Jiminy Cricket's Journal FAQ by chibi super shadow

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  KINGDOM HEARTS: CHAIN OF MEMORIES  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

         .  .MZ$$$$$$$$$$$ZD....I.......   .   . ...
         . ,8$$Z$$$$$$8DODNDM.MZ$7+.....      =MMN~ ..
      .....M$$$$$$$$8$$$$$$ZZOON7DD.....   . O, . .M. ..
      ....7Z$$$$$$$N$$$$$ZDO,~:=~:.$......... M$ ...N~.
      ....M$$$$$$$D$$$$Z$:~:~~=~,:OM,MDN..... ..+$   .=8D7: ...
      ....M$$$$$$$Z$$$$M,+O..Z:~:=::8::=.DN .  .M..   .    .~MO,
       ...8$$$$$$Z$$$ZD:~N....8~::~:~I=I77Z. .. NZ=. D?IZ . .. M
      ....,N$$$Z$Z$$$$N:~~7MM7,,~~:~I+:N:=N...~MM87  ,. ...  =O$M.
      . ...:DOZ$Z$Z$$$M:~:~IMD::~$~~:~:N:?M 8OO8O8MI.  .  . ,$:.7$
      .... ,...,$DDZ$$N=~:~+~~~~=:~~::~8~$NNOOOOO8M=M+ .  .   ,~.M
      ............,D$$$M~::~~:ZO::~:::M~?MMDOOOO8 . . . . . M8~M,.
                . ..87ZO8M.D::+:~?MMZN++N~++DM$..            . . .
                .  ..=MNMM...O+:::=+O7MD?+++O....             .
              .....  ..=MO8O88O8OONOOOMNDZ7O7+.
            ..     ..M8OOOZ8O8NDMOO8O88$778ZZ..
            .. .. :MO8ZOO8M? . ~MOO8ZN7$$NI8M..
            .. ...I.:DDON. . =MZZOO8N7$$Z77M...
           .. .N..NO$:..$M8OOOODMD$7$ZN8ODO....
         . ?=I.$?: .M.MOODMN8$$$$$Z$$$$OM,.....
         :$,  ,7  ..=OONM$$$$Z$$$D$$$ZM,.......
         Z    ..    .MDN$$D$Z$$$$OZD........ ..
         I7?.7... ...=D$$$$$$$$$$=........... .
         ,  MO$I:.DNZ$D7Z......~MO++.N.MMOZ$$$$$~
          .MZ$$Z$MI7$$78$8:......:D+.N =M$$$$$$8.
      .  +OZZ$Z$$8,O$7$7$$D........$7...MZZZ$$$M.
        .8ZZ$ZOO$=.88$$7$O7O....... O  .D$$ZZM . .
       . M$$Z$$ZO :..N$Z$7D$.....   .M .D$Z8M .7 .
       .. NO$$$Z8. ..Z.88$ZI.....    .M8$$M=..$$.
         .. +MMNMMNM7.....=7Z,...   ..     . .  .
         . . .  , .........$M....    ... .  .    .


DISCLAIMER: This FAQ has been copyrighted 2004 to chibi super shadow.
I request and advise that you do not reproduce, or alter this FAQ in
any shape, way, or form.  Feel free to use this FAQ for your personal
self, but please do not distribute this FAQ in any way with the event
of making profit in mind, so keep it privately.  If you wish to place
this FAQ on a webpage, please be sure to email me at
mr_guy_123@hotmail.com, and request my permission.  I am more than
willing to offer anyone permission who requests usage of this FAQ on
their webpage, however I must be asked beforehand.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  Table of Contents  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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I. Introduction

II. The Journal

III. Story Journals

i.	      Sora's Tale I
ii.	      Sora's Tale II
iii.	      Sora's Tale III
iv.	      Sora's Tale IV
v.	      Traverse Town
vi.	      Wonderland
vii.	      Olympic Coliseum
viii.	      Agrabah
ix.	      Halloween Town
x.	      Monstro
xi.	      Atlantica
xii.	      Never Land
xiii.	      Hollow Bastion
xiv.          100 Acre Wood
xv.	      Twilight Town
xvi.	      Destiny Islands
xvii.	      Castle Oblivion

IV. Card Index Journals

1.	Attack Cards

i.	      Kingdom Key
ii.	      Three Wishes
iii.	      Crabclaw
iv.	      Pumpkinhead
v.	      Fairy Harp
vi.	      Wishing Star
vii.	      Spellbinder
viii.	      Metal Chocobo
ix.	      Olympia
x.	      Lionheart
xi.	      Lady Luck
xii.	      Devine Rose
xiii.	      Oathkeeper
xiv.	      Oblivion
xv.	      Diamond Dust
xvi.	      One-Winged Angel
xvii.	      Ultima Weapon

2.	Magic Cards

i.	      Fire
ii.	      Blizzard
iii.	      Thunder
iv.	      Cure
v.	      Gravity
vi.	      Stop
vii.	      Aero
viii.	      Simba
ix.	      Dumbo
x.	      Bambi
xi.	      Mushu
xii.	      Genie
xiii.	      Tinker Bell
xiv.	      Cloud

3.	Item Cards

i.	      Potion
ii.	      Hi-Potion
iii.          Mega-Potion
iv.	      Ether
v.	      Mega-Ether
vi.	      Elixir
vii.	      Megalixir

4.	Friend Cards

i.	      Donald Duck
ii.	      Goofy
iii.	      Aladdin
iv.	      Jack
v.	      Areil
vi.	      Peter Pan
vii.	      The Beast

5.	Enemy Cards

i.	      Shadow
ii.	      Soldier
iii.	      Large Body
iv.	      Red Nocturne
v.	      Blue Rhapsody
vi.	      Yellow Opera
vii.	      Green Requiem
viii.	      Powerwild
ix.	      Bouncywild
x.	      Air Soldier
xi.	      Bandit
xii.	      Fat Bandit
xiii.	      Barrel Spider
xiv.	      Search Ghost
xv.	      Sea Neon
xvi.	      Screwdriver
xvii.	      Aquatank
xviii.        Wight Knight
xix.	      Gargoyle
xx.	      Pirate
xxi.	      Air pirate
xxii.         Darkball
xxiii.	      Defender
xxiv.	      Wyvern
xxv.	      Wizard
xxvi.	      Neoshadow
xxvii.        White Mushroom
xxviii.       Black Fungus
xxix.	      Creeper Plant
xxx.	      Tornado Step
xxxi.	      Crescendo
xxxii.        Guard Armor
xxxiii.       Parasite Cage
xxxiv.        Trickmaster
xxxv.	      Darkside
xxxvi.        Card Soldier
xxxvii.       Hades
xxxviii.      Jafar
xxxix.        Oogie Boogie
xl.	      Ursula
xli.	      Hook
xlii.	      Dragon Maleficent
xliii.        Riku
xliv.	      Axel
xlv.	      Larxene
xlvi.	      Vexen
xlvii.        Malruxia
xlviii.       Lexaeus
xlix.	      Ansem

6.	Map Cards

i.	      Tranquil Darkness
ii.	      Teeming Darkness
iii.	      Feeble Darkness
iv.	      Almighty Darkness
v.	      Sleeping Darkness
vi.	      Looming Darkness
vii.	      Premium Room
viii.	      White Room
ix.	      Black Room
x.	      Martial Waking
xi.	      Sorcerous Waking
xii.	      Alchemic Waking
xiii.	      Meeting Ground
xiv.	      Stagnant Space
xv.	      Strong Initiative
xvi.	      Lasting Daze
xvii.	      Calm Bounty
xviii.	      Guarded Trove
xix.	      False Bounty
xx.	      Moment's Reprieve
xxi.	      Mingling Worlds
xxii.	      Moogle Room
xxiii.        Key of Beginnings
xxiv.	      Key of Guidance
xxv.	      Key to Truth
xxvi.	      Key to Rewards

7.	Premium Cards

i.	      About Premium Cards

V. Character Journals

1.	Characters I

i.	      Sora
ii.	      Donald Duck
iii.	      Goofy
iv.	      Jiminy Cricket
v.	      Riku
vi.	      Kairi
vii.	      Simba
viii.	      Dumbo
ix.	      Bambi
x.	      Mushu
xi.	      The Moogles
xii.	      Leon
xiii.	      Yuffie
xiv.	      Aerith
xv.	      Cid
xvi.	      Cloud
xvii.	      Tidus
xviii.	      Wakka
xix.	      Selphie
xx.	      Namine
xxi.	      Riku Replica
xxii.	      Axel
xxiii.        Larxene
xxiv.	      Vexen
xxv.	      Malruxia

2.	Characters II

i.	      Alice
ii.	      The Queen of Hearts
iii.	      The White Rabbit
iv.	      Card of Hearts
v.	      Card of Spades
vi.	      The Cheshire Cat
vii.	      Hercules
viii.	      Philoctetes
ix.	      Hades
x.	      Aladdin
xi.	      Genie
xii.	      Jasmine
xiii.	      Iago
xiv.	      Jafar
xv.	      Jafar (Genie)
xvi.	      Jack
xvii.	      Sally
xviii.        Dr. Finkelstein
xix.	      Oogie Boogie
xx.	      Pinocchio
xxi.	      Geppetto
xxii.	      Ariel
xxiii.        Sebastian
xxiv.	      Flounder
xxv.	      Ursula
xxvi.	      Peter Pan
xxvii.        Tinker Bell
xxviii.       Wendy
xxix.	      Hook
xxx.	      The Beast
xxxi.	      Belle
xxxii.        Maleficent
xxxiii.       Dragon Maleficent
xxxiv.        Winnie the Pooh
xxxv.	      Piglet
xxxvi.        Owl
xxxvii.       Roo
xxxviii.      Eeyore
xxxix.        Tigger
xl.	      Rabbit

3.	The Heartless

i.	      Shadow
ii.	      Soldier
iii.	      Large Body
iv.	      Red Nocturne
v.	      Blue Rhapsody
vi.	      Yellow Opera
vii.	      Green Requiem
viii.	      Powerwild
ix.	      Bouncywild
x.	      Air Soldier
xi.	      Bandit
xii.	      Fat Bandit
xiii.	      Barrel Spider
xiv.	      Search Ghost
xv.	      Sea Neon
xvi.	      Screwdriver
xvii.	      Aquatank
xviii.        Wight Knight
xix.	      Gargoyle
xx.	      Pirate
xxi.	      Air pirate
xxii.         Darkball
xxiii.	      Defender
xxiv.	      Wyvern
xxv.	      Wizard
xxvi.	      Neoshadow
xxvii.        White Mushroom
xxviii.       Black Fungus
xxix.	      Creeper Plant
xxx.	      Tornado Step
xxxi.	      Crescendo
xxxii.        Guard Armor
xxxiii.       Parasite Cage
xxxiv.        Trickmaster
xxxv.	      Darkside

VI. Credits and Closing

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  I. Introduction  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first FAQ!  Long have I waited
for a chance to truly explain a game in great detail at the courtesy
and plight of other gamers such as myself, but have - due to my extreme
laziness - never actually got around to making one.  Until now, that
is! ;)

Many gamers seem to forget what exactly happens during a game, and
often, those that have not played the game may wonder what exactly
occurs story-wise.  This FAQ has been based around Jiminy Cricket's
journal, which covers in great detail every miniscule and major aspect
of the game.  I hope that anyone who wishes to learn of this game and
go over Jiminy's journal will find this FAQ useful, for in essence this
FAQ is a compilation of multiple FAQs, such as a story, card, and
character FAQ.  Note that I will be glad to hear any feedback, whether
positive or negative, so feel free to email me at

Alas, without further ado, here is my very first FAQ; Jiminy Cricket's 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  II. The Journal  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The journal, as stated in my introduction, extensively covers each
portion of the game in great detail.  It revises everything that
appears or occurs throughout game; from the characters, to the cards,
to the enemies.  As you progress through the game, you will note that
more and more is recorded in the journal.  In order for you to fully
complete your journal, then, you must beat the entire game.  Many of
you probably remember Jiminy's journal in the first Kingdom Hearts and
may have found it useful if biographies, information, or references
were in regards to the game.  The same premise revolves around his
journal this time around, as many may use it as a reference to find
exactly the information they need.  The journal proves useful in any
scenario, just as it had in the very first game for the Playstation 2.
Considering Jiminy's journal is so large, as - literally - the whole
story of the game is written inside of it, it has been split up into
multiple sections.  It begins with telling the game's story, moving on
to the card index, and finally ending with a summary of the characters.  
Each of these topics have subtopics, and by the end of the journal all
shall be covered.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  III. Story Journals  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

These are the journals recorded due to the progression of the story.
If you do not want the story spoiled for you, I suggest reading no 

The stories are separated by levels - or floors, in this case - with
some back-story to top everything off.  Here are the story journal
entries, in the order they appear in the journal:

i. Sora's Story I
Our friends may be here...

It was that thought that led us to Castle Oblivion, where cards rule
over all.

A mysterious man gave Sora a card, and using it took us to Traverse
Town - of all places!  It turned out the town was just a figment of our
own remembrances, the first world of many that lie in Sora's heart.

And so our journey through these worlds begins.

ii. Sora's Tale II
It seems we're slowly losing our memories of what happened before the
castle.  And all my notes about the last journey have vanished!

But in exchange, Sora is remembering other things he must have
forgotten until now - like a girl he knew when he was little.

While fighting Larxene, Sora finally remembered the girl's name...


iii. Sora's Tale III
Sora pressed on in his search for Namine, and can you believe it?  He
found Riku, his best friend whom we thought was lost.

Sora was so happy, but Riku attacked him just like that, saying "I'll
protect Namine!"

What could he mean?  Will something happens if Sora finds Namine?

Sora is chasing after Riku...and the answers.

iv. Sora's Tale IV
So Sora's memories of Namine were false...

Malruxia wanted Sora's heart and the strength within, so he used Namine
to create fake memories and place them in Sora's heart.  Larxene is
gone, so we're going to the top floor to finish Malruxia.  We want
our memories back.

And Sora - he wants to keep the promise he remembers.  Namin, may not
be his friend, but in his heart, protecting her is the only choice.

v. Traverse Town
The card the hooded man gave us took us to Traverse Town, where we were
reunited with Leon, Yuffie, and our other friends.

Leon acted like he'd forgotten Sora, but for whatever reason still knew
his name.  I guess his memory got mixed up somehow.

Aerith sensed that the town and everyone there was a product of Sora's
memories.  It may sound crazy, but I think she was right.

vi. Wonderland
When we chased after the White Rabbit, we stumbled upon a trial in
progress.  The Queen of Hearts accused Alice of stealing her memory and
sentenced her to death!

Angered by the shoddy trial, Sora freed Alice and hunted down the real
culprit.  But even after we bested the Trickmaster, the Queen refused
to believe that Alice was innocent.

Fortunately, Alice's quick thinking pacified the Queen and no one had
to lose their head.

vii. Olympus Coliseum
Sora wanted to take on Hercules, so we all decided to compete in the
Hades, frantic to dispose of Hercules, hired Cloud to take him out.
Cloud cooperated, think he would get his lost memories back.
But not even Cloud could best Hercules.  Hades stepped in to finish the
job, but we put his plans on ice.

viii. Agrabah
Aladdin brought the magic lamp back from the Cave of Wonders, hoping
for a chance to meet Jasmine, Princess of Agrabah.
Inside the lamp was Genie, who would grant three wishes to the lamp's
Aladdin hoped to become a prince so he could see Jasmine whenever he
wanted.  But he used two wishes battling the Heartless, and then Jafar
stole the lamp.
Jafar turned into a genie, but we defeated him and Aladdin got the lamp
back.  Instead of becoming a prince, Aladdin used his last wish to set
Genie free, and decided he wanted Jasmine to know him as he really is.

ix. Halloween Town
Dr. Finkelstein invented a potion that restores true memories, but it
drew the Heartless to Halloween Town.
Intrigued, Sora went with Jack to look for Sally, who had nabbed the
potion because she was scared of what it could do.
Oogie Boogie swiped the potion and downed it in a single gulp.  But 
memories drove him mad with fear.
What if true memories do that to everyone's heart?  Scary.

x. Monstro
Geppetto went out looking for Pinocchio and was swallowed up by the
whale Monstro.  But finding Pinocchio inside filled him with joy.
But Pinocchio felt bad about running away from home and putting his
father in danger, so he set off to find a way out of Monstro.
After a run-in with a big Heartless, Pinocchio had a great idea: Why
not make a commotion and get Monstro to spit us out?
With our help, the plan worked, and Pinocchio and Geppetto escaped

xi. Atlantica
Ariel, Princess of Atlantica, was worried about her little friend
Flounder, who was nowhere to be found.

The sea witch Ursula told Ariel Flounder was trapped in the outside
world, and King Triton's trident was the only way to save him.
Ariel was so worried, she stole the trident for Ursula, but it was all
a trick -- Ursula had Flounder all along.
With the trident's power Ursula became a giant, but we stopped her and
Ariel resolved to apologize to her father, the king.

xii. Never Land
Peter Pan stowed away on Captain Hook's ship to save the kidnapped
But no sooner had she been saved that Wendy to Peter she wanted to go
home to London.
Would Wendy grow up and forget about him and Never Land?  Peter didn't
like that one bit, and left in a huff.
Meanwhile we were just trying to get off the ship.  Hook caught us on
the deck, but Peter came back and bailed us out.
In the end, Peter and Wendy said their farewells, but promised to meet
again one day.

xiii. Hallow Bastion
The Beast came to rescue Belle from Maleficent's clutches, but to his
dismay, Belle acted coldly and would not go with him.
We felt bad for him, so we went to see Belle.  It turned out she was
only pretending to be cruel, to keep her heart and the love within safe
from Maleficent.
But faced with a choice, Belle couldn't hide how she felt for the
Beast, and Maleficent stole her heart.
Together with the Beast, we took care of Maleficent and restored
Belle's heart.

xiv. 100 Acre Wood
Pooh seemed to have lost his friends, so Sora stopped to help him look.
Maybe Sora saw something of himself in Pooh, since he's looking for his
friends too.

xv. Twilight Town
The card Vexen gave us led to a town none of us remembered.
But Sora held fast to his promise to Namine, and we pressed on.
Speaking of which, Vexen seemed ready to say something about that, but
Axel showed up, and... Well, we won't be seeing Vexen again.

xvi. Destiny Islands
The last card led us to the place where Sora grew up.
Sora wandered the islet that was once his playground, wading through
his memories to find the girl he cared for.

But when he found Namine, she told him the bitter truth - nothing he
remembered of her ever happened.

xvii. Castle Oblivion
Well, we've made it to the top, and many of our memories are gone.
Sora can't even recall the name of the person he cares for most.
But we've made a promise.  No distance can separate us, and we'll be
friends even if we can't remember it to be so.
Axel is out of the way.  We just have to stop Marluxia.  He ordered
Namine to wipe Sora's memory, but it doesn't matter.
Sora knows that promises don't fade as easily as memories.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  IV. Card Index Journals  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

The card index journals are the basic collection of all of the cards
obtainable in the game, ranging from attack cards to map cards.  These
sections of Jiminy's journal provide a simple explanation of each card,
including what the purpose of each card is.  The card index journals,
seeing as there so many cards in the game, have been split up into even
main categories; attack, magic, item, friend, enemy, map, and premium

1. Attack Cards

Attack cards will be recorded in your journal as soon as you obtain
them.  Meaning, if you find the Three Wishes attack card on the field
or through a Moogle Shop, Jiminy will enter its data in his journal.
This data can prove to be extremely beneficial, because along with
giving a description of the attack card, Jiminy also gives the player
the statistics of the weapon.  Choose your cards wisely throughout the
game, and you will destroy all obstacles.  The attack cards that you
can obtain in the game are as follows:

i. Kingdom Key
Strike: D+
Thrust: D+
Combo Finish: D+
Swing Speed: B
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: *

The default weapon.  Not very powerful, but reliable and easy to

ii. Three Wishes
Strike: C+
Thrust: D+
Combo Finish: B
Swing Speed: A
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: A

Obtained in Agrabah.  Fairly strong with a fast swing.

iii. Crabclaw
Strike: C
Thrust: C
Combo Finish: B+
Swing Speed: B+
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: *
Required CP: B

Obtained in Atlantica.  Easy to handle with an impressive recovery 
timeafter card breaks.

iv. Pumpkinhead
Strike: C+
Thrust: C+
Combo Finish: D+
Swing Speed: B
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: A
Required CP: A

Obtained in Halloweed Town.  Easy to handle with a fast recovery after
a card break.

v. Fairy Harp
Strike: C+
Thrust: C+
Combo Finish: C
Swing Speed: *
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: B

Obtained in Never Land.  Easy to handle with a formidable swing speed.

vi. Wishing Star
Strike: C
Thrust: C
Combo Finish: D+
Swing Speed: A
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: A
Required CP: A

Obtained in Monstro.  Not very powerful, but very easy to handle.

vii. Spellbinder
Strike: D+
Thrust: A
Combo Finish: D+
Swing Speed: C
Element: Lighting
Break Recovery: A
Required CP: B

A special attack card with lightning-based attacks.

vii. Metal Chocobo
Strike: C+
Thrust: C+
Combo Finish: B+
Swing Speed: C
Element: Neutral
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: B

A special attack card that can break through physical defenses.  A bit
difficult to handle.

ix. Olympia
Strike: C+
Thrust: D+
Combo Finish: B
Swing Speed: C
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: A
Required CP: A

Obtained in Olympus Coliseum.  Powerful with a quick recovery after
card breaks.

x. Lionheart
Strike: B
Thrust: B
Combo Finish: B
Swing Speed: D
Element: Fire
Break Recovery: A
Required CP: B

A special card with fire-based attacks.

xi. Lady Luck
Strike: C+
Thrust: C+
Combo Finish: DSwing Speed: A
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: A

Obtained in Wonderland.  A balanced weapon that is easy to handle.

xii. Devine Rose
Strike: A
Thrust: D+
Combo Finish: C
Swing Speed: A
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: C
Required CP: B

Obtained in Hollow Bastion.  Features a powerful strike and a fast

xiii. Oathkeeper
Strike: B
Thrust: *
Combo Finish: B+
Swing Speed: B
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: C

A well-balanced weapon with a very powerful thrust.

xiv. Oblivion
Strike: A
Thrust: A
Combo Finish: D
Swing Speed: CElement: Neutral
Break Recovery: A
Required CP: C

A special attack card that can break through physical defenses.  First-
class strength.

xv. Diamond Dust
Strike: B+Thrust: B+
Combo Finish: B
Swing Speed: *
Element: Ice
Break Recovery: *
Required CP: C

A special attack card with ice-based attacks.  Powerful and the
easiest to handle.

xvi. One-Winged Angel
Strike: C
Thrust: C
Combo Finish: *
Swing Speed: A
Element: Fire
Break Recovery: C
Required CP: C

A special attack card with fire-based attacks.  Exceptional combo

xvii. Ultima Weapon
Strike: *
Thrust: *
Combo Finish: A
Swing Speed: B
Element: Physical
Break Recovery: B
Required CP: D

The strongest attack card to be found.

2. Magic Cards

The next section in the card index portion of the journal are the magic
cards.  Magic cards can play a huge role in battles, so it would be
extremely wise to equip some of the more powerful ones when facing
against the more difficult opponents.  Magic cards such as Thunder
cards, later forming Thundagas will help you greatly in battles against
bosses, and summons have the potential to obliterate any foe on the

Jiminy records the magic cards in his journal as you obtain them, just
as he did with the attack cards.  He - like the attack cards - gives a
description on what exactly each one does, which may help if you are
unsure of their purposes.  The magic cards you can obtain in the game
are as follows:

i. Fire
Magic that deals fire damage.  Stock 2 cards for Fira and 3 cards for

ii. Blizzard
Magic that deals ice damage.  Stock 2 cards for Blizzara and 3 cards
for Blizzaga.

iii. Thunder
Magic that deals lightning damage.  Stock 2 cards for Thundara and 3
cards for Thundaga.

iv. Cure
Magic that restores HP.  Stock 2 cards for Cura and 3 cards for Curaga.

v. Gravity
Magic that deals damage relative to the opponent's remaining HP.  Stock
2 cards for Gravira and 3 cards for Graviga.

vi. Stop
Magic that halts enemy movement for a set period of time.  Stop 2 cards
for Stopra and 3 cards for Stopga.

vii. Aero
Magic that blows away nearby enemies and inflicts damage.  Stock 2
cards for Aerora and 3 cards for Aeroga.

viii. Simba
Simba lets out a mighty roar that deals damage to enemies in front of
him.  Stock more than one and his roar will also stun enemies.

ix. Dumbo 
Dumbo douses enemies with water over a set time period, dealing ice
damage.  Stock more than one to prolong the attack.

x. Bambi
Bambi bounds around and drops recovery items.  Stock more than one to
boost the effect.

xi. Mushu
Mushu breathes fire at the enemy, dealing fire damage.  Stock more than
one to prolong the attack.

xii. Genie
Genie casts Thundara, Gravira, or Stopra.  Stock more than one and
Genie will cast multiple spells.

xiii. Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell restores HP over a set period of time.  Stock more than one
to boost the effect.

xiv. Cloud
Cloud unleashes two successive sword attacks.  Stock 3 cards to use

3. Item Cards

Item cards are quite possibly some of the best cards in the game.  They
can be used to withdraw both attack and magic cards instantly depending
on which item card you use.  The lesser item cards are slightly
overshadowed by those in the top-most tier, but considering the lesser
ones are obtained at the start of the game, everything balances out
overall.  Use and abuse these cards to your advantage, especially if
you are having difficulty while playing the game.

Jiminy Cricket records these cards as you obtain them, just as he did
with the previous two sets.  For each item card, Jiminy explains what
each card is capable of, and if any restrictions are placed on the
card.  If no restrictions are placed on the card, then Jiminy will also
take note of any extra beneficiaries the card may possess.  The item
cards which you can obtain in the game are as follows:

i. Potion
Quickly reloads attack cards with no charge time required.  It does 
not work on cards that cannot be reloaded.

ii. Hi-Potion
Quickly reloads attack cards with no charge time required.  Even
normally unreloadable cards are restored.

iii. Mega-Potion
Quickly reloads attack cards with no charge time and resets the reload
counter.  Even normally unreloadable cards are restored.

iv. Ether
Quickly reloads magic cards with no charge time required.  It does not
work on cards that cannot be reloaded.

v. Mega-Ether
Quickly reloads magic cards with no charge time and resets the counter.  
Even normally unreloadable cards are restored.

vi. Elixir
Quickly reloads attack cards and magic cards, including normally
unreloadable cards.

vii. Megalixir
Quickly reloads attack cards and magic cards, including normally
unreloadable cards.  The reload counter is also set.

4. Friend Cards

These cards can be used in some battles and provide great results,
however I suggest not to make these your cards of choice.  The process
of using these cards is simple - during a battle, these cards 
will appear on the screen.  You simply have to pick them up, and use 
them.  The only problem is, they are generally weak until you learn to 
stock your cards to the best of your ability.

Friend cards only appear in the specific locations of the actual
character.  As Donald Duck and Goofy travel with you, you will be able
to find and utilize their cards in nearly every battle.  However,
friend cards such as Aladdin and the Beast are restricted to the areas
of Agrabah and Hollow Bastion respectively.  This case applies to
everyone save Donald and Goofy.

Jiminy records friend cards as soon as you meet your friend in his/her
specific area, whether it be Tinker Bell or Jack.  In his journal,
Jiminy tells of what the friend does when summoned on the battlefield
by his/her friend card, as well as what will occur if that card is
stocked.  The friend cards you can utilize in the game are as follows:

i. Donald Duck
Donald randomly casts Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Cure.  Stock more
than one to power up Donald's magic.

ii. Goofy
Goofy swings his shield at the enemy.  Stock more than one to power up
Goofy's attack.

iii. Aladdin
Aladdin swings his sword at the enemy repeatedly.  Stock more than one
to power up Aladdin's attack.

iv. Jack
Jack casts Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Gravity.  Stock more than one to
power up Jack's magic.

v. Ariel
Ariel whirls across the field, striking many enemies.  Stock more than
one to power up Ariel's attack.

vi. Peter Pan
Peter Pan attacks with his dagger.  Stock more than one to power up
Peter's attack.

vii. The Beast
The Beast mows down anyone in Sora's path.  Stock more than one to
power up the Beast's attack.

5. Enemy Cards

Enemy cards could be thought of passive cards that you must enable
during a battle.  These cards will assist Sora in a number of ways, for
each enemy card possesses a different effect, usually in the gamer's
best interest.  Enemy cards, however, are extremely rare, as you obtain
these cards after battles, rather than on the field or through Moogle
Shops.  This means that these cards must drop - in order for you to
pick and add to your deck - after you defeat all enemies in a certain
battle.  When the battle is over, an enemy card will drop instead of a
map cards.

Jiminy Cricket goes through each enemy card that you pick up throughout
the game.  Along with giving a description to what the enemy cards 
actually do, Jiminy includes the name of the enemy's attack, the
weaknesses and strengths of the card, along with the card's duration,
if any was programmed.  The enemy cards you can obtain in the game are
as follows (Note: The enemy's attack name is in brackets beside the
enemy's name):

i. Shadow (Incrementor)
Increase the value of all cards by 1.

Duration: 2 reloads.

ii. Soldier (Combo Plus)
Add an extra hit to normal combos.

Duration: 3 reloads.

iii. Large Body (Guard)
Deflect frontal physical attacks and completely nullify damage.

Duration: 1 reload.

iv. Red Nocturne (Fire Boost)
Increase the strength of Fire abilities.

Duration: 1 reload.

v. Blue Rhapsody (Blizzard Boost)
Increase the strength of Blizzard abilities.

Duration: 1 reload.

vi. Yellow Opera (Thunder Boost)
Increase the strength of Thunder abilities.

Duration: 1 reload.

vii. Green Requiem (Cure Boost)
Increase the potency of Cure abilities.

Duration: 1 reload.

viii. Powerwild (Retrograde)
Reverse the values of all cards.  1 becomes 9, 2 becomes 8, ect.  Cards
with value 0 are not affected.

Duration: 1 reload.

ix. Bouncywild (Draw)
Attract fallen cards and items for easy retrieval.

Duration: 5 reloads.

x. Air Soldier (Reload Kinesis)
Reload while in motion.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xi. Bandit (Combo Finish)
Make any attack as strong as a finishing blow.

Duration: 1 reload.

xii. Fat Bandit (Back Attack)
Increase damage when striking enemies from behind.

Duration: 2 reloads.

xiii. Barrel Spider (Quickload)
Reload cards instantly.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xiv. Search Ghost (Drain)
Absorb enemy HP when striking with attack cards, but enemies will drop
fewer items.

Duration: 1 reload.

xv. Sea Neon (Random Values)
Randomize the values of cards you use.

Duration: 1 reload.

xvi. Screwdriver (Decrementor)
Decrease the values of all cards by 1.

Duration: 1 reload.

xvii. Aquatank (Auto-Reload)
Automatically reload cards when they run out.

Duration: 1 reload.

xviii. Wight Knight (Float)
Alter gravity to increase jumping ability.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xix. Gargoyle (Vanish)
Become invisible and reduce your chances of being hit.

Duration: 1 reload.

xx. Pirate (All Zeroes)
Change the values of all cards to 0.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxi. Air Pirate (Item Bracer)
Stop enemies from breaking item cards you use.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xxii. Darkball (Cardblind)
Hide the cards you hold from hostile eyes.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xxiii. Defender (Protect)
Decrease damage from physical attacks by the enemy.  Magical attacks do
normal damage.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxiv. Wyvern (Reload Lock)
Reload without incrementing the reload counter.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xxv. Wizard (Magic Boost)
Forfeit summon card use to power up magic cards.  

Duration: 1 reload.

xxvi. Neoshadow (Bio)
Cause enemies' HP to gradually drop.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxvii. White Mushroom (Hyper Healing)
Restore some HP every time you use a friend card.

Duration: 3 reloads.

xxviii. Black Fungus (Random Flush)
Activate a random enemy card effect.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxix. Creeper Plant (Leaf Bracer)
Stop enemies from breaking Cure abilities you use.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxx. Tornado Step (Reload Haste)
Subtract 2 from the reload counter.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxxi. Crescendo (Summon Boost)
Forfeit magic card use to power up summon cards.

Duration: 1 reload.

xxxii. Guard Armor (Wide Attack)
Slightly extend the range of attack cards.

Duration: 30 attacks.

xxxiii. Parasite Cage (Dispel)
Break an opponent's enemy card without fail.  Nothing happens if your
opponent has no enemy card in play.

xxxiv. Trickmaster (Value Break)
When you lose a card break, reduce the value of the enemy's card by the
value of your broken card.

Duration: 10 breaks.

xxxv. Darkside (Mimic)
Copy the enemy card your opponent is using.  Nothing happens if your
opponent has no enemy card in play.

xxxvi. Card Soldier (Attack Haste)
Increase the swing speed of attack cards.

Duration: 30 attacks.

xxxvii. Hades (Berserk)
Boost the power of attack cards when low on HP (when the gauge 
isflashing red).

Duration: 30 attacks.
- Resistant to fire.
- Stunned by ice.

xxxviii. Jafar (Attack Bracer)
Stop enemies from breaking attack cards you use.

Duration: 20 attacks.

xxxix. Oogie Boogi (Regen)
Gradually restore HP.  HP returns more quickly when low.

Duration: 10 uses.

xl. Ursula (Shell)
Halve the damage from magical attacks by the enemy.  Summon damage does 
normal damage.

Duration: 5 hits taken.

xli. Hook (Second Chance)
Retain 1 HP after a critical hit, provided you have 2 or more HP left.

Duration: 3 uses.
- Resistant to lightning.
- Stunned by fire.

xlii. Dragon Maleficent (Overdrive)
Sacrifice reload speed to power up attack cards.

Duration: 30 attacks.

xliii. Riku (Sleight Lock)
Keep cards used in sleights available for reloading.

Duration: 5 sleights.
- Resistance to fire, ice, and lighting.

xliv. Axel (Quick Recovery)
Use cards even while staggering from damage.

Duration: 10 hits taken.
- Immune to fire.
- Stunned by ice.

xlv. Larxene (Dash)
Increase running speed.

Duration: 15 cards.
- Immune to lightning.
- Weak against special attacks.

xlvi. Vexen (Auto-Life)
Revive automatically when your HP reach 0.  Only a small amount of HP 
is restored.

Duration: 1 use.
- Immune to ice.
- Stunned by fire.

xlvii. Malruxia (Double Sleight)
Use stocked cards and sleights twice in a row.  However during versus
battles it bumps up the reload counter.

Duration: 3 sleights.
- Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks.
- Weak against physical attacks.

xlviii. Lexaeus (Warp break)
Obliterate enemies with the finishing blow of a combo with a high 
success rate.  During versus battles you can stun your opponent.

Duration: 50 attacks.
- Immune to ice.
- Resistant to physical attacks.
- Weak against special attacks.

xlix. Ansem (Slightblind)
Conceal your stocked cards from your opponents.

Duration: 10 sleights.
- Resistant to fire, ice, and lightning.

6. Map Cards

Map cards are, without a doubt, the cards that have the most relevance
in the game.  If you cause Sora to ever run out of map cards and 
thusforce him to have none on hand, you will not be able to progress
through the game until you find more map cards.  Map cards are - in
simple terms - the cards that synthesize doors and rooms.  However, the
concept of map cards is very complex, as each card will form a
different room, one with aspects drawn from the card itself.  Meaning,
if you were to synthesize a room using the Almighty Darkness card, you
will find that a lot of viscous enemies will appear in the room.
However, if you use cards such as the Sleeping Darkness map card, each
enemy in the room will have fallen asleep, and none of them will move.
The cards also are categorized in a variety of colours (Which I have
put in brackets when listing them) as well as their card values,
ranging from zero to nine.  The card values are extremely important
when synthesizing a room, for many doors will require a certain value
in order for the room to be correctly synthesized.

Jiminy Cricket records the map cards in his journal as you obtain them.  
He states the name of the cards in his journal, as well as what type of
room the cards create, what can be found inside each room, and what
additional effects will be placed on the room if it is created with a
particular card.  The map cards which you can obtain in the game are as

i. Tranquil Darkness (Red)
A room where only a few Heartless appear.

ii. Teeming Darkness (Red)
A room where many Heartless appear.  Enemies are more likely to drop
enemy cards.

iii. Feeble Darkness (Red)
A room where Heartless with weak cards appear.

iv. Almighty Darkness (Red)
A room where Heartless with strong cards appear.  Enemies are more
likely to drop enemy cards.

v. Sleeping Darkness (Red)
A room where Heartless are drowsy and easy to ambush.

vi. Looming Darkness (Red)
A room where Heartless attack relentlessly.  Enemies are more likely to
drop enemy cards.

vii. Premium Room (Red)
A room where victory often leads to Premium Bonuses.

viii. White Room (Red)
A room where only White Mushrooms appear.  But what happens when you
help them out?

ix. Black Room (Red)
A room where only Black Funguses appear.  But what happens when you
defeat one?

x. Martial Waking (Green)
A room where attack cards are more effective.

xi. Sorcerous Waking (Green)
A room where magic cards are more effective.

xii. Alchemic Waking (Green)
A room where item cards are more effective.

xiii. Meeting Ground (Green)
A room where a friend card appears at the beginning of all battles (If
your friends are with you).

xiv. Stagnant Space (Green)
A room where the Heartless move slowly.

xv. Strong Initiative (Green)
A room where striking first in the field does additional damage to

xvi. Lasting Daze (Green)
A room where striking first in the field stuns all Heartless that join
the battle.

xvii. Calm Bounty (Blue)
A room containing treasure.

xviii. Guarded Trove (Blue)
A room where treasure is guarded by Heartless.

xix. False Bounty (Blue)
A room where only one treasure chest is real.  Opening the wrong chest
triggers a battle.

xx. Moment's Reprieve (Blue)
A room where you can save your progress.

xxi. Mingling Woods (Blue)
A room where anything could happen.

xxii. Moogle Room (Blue)
A room where cards can be traded with moogles at the Moogle Shop.

xxiii. Key of Beginnings (Gold)
A room where untold stories unfold.

xxiv. Key of Guidance (Gold)
A room where untold stories unfold.

xxx. Key to Truth (Gold)
A room where untold stories unfold.

xxxi. Key to Rewards (Gold)
A room containing special treasure.

7. Premium Cards

There is only one section regarding premium cards in Jiminy's journal.
Since it pretty much tells all there is to know about premium cards, 
there is no need for any addition explanation.  The section reads as 

i. About Premium Cards
Evolved versions of normal cards.

Premium cards require very little CP, but can only be used once per
battle - no reloads allowed.

Only attack cards and magic cards can be updated to premium cards.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  V. Character Journals  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The second-largest area of Jiminy Cricket's journal revolves around the
characters who appear throughout the game.  And when I say the 
characters who appear throughout the game, I mean ALL the characters.
Each one has their own special place in Jiminy Cricket's journal, and,
since this area is so large, it has been split up into three

Categories one and two are similar to each other- each deal with
regular characters that make an appearance and have some form 
ofpersonality.  The third section, however, is a character section 
meant only for the Heartless, ranging from the simple Shadow all the 
way to Darkside itself.

Jiminy goes into enough detail in this section to explain each
character well enough to anyone, disregarding the question of whether
you have played the game or not.  The following are the characters that
you encounter throughout the game, in order of the sections they appear 

1. Characters I

i. Sora
A bright and spirited boy chosen by the Keyblade to battle the 

It was Sora who defeated Ansem, ending his plan to shroud the world in 

However, Sora continued his journey, seeking the friends he lost during
the struggle.

ii. Donald Duck
Court wizard at Disney Castle who set out with Goofy after the king's 

His short temper sometimes gets him into trouble, but he is very brave.

Donald is currently seeking clues to what happened to the king after he
was locked behind the door to darkness.

iii. Goofy
Captain of the Disney Castle Royal Knights.  He set out with Donald 
after the king's disappearance.  

He is cheerful and calm, and no one is more loyal to the king.

Goofy and Sora are especially good friends.

iv. Jiminy Cricket
That's right, me again.  I'm keeping a journal of everyone's

I also act as Pinocchio's conscience, so he'll know right from wrong.

v. Riku
Sora's childhood friend.

Baited by the darkness and used by Maleficent and Ansem, Riku once
fought against Sora.

In order to seal the door to darkness, Riku stayed with the king on the
other side.  His current whereabouts are unknown.

Sora journeys in hopes of finding Riku.

vi. Kairi
Sora's childhood friend.

Sora's journey began as a search for Kairi, who disappeared when their
island home was swallowed by darkness.

Kairi was held captive by the Heartless, but thanks to Sora she and the
island were saved.

She waits there for Sora and Riku's return.

vii. Simba
Successor to his father as ruler of the Pride Lands.

Sora need only call and Simba will appear and lend his strength.

viii. Dumbo
A small elephant born in a circus.

The other animals laughed at his big ears, but the courage to fly made
Dummbo the star of the circus.

If Sora calls, Dumbo will come to the rescue.

ix. Bambi
A young deer prince whose father is king of the forest.

Sora can call Bambi for help anytime.

x. Mushu
Once a guardian dragon of a Chinese family.  Due to past mistakes, he
lost much of his former power.

If Sora calls, Mushu will come to our aid.

xi. The Moogles
A strange race that seems to pop up just about anywhere.

In Castle Oblivion, the moogles run shops where Sora can trade in
unwanted cards.

xii. Leon
A cool and collected swordsman who wields a gunblade.  His real name:
Squall Lionhart.

Leon once fought with Sora against the Heartless, but the Lean we met
in Castle Oblivion is a product of his memory, so he can't remember
much of what happened before.

xiii. Yuffie
A girl whose cheerful personality belies her painful memories.  When
she was still young, the Heartless robbed her of her home.

Never one to sweat the small stuff, Yuffie seems unfazed by her fuddled

xiv. Aerith
A young woman who fought the Heartless.  Her calm demeanor hides
unbreakable will.

Aerith also has a mysterious sense of truth, and is aware that Traverse
Town and its inhabitants are a figment of Sora's memory.

xv. Cid
A gifted pilot who saved Leon and the others from the Heartless when
they were just children.

Cid lives in Traverse Town now.

xvi. Cloud
A swordsman hired by Hades to take out Hercules.  Cloud seeks the true
memories he has lost.

Were they memories of someone dear to him, or memories of his own hazy

xvii. Tidus
A young boy from Sora's islands with a sunny personality and lots of

Tidus has no shortage of confidence either, and considers himself a
champ at everything.

xviii. Wakka
A boy from Sora's islands.

Despite being the oldest, Wakka is modest and takes good care of his

xix. Selphie
A perky girl from Sora's islands.

Selphie is assertive and tends to leap before she looks, and she also
has a romantic side.

xx. Namine
A young witch who, under orders from Malruxia, rewrote much of Sora's

Because Namine is based on the false memories on Sora's feelings
towards Kairi, Sora believed he and Namine had been friends since

But truth be told, the two never met before Castle Oblivion.

xxi. Riku Replica
A replica of Riku created by Vexen from the real Riku's data.

Through Namine's power, he was infused with false memories and made to
believe he was the real Riku.

The truth has wounded him deeply.

xxii. Axel
A mysterious figure who stands in Sora's path.

Hard to read, half the time Axel seems to just be messing around...but
for all we know, he's done more thinking than everyone else put

xxiii. Larxene
A member of the group that controls Castle Oblivion.

Larxene is unfeeling and loves nothing more than to bring other people

She is on good terms with Axel but still mocks everyone and trusts no

xxxiv. Vexen
A man absorbed in his dubious research in Castle Oblivion.

Vexen tried to destroy Sora by controlling Riku and pitting the two
against each other.  When his plan failed, he confronted Sora 

xxxv. Malruxia
Lord of Castle Oblivion and a member of the Organization.

In a move to bring the group under his control, Malruxia used Namine to
overrun Sora's memory and tried to claim the power of the Keyblade.

2. Characters II

i. Alice
A curious girl who feel down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Alice was falsely accused of stealing the Queen of Hearts' memory and
put on trial, but we intervened and helped her clear her name.

ii. The Queen of Hearts
A selfish ruler who commands an army of card soldiers.

A Heartless stole the Queen's memory, but she accused Alice and put her
on trial.

iii. The White Rabbit
A loyal retainer of the Queen of Hearts.

He always carries out the Queen's orders, no matter what they may be.

iv. Card of Hearts
Guards in service of the Queen of Hearts.

They fear her temper and will do anything she orders.

v. Card of Spades
Guards in service of the Queen of Hearts.

They fear her temper and will do anything she orders.

vi. The Cheshire Cat
A mysterious, grinning cat who always talks in riddles.

He appears when you least expect it, and disappears whenever he 

vii. Hercules
Son of the gods Zeus and Hera, but not a god himself.

With godlike strength and a gentle heart, Hercules is a true hero.

He has never lost at the Coliseum games.

viii. Philoctetes
Trainer of countless heroes, including Hercules.

Nowadays Phil runs the Coliseum and manages the games.

ix. Hades
Ruler of the Underworld.

Hades can't stand Hercules.  He tricked Cloud into challenging Hercules
to the death, but we put an end to his plotting.

x. Aladdin
A young man who lives in Agrabah and dreams of meeting Princess

Aladdin became Genie's master when he found the magic lamp.

At first, Aladdin wanted to become a prince and impress Jasmine, but in
the end he gave Genie his freedom and decided to show Jasmine his true

xi. Genie
Captive of the magic lamp.  Genie must grant the lamp's holder three 

He longs for freedom, but can only get it if someone uses a wish to set
him free.

xii. Jasmine
Princess of Agrabah.

Jasmine feels cooped up in the palace and longs for freedom outside its

xiii. Iago
A cunning and chatty parrot.

Iago flies about Agrabah, serving as the evil Jafar's eyes and ears.

xiv. Jafar
A sorcerer and Agrabah's royal vizier.

Jafar stole the magic lamp from Aladdin and, with the Genie's power,
schemed to become ruler of Agrabah.

xv. Jafar (Genie)
Jafar's genie form.

After taking the lamp from Aladdin, Jafar wished for the powers of a
genie and tried to do us in.

xvi. Jack
Halloween Town's master of macabre.

Jack is always looking for new ways to bring the spooks and shivers of
Halloween to all.

xvii. Sally
Dr. Finkelstein's helper in the lab.  He created her from various odds
and ends.

Sally is secretly in love with Jack.

xviii. Dr. Finkelstein
The mad scientist of Halloween Town.  He's always immersed in his odd

This time Dr. Finkelstein came up with a potion to restore true
memories, only to have it guzzled by Oogie Boogie.

xix. Oogie Boogie
A villain who's always plotting against Jack.

Oogie Boogie stole Dr. Finkelstein's potion thinking it would make him
stronger, but it drove him mad with fear instead.

xx. Pinocchio
A wooden puppet Geppetto made, brought to life by the Blue Fairy.

To become a real boy, Pinocchio has to learn bravery, kindness, and

He and Geppetto were swallowed by Monstro, but they escaped with a
little help from us.

xxi. Geppetto
A gentle and earnest carpenter, who carved Pinocchio from a block of

Geppetto was swallowed by Monstro, boat and all, while searching for

The two were reunited inside the giant whale, and escaped with our

xxii. Ariel
The daughter of King Triton who longs to see the outside world.

Worried by Flounder's disappearance, Ariel was cajoled by Ursula into
forking over the king's trident.

We helped save Ariel and recover the trident, and she resolved to tell
her father the truth.

xxiii. Sebastian
Triton's music director and Ariel's guardian.

Sebastian is constantly scolding Ariel for her escapades, but only
because he worries for her safety.

xxiv. Flounder
A young fish.

He's not exactly brave, but Flounder is Ariel's most loyal friend.

Ursula kidnapped Flounder as part of her plan to trick Ariel and steal
the trident.

xxv. Ursula
The sea witch.  She once lived in the palace, but was banished for her

Ursula deceived Ariel and stole the tried in an attempt to rule all

xxvi. Peter Pan
A boy who lives in Never Land, where no one ever grows up.

Peter can be stubborn, but deep down he's brave and just.

He was upset that Wendy wanted to return to London, but in the end he
wished her well.

xxvii. Tinker Bell
A fairy with a jealous streak, especially when Peter pays attention to
other girls.

xxviii. Wendy
A dreamy English girl.  Peter showed her the way to Never Land.

Wendy really likes Peter, but decided to return home to London.

xxix. Hook
A pirate who holds a grudge against Peter Pan.

Hook kidnapped Wendy to lure Peter out.

Normally proud, Hook falls to pieces the moment the crocodile that took
his hand shows up.

xxx. The Beast
A prince transformed into a beast because of his selfishness.  Meeting
Belle restored humanity to his heart.

Though stunned by Belle's cold behaviour, his faith in their love never

xxxi. Belle
A young woman who saw kindness behind the Beast's gruff exterior.

Realizing Maleficent sought her heart, Belle acted coldly toward the
Beast to keep her heart beyond the witch's reach.

xxxii. Maleficent
A witch who commands the darkness.  Sora faced Maleficent and her
Heartless once before.

She stole Belle's heart to perfect her dark powers, though Belle 
hadseen through her plan.

xxxiii. Dragon Maleficent
Maleficent's dragon form.

Her own sorcery mingled with the vast powers of darkness made
Maleficent a fearful opponent.

xxxiv. Winnie the Pooh
A bear who lives in the base of a tree in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Pooh loves to eat - especially honey.  He's gentle and easygoing, but a
little absent - minded.

xxxv. Piglet
Pooh's closest friend.

Piglet is very shy, and when he's surprised he covers his eyes with his
floppy ears.

xxxvi. Owl
The wisest animal in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Sometimes he talks so much his friends fall asleep.

xxxvii. Roo
A feisty kangaroo who's full of energy.

Little Roo wants to learn to bounce as high as Tigger.

xxxviii. Eeyore
A gloomy donkey whose tail keeps falling off and getting lost.

Eeyore is timid and always a little down, and likes to take things

xxxix. Tigger
The one and only.  Cheerful Tigger loves to bounce all day long.

Sometimes his energy is too much for the others, but he always means

xl. Rabbit
A diligent gardener who's always busy with his vegetables.

Sometimes Rabbit is a bit short-tempered, especially when Tigger is
bouncing around his garden.

3. Characters III

i. Shadow
A Heartless that pops up in all kinds of places.

The Shadow ambles around and attacks without warning.  It is completely 
invulnerable while hiding in the darkness.

ii. Soldier
A swift-moving Heartless that attacks its prey with a spin kick.

Its whimsical nature makes the Soldier a less than tenacious foe.

iii. Large Body
A rotund Heartless.

The Large Body repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly.

Sometimes it throws its weight around and shakes the ground, so jumping 
is the key.

iv. Red Nocturne
A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.  It's flighty 
and hard to hit.

The Red Nocturne attacks with Fire from a distance, and absorbs Fire 

v. Blue Rhapsody
A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.

The Blue Rhapsody attacks with Blizzard once it's close enough, and 
absorbs Blizzard damage.

vi. Yellow Opera
A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.

The Yellow Opera hurls itself at enemies or attacks with Thunder.  It 
absorbs all Thunder damage.

vii. Green Requiem
A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.  It doesn't 
attack, but it can cast Cure to heal other Heartless.

The Green Requiem is slow, but its immunity to magic attacks make it 
tough to squash.

viii. Powerwild
A simian Heartless that excels at jumping.

It has destructive instincts and attacks with punches and sliding 

ix. Bouncywild
A simian Heartless.

It teases its enemies and throws banana peels from far away.  Be 
careful not to slip!

x. Air Soldier
A winged Heartless.  It swoops down onto its opponent's head, or slams 
into them when they let their guard down.

The Air Soldier is swift, resilient, and not easy to ground.

xi. Bandit
A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah.

The Bandit deftly wields the scimitar it carries, and should be 
approached cautiously.

xii. Fat Bandit
A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah.

The Fat Bandit repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly and spits 

xiii. Barrel Spider
A gunpowder-packed barrel transformed by the darkness into a Heartless.

The Barrel Spider sets upon anyone foolish enough to think it's an 
ordinary barrel.

xiv. Search Ghost
A spooky Heartless.

The Search Ghost can warp out of harm's way and absorb its enemies' HP, 
making it a tough opponent.

xv. Sea Neon
A jellyfish-life Heartless.

It may look laid back, but the Sea Neon's long tentacles can propel it 
toward enemies for a ferocious attack.

xvi. Screwdriver
A Heartless that likes to team up with the Aquatank.

It attacks with a spear or charges its enemies.

xvii. Aquatank
A fish-like Heartless that lazily wanders the sea.

The Aquatank attacks with Thunder or by whirling its sizable body 

xviii. Wight Knight
A Heartless that calls Halloween Town its main haunt.

The Wight Knight's long appendages make it dangerous to approach.

xix. Gargoyle
A winged Heartless that mainly appears in Halloween town.

It pelts its stunned opponents with fireballs.

xx. Pirate
A Heartless that mostly sticks to Never Land.

A skilled swordsman, the Pirate can knock its enemies out cold and then 
finish them off with a viscous combo.  If its sword flashes, watch out!

xxi. Air Pirate
A winged Heartless that mostly sticks to Never Land.

It's not armed, but it doesn't need to be.  The Air Pirate deals a 
brutal punch right after its fist flashes.

xxii. Darkball
A Heartless made from the very shadows of darkness.

The Darkball mostly just bobs through the air, but its random weaving 
and biting are a nuisance.

xxiii. Defender
A Heartless that primarily resides in Hallow Bastion.

It stops head-on physical and magical attacks, and can launch 

The Defender is also a skilled card user, and will break the cards of 
unprepared opponents.

xxiv. Wyvern
An enormous Heartless that hunts its enemies from the skies.

The Wyvern is agile despite its size.  Upon sighting its prey, it 
rushes forward and attacks with a flurry of kicks.

xxv. Wizard
A Heartless proficient in magic.

The Wizard is a formidable opponent that attacks with high-level Fire, 
Blizzard, and Thunder spells.

xxvi. Neoshadow
A nimble Heartless that swims through the shadows.

xxvii. White Mushroom
A Heartless with an unusual affinity for people.

The White Mushroom never attacks, and may even reward someone who comes 
to its aid.

xxviii. Black Fungus
An aggressive, poisonous Heartless, not to be confused with the White 

The Black Fungus likes to paralyze its foes and toy with them.

It's tough to beat, but victory doesn't go unrewarded...

xxix. Creeper Plan
A flower-like Heartless.

It's rooted in one place, but staying far away isn't enough, since it 
can spit seeds or attack from below with its sharp roots.

xxx. Tornado Step
A Heartless that flies about using its arms like propeller blades.

Whether moving or attacking, it's always spin, spin, spinning - but 
never seems to get dizzy.

xxxi. Crescendo
A hopping, horn-like Heartless.

It's a bothersome foe that can honk and call other Heartless.

xxxii. Guard Armor
A Heartless that haunts Traverse Town.

It appeared when the bells rang to wreak havoc on the town.

xxxiii. Parasite Cage
A Heartless that dwelled inside Monstro.

The Parasite Cage is quite the gourmand and eats anything in its path.  
Pinocchio figured out how to escape Monstro after being gobbled up by 

xxxiv. Trickmaster
The Heartless in Wonderland that stole the Queen of Hearts's memory.

Victims of memory theft don't even remember what they forgot.

xxxv. Darkside
The Heartless that attacked Sora's home, Destiny Islands.

Sora fought valiantly to protect the islands and his memories there.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ~  VI. Closing and Credits  ~  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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Well, that is it!  I highly enjoyed making this guide and will 
constantly check to see if I have made any errors.  Seeing as this was 
my first FAQ, I chose to take it slow-and-steady, and ultimately came 
up with this product, though I wish to further enhance my FAQ-writing 
skills for the future by writing actual walk-throughs.  Before I sign 
off until next time, I would like to thank the following:

Thank you, Glass Giant, for generating that wonderful ASCII art of 
Jiminy Cricket.

Thank you, Square Enix and Disney, for producing such an awesome game
for the GameBoy Advance.  I have been pulled towards this game as soon
as it came out, and will continue to show my full support for it.

Thank you, Nintendo, for porting this game on the second-best hand-held
of all time (Second only to the DS :P).

And of course, I wish a big thank you to the GameFAQs community for
making it such a loveable place, as well as all who took the time to
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