Question from Icefiremage

Asked: 5 years ago

Does Thief still steal a potential item if the pokemon faints (from thief)?

Well, i've always wanted to know, and because i'm currently trying to thief King's Rocks from slopokes in the berry forest... but they all OHKO, and no items, though i do know that it is a 5% chance... i just wanted to know if i was thoroughly wasting my time ^^'

Additional details - 5 years ago

Ditto even takes items o.o ... learn something new every time. I just meant that when i use thief (now with lvl 62 alakazam... dun ask why thief is on him) he OHKOs them and i was wondering if that stopped the chance of stealing the slopokes item. (Usually when i've stolen an item they had some health left... i've never stolen an item with a one hit KO)

Accepted Answer

From: RaikouTGC 5 years ago

Yes if you KO the Pokemon the Item will still be stolen, it occurs before the KO

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Well only if u have ditto using transform and copying it then it will have the item and 20% chance it comes out.

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/Oh ok

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