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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat ansem?

I have problem to defated ansem because ansem have verry strong power can you help me in reverse rebirth

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From: Kirbyfreak411 5 years ago

A few more tips for you:

Keep in mind that the deck you're set with vs. Ansem has some 0 cards conveniently placed at the end of the deck (so you can just "back up" past the Reload counter to easily get to them). I'd suggest breaking Ansem's sleights rather than trying to break every one of his moves.

Once you have Dark Mode:

A trick some people don't know about is that you can double jump in Dark Mode (just try jumping again in mid-air) which puts you automatically BEHIND an enemy and if you attack then (while still air-borne), you'll do dropping slash; very effective for getting around Ansem's defenses.
I'd also advise just straight attacks on Ansem, don't bother with Sleights or he'll just break 'em.

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Just try to find a card that is higher than the one he puts up.When he uses a sleight use a zero card if you can.One more piece of advice...GET TO DARK MODE ASAP!!!! That should help you lay the smack down on him friend...give him a smack for us OK friend!!!! : D

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to beat Xehanorts heartless (ansem) you must us dark mode as soon as you can use riku's superior speed to run like a madman or you will take A LOT of dammage if that dosnt work you should level up

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Use dark form to use dark aura

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