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How do I unlock the gym at cinnabar island?

I know I have to get the key from the pokemon mansion, but can you explain how to get the key from there? give very descriptive details please

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SmokeRulz answered:

If you want very descriptive details, then look up ANY FAQ for this game and go to the section that gives you a walkthrough of the place. That's what this site is for.

In simple terms, the key is on a table deep into the mansion. You gotta explore the mansion and open/close various doors with switches on Mew statues, and fight plenty of trainers, too. You might want to bring along some Repels for the annoying wild Pokemon that pop up a lot. And be sure to mop up all the items spread around the place! Lots of cool stuff to nab.
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cymbolplayer answered:

Smoke Rulz is right Bring alot of repels because the pokemon get very annoying
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