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How do u get Mewtwo?

Can u name the steps on how to do it?please?

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I already gave celio the ruby. where is the saphire?

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RaikouTGC answered:

From Preyhearts Sticky Topic

13. The Ruby and Sapphire Plate Quest
The Ruby and Sapphire Plate Quest is the final event you must complete in order to unlock the last few events in FireRed/LeafGreen. To even start the quest, you must first complete the first Sevii Islands quest, finding the little girl and saving her from the Hypno in the Berry Forest. You must also have beaten the Elite 4 at least once and have gained the National Dex. After you have achieved those three objectives

1) Go to Island 1 and talk to Celio. Listen to what he says.
2) Go to Mt. Ember. Near the right side, you will see two Rocket Grunts. Talk to them and battle them.
3) After defeating them, go through the entrance they were blocking, go through and get the Ruby Plate.
4) Give the Ruby Plate to Celio. You will receive the Rainbow Pass. Now, make your way to Island 4.
5) In Island 4, talk around the area to learn a little something. Enter the Icefall Cave.
6) Look around Icefall Cave until you meet Lorelei of the Elite 4 and some Rocket Grunts. Defeat the Rockets.
7) Talk to Lorelei and exit the Icefall Cave.
8) Proceed on to Island 5. Go north of the area to the grassy areas and make your way to the Rocket Warehouse. You require 2 passwords to unlock the door. You have already gotten one from the Rocket in Icefall Cave. Proceed to Island 6.
9) In Island 6, search around until you see a Cave with a metal door blocking the entrance. If there is a Scientist blocking your way, repeat steps 1-8. If he is not in your way, then go up to the door and use Cut on it. It will unlock.
10) Go through the cave and try to get the Sapphire plate. A scientist will steal it from you; in exchange, he will give you the second password. Return to Island 5.
11) Unlock the Rocket Warehouse in Island 5 with the second password. Go through the warehouse and defeat all the Rockets. At the end, you will encounter the scientist again. Defeat him and he will give up the Sapphire Plate. Return the Sapphire Plate to Celio, and you are done.
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PokemonHero17 answered:

I have a standard way to catch a mewtwo: Masterball every time.
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RaikouTGC answered:

Defeat the E4
Get National Dex by having Complete Dex Entries for 60 or More Pokemon
Complete the Second Sevii Island Quest (Gem Quest to Complete Network Machine to Level Two)
Enter Cave north of Cerulean and Navigate it until you find Mewtwo


Battle and Capture Mewtwo with any Ball other then the Masterball

If you run out of Pokemon, Balls or KO Mewtwo shut off the game and restart , since you saved in front of Mewtwo you will start there.

Save the Materball for the Roaming Legendary, they are much harder to find and catch then Mewtwo
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