"Pretty Good game"

Megaman and Lan return, another great adventure!

Gameplay 10/10: I defiantly think this game is VERY fun, and the game is awesome. I like the souls addition, because on mmbn3 you could only be normal or one type. Like the styles were pretty boring too... I also like that you can now be dark! The dark chips are a GREAT addition to it!

Storyline 6/10: I HATE the story… Save the world from an asteroid… COME ON CAPCOM! They could have atleast planned it like.. An asteroid is coming to earth! Lan stops it, what!? The WWW is behind this?! Take out Wily!

Graphics 10/10: I like the fact that the people are a lot smaller, WAY oversized on mmbn3. The battle sences are still the same... But then again on which megaman game are they different?

Sounds 10/10: Excellent sounds, what more to say?

Replay ability 9/10: Though I like this game, it can get annoying having to do the same things over again, i.e. water god, searchman... Though I do love fighting new navis then getting their chips...


Good points

- Souls
- Chip folders (keep making more!)
- VERY fun
- Play 3 times over
- Ability to turn dark
- Dark Chips

Bad Points

- Dull storyline

Overall I rate this game a 9/10. If you aren't sure about getting this because there are bouncing ratings from the reviews, then get megaman battle network 3 first, that way you can get used to it, then make up your mind... To me, THIS GAME IS A BUY-BUY SITUATION!

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 08/07/04

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