Question from Alakazam_KooL

Where can I find exp.share?

My pokemon are really sucking and I can't even beat Lt.Sarge!

Where's the experience share?

Alakazam_KooL provided additional details:

Getting 50 pokes will be hard...Thanks anyway!!!


SmokeRulz answered:

I'm not sure you can get it yet if you haven't beaten Lt. Surge, but I'll at least tell you where it is. Go to the Lookout Station on Route 15 and talk to the Professor's Aide there. You'll need to have caught 50 Pokemon to claim it, however.
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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

go to the city with Saffari zone once you catch a certian amount of pokemon, (50?) go to the right of the city and through building that leads you to a different route, and go up-stairs and talk to the lab-coat dude.
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