Question from werrtu

How to copy pokemon?

I have been trying to copy pokemon for a long time and every thing i do it doesn't work

pibuchatle asked for clarification:

How about vif your pokemon doesnt have a sign of male or female how can ci clone them?

davionte asked for clarification:

How do you get the pass word on the last island

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SantanaTony answered:

It would be easier if you have Pokemon Emerald version.
There is no way to copy pokemon in Leaf/Fire/Ruby/Sapphire Versions.
Emerald copy: Go to Battle Frontier, go in any battle places in the frontier (i recomend the Battle Tower).
For the battle tower: place the pokemon you want in any box that you want, then close the PC. and save.
Bring only the pokemon that you wish to clone with you from the box that you last left them in (dont save after you take them out), choose between single or double battle, select the pokemon (as if your actually gonna do the event), and wen the person saves your data, let it go to : "Saving Please Dont Turn Off The Power" (or something like that) turn it off, wait 3 seconds, Turn it back on.
If done right: it should say the data has been corrupted. it should say afterwards: "Loading Previous data"
Check your box that you last had your pokemon, and you should have duplicates along w/ the ones in your party(that you choose to clone)
**NOTE**: Save before every attempt!
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soliqin answered:

You can only copy pokemon with gender. Bring pokemon that you want to copy and ditto to pokemon day care in Four Island. In view times, the old man will give you an egg. you need to walk in many steps, and your egg will hached into your pokemon that you want to copy.
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Xionik_GBR answered:

most pokemon that don't have a male or female sign cannot breed, to create an egg.... it hasn't worked in the past so it may not on F'red or L'green!!
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soliqin answered:

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pokeaddict17 answered:

You could only copy in Emerald. But if you want to do the breeding way, go get a Ditto. (Note: The Ditto bredding does NOT work for legendaries and Pokemon with the no gender.)
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coledh answered:

It is impossible in leafgreen/firered only in emerald
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ivan_winer answered:

You can't copy pokemon in Leef Green, Fire Red, Sapphire and Ruby Versions......
You can copy inly in Pokemon Emerald
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abacab123454 answered:

You can't, unless you breed, but you might be able to hacking, if you want your game totally messed up!
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