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Encounter rate for the legendary dogs?

What is the % encounter rate for the legendary dogs?

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DoublePie answered:

Unfortunately, the legendary dogs do not have a definite encounter rate.
The easiest thing to do is to put a pokemon at the head of your party with a level of 49 or lower, and spam repel.
Barring that, they seem to have an unusually high encounter rate for the route they're currently on.
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darklugia63 answered:

Maybe you shoul need a Max Repel and Sweet Scents Moves
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AlexanderBmora answered:

Its different every time and u can catch one of them by using Max repel or super repel and having a masterball and level 40 pokemon at first in ur party list and go to Vermilion city the right side of the Digglet cave
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16leebr answered:

I found my Entei on Route 1, and my Raikou in Firered Version near Fuschia city on the sea.
You randomlly enconter it, anywhere, anytime,in anyplace, of corse, after you beat the elite 4.
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16leebr answered:

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FaiD_Flowright answered:

Hmm.... Mine is suicune and I had found on that it's catch rate is 3. I'm not sure but the dogs' are hard to find.

(My Suicune is fiund by my friend.)

Hope this help! :)
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abacab123454 answered:

100% If your in the right area. and you can't walk or fly or surf to that area or it will just move, also don't look for it in your pokedex becuse for some reason it will move every time you look him up.
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abacab123454 answered:

100%, IF you are in the right area. But don't fly, surf, look in pokedex, enter a building, or go to a diffrent route.
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Prakzy answered:

Hey best way to catch the dogs is tht depending on ur starter after u beat the game go to where the s.s anne ship comes and go to the forest next to it right of the digglet cave and use ur master ball if u havent used on mewtwo use a timer ball on mewtwo best way
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GekkoDefender answered:

I usually do this for the Legendary Beast,
I'll put on Steps.
Step 1: Fly to Vermilion City.
Step 2: Check your PokeDex.
Now if The Legendary Beast is near the Grass area in Vermilion City then your in Luck, go to the area where the Beast is located and Check your pokedex if he is still there, He should be the first pokemon you see when you encounter a pokemon.
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PapaBear07 answered:
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