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Beat the elite four... got the national pokedex... now what should i do??

Ive only captured 67 pokemon... How do i see the new pokemon professor oak was talking about when he gave me the national pokedex? Is my next step to try to capture all pokemon? Or is there other things i should do first?


Naxrulz answered:

You should try to catch 1 of the legendry dogs, catch mewtwo, do the sevii islands quest if you haven't already. You should also try to trade and catch all 384 pokes.
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Capodetutticapi answered:

Complete pokedex
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AlexanderBmora answered:

Complete the pokedex, catch Mewtwo and the legendary dog. Dont waste ur Masterball on Mewtwo.
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ighx answered:

AlexanderBmora 9/27 10:04PM said:
Complete the pokedex, catch Mewtwo and the legendary dog. Dont waste ur Masterball on Mewtwo.

Actually, I've heard from many sources that it is literally impossible to catch Mewtwo without the Masterball. I've even tested this my self by throwing literally around 50 Ultraballs, and almost all of them would roll three times, and just before it clicked Mewtwo would burst out. I even experimented with cheats to always catch pokemon, but it would not work.
As an alternative to using the Masterball to catch the legendary dogs, find a Pokemon that has the ability Arena Trap (Wobbufet, Dugtrio, etc.) or learns the move Mean Look (Golbat, Magneton, etc.), and is faster than the dog you are pursuing.
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GamerFreak65 answered:

You need to trade in order to get all pokemon, from a friend you have that has shappire,ruby, or emerald, and don't waste your master ball on mewtwo because i was able to catch mewtwo for my friend without because he used it on moltres, so in other words use your master ball on the legendary dog and in order to get the other dogs, trade with friends that have different starters.
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FaiD_Flowright answered:

A.Things to do When e4 was beaten:
A.1. Get the NationalDex.
A.2. Solve puzzles. (Brailles and others.)
A.3. Battle again the e4. (2nd round.)
A.4. Get all the stickers from braggrat.
A.5. (Related to 4.) Beat e4 many times and get stickers from braggrat. (Note: You can also get a sticker when you beat the e4 once, then 75 and more.)
A.6. (Related to 4/5.) Hatch eggs and get stickers from braggrat. (Note: You can also get a sticker when you hatch one egg, then 100 and more.)
A.7. Beat Trainer Tower.
A.8. Evolve more pokemon.
A.9. (Related to 8.) Trade to evolve more pokemon.
A.10. Move Tutor.
A.10.a. (Note: This can be done even when e4 wasn't beaten.) Collect two tiny mushrooms or one big mushroom. (Can be get from Paras and Parasect. Can also be get by trading from a little girl a Ponyta (I think.) to a Nidoran.)
A.10.b. Go to two Island.
A.10.c. Talk to Mushroom Maniac. He'll teach your pokemon (Mainly, if you have Charizard.) an unteachable move. (Not from TM's or by leveling up. To be direct, Heat Wave. For Charizard only.)
A.11. Cape Brink. (This can also be done even when the e4 wasn't beaten.)
A.11.a. Go to two island.
A.11.b. Make your starter pokemon first in your party.
A.11.c. Go to the tip of the Island. (North.)
A.11.d. Talk to the Woman there.
A.11.e. Teach the move that she will be saying. (Charizard: Blast Burn; Venusaur: Frenzy Plant; Blastoise: Hydro Cannon.)

B.What to do when you have the NationalDex:
B1. (Related to A.8/A.9) Evolve Pokemon for the NationalDex.
B.2. Catch the legendary dogs.
B.3. Catch Mewtwo.
B.4. Catch Pokemon from Island 4-7. (Pokemon from Johto. Dunsparce, Remoraid, etc...)
B.5. (Related to B-all.) Complete the NationalDex and Kanto pokedex.

C.Other things to do:
C.1. Battle real persons. (Link Cable required.)
C.2. Trade with real persons. (Link Cable required.)
C.3. (Related to A.4-6.) Get Stickers from braggrat in Trading with real Persons.

Other than that, think of others you can do.

-Hope this help! :)
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