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Where can I find HM Flash and HM Fly? And what does Wild Pokemon Modifier Code mean?

Hi. 2 questions. Where can I find HM's Flash and Fly? What Does

XIV. Wild Pokemon Modifier Code

Note: Remember to use the SECOND set of [M] code for the below codes.

Catch Any Pokemon:
83007CEE0xxx mean?

SSJ4Goku124 provided additional details:


SSJ4Goku124 provided additional details:

When i tried the code earlier it didn't work.

SSJ4Goku124 provided additional details:

But when ever I try that code i never find a bulbasaur. and after i fight or escape the battle I try to save the game and it freezes on me

SSJ4Goku124 provided additional details:

Not sure what version I have but where can i find the newest codes?

SSJ4Goku124 provided additional details:

I tried the code again. I tried both Bulbasaurs code and Pikachus code. I went in the pokemon fields and all I get are the wild pokemon that are normally there. Why? Did I do something wrong?

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PokemonHero17 answered:

Go to Vermillion and walk to Dilett cave. After going through Diglett cave. There will be a path on your left with a tree. Don't go through there, yet. Now go down. You'll go past a house. Then there will be a tree, cu the tree. Then walk down some more. You'll eventually grt to a building that blocks the way. Go into the building and a professor Oak's assistant will be there. Talk to him and if you have 10 pokemon in your pokedex you'll get flash.

Now about fly. Go to celadon city. Go towards the cycling road and there will be a tree above where the snorlax was. Cut the tree. Then walk through the gate and there will be a house. Go into the house and talk to the lady. You now have fly.

Now about that code.

<i> Remember to use the SECOND set of [M] code for the below codes.</i>
Every code needs a master code [M] and for ths game there are at the least 2 sets. Use the second set of Master codes.

Catch Any Pokemon:
<i>07CEE0xxx mean?</i>
This is part of the code. You need a numbr for each pokemon. Example would be a bulbasaur. If I remember correctly the number for it would be 001
So the code would be 07CEE0001.
This shows that you need a number for each pokemon.
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PokemonHero17 answered:

Ok. That code may be out of date. There are codes for those on the Faqs here. If it freezes then more than likely it's old and it can't be used or you have a leafgreen game that is version 4.1. That is an accurate code too.
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soliqin answered:

yea like the pokemon hero say.
Oh yeah, Can someone give me any game of VBA?
use the file attachment in your e-mail address.
send in my email:
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tyler1217 answered:

You can find fly near the cycling road.
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