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    Speed Walkthrough by strawhat

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | 38   |
    | Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green(GBA) |
    | Speed Walkthrough                |
    | By strawhat                      |
    | Version 1.2                      |
    | Last Update: 11/21/06            |
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                                Table of Contents 
                             {1.0} Introduction
                             {2.0} Walkthrough
                                 [2.1] Pallet Town - Viridian City
                                 [2.2] Viridian Forest - Route 4
                                 [2.3] Mt. Moon
                                 [2.4] Cerulean City - Route 6
                                 [2.5] Vermilian City - Route 9
                                 [2.6] Rock Tunnel
                                 [2.7] Lavender Town - Celadon City
                                 [2.8] Cycling Road
                                 [2.9] Cinnibar Island
                                 [2.10] Saffron City
                                 [2.11] Viridian City Revisited
                                 [2.12] Victory Road
                                 [2.13] Elite 4
                             {3.0} Differences
                             {4.0} Tips
                             {5.0} FAQ
                             {6.0} Conclusion
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    Version History:
    1.2: Found another Bulbasaur mistake. My bad. No more Razor Leafing Machops.
         Also changed a name in the Elite 4. Gengar is most definitely a member of
         the Elite 4.
    1.1: Made a few mistakes in the walkthrough referring to Bulbasaur, corrected
    1.0: Completed the FAQ.
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                                 {1.0} Introduction
    Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are remakes of the original Pokemon Red and
    Blue. While most elements of it remain the same, there are several
    differences. My goal in writing this FAQ is to get you through the game as
    fast as possible. Some people have a goal in playing games quickly, and I'm
    here to help. This FAQ is meant for those who have already beaten the game
    and is looking for a reason to re-play this game. If you haven't beaten the
    game yet, best not use this guide to help. I'll still try to keep spoilers to
    a minimum, but there will definitely some stuff that'll pop out. I assume
    that you already know how to play this game.
    Completing the game means ONLY beating the Elite 4. This speed walkthrough
    will not cover this islands and such.
                                  {2.0} Walkthrough
    Before you start:
    Go to the options menu and change the text speed from medium to fast and the
    battle scene to off. Also, set the battle style to set to eliminate some
    extra text.
    Keep in mind, you pick up random items that aren't totally out of the way so
    you can sell them for money later, which you will definitely need. Sell all
    unnecessary TMs, always run, and don't talk to people unless necessary. Also,
    be stocked with any kind of Repels and use them whenever you're in the
    vicinity of wild Pokemon.
                         [2.1] Pallet Town - Viridian City
    Select New Game. Speed through the text that follows, enter anything as fast
    as you can for you and your rival's names. After all that text is done, you'll
    be teleported to Pallet Town in less than a minute.
    Head straight outside your house and to the grass where Oak yells at you.
    He'll brink you back to his lab where he'll blabber on about his dreams which
    we don't really care about. When he's done, select Squirtle. It's the most
    useful one since it can easily take down Brock and other gym leaders, it
    learns Ice Beam which easily deals with Lance of the Elite 4, can be taught
    Surf to eliminate the need of an HM Slave and learns a variety of moves so
    you won't be stuck at any one point in the game.
    After picking Squirtle, leave and battle your rival. He's crap with Bulbasaur
    being his only Pokemon. You should win, unless he gets lucky with two critical
    hits, like he did on me. -_- It doesn't really matter whether or not you win
    this battle because you won't pay money if you lose and you still continue the
    game. Whichever happens first, just leave Oak's laboratory and head north onto
    Route 1 as soon as possible.
    Route 1 - Viridian City
    On Route 1, ignore all the wild Pokemon. Talk to the first man you meet to
    get an easy Potion, then continue all the way to Viridian City. Go straight
    to the PokeMart to recieve Oak's Parcel. With this in hand, head back to
    Pallet Town. Be sure to jump over the ledges instead of walking through the
    grass to save you valuable time. You shouldn't meet a wild Pokemon until
    possibly at the end.
    Back at Pallet Town, head to Oak's lab. He'll talk some more, then you'll be
    on your way back to Viridian City. You'll have a Pokedex and five Pokeballs,
    but don't catch any new Pokemon. These guys aren't going to help you. Continue
    to run from battles and walk back the same way to Viridian City.
    There really isn't anything worth doing in Viridian, so let's just skip over
    to the Viridian Forest. Leave NORTH. You can fight your rival west of the
    town, but it's just a big waste of time. Go north and you'll be interrupted
    by coffee man, who'll show you how to catch a Pokemon. He'll take his time.
    When it's over, he'll give you a Teachy TV.
    Go north to Viridian Forest and ignore all the grass. At this time, your
    Squirtle should be level 5 or 6, since the only battle we fought so far was
    with your rival.
                           [2.2] Viridian Forest - Route 4
    At the start of the Viridian Forest, go right. Walk on the path and not the
    grass. When the path turns up, we'll be forced to fight Bug Catcher Rick.
    He has a Weedle and Caterpie which should be easy pickings for Squirtle, no
    matter what level it's at. If you lost the first battle with your Rival and
    is still level 5, use a Potion if you need to.
    Walk along the path to the right to avoid some wild Pokemon. Pick up the
    Antidote in your path and take the upper path to avoid some more grass. Fight
    one more trainer of your choice while walking down the path. Keep heading
    down the path until you reach the last Bug Catcher who you are forced to
    fight. Exit Viridian Forest after beating the last Bug Catcher.
    Enter Pewter City and go to the Pokemon Center if you need to replenish some
    HP. First, go over to the PokeMart and buy 4-5 Potions AND Repels. Leave,
    then walk right over to the gym. Fight the first trainer in the gym because
    his Pokemon gives you tons of experience and are easy to kill. I gained two
    levels from that guy. Head forward and speak with Brock when you're done.
    | Boss: Brock     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Geodude         |  12   |
    | Onix            |  14   |
    Both of Brock's Pokemon are Ground/Rock types, which means they are 4x weak
    to Water. Plus, with Squirtle's STAB on Bubble, both of these guys should
    go down in one hit.
    After beating Brock, return to the Pokemon Center to heal up, mainly to
    restore PP. Leave, then exit the city to the right. While you're leaving,
    you'll be interrupted by one of Oak's aides. He'll give you the running shoes.
    Now, you move faster while holding B. From now on, run. Never walk unless I
    tell you to do so. Continue right.
    Note: Erase Withdraw for Water Gun when you learn it.
    This part can get a bit tricky. There are a lot of trainers here and you are
    required to beat a few of them, which is all right since we need to level up
    anyway. But we still need to limit the battles and avoid unnecessary trips to
    the Pokemon Center. Here's how the trainers are situated:
          |               5          |
          |     4     6      | 7     |
          | 3                |       |
    ----------  ---|---------|-   ---|
                 1 |      2  |
    We will fight trainers 3, 6, and 7, who incidentally are all Bug Catchers.
    Stay on the thin line above trainer #1, then head north through the opening
    to right #3. Walk above and around trainer #4, then dip back down to fight
    trainer #6. Walk behind trainer #5 and fight trainer #7.
    **At around this time, your Squirtle should evolve into Wartortle.
    After leaving that group of trainers with a brand new Wartortle, you'll see a
    girl in some grass. Ignore her and walk around. She's a tough trainer who'll
    eat up some time. She's the last trainer until Mount Moon. Walk all the way
    up the path to the Pokemon Center and heal Wartortle. Leave the Pokemon Center
    and enter the cave to your right.
                                    [2.3] Mt. Moon
    Remember those repels that we bought in Pewter City? Start using them. There's
    nothing here that we want. Yes, we still only have Wartortle. Start by going
    straight north, then walk right above the trainer. Follow the path. At the
    fork, ignore the ladder and head north, then west. There's a Lass wandering
    around in circles, so be sure to watch out for her when crossing this path.
    Continue along the path and ignore the next ladder you see two. There's also
    a trainer standing nearby. If you walk along the right edge of the wall, you
    won't have to battle him.
    The path will then curve upwards. Stay near the right wall because there's a
    trainer nearby. Head down the ladder next to the trainer. Follow the short
    underground path to another ladder and resurface. The path will lead to a
    Rocket Grunt. This guy rotates. He's not too hard if you run into him, but
    still try to avoid it.
    You're almost at the end. You'll be forced to face off against a Rocket Grunt
    near a small set of stairs. These Pokemon have low defenses, so they will go
    down easily. Follow the path and you'll shortly run into Super Nerd Miguel.
    You'll be forced to fight him too. Water Gun should defeat all of his Pokemon
    easily. Voltorb doesn't have an electric attack, so there's nothing to fear
    Defeating Super Nerd allows us to pick a fossil. Pick either one because we're
    not going to use them. Follow the path to the ladder that leads to the exit.
    Route 4
    There's nothing of interest here at all. There are two Move Tutors, but we
    don't need them. Just run all the way right, hopping over ledges and such
    until you reach Cerulean City.
                            [2.4] Cerulean City - Route 6
    Note: Don't teach Wartortle Rapid Spin when it learns it. Bite is all good
          though. Tail Whip can move out of the way for that.
    At Cerulean City, heal at the Pokemon Center. Next, go to the PokeMart on the
    southern part of town and buy some Super Potions and more Repels. Make sure
    not to buy anything you don't need. We're saving for something important.
    After that, go to the gym. Battle all the trainers here for some experience.
    When you get two Misty, you should be at around Level 19. Replace Tail Whip
    with Bite.
    | Boss: Misty     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Staryu          |  18   |
    | Starmie         |  21   |
    Misty is going to take a bit longer than Brock, but Wartortle's at a high
    level so it's not going to be much of a hassle. Starmie actually goes down
    faster than Staryu as it's weak to Bite, which you should use throughout the
    battle. Wartortle's water attacks would be unaffective to Misty's Pokemon.
    After beating Misty, return to the Pokemon Center to restock on PP and health.
    Teach the TM that Misty gave you containing Water Pulse to Wartortle. Now,
    leave through the northern exit of town. Yeah, there's another guy that wants
    to rumble.
    | Boss: Rival     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Pidgeotto       |  17   |
    | Abra            |  16   |
    | Rattata         |  15   |
    | Bulbasaur       |  18   |
    Pidgeotto's pretty easy for the most part, but watch out for Sand-Attack. If
    your accuracy is lowered, it will screw you over for the rest of the battle
    and take a long time to defeat the Pokemon.
    Next up is Bulbasaur. You Rival will pitch in Pokemon that are strong against
    Wartortle first, hence why we're not fighting Abra/Rattata. Anyway, Bulbasaur
    isn't going to do much damage to you even with Vine Whip because Wartortle has
    such high defenses. Bite should do just fine. If Bulbasaur uses Sleep Powder
    on you though, it's not going to be fun. All you could do then is stall with
    Potions and stuff. Not much you could do there.
    Abra and Rattata are pretty easy compared to the other two we just beat. If
    you need to heal some HP, use a Super Potion while facing Abra. Abra can't do
    jack. It does Teleport which does nothing. Use Bite to finish it. Rattata has
    high attack and low defense. It can deal more damage than Pidgeotto with a
    Hyper Fang, but it probably won't get so far. Just be sure you defeat it quick
    with some Water Guns. You'll get a Fame Checker for defeating your rival,
    another worthless item in this quest for speed.
    Whew! After your rival loses, hop over the ledge on the bottom if you need
    to reach the Pokemon Center, then head up the Nugget Bridge. We have to face
    five trainers. These trainers all have really low level Pokemon compared to
    the two we just fought, so Bite/Water Gun should finish them really fast.
    At the end of the bridge, a Rocket Grunt will battle with you. Defeat him too.
    Route 24
    OK, we cleared the bridge. Go right and you'll see a bunch of trainers. Here's
    a map, just like last time.
                                          |  3|          |     |
                                          |   |xxxxx     |     |          9
                                     1        |x  |x     |---7
                  ==================--   --    x  |x   4 |          | 8
                     Start -> xxxxxxxxxxxx  |2 x  |x --  |    xxxxx |
                                         x  |- x  |xxxxx |    x|- x
                                       | xxxxxxx  |  5 xxxxxxxx|  xxxxxxxxxx Fin.
                                       |          |  |      6  |
    Follow the x path. We're going to fight trainers 2, 5, 6, and 9. Trainer #8
    walks up and down, so be sure he's going up when you run past him.
    After those trainers, you'll reach Bill's house. Enter, then talk to Bill.
    Examine his computer to change him back to normal, then run back to Cerulean
    City via the path on the bottom. This should get us there in no time since
    there are no trainers or wild Pokemon on this route.
    Back at Cerulean, heal at the Pokemon Center, then go back up to the northern
    exit. Don't leave however. See the house on the right? There is a cop standing
    next to the door. Enter the house and go through the hole in the back. Try to
    go past the Rocket Grunt and battle him. Defeat his weak Machop and Drowzee
    and you'll get TM28 containing Dig. Teach Wartortle Dig now and replace
    Route 6
    Walk along the right side and run down. Be sure NOT to hop over the ledge by
    accident and return to Cerulean City. Continue going all the way south and
    enter the Undergroun Path in the building on the lower right. Go down the
    stairs and run all the way down the path. Go up the stairs and exit the
    Go south. You can avoid all the trainers by walking around their backs except
    the one at the very bottom. Battle him, then enter Vermilion City.
                           [2.4] Vermilion City - Route 9
    Heal your Pokemon to full health and buy some Super Potions if needed. Head
    east of the PokeMart, then take the path down to the S.S. Anne. Enter the
    ship, then take the stairs directly to your left. Go down, then turn right
    ignoring the stairs. Go north up the path and you'll find your rival.
    | Boss: Rival     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Pidgeotto       |  19   |
    | Kadabra         |  18   |
    | Raticate        |  16   |
    | Ivysaur         |  20   |
    First up is Pidgeotto again. Just do the same as before using Bite/Water Gun.
    Kadabra, the evolved form of Abra, is much stronger than before. It can
    actually do damage now, but it is not strong against Bite. Use that to beat
    Ivysaur is the same as before. It has Vine Whip and Leech Seed, two attacks
    that'll hurt Wartortle a lot. However, at this level Wartortle's Bite is
    strong enough to defeat Ivysaur without giving it much of a chance to attack.
    Raticate is the worst Pokemon of the four. At such a low level, it can't deal
    much damage even with Hyper Fang. Just use Water Gun to quickly put it in its
    After beating your rival, head up those steps he came out of and talk to the
    captain. He'll give you HM01. We don't have anyone that can learn Cut yet,
    but we're about to catch a powerful Pokemon that can not only learn cut, but
    add power to your party. Head right of the S.S. Anne and enter Diglett's Cave.
    Diglett's Cave
    Our goal here to catch a powerful Pokemon: Dugtrio. Your Wartortle should be
    below level 29 at the moment. Use a Repel and run through Diglett's Cave. It
    shouldn't be too long until a Pokemon shows up(yes, with Repel). Dugtrio is
    a ground type, so don't use Water Gun against it. Use Tackle and Bite.
    Dugtrio's really fast too, so keep that in mind. You should still have those
    five Pokeballs that you recieved from Professor Oak way back in Pallet town
    to catch Dugtrio with. Adding Dugtrio to our team gives us an edge against
    electric type Pokemon which Wartortle is weak against. Remember, we're not
    crossing Diglett's Cave. Only looking for Dugtrio. We don't need HM05 to beat
    the game. However, we do need to use HM01, so teach Cut to Dugtrio. Erase
    Go back to Vermilion City. While you pass by the PokeMart, you might think
    about buying Repels for Rock Tunnel. LEAVE A LARGE SUM OF MONEY. Since we
    don't fight trainers often, we don't have much money. We need this to purchase
    Ice Beam from the Game Corner later on. Anyway, heal at the Pokemon Center,
    then go to the Vermilion Gym and cut down the bush. Enter the gym and use
    Wartortle's Dig/Dugtrio's ground attacks to wipe out the electric Pokemon.
    This gym has locks which can be really annoying. There's nothing we can really
    do about this and it's all luck. Look for one switch in a trash can, then
    randomly pick one next to it. If you want, you can save and reset each time
    you choose wrong. Proceed to the gym leader when you're done.
    | Boss: Lt. Surge |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Voltorb         |  21   |
    | Pikachu         |  18   |
    | Raichu          |  24   |
    Surge is a joke with Dugtrio on your team. Try to give Wartortle the
    experience though by using Dig. If it faints, then just send out Dugtrio and
    use Dig or Mud Slap should take out his entire team in a matter of seconds.
    Electric attacks can't touch Dugtrio so Surge can't really do much except
    Quick Attack or Sonicboom.
    After beating Surge, leave the gym and heal if necessary. Before leaving town,
    go to the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the president to get a Bike Voucher.
    Leave the town through the northern exit and head back through the Underground
    Path. Go back to Cerulean City and to the Bike Shop at the lower left hand
    side of the town. Talk to the owner and get a Bike. Bike's are the same speed
    as running, so there's no point in using it. We'll need it later for Cycling
    Road though. Head back until you are on a parallel plane to the Cerulean City
    gym on the right side. Go right from there to find a bush. Use Cut and pass
    Route 9.
    Route 9
    Go south and fight the trainer, then go east. There's a Hiker that we can
    avoid. Continue east past the first fork, then go north to fight a Bug
    Catcher. Go east ignoring the trainer, then south. Be sure to stay near the
    rock to the right to avoid another trainer. Follow the path south now to
    reach the Pokemon Center. I recommend healing because Rock Tunnel is pretty
    long, especially without Flash.
                                  [2.6] Rock Tunnel
    Note: Don't keep Protect when Wartortle tries to learn it.
    Rock Tunnel is dark, but we can get through it without Flash. Just follow my
    directions carefully and constantly be ready for a trainer battle. Also, keep
    using Repel throughout the cave.
    Start by going south until you hit the wall. Go right hugging the wall until
    you see and opening south. Put Wartortle first on your Pokemon list and go
    down. Defeat the trainer there with Bite/Water Gun. After that, go south a
    bit, then east until you hit the wall. Go north and you'll run into a ladder.
    Head down.
    On this new floor, run south until hitting the wall, then go all the way left.
    You'll hit a rock. Just run up and left to go around it and through the
    passage. There's another trainer here. Again, Wartortle's Bite should be
    more than enough for the lone Slowpoke. This part of the cave can bit a bit
    hard. Hug the upper wall and go left. There are a few rocks in the way; just
    go around them and continue to hug the upper wall until you see the opening.
    There's a trainer in the passage that we have to fight. Go north through the
    passage until you hit the wall, then east. Go north when you hit the wall.
    Follow the wall around the corner so you're heading west. Defeat the Hiker
    and his Geodude. Go north and you'll hit some rocks. East a few paces from
    there leads you to a ladder.
    Go south when you emerge from the ladder. Go east from the wall and defeat
    the Hiker. Hug the wall and follow the path. Eventually, you'll find yourself
    against another Hiker, then a ladder. When you reach the new floors, go west.
    Hug the wall and go around the corner. Defeat the trainer and continue west.
    You'll find and opening and a Hiker. As soon as you beat him, go one space
    left and turn up. There's a spinning Pokemaniac here. The end of the path has
    a ladder nearby. Search for it and go up.
    We're going to go in a zizag path. Go all the way left, hit the wall, go
    south, hit the trainer, go all the way right, hug the rock tightly and go
    south. You'll hit a rock. Turn left, go down two spaces when you hit the wall,
    then continue going left. Crawl along the wall and you'll fight a Picnicker.
    Take eight paces left, then all the way down to exit Rock Tunnel. 
    Route 10
    This is a really short route. Go right, then south. There's a trainer moving
    back and forth. Make sure he's not looking and enter Lavender Town.
                         [2.7] Lavender Town - Celadon City
    Your Pokemon are probably dead tired from Rock Tunnel. Go to the Pokemon
    Center and heal up, then go to the PokeMart. This place is loaded with
    goodies. Don't buy anything unless you have over 40 grand on you.
    There's nothing to do in Lavender Town at the moment, so leave towards the
    exit on the left. You'll see two trainers down the path. Pick the lower one to
    battle and defeat him with your Wartortle, which should be the verge of
    evolving. Head left when you're done with her and walk around the fence,
    staying close to it. Go left of the moving biker, then once again go north
    tight against the fence. Turn left towards the house. Move close to the sign
    and trot in the door.
    This is another Underground Path. Just run from one side to the other. When
    you come out, go north, then west into Celadon City.
    Celadon City
    There's nothing that you need in the PokeMart, so let's get straight down to
    business. Go to the Game Corner and talk to the Rocket Grunt guarding the
    poster. Wartortle will take it down fast. Press the button behind the poster,
    then go down the stairs into the secret hideout.
    Rocket Hideout
    When you enter the hideout, go straight down the stairs to the right. Avoid
    the Rocket Grunt to the left, then go down another flight of stairs. Head left
    and enter the arrow puzzle. Step on the arrow going left, then the arrow going
    down. There should be a space to your left. Go down that space, then left and
    down again to see two arrows that both go right. Slide right on the upper
    arrow and you'll be out of the maze. If you stay close to the wall, you won't
    even have to fight that Rocket Grunt standing there. Pick up the Blackglasses
    there and take the stairs down to floor B4.
    Ignore the itemball directly to your left when you emerge out of the stairs.
    Go north, then left into the room. Ignore the itemball here too; it's only
    TM49 which is pretty useless for your speed run. Battle the Rocket Grunt's
    Koffing and Zubat and he'll drop a Lift Key. Pick it up, then return to the
    previous floor.
    Go up the arrow and pick up the Rare Candy. Use it, then, go back up another
    floor to floor B2. Avoid the Rocket Grunt and go left. There's another arrow
    maze here. Both of these arrows at the beginning pretty much end in the same
    place at the far left, so make your way there. Pick up the Moon Stone in your
    way and go as south as you can without touching an arrow. Take the one on
    your right, then right again. When you land, go directly left. After landing,
    walk right, then down. You'll see two arrows. Take the one on top, then one
    more directly below you to exit the maze. Take the elevator(NOT the stairs),
    examine the switch on the upper right and go to floor B4.
    When you come out, go north and battle both Rocket Grunts. The door will open
    after beating both. Advance forward and talk to the boss.
    | Boss: Giovanni  |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Onix            |  25   |
    | Rhyhorn         |  24   |
    | Kangaskhan      |  29   |
    Can you say easy? Wartortle should easily OHKO Onix and Rhyhorn with Water
    Gun. Kanga can be a bit more of a problem with its high level. Water Gun
    should still do a significant amount of damage to it.
    After beating Giovanni, pick up the Silph Scope he drops and leave. Use
    Dig in the main menu(<3) and you'll appear right back out at Celadon. Return
    to the Pokemon Center and heal, then head to the western exit of town. We're
    going to skip this gym for now, but we'll come back.
    Return to heal at the Pokemon Center, then go west. Exit the town and cut the
    bush to the north. Search around the grass there for a Doduo(or any flying
    Pokemon for that matter) and catch it. Don't ever use Doduo. We're going to
    use it as an HM Slave.
    Continue west into the building, avoiding the couple. Run through and enter
    the house. Talk to the girl to recieve HM02, containing Fly! Teach Fly to
    Doduo, then immediately fly to Lavender Town. We're going to skip Celadon Gym
    for a moment, since Wartortle would definitely be at a disadvantage against
    those grass type Pokemon.
    Pokemon Tower
    Wartortle's Bite is going to come in very handy here. Go up the steps to the
    seconds floor. Try to proceed to the third and you'll be stopped by your
    | Boss: Rival     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Pidgeotto       |  25   |
    | Gyarados        |  23   |
    | Growlithe       |  22   |
    | Kadabra         |  20   |
    | Ivysaur         |  25   |
    Your rival retains three of his Pokemon from before. They should all be fought
    the same way. Water Pulse Pidgeotto and Bite Ivysaur and Kadabra. The
    newcomers also aren't hard to beat. Use Bite on the low level Gyarados and
    Water Pulse Growlithe for a guaranteed OHKO. This rival battle's pretty easy
    since we beat the Rocket Hideout in Celadon already.
    Start using those Super Repels. On the third floor, go towards the opening at
    the lower right. Walk around the Channelers towards the top and to the next
    floor. The Channelers around you won't see you if you go as close to the wall
    as you can, so do so and go to the next floor.
    Emerge from the stairs and go up and right. There's a rotating Channeler here.
    Avoid her, then approach the shining blue spaces. The Channeler next to it
    won't fight you. This space heals your Pokemon(although I doubt you'd need
    it.) Pick up the Cleanse Tag if you want(we won't really need to use it) and
    proceed towards the right. There's one Channeler above the stairs. Make sure
    you stand in a way so that when she approaches you, you can go around her and
    to the stairs after beating her. Bite should take care of every Pokemon except
    for Cubone here, in which Water Pulse will do.
    After reaching the new level, go north. You'll be forced to fight another
    Channeler. Bite the Gastly, then continue west. There's another Channeler to
    fight. Beat her, then proceed to the stairs. A ghost will appear. It turns
    out to be a level 30 Marowak. Defeat it with Water Pulse, and move on to the
    final floor.
    There are three Rockets here. They all still use the same assortment of
    Pokemon, y'know, Zubat, Koffing, and so on. Do the same as before to defeat
    them. As you beat them, they'll leave. When you clear out all of the Rockets,
    talk to Mr. Fuji. You'll be teleported to Fuji's house. Talk to him again to
    get a PokeFlute. Leave, Fly to Celadon City, heal if necessary.
    We're going to fight Erika later. We need quite a sum of money to buy Ice
    Beam, which we need for now and later. For now, just leave to the western
    exit. You'll see a Pokemon snoozing on the ground. Use your PokeFlute to wake
    it up. Run from it, then go through the building onto Cycling Road.
                          [2.8] Cycling Road - Fuschia City
    There are tons of Bikers near the entrance. Navigate your way slowly towards
    the hill. From here, it's pretty easy. Stick to the wall on the right, then
    left go of your GameBoy. Take the middle path when the fork appears. When
    the hill stops, go right and enter Fuchsia City.
    In town, go north to the Safari Zone. The first think that we're going to do
    is get Surf and Strength. In the Safari Zone, avoid the grass and head
    northeast to the next area. Follow the path up the steps onto the plateau
    and around left down the steps. Head north up another another plateau, then
    head around the corner and left to the next screen.
    Here, go left into the grassy area, then up onto the plateau. Head to the left
    and off, then back up the path. The path winds along a trail to the next
    screen. Follow it and it'll go straight down until a fork. Go south and pick
    up the itemball containing the Gold Teeth, then left into the rest house. Talk
    to the man for HM03, Surf. Teach Surf to Blastoise and replace Water Pulse.
    After doing that, press Start and go to retire. You'll be back outside the
    Safari Zone.
    When you come out of the building, go to the group of buildings to the right
    of the Pokemon Center. Enter the house to the left and talk to the old guy.
    The Warden will pop in his teeth and give you HM04, Strength. Teach that to
    Blastoise also replacing Tackle. If you beat Erika already, push the boulder
    to the right to get a Rare Candy, which you should use.
    Exit, then head to Fushcia Gym. This gym has invisible walls. An image is
    easier than explaining it, so use this:
    by Oni Lukos, not me.
    If you can't see it, follow these directions:
    Start by going right. Dodge the spinning trainer, then head north on the right
    wall. Fight the trainer there(Use Bite for an easy win), then continue north
    until you hit the corner. There's another guy that spins here. Avoid him and
    turn left. Go left until you see a trainer below you. This guy spins too, but
    there's a wall between you two. Go two spaces left of him, then down. You'll
    hit another wall. Go right one space, then all the way down. You'll see
    another trainer left of you. Go right in front of him and beat him(Bite
    again). From here, the path is clear to Koga. Talk and battle.
    | Boss: Koga      |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Koffing         |  37   |
    | Muk             |  39   |
    | Koffing         |  37   |
    | Weezing         |  43   |
    Koga's not hard. Surf will take out both Koffings in one hit, two for Weezing
    if it doesn't explode. Muk is the real problem here since it has Acid Armor
    and Minimize. Don't use Dig. The amount of time it gives Muk to boost its
    stats if a lot. Just pound it repeatedly with Surf and it'll get the job done.
    You'd want to beat Koga fast because Toxic can pose a real problem if the
    battle is dragged out.
    After beating Koga, he'll give you another useless TM for your speed quest and
    a badge that allows you to use Surf outside of battle, which is all that we
    At this point, we're done with Fuschia. We're going to skip Saffron City for
    now since the Pokemon there can be a bit tough to handle*coughVenusaurcough*.
    We'll go to Cinnibar Island first. Fly to Pallet Town, then Surf south. Stay
    close to the western wall and you'll avoid all Pokemon battles. Use Repels
    to avoid wild Pokemon.
                                [2.9] Cinnibar Island
    Note: Don't teach Rain Dance.
    When you hit the island, you might want to think about buying some Max Repels
    at the PokeMart. Enter the Pokemon Mansion and head right up to the second
    floor. Go right, up, then left and up the staircase. Examine the switch and
    activate the statue. Take the path south, then down off the edge of the
    When you land, go down the left wall so you don't have to fight the trainer.
    Pick up the Carbos on the ground(sell it later) and go down the stairs.
    Follow the path here to a room with a switch in it. Be sure to avoid the
    trainer in there and activate the switch. Return to the beginning of the
    floor and go north into the new room/hall. Make sure to stay left to avoid
    the trainer.
    Go down this hall to see two rooms and a locked door. The room to the left
    has TM14, Blizzard. Be sure to pick that up and teach it to Blastoise IF you
    don't have Ice Beam. Replace Bite and head back to the room to the right.
    Activate the switch, then go left. Pick up the item on the table(Secret Key)
    so you can enter the gym. There's an itemball containing Solarbeam(TM22) to
    the south that you can pick up and sell later. Use Dig to get out of here.
    Back at Cinnibar Island, restock on Hyper Potions and enter the gym. None of
    these trainers will fight you unless you talk to them or get the question
    wrong. We don't want to fight them, so always go to the machine to the upper
    left and examine it. Here's the answers:
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No
    5. Yes
    6. No
    | Boss: Blaine    |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Growlithe       |  42   |
    | Ponyta          |  40   |
    | Rapidash        |  41   |
    | Arcanine        |  47   |
    Should be with Brock the easiest Gym Leader for you. I OHKO'd every Pokemon
    except Arcanine(which took two hits) with Surf. Blaine's Pokemon, although at
    a higher level, can only use Fire Blast against you which does minimal damage.
    They are also weak to water.
    When you exit Cinnibar Gym, Bill will ask you to go to Island 1. Say no, and
    never go with him. We're done with Cinnibar Island.
    Celadon City Revisited
    Return to Celadon City by using Fly. We can definitely take on Erika now.
    First, however, enter the mansion and talk to the old lady on the first floor.
    You'll get Tea. Leave, then head to the gym at the southern part of town. Cut
    the bush so you can walk the path to the gym.
    There are many trainers in this gym, but we're only going to have to fight a
    few. Walk towards the right wall of the gym. Proceed up. We'll fight the
    Picnicker there. Be sure not to waste Blizzard here. Strength alone should
    be enough to OHKO. After that, use Cut on the plant. Go straight left and
    fight the Lass.  The trainer left of her is the gym leader, Erika. Talk to
    her and begin the battle.
    | Boss: Erika     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Victreebel      |  29   |
    | Tangela         |  24   |
    | Vileplume       |  29   |
    Since Blastoise is at a very high level compared to Erika's Pokemon, this
    shouldn't be much of a problem. Use Blizzard to OHKO all of her Pokemon. They
    have Giga Drain, but it won't really matter.
    After defeating her, cut the bush to the south and head right on our of here.
    By now, you should just about have the money to buy Ice Beam(80 grand). Buy
    it if you do and replace Blizzard. If you don't have the money yet, it's OK.
    Blizzard's accuracy is just rather annoying for me.
    Anyway, exit the town via the eastern exit. Enter the building to the right on
    Route 7. The guard allow you through to Saffron City.
                                 [2.10] Saffron City
    You might want to stock up on a few Hyper Potions before entering Silph Co,
    our next destination. Silph Co is the big building in the middle of town. Go
    there and enter. Go to the northwest side and take the elevator to the 5th
    floor. Go to the very left(avoiding the moving trainer) then south. Defeat the
    Rocket here, then go past him to the right. If you can't do this because he's
    in the way, just step on a teleporter and back. There should be an itemball
    containing a Card Key blocking your way. Pick it up.
    Return to the elevator and go down to the third floor. Go south and battle
    the Rocket. Unlock the door to your right and take the teleporter. You'll see
    your rival in the new room. Advance forward and fight him.
    | Boss: Rival     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Pidgeot         |  37   |
    | Gyarados        |  38   |
    | Growlithe       |  35   |
    | Alakazam        |  35   |
    | Venusaur        |  40   |
    Your rival has become considerably stronger. Use a Surf or two to defeat
    Pidgeot, then you'll face Venusaur, his strongest Pokemon. Use two Blizzards
    or Ice Beams to beat it. Use any remaining ice attacks on Gyarados, then Surf
    on your rival's remaining Pokemon.
    When you're done with him, go down and take the teleporter. Fight the guy
    near the door, then go through for another boss fight.
    | Boss: Giovanni  |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Nidorino        |  37   |
    | Rhyhorn         |  37   |
    | Kangaskhan      |  35   |
    | Nidoqueen       |  41   |
    Easy. Use Surf on every Pokemon. Even if you get poisoned, Giovanni's Pokemon
    shouldn't be able to lay a finger on you. You shouldn't use more than one
    Hyper Potion on this, probably none at all. Two of his Pokemon are weak to
    water and another is weak enough to be OHKO'd with Surf anyway.
    When Giovanni's gone, go talk to the president sitting on the chair. He'll
    give you a Master Ball. Use Dig to leave Silph Co. Before we battle Sabrina,
    we have a pit stop to make. Fly to Route 10/Rock Tunnel.
    Go north of the Pokemon Center and Surf in the strip of water. This path will
    around the corner to the Power Plant.
    Power Plant
    Use Repels here. This place is loaded with electric Pokemon which are very
    much dangerous to Blastoise. Follow the path to the first fork. Go south,
    then all the way east. At the wall, the path will turn north. Go all the way
    east, up, and around down. There's another fork here. Turn left, then follow
    the path to Zapdos. Talk to it to begin the wild Pokemon battle. Use your
    Master Ball on it. Yes, we're actually going to use Zapdos. Level 50 is really
    useful. Teach Shock Wave over Detect, then leave to the left. Fly back to
    Saffron City. At this point, still keep Blastoise as your main Pokemon. Keep
    it out in front unless something Blastoise can't really handle like a grass
    Pokemon appears.
    Saffron City
    There's one thing left to do here. Head over to the gym(Sabrina's gym, the
    one to the right. Not that gay fighting dojo.) and enter stocked with a few
    Hyper Potions. Take the teleporter, then the one diagonal from it. Be sure to
    stay close to the wall to avoid the trainer. Take the one diagonal from you
    again, then the one right below you. You'll be in front of Sabrina.
    | Boss: Sabrina   |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Kadabra         |  38   |
    | Mr. Mime        |  37   |
    | Venomoth        |  38   |
    | Alakazam        |  43   |
    Easier than your rival. Kadabra, Alakazam, and Mr. Mime have inferior defense
    compared to their special defense, so be sure to use Strength instead of Surf
    to defeat them. For Venomoth, just use Surf as usual. Each Pokemon should go
    down fast. If you get confused, just wait it out and continue to attack. If
    your health gets low, a Hyper Potion should be enough as usual. You'll get
    TM04(Calm Mind) after this. Excellent, another TM to sell.
    Dig will get your out of this gym. Fly to Viridian City. This is our last gym
                           [2.11] Viridian City Revisited
    The gym is reopened now. Go there. Blastoise should annihilate this gym filled
    with ground Pokemon. To proceed to the Gym Leader, go up. Take the path that
    is to the right of the three trainers, the one with a down arrow below it. Go
    up and defeat the trainer in your way. Continue on that path and a trainer
    will come down. After defeating him, your path will be blocked. Return to
    where the three trainers are standing and go up the path to the right. Follow
    this path to the Gym Leader.
    | Boss: Giovanni  |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Rhyhorn         |  45   |
    | Dugtrio         |  42   |
    | Nidoqueen       |  44   |
    | Nidoking        |  45   |
    | Rhyhorn         |  50   |
    Each Pokemon is OHKO'd with Surf. Each and every one of them. It is not an
    intense fight at all. Teach Blastoise Earthquake over Dig.
    At this point, you should definitely have enough money to purchase Ice Beam
    or Thunderbolt at the Game Corner. Fly back to Celadon City and go to the
    house right below the Game Corner and talk to the man in the upper left
    corner. He'll give you a Coin Case. Go to the Game Corner and buy 4000 Coins.
    If you have Blizzard already on Blastoise and prefer it over Ice Beam, get
    TM24(Thunderbolt) and teach it to Zapdos. If not, get Ice Beam and teach it
    over Blizzard. I picked Ice Beam since we have less PP issues.
    Back to Viridian City. Heal up and stock up on plenty of repels. Exit the town
    to the west. Follow the path going up past the grass to meet your rival. SET
    | Boss: Rival     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Pidgeot         |  47   |
    | Rhyhorn         |  45   |
    | Gyarados        |  45   |
    | Growlithe       |  45   |
    | Alakazam        |  47   |
    | Venusaur        |  53   |
    Your rival's pretty tough. With Blastoise out in front, use Ice Beam on
    Pidgeot to kill it. Switch to Zapdos, then Drill Peck Venusaur to its grave.
    Blastoise doesn't have much of a chance against it. Next up is Rhyhorn. Switch
    back over to Blastoise and Surf to finish it. After that, Gyarados will come
    out. Switch back to Zapdos and use Shock Wave. Go back to Blastoise and use
    Surf and Strength to beat your rival's last two Pokemon, Growlithe and
    Alakazam. With the constant switching, it'll take longer than a normal battle
    but there's no way Blastoise can quickly beat a Venusaur or Gyarados.
    Continue along the path to reach the Pokemon League checkpoint. Continue
    north. The path is straightforward up until the cave, Victory Road.
                                 [2.12] Victory Road
    See the boulder just left of the entrance? Push it onto the switch to the
    right. Climb up onto the plateau and stay to the right. Go up, then left over
    the trainer. Stay left now, then go up and up the ladder to the next floor.
    Go south, then push that boulder onto the white switch. Head back up onto the
    plateau and stay up the upper side. Go right, then down avoiding the trainer.
    Get off the plateau and go right. Go around to the top and left. Take the
    ladder up.
    You'll see a boulder just left of you. Push that up, then left. Be sure it's
    one space from the very top of the screen. Push it all the way left so it's
    on the switch. Go back to the stairs where you came out of. Walk onto the
    plateau. When you get off, go to the wall on the right and go down to avoid
    the two trainers. Head right and push the boulder into the hole. Drop down
    into the hole after it. When you land, you'll be on the previous floor. Push
    the boulder left onto the switch. Go onto the nearby plateau and go right and
    up the ladder to a new room.
    Avoid the two trainers here and go up another ladder. The last trainer here
    can be avoided by walking near the wall. Head towards the exit and you'll be
    at Route 23 outside the Indigo Plateau.
                                   [2.13] Elite 4
    Heal your Pokemon and spend any remaining money on Potions/Full Restores/
    Revives, then enter through the door. Be sure to have Shift for every battle
    from here on out.
    | Boss: Lorelei   |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Dewgong         |  52   |
    | Slowbro         |  52   |
    | Cloyster        |  51   |
    | Jynx            |  54   |
    | Lapras          |  54   |
    Lorelei's difficult. Although her Pokemon are weak to Zapdos's electric
    attacks, Zapdos is also weak to her Pokemon's ice attacks. Use Zapdos's Shock
    Wave to defeat Dewgong, Lapras, Cloyster, and Slowbro. I switched to Blastoise
    for Jynx since its low defense was easy for prey for Blastoise's Earthquake
    while Zapdos was liable to Ice Punch. Lapras will be the hardest of the lot.
    I got lucky a few times when Lapras decided for some reason NOT to use Ice
    Beam but Confuse Ray instead. If Zapdos's health is low, switch to Blastoise.
    Hopefully, you won't be like the unlucky few who get frozen.
    | Boss: Bruno     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Onix            |  51   |
    | Hitmonchan      |  53   |
    | Hitmonlee       |  53   |
    | Onix            |  54   |
    | Machamp         |  56   |
    The easiest of the Elite 4, next to Lance. Blastoise can take care of the
    Onix while Zapdos can use Drill Peck on the others. Just be careful when
    fighting Machamp and Hitmonchan. Machamp's Scary Face can hinder your speed
    for the next Pokemon and Hitmonchan's Rock Tomb can do a lot of damage to
    Zapdos. If your speed drops so it hidners you greatly, just switch out.
    Also, one more note on Hitmonchan. On rare circumstances, it'll use Counter
    which will totally screw you over. I just restarted after that happened. I
    also used Thunder Wave on Machamp, if that helps you.
    | Boss: Agatha    |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Gengar          |  54   |
    | Golbat          |  54   |
    | Haunter         |  53   |
    | Arbok           |  56   |
    | Gengar          |  58   |
    Agatha is easier than she looks. Her Gengars actually aren't really cooking
    too much. First one used Double Team and Shadow Punch a lot, a combo which
    deals very little damage. I KO'd it in two hits with Surf. The second Gengar
    used Hypnosis and Shadow Ball, a stronger combo. Use the PokeFlute is Hypnosis
    actually hits. It missed every time for me, but I don't think everyone will
    be that lucky. As for Haunter, you can OHKO it with Surf.
    Golbat is the only Pokemon that you should use Zapdos for, but if Blastoise
    is still in great health you can use Ice Beam on it. Golbat is weak except
    for one attack, Poison Fang. Is Poison Fang greatly poisons your Pokemon, use
    a Full Restore/Heal right away, or switch out and do it later. That kind of
    poison will really cripple your two-man army.
    What I did for Arbok was switch in an HM Slave(Spearow with Fly) so Intimidate
    affected it, then used a Hyper Potion while Diglett died and switched back out
    to Blastoise. That way, Earthquake could kill it quickly. IMO, Arbok is the
    toughest out of this group only because of that damn Intimidate ability.
    | Boss: Lance     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Gyarados        |  56   |
    | Dragonair       |  54   |
    | Dragonair       |  54   |
    | Aerodactyl      |  58   |
    | Dragonite       |  60   |
    Keep Zapdos out first. Gyarados is a piece of cake. It'll go down with one
    Shock Wave. Next up is Aerodactyl. Switch over to Blastoise and use a Surf or
    two to defeat it without taking too much damage. Lance should then switch over
    to Dragonair. This first Dragonair(it's always the same one first) has Thunder
    Wave and can be a huge riddance. Defeat it with Ice Beam, then use a Full
    Restore/Paralyze/Heal afterwards. The next Dragonair's easier with just
    offensive attacks, same thing with Dragonite. Ice Beam will defeat both of
    | Boss: Rival     |
    Opponent's Lineup:
    | Pokemon         | Level |
    | Pidgeot         |  59   |
    | Rhydon          |  54   |
    | Alakazam        |  54   |
    | Gyarados        |  59   |
    | Venusaur        |  63   |
    Zapdos should go up front again to confront Pidgeot. Shock Wave will do nicely
    against Pidgeot, even if it uses an annoying move like Sand-Attack. Pidgeot
    can't really do much else to you. Switch to Blastoise when your rival sends
    out Rhydon. You should know what to do. Use Surf to OHKO it, then switch to
    Zapdos to battle Venusaur. Two Drill Pecks were enough to defeat Venusaur
    while it tried to use Growth. Venusaur can be an ass sometimes and use a
    Sunny Day/Synthesis combo just to drag out time. Nothing we can do about this;
    just continue with Drill Peck.
    Next will be Alakazam. Keep Zapdos in. Hope that Alakazam uses Psychic and
    two Drill Pecks should be more than enough. However, if it uses Reflect this
    may take a bit longer. Switch your attack to Shock Wave instead. Either way,
    Alakazam is straightforward. After Alakazam is Gyarados. Use Shock Wave to
    OHKO it just like Lance's. The last Pokemon you have to face is Arcanine.
    Surf will do nicely. Just be sure you have more than a sliver of health
    because it has Extremespeed causing to go first.
    ...And that's all! You're done with your speed blitz. I made it into the Hall
    of Fame with a level 54 Blastoise and Zapdos and a level 24 Spearow.
                                  {3.0} Differences
    As everyone knows, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are remakes of the original
    US Pokemon Red and Blue. Although most of the game is the same as the
    original, there are vital differences that makes this speed run different
    than in the original. It will always take longer than the original because of
    these reasons.
    1. Dig no longer takes you to the last Pokemon Center you healed at. This was
    used in the previous speed run to get quickly from a dungeon to a previously
    visited destination. Now, it only takes you to the entrance of the dungeon,
    so more time is added traveling.
    2. Ice Beam is no longer easily obtainable. This makes it much harder to
    defeat your rival's Pokemon as well as the Elite 4. Blizzard, IMO, is an
    inferior replacement because of its low accuracy as well as PP. Articuno takes
    too much time to get to.
    3. Dig's weakened power. In Pokemon R/B/Y, Dig had a much higher power. Plus,
    new abilities like Levitate on Koffing will make it harder to beat trainers
    like Koga. So yeah, Dig really screwed us over.
    4. No more Thunderbolt from Lt. Surge. Again, Shock Wave is not as great a
    replacement, but more doable than Blizzard.
    There isn't much that we can do to bypass these changes. The only thing that
    helps in the remake is the running shoes. Running is just as fast as the
    bicycle and you're able to run in dungeons.
                                     {4.0} Tips
    1. Never talk to anybody unless you're required to.
    2. Always run unless the game prohibits you to. You don't need a bike to move
    3. Use Dig to escape dungeons quickly and not eliminate the need to buy Escape
    4. Keep a type of Potion and an Antidote in your bag. You never know when you
       might get unlucky by a Poison Sting or Poison Point.
    5. Use the PokeFlute after recieving it to awaken your Pokemon from sleep.
    6. IMPORTANT: Don't fight any trainer unless required to. Trainers take a long
       time to beat and the time really adds up.
    7. Avoid all wild Pokemon. Use Repels whenever you're in danger of being
       attacked by Wild Pokemon.
    8. Don't buy any Pokeballs. The five that you start with and the Master Ball
       is all that you ever need.
    9. Pick up any random items that are not out of your way. They can provide
       for excellent money for when you are in desperate need for supplies. This
       was one of my biggest mistakes while I played through the game. Money for
       supplies is very important here and I thought that picking them up was just
       a waste of time. You'll be needing it later on. Try to save money
       throughout the game.
                                      {5.0} FAQ
    Q: Why did you decide to do a speed run?
    A: I don't know. I guess I just felt like it, I guess.
    Q: Why do you go to Cinnibar Island before beating Sabrina?
    A: Because Cinnibar Island is so easy. With the place loaded with Fire
       Pokemon, it's much easier to gain experience and also much easier to defeat
       the Gym Leader.
    Q: Why do you stress saving money?
    A: Because Ice Beam is essential to defeating the Elite 4 and your rival.
       I dislike Blizzard because of the low PP and low accuracy/
    Q: How do I make money quickly?
    A: Sell all your TMs except for Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Dig, Earthquake, and
       Shock Wave. They're not necessary for the speed run.
    Q: Why do you expect people to have beaten the game to read this walkthrough?
    A: Because you have to be really familiar with the game in order to get a
       nice time. Also an excuse for people to play the game again. If you're not
       familiar with the game, you'll have a much higher risk of making a mistake.
       You also need a certain degree of skill to beat higher level Pokemon and
       know which moves to use. Doesn't take an expert to do this though.
    Q: What should I do if I get unlucky in a battle?
    A: Restart. Save often because you will sometimes get really unlucky in a
       battle such as getting poisoned or frozen.
                                  {6.0} Conclusion
    Thanks for reading the guide. As usual, I hope that it helped.
    Visit http://speeddemosarchive.com/ for speed runs of many different games.
    E-mail: plasmad00d13smooth(at)gmail{dot}com
    Feel free to ask me anything that's not stupid.
    Saffron City Gym Map by Joon
    Copyright 2006 {c} MG(Strawhat)                                    END OF FILE

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