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How do I solve ("Dotted Hole")?

Plz Help Me Guyz

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ChrisPerez001 answered:

Use cut on the door
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undertakerjoey answered:

To get into the dotted hole just use cut on the door to get to the bottom just remember 2 letters = up, 5 letters = right, 4 letters = either down or left to tell the difference the L is 3 dots in a line like this l while down makes a up right arrow
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shinydarkrai98 answered:

I believe first you go to the left hole, then the upper hole, then the lower hole, and finally the right hole. I played leaf green about a year ago, so if I'm not right don't yell at me.
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Om3gaX1S answered:

Go up, left, right, and down.
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sonicdragon1 answered:

To solve Dotted hole, first help Loreliie in Icefall cave and obtain the ruby at Mt. Ember. The scientist will move. In front of the door,manuelly use cut. Enter the first hole. Go up, left, right, down in that order. Examine the sapphire and the scientist will steal it, but give you a password. He is hiding at the Rocket Warehouse. Beat him and you will get it.
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AlexanderBmora answered:

Cut the door and then go up, left, right, and down
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arceus17 answered:

Use cut, search google for braille guides and done.
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FaiD_Flowright answered:

Use cut at the entrance then enter the hole at the center. When you're at the down, there's a braille that is saying 'up'. Go up then when you enter the hole there'll be another braille that is saying 'left' then go left. There'll be another saying go right. After that another one. The braille will be saying down. That's the last one. Down there you'll see the professor at the entrance before you help Lorelei. He'll say something to you then he'll escape together with the gem. There'll be another braille that will say many things but I haven't figured it out yet. Climb the ladder to go go to the exit. That's all!
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mass_cheater answered:

on the last one, when you have a braille thing and stairs, on the braille thing, the long braille text means:
"let the two glittering stones one in red one in blue connect the past
friends sharing power open a window to a new world that glows
next world waits for you"
I think that, with this text, they are telling you to leave the first generation games behind and advance to the new ones, that's what I understood from this sentence
Thanks to NitemareDragon for putting the braille alphabet in 1 FAQ
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pokemon022799 answered:

First, get 60 pokemon to get the national pokedex. Go to celio in One island then go to Four island and go to icefall cave to help lorelie and go to the dotted hole, use Cut.
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