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How do you capture abra before it teleports?

It teleports before i can make an attack to paralyze it everytime and it escapes from the great balls.

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RaikouTGC answered:

ighx there are NO such Button combinations, they are Rumors only that have been thoroughly disproven by Websites and Game analyzers (like MetalKid LoadingNow, and GatorShark) who have examined the ROM Data
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Bompar80 answered:

You got to have a faster pokemon, that either trap it or put it to sleep before it can teleport. You can trap a pokemon with moves like mean look.
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RaikouTGC answered:

just throw a Pokeball at it, or improve your Chances with a Great or Ultra Ball
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Dexthe answered:

You could catch a Wobbufet at Cerulean Cave,Or throw a Ultra ball
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PokemonHero17 answered:

I used a level 23 butterfree. Don't paralyze it. Put it to sleep instead. Then throw a great/pokeball.
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laxdude925 answered:

You can use a diglett with arena trap to prevent it from escaping. Than you can weaken it than catch it.
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ighx answered:

There are a few catching tricks that do not require a system such as Action Replay or Game Shark:

Throw a Pokeball, and just as it hits the Pokemon, press and hold A+B. It helps me to rely on the sound rather than watching it.
Just as the Pokeball hits the ground after throwing it, press and hold A+Right, then A+Left, and A+Right again (switch immediately after the ball rolls, and after holding A+Right the second time, let go of all the buttons)
The most common one is to push the A button as fast as you can ( you probably already knew that, but just in case)

NOTE: These do not GUARANTEE you catch the Pokemon, but they do help a lot.
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Pokemaster728 answered:

Or you can just buy one at the game corner...
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tyler1217 answered:

Buy one at the game corner?!?! I just threw an ultra ball at it and i caught it.
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Nintendork2468 answered:

Long story short, just throw the pokeball and hope for the best. Buy higher quality balls and just search and throw. This pokemon is mostly luck. Sleep moves do work wonders though. But the strategy really depends on what resources are available to you. If you don't have any sleep moves, use the before mentioned plan.
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blades2122 answered:

U could just wait untill you can find kadabra which knows other attacks.
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