Question from soliqin

All codebreaker / gameshark, please?

I need some help. It isn't so important, but it's funny. so, can you tell me some codebreaker / gameshark that you know?
Whatever code that you give to me, I will be so glad for it.

Thanks so much

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SantanaTony answered:

You can use the suggested sites above but dont use Google!!!!
It almost got my computer a virus.
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DarkLightChaos answered:

Google them down man, there are lots of sites for that.
By the by, u use a ROM or a real game?
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Trickshot33 answered:
Go here these shoud help.
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GBAbreaker answered:

I have heard the Leaf Green or Fire Red do not have any code(?)
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PokemonHero17 answered: or i would think there about more than 100 standard codes. That's not including any really hacked pokemon.
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