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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Beat elite four but gary still champion? 9
I need Help A man Or Scientist Is in My Way IN the Entrance to the doted hole in the seevi island? 7
What is the Tanoby Key? 1
What's on outcast island? 1
Whats an easy way to catch Raikou? 6
Where do i find the ruins that the saphire gemstone is in on island six?? 1
Where do I go after defeating the elite four? 1
Beat elite four with over 60 and no national dex?! 2
Best pokemon party 4 the elite 4? 17
Capturing trio beasts? 1
Does this work? 5
House with boxes in doorway. How i get through? 1
How can i find islands 8 and 9? 2
How do I breed genderless pokemon? 2
How do I catch a charmander, quirtle and bulbasaur? 6
How do i catch Mewtwo? 1
How do I find mew two? 3
How do I get lorieli back again to beat the elite 4 for a third time? 6
How do I get Losttelle back to her dad? 2
How do i get the scientist to move away from the entrance to the dotted hole? 1
How do I get the the island after Bill leaves? 4
How do I get to the basement in the pokemon mansion? 2
How do I solve ("Dotted Hole")? 10
How do I solve (lost cave)? 1
How do I solve silph maze? 1
How do I solve the 'ALTERING CAVE' ? 9
How do I solve the 'patern bush' ? 1
How do I solve the puzzle on 7 island? 1
How do I unlock the gym at cinnabar island? 2
How do u get the guy standing in front of the cave in curulean to leave? 3
I want to move team rocket so i can get the rock in the cave? 2
If i have a bulbasaur and charmander can i get 2 of the dogs? 2
In-game tradable pokemon? 2
Is the pokemon frigo returns original? 7
locations of Suicune? 3
Lorelei has left the Elite4...where did she go..where can I find her? 2
What do I do at the Rocket Warehouse on 5 island? 1
What do the braille letters in Mt.Ember means? 1
What stats does tyrogue need to become hitmontop? 1
What's the meaning of the Braille in Dotted Hole? 1
Where do I obtain a Celebi in any of the Generation III games without hacking? 1
Where i can find the sapphire gemstone? 1
Where I can get the second password to enter rocket warehouse? 1
Where is Birth Island? 2
Where is the "Pattern Bush" I can't find it? 2
Where is the elevator I can use the lift key on located? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Do I need a game shark to get the Aurora Ticket? 5
Pro Action Replay codes for infinite move tutor use? 2
Where can I find (sapphire)? 2
Where can I find (thunderbolt)? 3
Where can I find exp.share? 4
Where can I find flash? 2
Where can I find King's rock? 2
Where can I find pokemon eggs? 3
Where can I find Salac berries and the EXP Share? 2
Where can I find Suicune? 3
Where can I find the gem on mt. ember? 1
Where can I find the Pokemon of the PokeDex? 1
Where can I find the rock smash? 2
Where can I find the Shell Bell? 3
Where can I find timer balls? 2
All codebreaker / gameshark, please? 5
Can a blissey use a lucky punch? 1
HM [surf]? 1
How do I find HM 08? 1
How do I find Raiku? 2
How do i get a (card key)? 1
How do i get the Mystery Gift Option? 2
How do I get the Rainbow Pass? 1
I can't get the Macho Brace, Leftovers or Soothebell? 3
I got a gameshark..... Now what? 1
I have this weird Raikou caatching Problem? 1
Is there a Vitamin Shop in this game? 1
Moonstones? 2
Nugget?Stardust?etc? 4
Pokemon flute? 1
Re-spawning berries in Berry Forest? 3
Thick Club? 1
What does the Up-Grade item do? 1
Where can I buy ethers? 3
Where can I find "light ball"? 1
Where can I find (Exp.Share)? 2
Where can I find (Ho-oh and Lugia)? 2
Where can I find (Mint Berrie)? 3
Where can i find a big mushroom or 2 tinymushrooms? 3
Where can I find a coin case? 7
Where can i find a legendary pokemon explain it to me? 3
Where can I find a light ball? 1
Where can I find all the HM's? 1
Where can I find any rare candys? 5
Where can I find celio's first gem? 1
Where can I find diffenent starter pokemon in the game? 1
Where can I find HM02? 1
Where can I find Strength TM/HM? 1
Where can I find Tea? 5
Where can I find the fishing rods? 2
Where can I find the item finder or exp share? 1
Where can I find the Master Ball? 1
Where can I find the move reminder? 3
Where can I find the move tudo? 4
Where can I find the sylph scope? 2
where can I find the v.s seeker? 4
Where can I find these items? 1
Where can i find waterfall? 1
Where can I get Deoxes? 1
Where can i get more masterballs? 3
Where can you find the lucky egg? 1
Where do i can acquire a bike without purchasing it? 2
Where exactly so you find a Metal Coat? 4
Where is the Amulet Coin? 1
Where would you use HM08? 4
Which badge do i need to use HM02 outside battle? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Nuzlocke challenge - rate my E4 rematch team? 0
Best team i/you can make out of these pokemon!!? 1
Can you rate this team? 4
First time player need help picking final pokemon? 1
How do i beat the elite four? 3
How to train really weak pokemon in pokemon leaf green? 1
Is my team good? 6
Is there some sort of reference concerning what each Pokemon's set of moves are and when they learn these moves? 3
Is this a good Pokemon line-up for the Elite Four? 7
Iv's and Ev's? 1
Please rate my pokemon party for the elite 4. Help????? 8
Rate my leaf green team? :3 1
Rate My Omanyte? 2
Rate my team please!? 2
Suggest me one more pokemon for my party? 3
Team rate please? 1
Training help for Elite4? 2
What is a good water type to train? 3
What is the best ground pokemon? 2
What is the best strategy for (catching this pokemon)? 8
What is the best strategy for a good hitmonchan moveset? 2
What level should my pokemon be to fight the elite 4? 26
What would be the best 6th pokemon for my party? 8
Wheres a good place to train? 7
Which is more important EVs or levels? 2
Who's better for a ground pokemon sandslash or rhydon? 2
!!!!Rate zapdos please!!!? 15
A good moveset for a Venusaur? 2
Best pokemon party and how to level them up? 10
Can someone help me complete this team? 2
Can someone rate my team? 2
Can someone rate this team? 2
Can u rate My Team? 3
Can Venasaur learn surf? 2
Can You Please Give Me Some help On My team?(E4 battle) 6
Can you please rate my pokemon? 6
Can you rate my team..? 3
Codes or phrases? 1
Does Thief still steal a potential item if the pokemon faints (from thief)? 3
Evolvution trading? 3
Getting heatwave? 1
Good team for the elite 4? 1
How come when Entei uses "Roar" on my Pokemon his location in his info is no longer listed? 18
How do i make my opponent choose bulbasaur when i choose charmander? 8
How do u get totidile, chickorita, and cyndaquil? 5
How?? 4
I need a good ground/rock pokemon ive narrowed it down to rhydon&onix but which one would be best in the end? 1
I'm looking for the best team? 3
More eevees (2) ? 6
My last team member? 1
Nidoqueen/Sandslash? Which is better? 1
Pikachu's cry? 1
Politoed? 1
Question about EV training help? 1
Rate my team? 1
Team Help? 1
What is a good party in leaf green when you pick charmander as your starter? 1
What is a good party? 2
What is better nidoqueen or nidoking? 9
What is the best Moves for Venusaur? 3
What is the best moveset for bellsprout, Weepinbell, or Victreebell? 2
What is the best strategy for catching pokemon in the safari? 3
What is the best strategy for catching suicune? 1
What is the best strategy for fighting? 2
What level should I evolve Nidorino and Nidorina? 1
What mission after be champion twice? 8
When can I start breeding pokemon? 2
Where do I get the best money before elite four? 1
Where is the best place to train after you have all 8 badges? 2
Wheres the best place to level up before you fight the elite 4? 1
Which pokemon can learn the most HMs? 1
Which Pokemon is better? 4
Why cant my ditto breed? 2
Why should i keep my pokemon from evolving? 5

Other Help Answers
Any Action Replay codes for learning any move? 2
Auorora ticket help? 1
Can eggs after your bad egg be bad eggs? 1
Can i get? 2
Can i start a new file with lets say larvitar? 3
Can Mean Look Work? 4
Can somebody rate my party? 10
Can someone help me pick a new team?...... 5
Can someone please help me with a Pokeproblem?!? 1
Can someone rate my team? ... 1
Can you play all by yourself in the Game Corner at Two Island? 3
Can't enter to my pokemon boxes. Help? 1
Cheat method...? 1
Deoxys code? 2
Do i have to have a national dex to find suicune? 2
Does anyone know of a Trainer ID Modifier code for this game? 1
Does leafgreen v1.1 hace a shiny code? 1
Gameshark codes? 1
How can i get a volt takle attack???? 2
How can I get ho---oh? 4
How do I catch the legendary birds? 2
How do I delete HM's from my pokemon? 2
How do I get pc back on? 2
How do i get unlimited master balls and rare candies? plz tell thankz 2
How do I reset the game? 1
How do I trade in fire red and leaf green? 1
How do i trade with myself? 2
How do i use the codes in the game? 1
How do you clone pokemon?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 2
How do you get to saffron city? 5
How do you unlock the the cinnabar island gym? 2
How muh would this game sell for with completed pokedex? 2
How to get professor elm on newburk city who will give me a starter ? 1
How to get the ship and person on three isle port which take me to johto region? 1
How to unlock elite four? 1
I have a different party based on recomendation and here are the moves. Can you rate? 3
I have a game with the eon ticket if i start over will i lose the data or will i be able to get it again? 2
I need my sixth Pokemon. Can someone help me? 3
In Fuchsia City, are the two couples needed to meet? 2
Is it possible to trade from a ROM to an actual cartridge? 4
Is there a daycare? 2
Is there anything left after beating the elite four? 3
Is there more then 7 islands? 1
Is this a good team ? 2
Is this a good team ? 1
Island 8 and 9...? 1
Johto Pokemon? 2
Name?? 3
Phrases? 3
Rate my nidoking please? 3
Rate my Pokemon Leaf Green Team? 2
Rate my team? 3
Sapphire .....? 3
Should i keep my Weepinbell in my team? 1
Starting Pokemon? 4
Trading pkmn in vba? 2
Trading w/ other regions? 2
Trading? 1
Trying to trade from here to the new pokemon platinum game DS? 5
What are the best items in Leaf Green? 4
What do I do after defeating alit 4??? 1
What do I do when I beat the elite 4 and complete the national dex? 1
What does the action replay do for this game? 3
What is a good move set for hitmonchan? 3
What is the "bad egg"? 5
What is the best place to EV train? 1
What is the CodeBreaker to catch a trainers pokemon? 1
What items are good for these pokemon to hold? 2
What pokemon should I add? 2
What Pokemon should I have in my team? 1
When does Manky evolve? 3
Where and how can you get mareep? 1
Where can I find Mew and Deoxys? 7
Where can I find the name rater? 4
Where can I get sludge bomb and kings rock? 2
Where do I find the pokemon Chansey? 1
Where do I get Fire Pokemon??? 4
Where do i go to get the earthbadge? 3
Where do you find a high level pokemon that has a move that can put them to sleep? 2
Where is a good place to train my lvl 37 Hitmonlee? 2
Where is Blain? 4
Where is icefall cave? 3
Where is lorilei in icefall cave and how do i get there? 1
Where is Pokemon Jump and Drodrio Berry Picking? 2
Where is sneasal? 4
Which Pokemon are LeafGreen exclusives? 1
Who should my last pokemon be? 13
Why don't my dratini learns dragon claw?? 1
(create your own question) Ineed help with the machine on oneisland? 3
(Is there another daycare?) 1
10 Very Important Questions!? 10
AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA can you get mew in leafgreen w/o hacking? 1
About breed? 2
Anything else? 4
Are the both versions ( fire red and leaf green ) same......??? 2
Best pokemon in this game besides legendary? 3
Can I catch most of 150 original pokemon in this game? 6
Can I get to other regons like the ones for emraled and gold and how can i do it? 1
Can Persian learn thief by itself or no? 1
Can you do? 3
Can you get an Eevee from bredding with a Flareon? 2
Can you trade leaf green with emerald? 4
Can you use thief on Clefairy and get a moon stone ? 1
Catching Articuno? 3
Conditions to find the Legendary Dogs? 2
Could some rate my team? 3
Daisy? 1
Did I get ripped off? 1
Do I have to find a ruby and sapphire to find Raikou? 2
Do shiny male pokemon breed shiny pokemon if the female is not shiny? 1
Do traded poke's gain more exp in the daycare than normal pokemon? 1
Do you REALLY have to trade all of the Pokemon over from other games to fill the Pokedex? 1
Does being on water or underwater heighten the attacks of your water attacks? 1
Does It mean anything? 1
Download game saves? 6
Eevee friendship??? 1
Getting a Totodile , Cyndiquil, or Chikorita in Leaf Green?HOW? 6
Growlithe? 1
Help with the National Dex? 1
Help!? 4
Hey did someone knows how do slowpoke evolves????!!!! 1
Hitmonlee or himonchan??? How do i get tyrogue??????/ 1
How can i do mew glicth? 1
How can I evolve these Pokemon? 1
How can i get gengar and mewtow? 1
How can my marill turn to a azurill???? 2
How do i battle blaine? 1
How do i catch zapdos? 3
How do I change Deoxys' forme? 1
How do i evolve my Porygon into Prygon 2? 2
How do i evolve onix? 4
How Do I get a Gardevoir with Magical Leaf? 1
How do I get Eevee to evolve into Espeon and Umbreon? 2
How do i get into the cerulean cave? 1
How do I make a fossil into a pokemon? 2
How do I make a walkthrough? I can't find anything where it says "Click here to make a walkthrough". 1
How do I migrate pokemon from leafgreen to firered? 2
How do u get Mewtwo? 3
How do you capture abra before it teleports? 11
How do you clone items? 4
How do you evolve a low leved magicarp? 3
How do you find an egg that will hatch into somthing? 8
How do you get alakazam from kadabra? 2
How do you get Celebi and Jirachi?! 1
How Do You Get Past The Boxes? 1
How do you leave islands 1,2 and 3? 1
how do you open the electric door in Vermilion City? 3
How do you trade between leafgreen/fire red and diamond/pearl? 2
How do you trade pokemon from fire red to leaf green? 2
How do you trade pokemon to a different region? 1
How is a level 21 haunter possible? 1
How to copy pokemon? 8
How to evovle? 1
How to get a bike? 1
How to get to islands 1, 2 etc.? 4
How to move team rocket at mt. ember? 3
How/when/where/what ledgend? 3
I got something important,please open this ?! 1
I have the bad egg in my game, how can i get rid of it without it causing problems? 2
I have the Bad Egg. What do I do? 4
I need a good ground/rock type pokemon i cant trade so ive narrowed it down to onix and rhydon but which one? 1
I want a good fire pokemon? 1
I want a good pokemon where? 3
I've beaten the Elite 4 but Prof. Oak never gave me my National Dex! How do I get it!?!?! 1
Im sry i keep asking but cn u rate my party? Different pokemon 2
Is it possible to get a shiney mew two legitimatly? 2
Is larvitar in pokemon leaf green? 1
Is my game a fake? 1
Is my team good for the Elite Four? 1
Is there a "Get All Key Items" code for AR on this game? 2
Is there a move relearner in this game? 1
Is there a pure Dark type that can be found in Kanto region? 1
Is togepi in the game? 2
Just wondering? 1
Legendary babies? 1
Mew?? 4
Misdrevous? 1
More eevees? 2
Movement Issues (Maybe?) 1
My chansey keeps starting to evolve then stops by itself. Why? 2
My Friend got a tradedble Mew, but HOW? 1
My friend told me how to catch MEW and CELIBI but I don't know if it's true. Can someone help? 5
My version of leaf green doesn't have LR help menu, and doesn't ask you about switching pokemon in trainer battles? 1
Naming pokemon? 1
Need help...Comment my PKMN..? 3
Odds of a shiny through eggs? 7
R thre any other wallpaprs 4 the pc? 3
Raikou finding? 10
Rate my leaf green team? 3
Rate my team for battling LT. Surge?? 2
Seafoam islands?? 1
Shiny gold trading? 3
Slobrow!?! 1
Some One Rate my Team? 2
There used to be a easy cheat to get a pokemon instently with a pokeball what is it? 2
TRainer tower? 1
Trying to evolve it would send the pokedex into another place and shatter the spacetime continum. What does this mean?? 1
What can Eevee evolve into? 6
What do the Unown tombs do? 1
What do we do after we beat the elite four? 3
What do you do when you get to cinnabar ialand? 1
What do you have to do after beating 6th gym leader? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2
What do you recommend are the best nature for charmander bulbasuar and squirtle? 2
What does ''Happiness'' mean? 3
What happens when you get all 28 Unowns? 2
What is 'Mystery Gift'? 1
What is an e-reader card? 1
What is the best nature for charmander, bulbasuar and squirtle? 1
What is the possibility to find shiny pokemon? 1
What is this "special achievement"? 4
What level does Pikachu learn "Volt Tackle"? 3
What lvl can i evolve nidorina and nidorino into nidoqueen and nidoking if possible without a moonstone? 1
What moves are super effective against dragonair and dragonite? 6
What should I do after completing the entire Pokedex? 1
When can I trade with Emerald? 3
When Does it evolve? 1
When does ninetails learn it's first fire move? 1
When does pupitar evolves to a tyranitar? 1
Where can I find an e-reader? 2
Where can I find Entei? 1
Where can i find growlithe? 1
Where can I find HM Flash and HM Fly? And what does Wild Pokemon Modifier Code mean? 4
Where can i find staryu? 9
Where can i find the 3 legendary birds? 1
Where can i find the helpfull berries? 1
Where can I find the movesets for all pokemon? 1
Where can I find the pokemon diglett? 3
Where can i find the pokemon larvitar? 1
Where Can I Find The Safari Zone Warden? 1
Where can i find this game? 3
Where can i find topegi? 2
Where can I train my level 24 Beedrill? 1
WHere do i find moltres? 1
Where do i find the pokemon ditto? 1
Where do u get electabuzz? 2
Where do you find Abra? 1
where do you find surf?PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
Where do you find the pokemon eevee besides in celedon? 1
Where do you find the pokemon eevee? 1
Where do you find the pokemon growlithe? 2
where do you get the HM flash? 4
Where do you go to get the pass to island 4,5,6? 2
Where I should raisemy pokemons to beat elite 4? 1
Where is a move tutor that teaches rollout? 1
Where is Jynx? 2
Where is rock smash? 1
Where is the location of Magmar? 1
Where is the move deleter? 1
Where is the power plant? 1
Where's entei? 2
Where's the Move Deleter?! 1
Which starter should i choose? 1
Why does a pink screen appear when I try to go upstairs in the SS Anne? 1
Why my ivysaur and my wartortle won't listen to me? 2
Why won't the guy outside the day care place give me my egg? 1
Why would the woman in two island wont teach me any power full moves? 3
Will legendary pokemons every respawn? 1
Will mewtwo from cerulean cave lay eggs with ditto on pokemon leafgreen? 4

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