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Is there a trainer in pokemon leafgreen that has a growlithe or an arcanine?
If there is, where is he/she?

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Thank you!

Accepted Answer

From: RaikouTGC 5 years ago

Growlithe: Rival* (Pokemon Tower, Silphe Co., Rte 22), Gentleman Thomas @ SS Anne, Gentleman Lamar @ SS Anne, Gamer Rich @ Rte 8, Camper Chris @ Rte 9 (Battles 1-3), Gamer Darian @ Rte 11, Burgler Lewis @ Celadon Mansion B1, Brurgler Quinn @ Cinnabar Gym, Brurgler Dusty @ Cinnabar Gym, Super Nerd Zac @ Cinnabar Gym, Blaine @ Cinnabar Gym
Arcanine: Rival* (As Champion)Camper Chris @ Rte 9 (Battles 4+), Blaine @ Cinnabar Gym

*Rival only has Growlithe/Arcanine if he DID NOT chose Charmander

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