig while he's preparing, you'll be okay. Grass
attacks will get past his solid defense, as will Electric. 

Charizard- Once again, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Wing attack make this 
pokemon lethal to your Venusaur. Try to put it to sleep, or poison it. It will 
use Flamethrower A LOT so get your defenses and full heals ready. A good thing
is that since it's now half-flying type, an electric attack will work too.

Venusaur- This pokemon is a freakin tank. It knows Solarbeam, which has a high
chance of KOing you. Either a Psychic or Fire attack will take care of it.

As you can see, this won't be be easy. His pokemon are all at their strongest 
evolutionary forms, and can OHKO you if you have a type disadvantage. Make
sure you have hyper potions, revives, and full restores. Good pokemon to use 
are Snorlax, Lapras, and all three Legendary Birds. 

Battle 9 - Champion Battle 2 (cbtt)

Pokemon- Charizard (lvl 75)
	 Heracross (lvl 72)
	 Tyrannitar (lvl 72)
	 Exeggutor (lvl 73)
	 Alakazam (lvl 73)
	 Gyarados (lvl 73)

Pokemon- Blastoise (lvl 75)
	 Heracross (lvl 72)
	 Tyrannitar (lvl 72)
	 Exeggutor (lvl 73)
	 Alakazam (lvl 73)
	 Arcanine (lvl 73)

Pokemon- Venusaur (lvl 75)
	 Heracross (lvl 72)
	 Tyrannitar (lvl 72)
	 Arcanine (lvl 73)
	 Alakazam (lvl 73)
	 Gyarados (lvl 73)

I have to say that I gained a lot more respect for Bug pokemon after meeting
Heracross. It will use Megahorn A LOT, but it has relatively low accuracy. Use
fire type moves to take him down. Alakazam is the same, now with shadow ball. 
Dark types will KO it in maybe 2-3 hits. Exeggutor, Arcanine, and Gyarados all
are unchanged except for a couple new attacks like Dragon Dance, Hyper Beam,
Fire Blast, and Reflect. Exeggutor will fall to fire and dark attacks, as will
Arcanine to ground, rock, and fire. Gyarados is 4x weak to electric so thunder 
away. The starters are really powerful, but use the same attacks. Tyrannitar,
the most intimidating by far, is tough, but 4x weak to fighting, and doesn't 
have very high special defense either. It will use Crunch and Earthquake. Its
ability also puts Sandstorm into effect so bring out either a ground, rock, or
steel type or have a lot of potions/leftovers ready.

This battle is actually not THAT tough. Yeah, his pokemon's levels are high, 
but you can have high levels too. Beat him, and go catch all 386 pokemon. Have 

---------------------------|-=/GIOVANNI BATTLES\=-|(gvbt)----------------------

Giovanni Battles Introduction

Much like your rival, Giovanni will battle with you a couple of times through
your journey. He is similar to a Gym Leader, in the sense that you must beat
him to progress, but you usually don't get any rewards apart from money. He
carries mostly ground and normal pokemon. The first time you see him will be
at Celadon City, at the Team Rocket Hideout. The second time is at Silph Co. in
Saffron City. Both times some of his pokemon will be different so be prepared 
for that. You will also fight him a third time as a gym leader in Viridian City
, but that isn't included here. See the Gym Leaders section for help on that.

Battle 1 - Team Rocket Hideout (gvbo)

Pokemon- Onix (lvl 25)
	 Rhyhorn (lvl 24)
         Kangaskhan (lvl 29)

This battle isn't hard if you use basic type matchups. Onix has low stats in 
every area except for defense. It's attack, though it looks intimidating, is
really low, so if you send out a weak water or grass type you want to train,
it's okay. It will use rock throw and bind mostly. One powerful water gun can
take care of him. Rhyhorn is a new face, but a pretty weak one. Like Onix, it's
special defense is incredibly low, leaving it vulnerable to grass and water 
types. Kangaskhan, though it looks really hard, isn't if you have level 30 
pokemon and above. It doesn't have any espcially low stats, and if you use weak 
fighting moves, it can still resist them pretty well. One thing I tried to do
was send out a ghost pokemon since they're immune to normal attacks. My Gengar
was doing great until Kangaskhan used bite (which is super-effective against 
ghost and psychic types). I've found that using any pokemon with a high defense
and attack stat will do fine. 

Battle 2 - Silph Co. (gvbw)

Pokemon- Nidorino (lvl 37)
         Rhyhorn (lvl 37)
         Kangaskhan (lvl 35)
         Nidoqueen (lvl 41)

Okay. Once again, you'll have to fight his unbelievably weak team, but this 
time he has more and different pokemon. He lost his Onix and got a Nidoqueen,
but it's okay cause they're both weak. Nidorino can be disposed of with any
ground or psychic pokemon, and Rhyhorn is still weak and vulnerable to grass 
and water attacks. Kangaskhan is almost the same, with a couple of new attacks.
In B/R/Y he had Dizzy Punch, but he doesn't now. Fighting types will bring him
down slowly, but if you're in a rush, try using Counter (which is great becuase
he always uses physical attacks... get it from a move tutor in Celadon Mart).
Nidoqueen is intimidating... big, fat, and an extremely queer color, but has 
low attack... for now. A psychic attack onslaught or a water/grass combo will
end the battle. 


This concludes my Pokemon FireRed LeafGreen Important Battles FAQ. I hope that 
you found all the information that you were hoping to find. As of right now, I
am officially finished with this FAQ. I was planning on expanding the Elite
Four section, but now I understand that it is just impossible given my busy
schedule. (I'm a senior in high school next year.) So, I hope what I've written
helps you, and I sincerely wish you a hearty good luck on beating this game and
catchin' them all!


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Michael Scanlon- for pointing out that Psychic is NOT the most powerful psychic
attack in the game (Dream Eater is),
every person who wrote a FAQ for Pokemon FR/LG
and most of all, you, the reader.



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