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What does ''Happiness'' mean?

I was reading a faq and it said that Eevee can evolve into Espeon by ''happiness''. What exactly IS that?

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The_Phoenix89 answered:

Basically there are certain pokemon (like Eevee and Togepi) who evolve based on happiness. Feeding them vitamins (like Zinc, Protein and Hp Up), certain berries (Emerald Only, this also has a side effect of lowering stats but only to their base level), grooming (Fire Red and Leaf Green) or just walking around and leveling up said pokemon. When the happiness is full, it will evolve. Attaching a Soothe Bell makes their happiness go up a bit quicker. To check on their happiness, I'm pretty sure you have to go to Pallet Town and talk to Daisey Oak. She'll also groom your pokemon.

However you can't evolve Eevee into a Espeon or Umbreon in Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. You have to trade it over into Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald to do so. It has something to do with Fire Red and Leaf Green missing some setting that the other games have.
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shinaobi answered:

You can't get Espeon/Umbreon because they're time-based happiness evos. Espeon is happiness, gain level during the day, and Umbreon is happiness, gain level during the night.

Happiness also affects the power of the moves Frustration(the lower the better) and Return(the higher the better).
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blackmug answered:

Happiness means how much your pokemon likes you
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