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The Attack Failed, But it was powerfulA Friendly Cactus6/10
Pokemon at its finest. Thank you, Nintendo.AstralFire10/10
"Gotta Catch 'em all!"...again...and again...CAHowell10/10
Ahhhhh the good old times but renewedDarkstorm169/10
Way better than the originals, and possibly the best pokemon game yet......DarkWizardThree8/10
My Review of Pokémon FireRed VersionDigimonMan039/10
Havn't I done this before?Dragonslayerrrr8/10
These Monsters are ExceptionalEdwardTiv9/10
The "off" switch is a thing of the past.EspMiles10/10
Game Freak has done it again!eviljecht9010/10
Newbies would be better off choosing Ruby or Sapphire.freshym8/10
A trip down memory lane....but not without a few new surprises!IceTorchic10/10
Nintendo, You Lazy Monkeys...They're Called Original IdeasJames7/10
Charizard! Light my FireRed!Kelamon10/10
Back to basic.Link San8/10
This is amazing! Nintendo finally is doing what I want!Linkman 1459/10
Hmmm...This Game seems awfully familiar...Maxinator7/10
Pokemon returns!?Moonsummit9/10
If everyone had a pokemon, there would be peace worldwide.MrSty10/10
Great game, Great idea.notbob119/10
Simply one of the best remakes I have ever played....peach freak10/10
A nostalgic blast from the past- Nice job NintendoPojoPooka10/10
De Ja Vu...It's a good thing!SiegTheKnight9/10
Beautiful! Simply Beautiful!Starkin Warrior10/10
NINTENDO's Leech Life sucked money from CONSUMER's pocketsThe Shining Wizard8/10
Good try Nintendo,you just killed the best Pokemon Game.TheEvilCubivore4/10
Remaking a 8 year old game is bad. Remaking a 8 year old game badly, is a crime.Wasabi X5/10
It's better than slice bread!zack6pack9/10
Remaking a classic? Winnar!!ZOMFGWTFBBQHAXR9/10

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