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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I make a fossil into a pokemon?

I have a Helix Fossil and I don't know where to go to make it into a pokemon.

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From: soulhacker_2009 5 years ago

You have to go to the Cinnabar Island pokemon Lab. There in the last room on the right talk to the scientist by the machine. he will take the fossil if u give it to him . Just exit the room and re enter it. Talk to him again and he will give u a pokemon.

The following pokemon can be resurrected from fossils

Helix fossil ----> Omanyte
Dome fossil ---> Kabuto

If u go to the pewter city meuseum from the behid using cut then u can obtain the old amber which can be resurrected to get an aerodactyl at the cinnabar island lab

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You take to an island in the bottem left corner w/ Moltres. Go in every building

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