Question from IPKU123

How do i catch zapdos?

I have all the items needed but dont wanna use my master ball:(( please help.

Accepted Answer

garfieldlover19 answered:

Use a kadabra and Raichu. Make sure both have thunder wave. Use thunder wave on it, then use psychic. Hopefully it feints and you bring out raichu. Use thunder bolt then try as many ultra balls as it takes. It works very well. That's being very specific though so if you don't want to or can't then lower it to red paralyze then try to catch.
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evilsquirrle answered:

Paralyze it, lower its HP, Use ultra/timer balls, and pray for luck
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mew123456 answered:

Just get its health in red then use sleeping powder on it use ultra ball to catch him (might want to paralyze him first cause when he wakes up hell use a extremely powerful move called drill peck)
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