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Whats the best Grass Pokemon?

I choose Charmander as my starter and I need a good grass Pokemon. I'm currently in Rock Tunnel and I wanted to know whats the best grass Pokemon
I have a Weepinbell lv 34.

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nartofan8607 answered:

best is Venasaur but since u picked chamander the best is Victreebel with great attack and sp. attack, good hp, acceptable speed, and ok defense and sp. defense. So evolve Weepinbell at lvl 42 (because weepinbell learns razor leaf at lvl 42). and get a defensive wall like cloyster (sheller's evolved form its a water/ice)
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RaikouTGC answered:

In game, anything Works, aside from Paras/Parasect in areas with Flying or Fire Pokemon
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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

Well the best grass type is Celebi. XD Once you get to Celadon Department store, buy a Leaf stone, make it evoulve, BAM!! Victrebell!! Pretty good pokemon.
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16leebr answered:

Wepinbell is a decent pokemon, but when it evoulves into a victreebell, (BTW you need a leaf stone to make it evovle.) it is a very good attacker and has pretty good stats.
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gen1fan answered:

Id say eggsucutor cuz a lotta grass pokemon are also poison which makes them weak against psychic pokemon on top of fire and flying and eggsecutor is grass and psychic so it cuts some weakness's and it can learn some good moves like psychic solarbeam and giga drain.
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gen1fan answered:

And i do agree with pokemaniac celebi is the best if you can get him lol
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rondle123 answered:

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rslimm13 answered:

hands down, Bulbasaur
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cymbolplayer answered:

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