Question from chopy7

What level should my pokemon be to fight the elite 4?

Any help?

chopy7 provided additional details:

And also where should i train to get them to a certain level?

HeraldicWolf asked for clarification:

My team is:
machop lv 26(im working on leveling him up.)
Jynx lv 33
Marowak lv 44
Poliwrath lv 40
Haunter lv 40
Mr.Mime lv 43
From what i understand i should get them to at least lv 50..... but can someone tell me which pokemon i should switch out... well like which ones i should replace i should say... ty if you help me.


PokemonHero17 answered:

Well the level should be about 55-60. if you need help with the pokemon to choose I'll be back.
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triforceofskill answered:

I recommend a level 65 or higher electric type.
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triforceofskill answered:

Id have to say give it the exp.share and go battle wild pokemon in victory road and when it gets to level 55 or higher you can start the e4.
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acerox96 answered:

50+. My team was

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gamerkid256 answered:

I say at least everybody 50+ maybe a 55+ here and there , but i trained my pokemon in double battles with the Vs. Seeker
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darklugia63 answered:

Higher than 50 level
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CodeXJR answered:

Recommended Lvl 50 and higher
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FaiD_Flowright answered:

What level should my pokemon to fight the elite four:
You should be 75+ to battle them. You must also make their speeds high 'cause the e4's pokemon are quick ya' know.

Where should I train:
Fly to Fuchsia City. Go left. (Just before the entrance of Cycling road.) There'll be birdtrianers (Or birdkeepers I don't know!) Use VS seekers.

Hope this help! :)
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rondle123 answered:

Lets say level 75 you should fight all of the trainers you see to level up my pokemon
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GamerFreak65 answered:

I leveled all my pokemon to Lv.50 and beat the elite 4 easily. I trained at the left of Celadon City and at the top of Cycling hill using vs. seeker. Both the locations are the same.Good luck!
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nartofan8607 answered:

Ok the best spot to lvl up to is 55 (a nice lvl) and the spot is on the cycling road around the top and use vs. seeker or at island 1 just keep following the water up to land and there shoulde be 3 kung fu people with machops and machokes around 35-40 keep battling them and there u go (if u need to heal walk up from them and there will be a hot spring so go in there to heal)
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ghady97 answered:

You need 55 and higher my team was:
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16leebr answered:

Lvl: 55-60
Training Place: Victory Road or the 3 Island's trainers (use VS Seeker)
My Team:
Raticate <-(i barely used him though)
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capcadet44946 answered:

Level 40-50 can work, but you need a team like this.
Zapdos (51)
Articuno (50)
Moltres (50)
Hypno (40)
Gyrados (44)
Venusaur (43)
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CausableLemon answered:

To be able to beat them without a real struggle I'd say 55-60. I just beat them today and my team was:
Charizard (61)
Victreebel (61)
Gyarados (61)
Raichu (62)
Mr. Mime (61)
Articuno (50)
I barely used Articuno at all and Mr. Mime was a MAJOR help against Bruno.
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Andrei3191 answered:

A level 60 or more would be fantastic. To get more Exp. use the vs Seeker.
Here it's my team:
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jasper521 answered:

Hi guys. I need A little help in fire red. My pokemons levels are quite bad on Fire Red. And I need some help on my team. My pkmn team:
What Do you guys think? I know it needs a lot of help before I can go beat the elite 4. Where can I train my pokemon though? There aren't many more trainers to battle either. I need some help! D=
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jasper521 answered:

Btw can you trade pokemon from your GBA games on your DS Lite?
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JMISBEST answered:

The bare minimum would be 55. But in order to make it a piece of cake, I would suggest at least level 62.

Another good idea is that if you have Pokemon at least level 75 in other GBA Pokemon Games, trade them to this and watch them crush them easier then most people crush soft fruit.
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