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Best pokemon party 4 the elite 4?


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chrisj654321 answered:

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EpicExige answered:

Get a snorlax and teach it strength,body slam,surf,and hyper beam. it really helps with me.

Use your master ball to catch moltres if u went to the islands after u beat the 7th gym (its flame thrower is massive even on water types)

if u can get a mewtwo from another persons feaf green thats great and get the other two ledgendary birds 2

i suggest get a sandslash because its a fast groung pkmn and i guess thats it!
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EpicExige answered:

Sorry on sandslash i put groung its ground.
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Kesrei answered:

Mine is not the best but it really works for me, and I just need 4 Pokemon. If you're scared of losing still, train these Pokemon higher:

2nd Elite Four (after getting National Dex and completing Sevii Islands' quests)

Charizard (for Lorelei's Ice-type Pokemon like Piloswine & Jynx, Gary's Heracross)
Mewtwo (for Agatha, he can defeat all because nearly all are Poison types besides Misdreavus, who is a pure Ghost-type, and if you want, for Bruno's Fighting-types)
Zapdos (for zapping Charizard, Blastoise and pecking Venesaur, Lance's Gyrados, Lorelei's Water-type Pokemon)
Lapras (for Bruno's Steelix, Lance's dragons besides Kingdra)

For Kingdra I use Mewtwo's Psychic because Mewtwo generally has high Special Attack.

This combination is the most convenient for me, but definitely not the best if you want a perfect team.

I assume this is for the 2nd Elite Four since the first one isn't all that hard.
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Capodetutticapi answered:

You dont need anyone in particular just need leveled up pokemon with weakness type moves of the elite 4 pokemon
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nintendoVSsony answered:

I would pick.

Hoped this Helped

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ighx answered:

The best team I ever formed in LeafGreen:
Dragonite (Dratinis and Dragonairs found in Safari Zone area 1, 2, 3, fish with Super Rod) : Ice beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam
Charizard: Flamethrower, Fly, Fire Blast, Mega Kick (learned by one of the black belts standing outside Mt. Moon, east side)
Jolteon (obtained in Celadon City by going behind Pokemon Center and entering the secret door, then traveling to the roof. Located in a Poke Ball inside house) : Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Quick Attack
Nidoking (Use Moonstone on Nidorina [Male]) : Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Mega Punch (learned by one of the black belts standing outside Mt. Moon, east side), Body Slam
Scyther (Must have FireRed, purchase Scyther for approxamately 2,500 coins then trade over to LeafGreen) : Slash, False Swipe, Swords Dance, Double Team
Lapras (obtained by defeating Gary in Silph Co.) : Surf, Perish Song, Blizzard, Ice Beam

If you need any help, go to They have a complete guide on all the pokemon, their status, moves they learn, etc. Also keep in mind natures (found on the first information page when you view a summary.) On Serebii, go to Game Mechanics (on the left hand side), scroll down and select "Natures." Depending on the nature of a pokemon, it has a +10% status increase, and a -10% status increase (with the exception of a few natures, which don't affect their status. Also, no natures benifit the HP [Hit Points] status.)
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16leebr answered:

My Team was:
Veunsaur: Strength,Cut,Frenzy Plant,Sythneis
Zapdos: Shockwave,Drill Peck, Charge, Double edge
Articuno:Ice Beam,Blizzard,Water pulse,Mist
Pigeoto:Fly,Aerail Ace,Ummmm....Kinda Forgot.
Mewtwo: Physic,Recover,Swift, and forgot.
But i reccommend:
A Leaf or Eletric Type: (for pwning Lorelei and pwning Lance's Gyardos)
A Water or Fighting tpye:(to take care of Bruno's Rocks)
A flying type:(to take care of Bruno's Fighters)
A physic or Dark type: (pwning Agatha)
A Dragon type:(Using Lance's power against Lance)
And Snorlax or Fire type:(Fire for pwning Jynx or Gary's Eggscutor, Snorlax for high defense so you can Switch to Snorlax so everytime your other pokemon are damaged or fainted they can get heal)
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Deefrenzy41 answered:

Snorlax can destor y Bruno I've done use a Charizard and Zapdos for the Ice Person Flying will do good on Brunom then a Ghost type or a pokemon that knows Crunch For the last person Ice Pokemon Exept on Areodactyl and Gyrados use Electric on the Champion mach his weakness
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lol54321 answered:

My team(2nd battle):
Starmie- BoltBeam, Phychic, Surf
(Backup) i used onli Salamence
Hera- BB, EQ, Megahorn, Reveral
Salamence- BB, HP Flying, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide
Gengar- Tbolt, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Psychic
Snorlax- Return, Shadow Ball, EQ, BB
Venusaur- Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Synthesis, HP Dark

Starmie does super effective to everything in the E4 except Jynx, Kingdra, Misdeavus n Kazam, jus blast away
Jynx is neutral to Surf, Kingdra takes 60% from a Psychic, Misdreavus takes 80% n Kazam does NVE to u
anyway. Hera could use Magahorn if its faster (unfortunately it isnt), TTar doesnt haf the SA to kill Starmie even
with STABed Crunch
Hera is for anything tat kills starmie (muz be a heck of a beast to do tat)
Salamence i used for Charizard, dragon against dragon too bad Rock Slide OHKO'ed it
Gengar for Starmie replacement
Snorlax is a great tank but I used mine for a sweeper
Venusaur is my staller

I won the battle at lvl 75
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FaiD_Flowright answered:

My team was:
Zapdos-Light Screen,Thunder,Drill Peck,Fly
Articuno-Ice Beam,Sheer Cold,Fly,Water Pulse(Just in case.)
Charizard-Flamethrower,Dragon Claw,Earthquake,Blast Burn
Lapras-Surf,Ice Beam,Thunderbolt,Waterfall
Vaporeon-Surf, Hydro Pump, Bite,Dig(Just in case)
Mewtwo-Psychic,Shadow Ball,Strength(For filling the attack slots)Swift

Battle on-going: (Make the battle shift into shift mode.)
Lorelei-use Zapdos cause it will really cause Lorelei's pokemon hard pain. When she is about to use Piloswine,switch to Vaporeon and use surf. When she is about to use Jynx, switch to Charizard and use falmethrower (Or heatwave if you had already thought it to your Charizard.) After the battle, switch your first pokemon, Zapdos-Vaporeon. Enter to battle Bruno. Use Vaporeon to Onix. (If you're first to battle then Charizard if it was your second time or just use Charizard if it was your second time battling the elite four.) Use surf then when he is about to use hitmonlee, switch to Zapdos and use Drill Peck up to Machamp. Switch to Vaporeon again for the another Onix (If I'm right.) Use Surf again. After the battle, switch your first pokemon: Vaporeon-Mewtwo or just stay with Vaporeon and let it use bite to Agatha's pokemon. But I recomend you Mewtwo. Enter and battle Agatha. Use Shadow Ball until she uses Arbok. Switch to Charizard and use Earthquake. Switch to Mewtwo (Vaporeon) and defeat the next pokemon. Switch to Zapdos (or Articuno) and battle her Crobat. After the battle, switch first pokemon: Mewtwo (Vaporeon)-Zapdos And battle Lance. His first pokemon is Gyarados so use Thunder. (Or thunderbolt if you had thought your Zapdos that move.) Switch to Charizard and use Dragon Claw on Kingdra. Switch to Articuno and use Ice beam on Dratini. (Dragonite in second battle.) He'll use again Dratini and use Ice Beam. At Aerodactyl that is, at lvl 75-80, Articuno is still slow and it will be killed by Ancient Power. Switch to Zapdos and usde Thunder (Thunderbolt.) THen the last and final battle, Gary. Before you enter, heal first all of your pokemon and restore their PP and save the game. Then proceed. Gary's First pokemon is Heracross so use Drill peck. Second will be Blastoise. Use Thunder (Thunderbolt.) Next will be Alakazam. Switch to Mewtwo or Charizard. (I prefer Mewtwo.) Use Shadow Ball. Next will be Tyranitar. Switch to Vaporeon and use Surf. Be careful, Tyranitar had Sand Stream that will summon an endless sandstorm. Switch to Articuno for Egxecutor. (I can't remember the spelling. Sorry.) Use Ice beam or Sheer Cold. (But I prefer Ice Beam. Sheer cold has low accuracy.) Then his last pokemon, Arcanine. Well, you know what pokemon is to be used. But you must have all your pokemon at lvl 75+ to battle the elite four at the first time. ANd make them quik. Buy carbos or X Speed.
(I had finished this at lvl 80 and still battling them for the 192 times. My pokemon i my aprty are all lvl 100. (And is still lvling up some pokemon. I'm not boastfull or anything. I just want to inform you.) There you have it! Enjoy battling! XD
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dlosinger09 answered:

Elite Four | Round 1

Jynx (Psychic, Ice Beam/Blizzard) - takes care of Bruno and Agatha completely, takes care of Lance's dragons
Zapdos (Thunderbolt/Thunder, Fly/Drill Peck, Protect, Thunder Wave) - takes care of Lorelei's Water-types, Lance's Gyarados and Aerodactyl, and paralyze any that are too fast for another teammate
Flareon (Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack) - takes care of Lorelei's Jynx

Elite Four | Round 2

Jynx (Psychic, Ice Beam/Blizzard) - takes care of Bruno's Fighting-types and Agatha (minus Misdreavus), takes care of Lance's Dragonites
Zapdos (Thunderbolt/Thunder, Fly/Drill Peck, Protect, Thunder Wave) - takes care of Lorelei's Water-types, Lance's Gyarados and Aerodactyl, and paralyze any that are too fast for another teammate
Flareon (Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack) - takes care of Lorelei's Jynx and Agatha's Misdreavus

I didn't need Mewtwo for anything. Obviously your Starter should be in this equation. :)
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cublover14 answered:

I like my team
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gleed312 answered:

My own team:

Blastoise (Surf, Blizzard, Strength, Hydro Cannon)
Zapdos (Drill Peck, Thunder Wave [I gotta get Thunderbolt eventually], Flash, [One other move I can't remember])
Moltres (Flamethrower, Rock Smash, Endure, Wing Attack(I think))
Articuno (Ice Beam, Fly, Mind Reader, [Sadly, not Sheer Cold])
Mewtwo (Psychic, Swift, Body Slam, Recover)

I once had an Onix with Explosion in case things weren't going so well (I.E. my only other non-fainted Pokemon had like 36 HP), so BOOM. Didn't even use that Onix anyway. :P He was only level 40-something.

Message me if you think I should update my Pokemon's movesets.
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Kreases answered:

Blissly (evolved chansey)
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chrisj654321 answered:

This is my party it completely owns beat elite four first time all at lv 60
Charziard: Fire blast, Fly, Slash, Dragon Claw
Lapras: Surf, Ice beam, Physics, Rest
Victreebel: Sunny day, Solarbeam, Earthquake, toxic
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sandvillage23 answered:

my team was
the 3 legendary birds, Suicune, mewtwo, and charizard i got all these pokemon without trading once just keep that in mind
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