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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Mew and Deoxys?

i heard that there can be somewhere to find Mew and Deoxys. so can you help me where to find it please?

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Mew you can get by depositing 1499 Pokemon in Pokemon Box
Deoxys you can't without hacking,it was an event only Pokemon

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You can find mew inside cerulen cave but you hav to beat the elite 4 first.
Deoxys you have to hack the game.

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RaikouTGC Answered: "Mew you can get by depositing 1499 Pokemon in Pokemon Box"

Wrong one, Mew is from Ranch when 999 Pokemon are Deposited, 1499 in Box is Surfing Pichu

laxdude925 Answered "You can find mew inside cerulen cave but you hav to beat the elite 4 first."

That's Mewtwo not Mew

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I no i messed up i was thinking about where to find mew so i gues i typed mew.

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Mew,huh? Well,as i know,mew just can find in Faraway Island not anywhere. Mew just obey you if you catch him there. And Deoxys is in the Birth Island (Island 9). You must have the Mistery Gift options in Main Menu to get the tickets. Go to any pokemart,if you see a small paper in the table beside the shopkeeper,go for it and press a,use the Questionnaries with words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" the shopkeeper will tell you that you can use the Mistery Gift options. Save your game,reset the game and Ka-Chow ! You will see the Mistery Gift options.

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I'm only concerned about one thing. If u do the math, 14(number of boxes) X 30(number of pokemon that can fit in each box) is only 420. U couldn't really deposit 999 in the 14 boxes u have.

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