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                     Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  (It's a Collectable-Card Game! It's An Action-RPG! No, IT'S BOTH!)
               By Shannon Spencer Fox (spencerfox@charter.net)
                   KFantasy017 (devilxx86@yahoo.com)           
                              Version 0.52

 _,_ _ _, _  _, __,  _, _, _   _,_ __,  _, __, ___  _,
 |_/ | |\ | / _ | \ / \ |\/|   |_| |_  /_\ |_)  |  (_ 
 | \ | | \| \ / |_/ \ / |  |   | | |   | | | \  |  , )
 ~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~  ~    ~  ~  ~   ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~   ~ 

  _, _,_  _, _ _, _    _, __,   _, _ __, _, _  _, __, _ __,  _,
 / ` |_| /_\ | |\ |   / \ |_    |\/| |_  |\/| / \ |_) | |_  (_ 
 \ , | | | | | | \|   \ / |     |  | |   |  | \ / | \ | |   , )
  ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~    ~  ~     ~  ~ ~~~ ~  ~  ~  ~ ~ ~ ~~~  ~ 

    "walking this road without you... 
                to remake forgotten promises... 
                          and meet you at the road's end"


1. Introduction                [khc_intro ]
2. The Story So Far...         [khc_story ]
3. Control                     [khc_move  ]
4. Gameplay and Such           [khc_game  ]
4a. Menus                      [khc_menus ]
4b. The Card System and You    [khc_maps  ]
4c.How Not to Die              [khc_fight ]
5. Walkthrough (Sora's Path)   [khc_sora  ]
5a. Traverse Town              [khc_town  ]
5b. Wonderland                 [khc_wland ]
5c. Agrabah                    [khc_agra  ]
5d. Monstro                    [khc_monst ]
5e. Olympus Coliseum           [khc_coli  ]
5f. Halloween Town             [khc_hallo ]
5g. Atlantica                  [khc_atla  ]
5h. Neverland                  [khc_never ]
5i. Hollow Bastion             [khc_holl  ]
5j. 100 Acre Wood              [khc_100   ]
5k. Twilight Town              [khc_twil  ]
6. Walkthrough(Reverse/Rebirth)[khc_riku  ]
7. Appendix                    [khc_appx  ]
7a. Characters                 [khc_peeps ]
7b. Enemies                    [khc_foes  ]
7c. Bosses                     [khc_boss  ]
7d. Endings                    [khc_end   ]
7e. World Stories              [khc_wst   ]
8. Card List                   [khc_cards ]
8a. Map Cards                  [khc_world ]
8b. Attack Cards               [khc_attk  ]
8c. Magic Cards                [khc_magic ]
8d. Enemy Cards                [khc_enemy ]
8e. Combos and Sleights        [khc_combo ]
8f. Friend Cards               [khc_friend]
8g. Item Cards                 [khc_item  ]
9. Secrets                     [khc_shhhh ]
10. Frequently Asked Questions [khc_faqs  ]
11. Closing and Thanks         [khc_close ]
12. Change Log                 [khc_chgs  ]
13. Copyright Info             [khc_copy  ]

+YOU NEED!                                                  +

[khc_intro]  +

Poor Sora. Just when he thinks he's getting ahead in his adventure, 
he has to end up taking two steps back again. Sure, 
he saved all of existance from total chaos and a crazed 
scholar/bishounen villian and rescued his friends Riku and
Kairi from being a jealous moron and a comatose vegatable 
(respectively), but then he and his friends end up having to 
close the door to Kingdom Hearts with Riku and King Mickey on the 
other side, and losing Kairi again as she returns to the recreated 
Destiny Island, with him out in who-knows-where. Now he wakes up 
one night and some weird hooded guy is telling him that he needs
something further ahead, but it'll cost him something important.
How much more fun can this kid have? Plenty, as it turns out... 
but, thankfully, so will we.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the second game in the Kingdom 
Hearts series; the first one being for the Playstation 2 and 
selling a few million copies in the process, producing tons of 
fans, some pretty great reviews, and more speculation about what 
happens next (especially with the secret video'Another Side, 
Another Story' and the 'Final Mix' release of the game over 
in Japan with even more story to it) than probably both Nostradomas' 
prissy little poems and the Kennedy assasination combined. 
Not too shabby for what at first seemed like the crazy offspring 
between the most famous role-playing game company in Japan and the 
world's most well-known animation juggernaut.

KH:CoM picks up immediately after the first game ends, with the last 
few moments of the first game's ending sequence playing before we 
see Sora standing at the middle of a crossroads, then approached 
by a strange hooded man. Soon, him and his two friends find 
themselves at the gates of Castle Oblivion, where memories are 
fragile fleeting things, and the cards rule over all. That's
right, everyone; this game still has the trappings of the previous 
one's action-RPG elements, but now there's also an element of 
strategy involved, since everything, from attacks and magic spells 
to even those enemy-crushing special moves we all used to love in 
the first game, are all in the cards...and you'll want to learn how 
to play them correctly if you want to succeed.Thankfully, that's 
what I'm here for.

Before I continue, I'll take a moment to introduce myself. My name is, 
of course, Shannon Spencer Fox; I hope at least some of you remember
me from my previous work in the area of another quite excellent 
action-RPG, Sony's Dark Cloud 2. My first walkthrough for that game 
involving the Ridepod was quite well-received, so this is my first 
attempt at a complete walkthrough for a game. I hope you enjoy, 
and find it quite useful in your travels with Sora and his friends.

As for me, my name is KFantasy017, but you can just call me KF. Though
I have nothing as far as guides go up on the site, I have previously 
attempted one and if not for my computer crashing and erasing my 
memory,I would have a guide up. Hopefully, Shannon Spencer Fox and 
I can help you guys and gals when you need some strategies or are 
just completely lost. Don't worry, that's why we're here.

As for the spoilers, we will only describe scenes that are important 
to Chain of Memories story overall, not the individual worlds'. 

Now, on with the game! First, a quick novelized recap of the first 
game, for the people who didn't play through the first one. 
(I would highly recommend that you do take some time to do so, though, 
if you have a PS2 handy, as it'squite cheap now and worth your time. 
Plus, while it's not necessary to playthis game, it certainly doesn't 
hurt with the story.)

The Story So Far...+
[khc_story]        +

Once upon a time... for that is how all the great stories start...

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Sora, who lived with 
his friends in a far-away place known as Destiny Island. Life was 
very good for Sora, his best friends Riku and Kairi, and the other 
children of the island, for Destiny Island was the perfect example 
of a paradise: warm white beach sand, cascading waterfalls, 
lush trees, crystal-clear ocean, dark hidden caves full of secrets to 
be discovered... the world was a pearl that fit in their hands, 
and it was truly theirs.

Sora, however, had been troubled as of late, by dreams... or maybe 
visions ofsome kind. Visions of falling endlessly through the sky 
and into the ocean itself, of mysterious places far off in space 
with stained-glass reliefs doneof beautiful young women of royal 
blood, of dark and frightening creatures...and of a door that he 
is said he will open. He also saw strange robed visitors,
talking of his home being 'devoured by darkness'...

Also, he and his friends had grown somewhat less content, as they 
looked out over the ocean during the setting sun, and asked 
themselves... what could lie out there past the horizon? Is this 
island the entirety of their world? Indeed, did not Kairi herself 
have to come from someplace else, appearing as she did suddenly 
during a violent storm? Surely there must be more to this than 
their own little island. And so they decided to gather together 
supplies and make a raft, and then set sail out to the unknown 
and truly understand what else could be out there.

That night, the eve of their departure...

A dark and terrible storm hit the island that night, one that might 
possibly have been the worst one it had ever seen, or ever will 
again. Young Sora took off from his house to the beach where their 
raft and supplies were being stored, fearing that the violent storm 
would destroy the fragile craft. What he found when he arrived 
there was almost beyond description: the creatures from his dreams, 
or visions, had been made real, and were in great danger of
overwhelming himself and everything else completely. Doing his best 
to escape, he discovered his friend Riku standing to himself 
looking out over the ocean, murmuring something about how it was 
time... and before he knew it, Riku was swallowed up into a 
inky-black pool of almost pure darkness. It was on the verge of 
taking him completely as well... until an object, a shining key the
size and almost shape of a powerful sword, appeared and delivered his 
salvation from the gathering enemies from his nightmares. He managed 
to locate his other friend Kairi, but she too suddenly disappeared... 
and soon Sora was left alone to face the darkest face from his dreams 
while the pieces of his beloved island floated around him into a 
gathering void. Soon, he too was sucked up into it, 
vanishing from sight.


In another distant land, the good and wise King noticed something 
alarming: stars had started to disappear from the night sky. And as 
it was said that every star was another world, it could only mean that 
some dark force was destroying them, one by one. And so, one day, 
he simply disappeared, leaving only a note with his faithful dog to 
his loyal courtiers as to where he'd gone, and what he wanted them to 
do. After some discussion, the noble knight Goofy and court magician 
Donald left to follow the king's instructions: find the one who wields 
the key.

Sora himself soon found himself waking up in a strange new place called
Traverse Town; a town populated by wayfarers and orphans from countless 
worlds who managed to flee the destruction of their homes by the same 
darkness that had invariably engulfed his own. Mourning the loss of 
all he knew and worried about the fate of his friends, he soon ran into 
the gruff, but lovable, shopkeeper Cid, but also found himself under 
attack from the same dark enemies that attacked him before, then by a 
mysterious sword-wielding stranger by the name of Leon. He managed to 
fight off both of them valiently, but finally ended up succumbing to 
unconsciousness soon after. While this happened, Goofy and Donald 
arrived in Traverse Town as well, looking for Leon in hopes of getting
assistance in their own quest... instead, they ended up being found 
themselves by a young girl named Aerith.

As Sora came to again, he was in the company of Leon, along with his 
friend Yuffie, who fill him in on more of what's going on and how he's 
involved. Aerith, meanwhile, does the same with Goofy and Donald only 
the next room over. Sora learns that since he was chosen by the 
Keyblade, he's destined to fight and defeat the Heartless hordes, and 
therefore that is why they constantly assail him. They also mention a 
wise man named Ansem who was attempting to collect valuable information 
about who their foe was, but sadly went missing himself. Unfortunately, 
just as the three fellow travelers were to meet, the Heartless attack 
again, and Sora takes off to finish them off. Thankfully, Donald and 
Goofy run into him (literally) soon after, and the three join
forces to defeat the largest Heartless creature any of them had seen 
yet. A quick series of introductions later, and Sora headed off to 
start his journey with his two new friends to close off the worlds 
under siege, find the missing King, and his childhood friends Riku 
and Kairi as well.

The breadth of their adventures are too numerous to mention in their 
entirety in this tale, but needless to say they made alliances 
with numerous other noble heros as themselves, fought against almost 
impossible odds against the almost innumerable forces of the Heartless 
and the rogues' gallery of villians that were using them to their own 
ends, and sealed off several worlds from the threat of complete 
destruction and darkness. They soon discovered a number of maidens of 
pure heart that had been kidnapped, apparently for the purposes of 
opening a gateway to the heart of all worlds... Kingdom Hearts
itself. If the Heartless succeeded in breaching this, all that was 
known would surely perish, vanished in a sea of total darkness.

Sora eventually did meet with his friends Riku and Kairi, though both 
had suffered since the destruction of Destiny Island. Riku's heart had 
turned bitter towards his old friend, thinking that Sora had turned his 
back on both his fate... but especially that of Kairi, in favor of his 
new friends. and soon was lured towards a darker path serving the needs 
of the dark sorceress Maleficent, the leader of the group of villians 
attempting to manipulate the Heartless. Kairi, meanwhile, was even 
worse off, as she was reduced to a lifeless shell of her former self... 
she had apparently lost her heart completely.

Eventually, at the end of a long struggle, the three heros found 
themselves at the battlements of Hollow Bastion, the former home 
of Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid... and the current home of Riku, 
who somehow managed to relieve Sora of the Keyblade, and Goofy and 
Donald's companionship in the process. Sora valiantly refused to 
give up, however, and with the help of a cursed prince also attempting 
the breach the castle, managed to get inside and confront Riku. Donald 
and Goofy then rejoined Sora, realizing their friendship is more
important than the specifics of their orders, and the three of them 
finished off Riku's former mistress Maleficent. Riku, meanwhile, 
was approached by the same mysterious hooded man Sora met back at 
Destiny Island, with promises of power, if he simply opens his heart 
even more to the darkness...

After finishing off a second battle with the now-draconian Malecifient, 
Sora and his friends discover the comatose form of Kairi, and a 
now-possessed Riku as well; his body a vessel for none other than 
Ansem, the former scholar that now seeks only total darkness over all 
of existance. He then revealed that Kairi is the final princess of 
pure heart that'll open the door to Kingdom Hearts, and that her heart 
has been with Sora all this time. Sora managed to drive off his 
possessed friend single-handledly in the end, though, but for
some reason he couldn't finish the job and seal off Hollow Bastion's 
keyhole... and so Sora ends up doing what Ansem/Riku had in mind 
before, turning the villian's darker version of a Keyblade on himself. 
Kairi soon wakes up again as her heart returns to her, but Sora soon 
disappears as he loses his heart completely, becoming that what he used 
to fight against: a Heartless.

Kairi and the others have no time to grieve or try to save him,
though, as Riku/Ansem appears again to finish the job he started
before... only through the last-minute intervention of the still-human 
portion of Riku gave them time to escape, hounded by hordes of 
Heartless as they fled for the exit. One little Heartless was a little 
different from the others, however, as it did its best to trail the 
group of heroes... and only at the last minute did the three of
them recognized that it was Sora himself. As the group prepares for the 
final onslaught, Kairu holds the Heartless tightly and whispers words 
of protection... and, as the group of Heartless disappear, Sora 
reappears himself, brought back from complete desolation by Kairi's 
words. The four then take their leave, for now.

Back in Traverse Town, Sora explains to Leon and the others all that 
happened, realizing that they must go back to Hollow Bastion and go 
into the now opened keyhole to seal it off completely. What this will 
do, however, is unknown, but the even greater and stronger number of 
Heartless around cannot be ignored for much longer. Sora and Kairi then 
spend a moment among themselves, with Sora promising to bring Riku back 
as well, and Kairi giving him her precious charm to remember her by. 
He, Donald, and Goofy depart once again, taking a newly-found back 
entrance into the beseiged castle to sneak in and slip into the castle.

Once inside, Sora and crew made their way back through the castle, 
attempting to get to the keyhole. Once there, they were met with a 
Behemoth Heartless that guarded the keyhole. After taking the beast
down, Sora WAS seal the keyhole, but was met with a familiar voice.

Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie were waiting for Sora outside. They told
Sora something that could have changed his choice of sealing the 
keyhole: Once the keyhole was sealed, the worlds would be restored,
along with the barrier that seperates them. In other words, once
Sora sealed the keyhole, they would no longer be able to see each 
other. Sora thought quickly about this, and decided that they could
be able to see everyone if the barrier was destroyed again, which
was likely to happen.

Sora went back and sealed the keyhole, but the worlds were not
restored. Sora rushed down the castle, and spoke with the
Princesses of Heart, and learned that Ansem was preventing the 
worlds from returning to their original state, and that Sora had
to stop him.

Sora and friends travelled to the End of the World, a world created
by bits and pieces of the worlds that were destroyed by the Heartless.
After thinking of what would happen to them when they defeated Ansem,
they came to the conclusion that the world would just disappear, but 
because their hearts were so strong, Sora; Donald; and Goofy would
not vanish with the world.

After finally meeting up with Ansem, you learn that every heart and 
world is filled with darkness, but the ones that embrace that darkness
are the ones that will reign supreme-or so Ansem says. He [Ansem] also
mentions that Kingdom Hearts, the final keyhole, is full of darkness
and Heartless.

After Sora defeats Ansem, Ansem calls to Kingdom Hearts, ordering it
to fill him with the power of darkness. When he does so, Sora responds
with "I know now, without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts, is light!".
With those words, Kingdom Hearts opens and shines light upon Ansem and 
the realm of darkness. Ansem vanishes without a trace.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy attempt to close the door, but don't have the 
strength to. They look inside and see hundreds of Heartless. Just 
when everything seems hopeless, someone grabs the door from the other
side, and says "C'mon Sora! Together we can do it!". This person
being none other than Riku. 

Even with the help of Riku, they can't seem to close the door. As 
more and more Heartless come, two Darkside's arise to attack. Out
of nowhere, all the Heartless are struck down by the one and only
King Mickey. 

Together, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku close the door, and as it
shuts, Riku and Mickey leave you with some final words.

Riku: "Take care of her."

Mickey: "Don't worry Sora. There will always be a door to the light."

The door shuts with a fading image of Riku, and together, Sora and
Mickey seal the door, locking it hopefully forever.

After all is done with the door, Sora turns around to find Kairi.
As he makes his way to her, Donald is about to go to Sora, but
Goofy stops him. We now see an ending scene of Sora and Kairi.
As the two are finally reunited, the ground begins to shake, and
the ground begins to shake. The two leave us with some final words
before they are seperated, and the worlds are restored, along with
the barrier.

Sora: "Kairi! About what you said before! I'll always be with
you too!"

Kairi: "I know you will!"

We see a final scene with the stars returning to the sky, and 
Kairi discovering Sora's drawing of him feeding Kairi the poupu fruit.

+Controls: +

Probably the most basic knowledge you need to know in order to play, of 
course, since if you don't know what button does what, you're not 
going to get far. ;) Thankfully, between the instruction manual that 
came with the game (if you bought it new, anyway) and the almost 
obligatory tutorial that almost every Squaresoft game has had since 
Final Fantasy 7, you should be pretty well prepared.

+The Control Pad:+
Not surprisingly, this is what you use to move around with: either 
the cursor when you're using the menus, or our young spikey-haired 
protagonist Sora when you're actually playing the game. On the actual 
'map' rooms, the perspective is isometric, which is a fancy way of 
saying it's tilted slightly; left makes Sora go to the upper-left, up 
goes upper-right, and so forth. In battles with the Heartless, Sora 
moves the way you want him to. Also, while battling, tapping Left or 
Right twice in quick succession will make Sora do a Dodge Roll in that 
direction; useful if you need to get the **** away from an enemy 

+A Button:+
Used to choose your current selection when you're in the menu system, 
the A button's more main focus is your 'action' button: that is, it's 
the thing that makes Sora swing his Keyblade and strike at things, 
whether on the map or in battle. While on the map, you can strike 
various inanimate objects, like boxes, flowers, crates, barrels, and 
such, to get various objects like green HP balls (to replenish life 
outside of battle), red Moogle Point balls (for buying more cards at 
Moogle shop rooms) and, well, even more cards. It's also used to talk 
to any character you might run into. In battle, the A button will
use the currently selected card, and make Sora attack physically, 
cast a spell, or summon an ally.
+B Button:+
The B button, simply put, will make Sora jump, both on the map and in 
battle. It also is the main 'cancel' button, backing you up to the 
last menu choice you were on. Note, like in the first game, if Sora's
close enough to the edge of a surface, he'll grab ahold of it... and 
a quick press Up on the Pad will haul him up, while pressing Down or 
B again will make him drop. Using the platforms scattered around 
various rooms will make him jump even higher.

+L and R Buttons:+
The L and R buttons are only used during battle, but they're quite 
important: they're used for cycling through your deck if you need 
to get at a card buried deeper in it or one you've already passed. 
(So, none of that fruity 'Heart of the Cards' deus-ex-machina nonsense 
for us!) The L button will move you in deeper, while the R button takes 
you back. It's confusing at first, since L will take the cursor right 
and R will go left, but you'll get the hang of it quickly... that or 
suffer painfully. Also, pressing both of them at the same time will 
queue the selected card up in the upper-leftcorner for use in a combo 
or 'sleight', which I'll discuss later. Press them together again when 
you have up to three cards stored to unleash the combo/slight.

+Start Button:+
Short of its all-important use on the title screen, the Start 
button's main function is that since the beginning of time: 
let you pause the game during battle or bring up the menu system 
while on the map. Nothing surprising here, kids.
+Select Button:+
Start's poor neglected brother, it's only useful in two areas: on the 
map, it'll pull up the world map and show you the diagram of rooms 
in the current world you're in; useful to know where to go, of course. 
In battle, however, this is what changes over from your 'main' deck to 
your special enemy cards(and more on those later).

+Gameplay and Such:+
+[khc_game]        +
Moving onto more fun stuff, this is where we discuss the guts of the 
game: menus and general gameplay stuff. This isn't a terribly 
complicated game, of course, but there are some important aspects to 
it you should know if you're going to get through it in one piece.

(Note, by the way, that this section will probably be under the most 
amount of 'flux' at first, as I try to make sure I cover everything 
that may beconsidered useful... that is, adding more stuff, breaking
some sections into smaller more specific ones, and so forth. If you 
have an idea on something I missed, by all means contact me through 
the information listed in the Contact Me section and please let me 
know. Credit will of course be given towards those who help out. :))

+Menus:     +

While not the most menu-intensive game out there, there are a few of 
them that you should pay attention to, lest you get pasted, and nine 
out of ten gamers agree getting pasted is never a fun thing. Remember, 
you can access the menu system when you're not in battle by using the 
Start button.

+Review Deck:+
Probably THE most important option there is, this is where you can 
go to organize your cards in the specific order you want. Here, you 
can add, remove, and re-order the cards in your deck. Since you need 
a good deck to defeat most enemies, you will be using this menu quite 

In this menu, you use the L button to remove cards from your deck, and
the R button to add cards to your deck. If you want to re-order your 
cards, make sure you aren't adding or removing cards and then move the 
curser over a card. If you hit the A button on the card you have 
chosen,you can switch it's place with another card in your current 

Each deck can hold up to 99 cards in it and you can have three decks.

Note: This feature is removed for Reverse/Rebirth.


+World Map:+

Please tell me you all know what this does...if not, I think you 
should consider playing another game.

The World Map option let's you *gasp* see the world map. It will show 
you how many doors there are in the worlds and, if you have unlocked 
the room, what card effect is on that room.


+Map Cards:+

Another easy section. The Map Cards menu option tells you what cards 
you have that can be used for opening doors to other rooms. It will 
tell you what the card's name is, what level it is, and the actual 
effect it has on the rooms. 

Simple enough.


+World Cards:+

The World Map option tells you what worlds you have previously visited
and in the order you visited them. It goes something like this:

World 11------World 12
World 10------World 9------World 8------World 7------World 6
World 5------World 4------World 3-------World 2------World 1

World 1 obviously being the first world you visited and world 12 being 
the last world you visited.

If you click on a world, it will give you a sentance or two describing
the world.


In the Status menu, you can view your level, you current and max HP,
your Max CP, your currently earned experience, how much experience you 
need to level up, and how many Moogle Points you have.

Also, you can view the abilities you have learned, and what combination
and value you need to make in order for the combo to be executed.

+Journal/D Guide:+

In the Journal, you can view all of the events, characters, Heartless,
etc. that you saw in Sora's Story.

In the D Guide, the same happens, except it is for Reverse/Rebirth and 
carries much of the information from Sora's Story over into the 
D Guide.


+Quick Save:+

Using the Quick Save option allows you to "soft save" the game. It 
isn't a complete save and if somebody else clicks continue and shuts 
off the game without saving, you can kiss your data goodbye. 
Just use it for when you go to bed or something like that.


+The Card System:+
+[khc_maps]      +

There are several things you need to know about the card system before 
you dive into Chain of Memories. Because it is so important, expect 
this section to be changed several times before we 
finally get it right. >_<

+Map Cards:+

Map cards are used in Chain of Memories to unlock doors for different
worlds. Each door has a set combination and can only be opened by using
cards of equal or higher value than the minimum requirement. Don't get 
it? Don't worry, I'll explain it in English.

Say you hit a door and it says that you need a level 3 card. Well, you 
need to use a level 3-9 or 0 card to break the door open and allow you
to continue on your journey. 

Notice I said 3-9 and 0. 0 cards can open nearly every door there is. 
The only exceptions would be:

1. You have a door that needs, let's say, a 9. It needs to be a 9 card 
to open the door. Zero cards won't work here.

2. You need a blue card, but your zero is a red or green (same for the
other colors as well). Since it isn't a blue card, the zero can't open
the door.

You also need to know that not all map cards just open doors. In fact,
none of them just open doors. Every Map Card has a special effect that
changes the room. Some give the room a save point, others give it tons
of powerful enemies. You need to decide what type of room you want to 
be entering and when to do it. (I can't help you there in the guide,
since all card drops are random and you probably have a different set
of Map Cards than me.)

The final thing you need to know about Map Cards is, other than that 
the enemy drops cards at random, that there are doors that require 
more than one Map Card to proceed, so you should keep plenty of 
them with you.

+Attack Cards:+

Attack cards, of course, are the cards that you attack with. The cards
vary from level 0-9, just like every other type of card in the game. 

The attack cards are the most important cards you will ever find 
in the game. More important than magic, summon, map, and any 
other card you can find.

The attack cards in the game are the keyblades. Keyblades from the 
Kingdom Key to the One Winged Angel keyblade featured in 
Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. 

Only used in battle, these cards are the ones you will use to deal 
the bulk of the damage done to Heartless.

You can use these keyblades in combos to form sleights or just 
combo attacks.

+Magic Cards:+

Magic Cards, of course, are the spells that you wield during the 
battles of this game.

The magic cards also range in level from 0-9, but are slightly less 
effective than Attack Cards. I never really found a use for them, but
others have, so you be the judge of whether you like them or not.

You have your magic cards like fire and cure, but there are lalso the 
spells like Confuse or Gravity that make appearances in the game. 

Don't forget summon cards! They are classified as magic cards in the
game, but serve the same purpose. You can summon friend cards like 
Donald and Goofy, or you could summon people like Peter Pan or Cloud.

Before we even get to the walkthrough, I'll just tell you that Cure is 
the most effective spell in the game. No doubt about it.

+How Not To Die:+
+khc_fight      +

In this section, you will find general tips for fighting to try and 
keep you alive.
If' you're just having trouble on a general boss, check the guide for 
This section is just giving tips if you seem to die on every fight.

First off, just remember that you cannot button mash your way through.
You have to use strategy in your battles and while building your deck.

Dying before you can heal? Simple. Only heal if the enemy is reloading.
The only exception to this is if you use Cura or Curaga. 

If the enemies break your cards, just break theirs and strike before 
Get a chance to return the favor.

Too many Heartless? Use summons like Cloud to take out a lot of 

+Walkthrough: Sora's Path:+
+khc_sora                 +           

Welcome to the purpose of this guide: The Walkthrough.

This is where you come for Boss Strategies and when to go where.

This section is for Sora's Story, so if you need help on 
Reverse/Rebirth, just scroll down a ways. Now, onto the guide!

+Traverse Town:+
+khc_town      +

After the opening scenes, we find ourselves in Traverse Town.
Here we have a little tutorial boss fight. Nothing major, just do what
He/she says and you'll win. 

During the fight, you learn the basic moves of battle, such as attacks
And Dodge Rolls. If you forgot already, this is what you learned:

Tap left or right twice and you will perform a dodge roll
Cards you pick up during fights are added to the top of your deck
You use the A button to use cards
Using the L or R buttons will cycle through your cards
To use Enemy cards, hit the select button

Now Donald and Goofy have come back, but not for long, since they 
Only appear in battle when you summon them.

Now you learn what you can do out of battle. In case you forgot that:

Use the control pad to move
Use the A button to swing your keyblade
Use the B button to jump
To open doors, strike them with your keyblade

Now the game gives you the Key of Beginnings Card. Run to the door
And hit it with your keyblade.

We learn what you can do after hitting the door now. 

Use the control pad to select a card
Use the A button to confirm
Use the B button to cancel
The number on the card determines its level 

So use the Moment's Reprieve on the door and save your game
At the save point by pressing A. You will learn about Quick 
Saves, but if you read the a little bit above in the guide, you 
Would already know about that =).

More tutorials...you must hit the barrel and get a Kingdom Key 
(level 1 card) and the Heartless to continue.

The Heartless are easy and each one requires three strikes to defeat.

After the fight, run up to the door and the right of the room to 
proceed. For now, the path is set right in front of you, and you 
only need to make sure that every Heartless in the room is 
gone before proceeding.

Once you get to a room with two ways to leave, clear out all the 
Heartless. Next, you should see a door to your left with a crown 
symbol above it. These doors are special doors that need a certain 
card, along with Numbered Cards, to open it. For this door, it 
requires any card, plus the Key to Beginnings card that you 
received earlier on in the level. Use the cards needed 
on the door and get ready for some story bits.

During the scenes, you learn that Leon and Yuffie don't remember 
Sora, but Sora remembers them. Funny thing about this is 
that Leon and Yuffie know Sora's name, but can't figure out why.

Practice Fight: +     
Leon            +         

This is basically a re-run of the fight with the hooded figure. You 
just learn that higher numbered cards are stronger, and 0 cards 
are very helpful.

The one thing that is important is learning how to stock cards. 
Stocking cards will allow you to use combos or sleights.
To stock cards, you just select the card using L or R and then
Hit both L and R at the same time to stock that card. Stock
3 cards and you can perform either a combo or sleight.

What else to remember? Stocking cards make you lose 
The first card in each combo. If you constantly stock
Cards, you'll be left with two cards in the end-and that's
Not very good...

After you're finished with the practice, you get the Key of
Guidance and Simba cards. 

After the scene, the door you entered has vanished, leaving you
With only one place to go. I tried making a map, but it didn't come
Out to right...>_<. Shouldn't be too much of a trouble, since I 
Recommend that you clear out every room in each world. If not,
I'll just guide you right to each story room.

For story door 2, go up and left. 

I can't really explain this story bit, so let's just move on >_>

Now that you've got the Key to Truth, you can make your
Way to the boss. You can get there by going up and left.

For this door, you need a green card and the Key to Truth.

+Boss Fight:+     
+Guard Armor+ 

My level: 5
My max hp: 110
My cp: 300
My deck: 16/99

Kingdom Key: Level 7
Kingdom Key: Level 6
Kingdom Key: Level 5 (x2)
Kingdom Key: Level 4 (x2)
Kingdom Key: Level 3 (x2)
Kingdom Key: Level 2 (x2)
Kingdom Key: Level 1
Kingdom Key: Level 0
Ice Magic: Level 5
Cure Magic: Level 7
Potion: Level 6
Summon Magic Simba: Level 6


The Mickey Mouse card will make the Guard Armor
Collapse, allowing you to pull off several attacks. 

Really, all you need to do is card break the moves where the
Guard Armor tries to flatten you or spin around really fast.
To break, them, either combo high enough or simple use a zero card.

Hack and slash your way to factory, and claim your Guard Armor card.

After the battle, Aerith tells Sora that, "This town and us are just 
A figment of your imagination." And that Sora should "Beware 
His memories.".

After the rest of the scene, just climb the ladder and save your game.
Yay! More story bits!


During these scenes, we get to see one of these cloaked people. 
As many of you know, his name is Axel. Sadly we have to fight him.
I made no changed to my deck after the last fight, but my hp
Was increased. 

+Boss Fight:+
+Axel       +

Strategy: A rather easy fight. For the most part, just attack Axel
As you would any other enemy. When he stocks three cards to
Use as a sleights, you should immediately stock cards to break his 
Sleight, or you should just use the zero card to break it, as it causes
Quite a bit of damage. Ice magic and Simba also work well here.

For winning the fight, you get some exp and a Fire Magic card and 
Some World Cards. 

After the fight, you see that you have some more World Cards and that-
Oh noes! It's Axel again! No fight this time, but Axel tells Sora to 
Question who is most important to him,  that Sora has, "Forgotten
Forgetting.", and that "When your sleeping memories awaken, you
May no longer be you."...whatever that means.

Oh well. We'll find out soon enough. Onto Wonderland!

+khc_wland  +

After the opening scenes, you get to explore Wonderland. There are
Some new Heartless, but they aren't anything to worry about. Just some
Large Bodies, which can be easily taken care of with Ice Magic and 
Simba, along with two new Heartless, Creeper Plant and Crescendo, 
who are easily defeated with a few strikes from the keyblade.

To get to the first story room, simply go left. It requires a 
Green Card and the Key of Beginnings card.

+Boss Fight:       +       
+Card Soldiers (x9)+   
Level: 09
Hp: 125
CP: 325
No deck changes.

Strategy: Every time that you beat one of them, another spawns
In its place. All you need to do is beat nine of them, which can
Be easily done using Simba, Ice Magic, Donald, Goofy, and if you 
Remembered to put it in, unlike me, Fire Magic. Another good way
To kill them is by getting all three into a small group and performing
The Sliding Dash sleight. It will harm all three of them, and it will 
put you right behind them, giving you time to land a few more strikes.

After the battle you receive the Card Solider and Key of Guidance

To make your way to the second story room, go left and up.

After the scenes, you get the Key to Truth card.

To get to the final Story Room, simply go down, down, down, and right.
The door requires a red card and the Key to Truth card.

+Boss Fight:+

Same deck as the last fight.

Level: 11
HP: 140
Max XP: 375

Strategy: For a good portion of the fight, you can actually hide
Behind the Trick Master. He will still be able to attack you,
But most of his attacks won't reach in time before you can card 
Break them. 

The Mickey Mouse card will cause a table to appear in the room,
Allowing you to use Ice, Simba, Donald, and or Goofy. 

For winning you receive the Trickmaster card.

After the scenes, just climb the vine, save your game, and proceed.


During the scenes, Goofy recalls the events that happened during
Hollow Bastion in the first game and that everything from Jiminy
Cricket's journal of the first game was erased. We see a quick scene
of a blonde haired girl drawing a picture, and Donald questions
how Jiminy's journal was erased...only to learn that, in Castle
Oblivion, the further you go, the more memories Sora loses, with
the only exception being his friends.

Save your game and go to the door. We're off to Agrabah!

+Agrabah: +
+khc_agra +

After the first scene, we have a minor fight. It's just some weak
Heartless that can be easily taken care of with your keyblade cards.

When you can control Sora on the map, if you want to go straight to
the first story room, head right, up, up, right, down. The door
requires a 3 and a 7 card, along with the Key to Beginnings card.

After the next story bits, you are given the Key of Guidance card,
and are told to go to the palace. Well, let's get going!

If you want to just skip right to the next story room, head down
and right. This door requires a green card and the Key of Guidance

During the scenes, some Heartless come, and sinc Alladin only has
one wish left, it's up to Sora to get rid of the Heartless. It's
an easy fight, and the only Heartless that may give you trouble
is the Fat Bandit, but they are only a slightly stronger version
of the Large Bodies you previously fought. For winning, you get
get an Ether and the Key to Truth cards.

To make it to the final door, which I recommend doing after clearing
out the world of Heartless, go up, up, left. The door requires a 3
or lower level card, and the Key to Truth card.

+Boss Fight: +
+Genie Jafar +

Level: 13
HP: 145
CP: 375


Kingdom Key-Level 9 (x1)
Lady Luck-Level 9 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 8 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 7 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 6 (x1)
Kingdom Key-Level 5 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 0 (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 6 (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 5 (x1)
Cure Magic-Level 9 (x1)
Cure Magic-Level 7 (x1)
Potiob-Level 6 (x1)

Small, yes, but rather powerful. If you can't figure out where I
got all those high level cards, I made like a bandit in a Moogle 
Shop and bought every pack that the shop had.

I also realize that my level is rather low, but I used a lot of
Calm Bounty cards >_>. My level should be higher after the next
world, hopefully by quite a bit.

Strategy: In all seriousness, this guy is a piece of cake.
Most of his attacks are low leveld, and can be broken by just about 
any card you use that is above level 4 will prevent him from
making any attacks at all. Just hack and slash the lamp above in
order to beat him. If that wasn't easy enough, the Mickey card
raises all the platforms, giving you a lot of time to fire
off some strikes. If you are reloading and he attacks, simply
run or jump around them. With the exception of the meteor, all
of his attacks can be avoided by running away from them, or jumping
over them. For the meteor, if the platforms are raised, hide behind
one of them =). You gain the Jafar and Genie cards for winning.

After the battle, climb the ladder and save. Feel free to leave
the area when you're ready.


During the next few scenes, it seems that Sora, Donald, and Goofy
still remember why they came to Castle Oblivion in the first place:
to find King Mickey and Riku.

Next we see a scene where Axel talks to another cloaked person, 
only this one is female. This new person is a blonde chick named 
Larxene, and she mentions that Axel is a bit obsessed with
Sora-and for a good reason: Sora is one of the only two people
to ever lose their heart, and still keep their feelings and 
memories. Axel also tells us that he and Larxene are in a
group called "The Organization", and the group studies
the mysteries of the heart.

Save your game when the scenes are over, and head up the stairs and
to the door. Pick Monstro as your next card, and get ready to go.

+Monstro: +

This world may not seem like much...but it has a rather difficult
fight later on in the world. Don't worry about that now, though.

As for new Heartless, we have Search Ghosts and Tornado Steps. Both
can be defeated by Ice spells or just plain keyblade attacks if you
use enough of them.

To get to the first door, just head left, up, left, down. The door
requires an 8 or higher card and the Key to Beginnings card. The 8
or higher can be tricky, but a 0 card can easily eliminate that.

After the scenes, you receive the Key of Guidance card. In order to
get to the second door, just go up and right. The door requires a
level 1 or higher card and the Key of Guidance card.

+Boss Fight:  +
+Parasite Cage+


Current Deck:

Kingdom Key-Level 9 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 8 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 7 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 0 (x1)
Lady Luck-Level 9 (x2)
Ice Magic-Level 6 (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 5 (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 0 (x1)
Cure Magic-Level 9 (x2)
Potion-Level 0 (x1)

Strategy: The Mickey card will give you a short period of time in
wich you don't have to worry about platforms when attacking, as it
gives you a platform that follows you for a short period of time.
After a certain point of the battle, the Parasite Cage will slam
its tentacles down and make the platforms smaller. No big deal, you
just have to be a little more accurate with your jumps. If you are
worried about the acid killing you, then just jump onto the platform 
closest to the Parasite Cage's mouth and use a melee of attacks when
you pass the mouth. Repeat this process, while healing when needed,
and you should be able to take him down within three minutes-I know
I did.

After the battle and scenes, you receive the Key to Truth card. In
order to get to the door, you have to go left, up, up, left. Before
you open the door, I suggest making your deck only attack cards. Why?
You'll see in a minute. As for the door, it requires a red, green,
and the Key to Truth cards.

+Boss Fight:  +
+Shadows      +


Current Deck:

Kingdom Key-Level 9 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 8 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 7 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 6 (x1)
Kingdom Key-Level 5 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 0 (x1)

Lady Luck-Level 9 (x2)
Lady Luck-Level 7 (x1)
Lady Luck-Level 6 (x2)
Three Wishes-Level 6 (x1)
Three Wishes-Level 5 (x2)
Potion-Level 3 (x1)
Potion-Level 1 (x1)

Ok, so you don't need the Potion's but they help quite a bit.

Strategy: In the battle, you have to continuously kill Heartless. If
you begin to slow down, you will have to raise the meter back up again.
If it hits zero after a certain amount of time, the battle will end 
and you will have to start it again. This is a very annoying fight, but
it goes really quick if you can complete it correctly. The best method
I thought of was to keep on using keyblade cards until you run out, 
then use the Potions, or reload as fast as you can. The meter rises as
you kill Heartless, so just keep on killing 'em! When it flashes 
yellow, just kill all the Heartless on the screen to win the battle.
Likewise, if it flashes red, you need to kill more Heartless to keep 
the meter from depleting. For winning, you receive the Dumbo card.

Note:If you complete The Coloseum already, Cloud helps out as well, but
in this file, I do not have Cloud, and cannot use that in my strategy.

After the scenes, fix you deck so that it has magic and such. Save
your game and leave when ready.


In the next few scenes, we see Sora try and recall the blonde girl's
name. He can't seem to remember, until something sparks in his head:

There was another girl on Destiny Islands. Her and Sora used to be
good friends, until one day she just left...

Sadly, Sora still doesn't remember her name. Well, I'm sure we'll
find out soon enough. For now, onto Olympus Coliseum.

+Olympus Coliseum: +
+khc_coli          +

First off, the new Heartless in this world are Powerwilds and 
Bouncwilds. Nothing special, just a stronger version of the Soliders.

To get to the first door, just go right, up, right, right. The door
requires a couple of cards that equal 20 or higher in value and the 
Key to Beginnings card. After the scenes, you receive the Key of
Guidance Card.

If you want to skip straight to the next room, head left, down, down
but I suggest levelling up, since the next boss is quite tough. The
door requires a red card and a 5 or lower card, along with the Key
of Guidance. Proceed with caution.

+Boss Fight: +
+Cloud       +


Current Deck:

Kingdom Key-Level 9 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 8 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 7 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 0 (x2)
Lady Luck-Level 9 (x2)
Ice Magic-Level 6 (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 5 (x1)
Fire Magic-Level 7 (x1)
Cure Magic-Level 9 (x2)
Potion-Level 9 (x1)

Strategy-0 cards ahoy! Break his combos ASAP. If you don't well, just
don't say I didn't warn you. To dish out damage, melee as much as you
can before countering his combo. Heal when needed, as always. If you
just let him keep up his Omni and Cross slashes, you'll be dead within
seconds. Ice and Fire Magic work very well.You get a Hi-Potion for 

With the Key to Truth card in hand, head up, left, up, right, right, 
up. The door requires a zero card, I hope you have one. Just throw
the Key to Truth card ontop and get ready to go.

+Boss Fight: +
+Hades       +

Level/CP/Deck/HP same as the Cloud fight.

Strategy: Without a doubt the hardest boss so far. I died for the first
time against him. If you expected to button mash your way through, you
are sadly mistaken. In this fight, you have to constantly dodge roll,
attack when you get the chance, and blow Hades away with Ice Magic
along the way. Curing is essential, or else you are guaranteed the game 
over screen. As with Cloud, break Hades combo ASAP. I'm not kidding 
either. For winning, you receive the Hades and Cloud cards.

Climb the ladder, save your game, and leave.

+Interlude +

We learn that the blonde girl from Sora's memories liked to draw a lot,
she was quiet, and she was quite good at what she drew.

Also, we learn that by losing memories, the ones that lay deep inside
of Sora will awaken.

Now we have a scene with Larxene and Axel. It appears that Larxene
wants to have a little fun with Sora, and that her and Axel are trying
to take the Organization-whatever that means.

Save your game if you want, and head up to the door. We've only got
one card left, so let's get going to Halloween Town.

+Halloween Town:+
+khc_hallo      +

Within the first few seconds, we are greeted with a fight. The battle
is easy-it's only a few Heartless. The only problem might be the new
Heartless, the Wight Knights. They shouldn't be much trouble though,
and a few keyblade attacks should do the trick. 

After the fight, you receive the Key of Beginnings card, along with
learning the skill "Terror". I'm sure you want to get to the next door,
so just head right, up, left. The door requires a 3 and a 4 card, which
may be a bit tricky to find, but you should have both if you've been
fighting Heartless like you're supposed to. ^_^

During the scenes, Dr. Finklestein talks about true memories. He says
that all memories become warped or faded, some may grow ugly, while
others grow more beautiful.

After the scenes, you receive the Key of Guidance card. Though I
really recommend fighting Heartless if you haven't been doing so
lately, you don't absolutely need to. 

To get to the next door, head right, up, up, right, down. The door
requires a 6 and a 7 card, plus the Key of Guidance card. These
may be even harder to get, as high level cards seem to be a rarer
drop then lower levelled cards.

After the scenes, you will receive the Key to Truth card. The way
to the next door is rather long, so it is a perfect place to level
up, or just run around the Heartless >_>.

To get to the final story door, and a boss, head down, right, right,
right, down. The door requires a 3 or lower red, plus a combination
of cards to equal 30 or higher. That's quite an expensive door
they've got there. ^_~

+Boss Fight: +
+Oogie Boogie+


Current Deck:

Kingdom Key-Level 9 (x2)
Kingdom Key-Level 8 (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 7 (x1)
Kingdom Key-Level 0 (x2)
Lady Luck-Level 9 (x2)
Three Wishes-Level 0 (x1)
Pumpkinhead-Level 0 (x1)
Fire Magic-Level 7 (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 6 (x1)
Cure Magic-Level 9 (Premium, x1)
Cure Magic-Level 9 (x1)
Cure Magic-Level 7 (x1)
Cloud-Level 4 (x1)
Potion-Level 9 (x1)
Ether-Level 7 (x1)

Strategy:I really don't think anybody needs a strategy for this fight.
I didn't get hit at all the entire fight...I'm not sure if you CAN get
hit during the fight. Just break his attacks to lower the gate. After
three breaks, the gate will be lowered completely and you can jump up
and slaughter Oogie. Just repeat the process a few times and you'll
have him beat within a minute or two.

After the battle, we learn something very interesting. When a person's
true memories awaken, it causes an inbalance in the person's heart,
and anything can happen when that occurs. What will happen if that 
happens to Sora? Well...that's something that Chain of Memories doesn't

After the scenes, climb the ladder and save. Leave when you're ready.

+Interlude +

When the scene starts, we see Larxene in the oppostie side of the room.
She tells us that the bad guys are holding the blonde girl hostage in 
the upper levels of the castle, but Larxene is a bad guy, so we have to 
fight her.

We also learn the blonde girl's name, it's Namine. We also learn that
she gave Sora charm...but...wasn't that the charm that Kairi gave Sora?

+Boss Fight: +
+Larxene     +

Everything is the same as it was during the Oogie Boogie fight.

Strategy: Larxene uses Thunder attacks, so they may be a bit hard to
avoid. This fight requires a bit of strategy, since Larxene is quick
and has a move that will stun you if it hits. For the moving around,
I suggest waiting for her to jump somewhere, and quickly dodge roll
to where she is, followed by a combo attack. For the stunning move,
it's a sleight, and it takes a little while to activate, so you can
either break it with your own sleight, a zero card, or, if you can
move right under or on top of her. This will make her go to where you
are standing, and since you aren't to the side of her, the sleight 
will automatically stop. For winning, you are rewarded with the
Thunder magic.

Next, we learn that another Organization member, Vexen, has created an
experiment that he'd like to test on Sora.

Save your game and run up to the door, we've got a new set of World 

+Atlantica: +
+khc_atla   +

After the opening scenes, we receive the Key of Beginnings card. I 
really don't think I need to tell you to fight Heartless, so from now
on, I won't. To get to the first door, go left, left, down. 
Surprisingly, the door only requires any red card along with the Key of
Beginnings card.

After the scenes, we are given the Key of Guidance card. To get to the
second story room, head right, up, right. The door requires a green 
card and the Key of Guidance card to enter. Lemme guess, the last one
requires a blue card?

After the next set of scenes, we get the Key to Truth card. If you want
to just go right to it, you can find the final story door by heading
left, left, left, left, down. Suprise, surprise! The final door 
requiresa blue card and the Key to Truth card.

+Boss Fight: +
+Ursula      +
Level: 30
HP: 260
CP: 550
Current Deck is the same as the Larxene fight.
Strategy: This can be a difficult fight if you don't know what you're
doing. First off, you have to destroy one of the front tentacles to
get a shot at her head. During the time that you can attack her head,
unleash as many combos on her as you can. Break all of her attacks, as
they all can damage you badly. At points, she will run off the screen
for a short period of time. When she does this, HEAL. If you are in
dangerously low health, pray that she goes off the screen, as it
allows you to hit 2-3 Cure's before you have to worry about Ursula
breaking them. The Mickey Mouse card raises the platform you're on,
and allows you to continuously attack her head for a short period of
time. For winning, you are rewarded with the Ursula card.

Climb the ladder and save your game. As always, leave when ready.

+Interlude +

We start off this interlude with a bang. A favorite character of mine
appears: Riku. He seems to have a problem with Sora...mainly because
he came all this way looking for Riku, but now it's all about Namine.
Riku also says that Namine doesn't want to see Sora. Now, why wouldn't
she? To top everything, Riku tells Sora to go home, because he can take
care of Namine, plus, anyone who tries to go near Namine is Riku's 
enemy. Riku transforms into his dark form, and we have to fight him.

+Boss Fight: +
+Riku        +

Level: 31
HP: Same as Ursula
CP: 575
Deck: Same, I forgot to upgrade it.
Strategy: Not a very difficult fight. Riku just jumps around most of
your attacks, but if you continuously break his attacks with yours, he
won't be able to dodge most of the time. Cloud almost never hits, since
will often either break it or dodge it completely. Just combo Cloud
with two cards and break Riku's attack for Cloud to hit. The downside
is that Cloud has to be the first card in the combo, and you won't
be able to use him at all after that. If you need to heal, wait until
Riku reloads, as he does so often. Surprisingly, Riku doesn't use
combos, and the zero card(s) he has in his deck never see the light
of day. For winning, you get the Aero magic card.

After the battle, Riku runs away from Sora, who follows as fast as he
can. When Riku is nowhere to be found, Sora wonders what's wrong. 
Donald wants to know as well, since King Mickey was with Riku, so if
something happened to Riku, something happened to Mickey. Jiminy 
says that Riku probably lost the memory of Sora and him being friends.
Well, we'll just have to see what's up by going further in the castle.

Save your game and head up the stairs, we're going to Neverland.

+Neverland: +
+khc_never  +

Before we even start, I'm going to warn you: The boss of this world
is probably the third or fourth hardest in the entire game. Make
sure you are prepared to fight it.

First off, I'll tell you about the new Heartless. We've got Pirates,
who have a nasty attack that will temporarily stun Sora. They'll raise
their sword and run at you while doing this attack, so you'll know when
to break it. Next we have Air Pirates, who are just a stronger version
of Gargoyles.

Right after the opening scenes, we get the Key of Beginnings card.
Now, though I said I wouldn't, I'm telling you that you NEED to fight
Heartless in this level. If you don't the boss will surely beat you.
The only exception to this rule is if you went insane before and 
levelled up to around level 36-39 before. (You can be slightly
lower in level, or slightly higher to win, it doesn't matter.)

To get to the first story door, head right, up, right. The door
requires a 5 card, which may be a bit diffcult to find, as it is a
single number. Well, just watch the scenes and get the Key of Guidance

To get to the second story room, simply go down, right, down. This
door requires a 6 card, which is just as difficult to obtain as a 5.
After these scenes, you receive the Key to Truth card.

To get to the final door, and the hardest boss yet, go up, up, up,

+Boss Fight: +
+Captain Hook+

Level: 33
HP: 275
CP: 575
Current Deck:

Kingdom Key-Level 9  (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 8  (x3)
Kingdom Key-Level 7  (x1)
Kingdom Key-Level 0  (x2)
Lady Luck-Level 9    (x2)
Wishing Star-Level 8 (x2)
Olympia-Level 8      (x1)
Three Wishes-Level 8 (x1)
Three Wishes-Level 0 (Premium, x1)
Pumpkinhead-Level 0  (x1)
Potion-Level 9       (x1)
Fire Magic-Level 7   (x1)
Ice Magic-Level 6    (x1)
Cure-Level 9         (Premium, x1)
Cure-Level 9         (x1)
Cure-Level 7         (x1)
Cloud-Level 4        (x4)

Strategy: Ok. What you need to do is break every sleight he uses.
He will either throw several bombs at you, which all explode upon
impact, or he will rush at you and hit you with several strikes.
Both are very devastating to your HP, and they will make you be
rushing to cure. Other then that, Hook is relatively easy. Be sure
to break his attacks with attacks of your own to gaurantee that
they will hit-Hook likes to jump a lot. The shifting floor doesn't
help in this fight, either. You really need to have mastered dodge
rolling for this fight if you want to stay alive. You get the
Captain Hook card for winning, and that card is the second best
enemy card in the entire game.

After the scene, you receive the Tinkerbell card. When you're ready,
climb the ladder and save your game. We've only got two world cards

+Interlude: +

We see Riku again. He begins to tell Sora to leave, and that he would
never go back to Destiny Islands; his place was in Castle Oblivion, 
with Namine. Sora says that he's going to jog Riku's memory by fighting
him. Guess what we have to do...

+Boss Fight: +
+Riku II     +

Level: 34
HP: Same as the Hook fight
CP: 600
Current Deck: Same as the Hook fight
Strategy: This is pretty much just a repeat of the previous fight, but
with a few minor tweaks. In this fight, Riku uses sleights, but it 
takes him so long stock it, that you can be already set to counter it 
by the time he gets the second card stocked. He also has much higher 
levelled cards, but they are still easily broken by 9s and 8s. For 
winning, you get absolutely nothing. >_> You do, however, receive the
Warpinator ability in the next scene.

After the battle, Riku once again runs away, leaving Sora in the dust.

Next, we see a scene with Axel talking to Namine. Axel says, 
"Don't get your hopes up. Nobodies can't be somebodies", but follows
up by telling Namine that he's sure there's something she could do.

After that, Sora questions why him and Riku are fighting if they both
want the same thing: to protect Namine. Wait...after that, Donald 
forgets Kairi's name. That's never good.

Well, we've got two world cards left, we might as well head up the
stairs and use one of them. Onto Hollow Bastion.

+Hollow Bastion: +
+khc_ holl       +

Well, the infamous level from Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion. The
area where most of the first game's story unfolded. It only seems
right to return here in Chain of Memories.

After the opening scenes, we receive the Key of Beginnings card.
To get to the first door, go up, up, up, up, left. Watch the scenes,
and get the Key of Guidance card. 

To reach the second story door, just head down, down, right, down, 
right. The door requires a 9 card, which is extremely difficult to get.
So, for your sake, I hope you've been fighting Heartless a lot.

After the scenes, we receive the Key to Truth card. The only place left
to go is up, up, left, left. This door is even hard, as it requires a
1 card, which, imo, are the most difficult type of card to find.

+Boss Fight:      +
+Dragon Maleficent+

Level: 35
HP: 290
CP: Same
Deck: Same
Strategy: A bit of a tough fight. Dragon Maleficent was the first boss
since Hades to put me into flashing health. To obtain the Mickey Mouse
card, which is almost needed to win, destroy one of the flames. The
card will drop some rocks down for you to jump on and unleash some 
attacks on Maleficent. Be warned though, she can still attack you by
throwing her head forward. She will also often break your Cures, and
she never reloads, since most of her attacks use one card, but strike
multiple times. Be sure to break as many attacks as you can, since she
never uses sleights. To attack her, you must jump up, so it is hard
to land combos on her. You get the Dragon Maleficent card for winning.

Climb the ladder, save your game, and leave. We've got one world card
left, and it's the 100 Acre Wood card.

+Interlude +

It seems like Riku doesn't want to fight anymore. Next we have a scene
with Vexen, Larxene, and Axel. From the looks of it, Vexen's experiment
isn't following his orders anymore. Wait! Vexen's experiment is Riku!
What's this? Another Organization member! This one is named Marluxia.
It appears that Marluxia is the keeper of the castle, and he calls the
shots. And right now, he's ordring Vexen to kill Sora, or his failed
experiment will be reported to the superior, who Vexen obviously fears.

In the next scene, we learn of a promise that Sora made to Namine. He
promised to protect her from anything that tries to hurt her.

Well, save your game and head out, we've got the last world card.
Thankfully, it's a world without fighting: 100 Acre Wood.

+100 Acre Wood: +
+khc_100        +

There is no fighting or key collecting in this world. Rather, it's just
a big hunt for Pooh's friends. I'll take you step by step through, so
you can help Pooh find all of his friends.

Rabbit-Hop into the cart at the start of the level, later on, some
cabbages will begin to roll down the hill. Hit 10 of them and Rabbit
will come.
Reward: Synchro
Piglet-Have Pooh walk up to Piglet to initiate a scene.
Reward: Confuse
Owl-Find a large set of balloons and have Pooh walk up to them.
Reward: Spellbinder
Roo-Have Pooh fall into the hole with footprints next to it
Reward: Elixer
Tigger- Watch Tigger's pattern, and then run down the road a bit to
some more stumps. Repeat Tigger's pattern, with Pooh following you.
Reward: Idyll Romp
Eyore-Have Pooh run into the beehive.
Reward: Bind

After you complete these tasks, just guide Pooh to the end of the
level. Pooh gives you the Bambi card.

+Interlude +

Well, they wasted no time in giving us a scene. Vexen reveals that he
was the one that turned Riku against Sora. Not taking much liking to
this, Sora decided to fight Vexen.

+Boss Fight: +
+Vexen       +

Everything is the same as the previous fight.
Strategy: This fight is a pain. Vexen has a sheild, so you have to
strike from behind Vexen. If that wasn't enough, Vexen constantly
uses sleights, and has two elixers to reload his deck when he needs
to. Thankfully, Vexen is not very fast, and you can easily run around
him to attack. If you hit a combo, you should be able to hit off six
attacks before he finally turns around. Just continuously run or
dodge roll around Vexen and strike. You get a Mega-Ether card for

After the fight, Vexen seems to have lost it. He gives Sora a world
card that is "carved from the memories on the other side of Sora's 

Next, we have a scene with Larxene, Axel, and Marluxia. Since Vexen
gave Sora that card, he may have caused harm to their plan. They
have one shot to stop him, and that's by Axel assassinating him.

Well, it's the only place left to go, so let's head to Twilight Town.

+Twilight Town: +
+khc+twil       +

Ah, such peaceful music. Good job at composing this, Square.

Upon entering, we learn that Sora doesn't remember this place at all.
Donald figures that he probably just forgot it while climbing
Castle Oblivion. Sora continues on and mentions a promise he made to
Namine. When they were little, there was a meteor shower, and Namine
got afraid, so Sora said that he would hit any meteors that started
to fall back into space if they came close to Namine. The screen then
turns back and Namine appears behind Sora. She says that everything
that's happened was her fault. Why would she say that?

After the scenes, we receive the Key of Beginnings card. To get to
the first story door, head right, up, up, left. The door requires a
five or higher, a five or lower, and a blue card, plus the the Key
of Beginnings card.

Sora comments on how familiar the area seems, but he has no memories
of it, just a feeling of it being familiar. Of course, Vexen appears
with a question: Which is more real to Sora? His memories of Namine?
Or his familiarity the he feels in Twilight Town? 

Obviously, Sora responds with Namine, thinking that anything in 
Twilight Town is just an illusion. Vexen, to make things even more
complicated, says that the other side of Sora's heart remembers
this place. Sora disregards that comment, but Vexen puts him in his
place by saying "If you remain bound by the chains of memory, and
refuse to believe your heart...then you may as well throw your heart
away. You're no Keyblade master, no master of anything-just a slave to
twisted memories". Sora doesn't take to kindly to this, and rushes 
towards Vexen.

+Boss Fight: +
+Vexen II    +

Level: 38
HP: 305
CP: 625
Deck: Same as last fight

Strategy: This Vexen is much more aggressive than the previous battle.
He uses sleights much more frequently, and moves around a lot faster,
making it even harder to hit him from behind. Even with that added
difficulty, Square still managed to make it harder by giving Vexen
the Auto-Life ability, which raises his health back up 50% of the 
final bar. Not very nice... The key here is to get close to Vexen
and having him use a rather long attack, then running behind him
and nailing as many strikes as possible. If you try it any other
way, Vexen will turn around and block with a shield. Cloud also
works, but Vexen seems to have grasped the concept of zero cards.
For winning, you are rewarded with the best enemy card in the game:

After the fight, Vexen is dumbfounded that Sora defeated him. Sora
tells Vexen to put Riku back to the way he was, but Vexen says that
Sora needs to worry about himself, because if he doesn't, he will
lose his heart and become Marluxia's pawn. Just before Vexen can say
anymore, Axel comes and silences Vexen forever, but not without giving
away some pretty nice information. Axel says that him and Vexen are
nobodies, they have no one to be, but just "are", and now Vexen can be
nothing instead of just being nobody. Sora asks Axel what are the
Organization members, but Axel can only respond with "Wish I knew the
answer to that myself". This is getting even more complex as the game
goes by, when it's supposed to get less complex. >_<

Climb the ladder and save your game. Leave when you're ready-we've got
little left to cover in Sora's Story.

+Interlude +

We immedietly get a scene with Axel, Larxene, Marluxia. They talk about
how easy it will be to take over the Organization now, and Axel asks
if that's where Sora enters this scheme. Marluxia says that he is
correct, and walks over to Namine, telling her that she will soon see
Sora. Marluxia and Larxene remind her of her mission, and not to spill
the beans to Sora. Then Marluxia and Larxene vanish, and Namine feels
bad about Sora coming to help her.

Back to Sora, Riku is back, and he is warning Sora that he will hurt
Namine if he goes any further. When Sora tells Riku to stop trying to
fight him, Riku says thathes protecting Namine because he made a 
promise to her. Wait...it's the same promise that Sora made to Namine!
But how can this be? I'm guessing we'll find out soon, as the game is
almost over. Riku calls Sora a liar, and rushes forwards to fight.

+Boss Fight: +
+Riku III    +

Level: 39
HP: 320
CP: 625
Deck: Same as the Vexen fight.
Strategy: This is the exact same fight as before, except Riku uses
zero cards more than anything to attack. You can just wait for him to
attack and break his attacks as he uses them. Just make sure that you
have xero cards within scrolling range, because he likes to use Dark
Firaga quite often. For winning, you receive the Mega-Potion card.

After the battle, Riku once again runs off, and he drops the good
luck charm he has as he does so. Sora goes to run after him, but
stops at the charm. As Sora picks it up, the charm begins to float
and it turns into a world card-the final world card.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy get into a fight because of Namine, and
Sora runs off into Castle Oblivion alone.

Well…it took several months to find my game again, so the deck is 
different, level is higher, and I may have no strategies. The only real 
thing to be worried about is how much my level increased since the last 
update. Just remember that you can easily beat the game in the 40s, so 
don’t worry.

+Destiny Islands: +
+khc+disl         +

My level: 50
Current HP: 350
Current CP:800
Current Deck:

Attack Cards:

Kingdom Key-Level 9
Pumpkinhead-Level 9
Lady Luck-Level 9
Three Wishes-Level 9
Kingdom Key-Level 8 (x7)
Three Wishes-Level 8 (x2)
Pumpkinhead-Level 8
Kingdom Key-Level 0 (x3)


Potion-Level 9


Cure-Level 9
Cure-Level 8
Cure-Level 7

Enemy Cards:

Captain Hook
Barrel Spider
Oogie Boogie
Air Soldier (x2)

We start off with Sora on the beach talking about how this is where he 
and Namine grew up. Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie come and Sora can’t 
recall their names. After a few moments, he does remember (mainly 
because they say each other’s names. They decide to leave Sora alone to 
get some time with “her.” After the scene we get the Key of Beginnings.

Defeat all the enemies in your path and head left, up, 

+Appendix:  +
+khc_appx   +
This is where you will find all excess information that didn't fit
in the walkthrough.

+khc_peeps  +
All of the information about these characters was taken
Straight from the Journal. 

|Characters 1: |

Sora: A bright and spirited boy chosen by the Keyblade to
Battle the Heartless. It was Sora who defeated Ansem, ending
His plans to shroud the world in darkness. However, Sora
Continues on his journey, seeking the friends he lost during
The struggle.

Donald Duck: Court wizard at Disney Castle who set out with
Goofy after the king's disappearance. His short temper sometimes
Gets him into trouble, but he is very brave. Donald is currently 
seeking clues to what happened to the king after he was locked 
behind the door to darkness. 

Goofy: Captain of the Disney Castle Royal Knights. He set out with
Donald after the king's disappearance. He is cheerful and calm, and 
No one is more loyal to the king. Goofy and Sora are especially good 

Jiminy Cricket: That's right, me again. I'm keeping a journal of 
everyone's adventures. I also act as Pinocchio's conscience, so he'll 
know right from wrong.

Riku: Sora's childhood friend. Baited by the darkness and used by 
Maleficent and Ansem, Riku once fought against Sora, In order to seal 
The door to darkness, Riku stayed with the king on the other side.
His current whereabouts are unknown. Sora journey in hopes of
Finding Riku.

Kairi: Sora's childhood friend. Sora's journey began as a search 
For Kairi, who disappeared when their island home was swallowed
By darkness. Kairi was held captive by the darkness, but thanks to
Sora, she and the islands were saved. She waits there for Sora and
Riku's return. 

Simba: Successor to his father as ruler of the Pride Lands. 
Sora need only call and Simba will appear and lend his strength.

Dumbo-A small elephant born into a circus. The other animals laughed
at his big ears, but the courage to fly made Dumbo the star of the
circus. If Sora calls, Dumbo will come to the rescue.

Bambi-A young deer prince whose father is king of the Forest. Sora can
call on Bambi for help anytime.

The Moogles-A strange race that seems to pop up just about anywhere.
In Castle Oblivion, the moogles run shops where Sora can trade in 
unwanted cards.

Leon: A cool and collected swordsman who wields a gunblade.
His real name is Squall Leonhart. Leon once fought with Sora
Against the Heartless, but the Leon we met in Castle Oblivion
Is a product of Sora's memory, so he can't remember much of 
What happened before.

Yuffie: A girl whose cheerful personality belies her painful memories.
When she was still young the Heartless robbed her of her home.
Never one to sweat the small stuff, Yuffie seems unfazed by her 
Fuddled memory.

Aerith: A young woman who fought the Heartless. Her calm 
Demeanor hides an unbreakable will. Aerith also has a mysterious
Sense of truth, and is aware that Traverse Town and its inhabitants
Are a figment of Sora's memory.

Cid: A gifted pilot who saved Leon and others from the Heartless
When they were just children. Cid lives in Traverse Town now.

Cloud: A swordsman hired by Hades to take out Hercules. Cloud seeks
the true memories he has lost. Were they memories of someone dear to
him, or memories of his own hazy past?

Axel: A mysterious figure who stands in Sora's path. Hard to read,
Half the time Axel seems to just be messing around...but for all we 
know, he's done more thinking than everyone else put together.

Larxene-A member of the group that controls Castle Oblivion. Larxene
is unfeeling and loves nothing more than to bring other people down.
She is on good terms with Axel but still mocks everyone and trusts no

Vexen-A man absorbed in his dubious research in Castle Oblivion. Vexen
tried to destroy Sora by controlling Riku and pitting the two against
each other. When his plan failed, he confronted Sora personally.

|Characters 2: |

Alice: A curious girl who fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.
Alice was falsely accused of stealing the Queen of Heart's memory and 
put on trial, but we intervened and helped her clear her name.

The Queen of Hearts: A selfish ruler who commands an army of card
Soldiers. A Heartless stole the Queen's memory, but she accused Alice
And put her on trial.

The White Rabbit: A loyal retainer of the Queen of Hearts. He always
Carries out the Queens orders, no matter what they may be.

Card of Hearts/Spades: Guards in the service of the Queen of Hearts.
They fear her temper and will do anything she orders.

The Cheshire Cat: A mysterious, grinning cat who always talks in 
riddles. He appears when you least expect it, and disappears 
whenever he pleases.

Hercules-Son of the gods Zeus and Hera, but not a god himself. With
godlike strength and a gentle heart, Hercules is a true hero. He has
never lost at the Coliseum games.

Philocetes-Trainer of countless heroes, including Hercules. Nowadays
Phil runs the Coliseum and manages the games.

Hades-Ruler of the Underworld. Hades can't stand Hercules. He tricked
Cloud into challenging Hercules to the death, but we put an end to his

Alladin-A young man who lives in Agrabah and dreams of meeting
Princess Jasmine. Alladin became Genie's master when he found the
magic lamp. At first Alladin wanted to become a prince and impress
Jasmine, but in the end he gave Genie his freedom and decided to
show Jasmine his true self.

Genie-Captive of the magic lamp. Genie must grant the lamp's holder
three wishes. He longs for freedom, but can only get it if someone
uses a wish to set him free.

Jasmine-Princess of Agrabah. Jasmine feels cooped up in the palace
and longs for the freedom outside its walls.

Iago-A cunning and chatty parrot. Iago flies about Agrabah, serving
as the evil Jafar's eyes and ears.

Jafar-A sorcerer and Agrabah's royal vizier. Jafar stole the magic
lamp from Alladin and, with Genie's power, schemed to become ruler
of Agrabah.

Jafar (Genie)-Jafar's genie form. After taking the magic lamp from
Alladin, Jafar wished for the powers of a genie and tried to do
us in.

Jack-Halloween Town's master of the macabre. Jack is always looking
for new ways to bring the spooks and shivers of Halloween to all.

Sally-Dr.Finkelstein's helper at the lab. He created her from various
odds and ends. Sally is secretly in love with Jack.

Dr.Finkelstein-The mad scientist of Halloween Town. He's always
immersed in his odd experiments. This time Dr.Finkelstein came up with
a potion to restore true memories, only to have it guzzled by Oogie

Oogie Boogie-A villain who's always plotting against Jack. Oogie Boogie
stole Dr.Finkelstein's potion thinking it would make him stronger, but
it drover him mad with fear instead.

Pinocchio-A wooden puppet Gepetto made, brought to life by the Blue
Fairy. To become a real boy, Pinocchi has to learn bravery, kindness,
and honesty. He and Gepetto were swallowed by Monstro, but they escaped 
with a little help from us.

Gepetto-A gentle and earnest clockmaker who carved Pinocchio from a 
block of wood. Gepetto was swallowed by Monstro, boat and all, while
searching for Pinocchio. The two were reunited inside the giant whale,
and escaped with our help.

Ariel-The daughter of King Triton who longs to see the outside world.
Worried by Flounder's disappearance, Ariel was cajoled by Ursula into
forking over the king's trident. We helped Ariel save flounder and
recover the trident, and she resolved to tell her father the truth.

Sebastian-Triton's music director and Ariel's guardian. Sebastian is
constantly Ariel for her escapades, but only because he worries for
her safety.

Flounder-A young fish. He's not exactly brave, but Flounder is Ariel's
most loyal friend. Ursula kidnapped Flounder as part of her plan to
trick Ariel and steal the trident.

Ursula-The sea witch. She once lived in the palace, but was banished
for her scheming. Ursula deceived Ariel and stole the trident in an
attempt to rule all Atlantica.

Peter Pan-A boy who lives in Never Land, where no one ever grows up.
Peter can be stubborn, but deep down he's brave and just. He was upset
that Wendy wanted to return to London, but in the end he wished her

Tinker Bell-A fairy with a jealous streak, especially when Peter pays
attention to other girls.

Wendy-A dreamy English girl. Peter showed her the way to Never Land.
Wendy really likes Peter, but decided to return home to London.

Hook-A pirate who holds a grudge against Peter Pan. Hook kidnapped
Wendy to lure Peter out. Normally proud, Hook falls to pieces the
moment the crocodile that took his hand shows up.

The Beast-A prince transformed into a beast because of his selfishness.
Meeting Belle restored humanity to his heart. Though stunned by Belle's
cold behavior, his faith in their love never wavered.

Belle-A young woman who saw kindness behind the Beast's gruff exterior.
Realizing Maleficent sought her heart, Belle acted coldly toward the
Beast to keep her heart beyond the witch's reach.

Maleficent-A witch who commands the darkness. Sora faced Maleficent
and her Heartless once before. She stole Belle's heart to perfect her
dark powers, though Belle had seen through her plan.

Dragon Maleficent-Maleficent's dragon form. Her own sorcery mingled
with the vast powers of darkness made Maleficent a fearful opponent.

Winnie the Pooh-A bear who lives in the base of a tree in the Hundred
Acre Wood. Pooh loves to eat-especially honey. He's gentle and 
easygoing, but a little absent-minded.

Piglet-Pooh's closest friend. Piglet is very shy, and when he's 
surprised he covers his eyes with his floppy ears.

Owl-The wisest animal in the Hundred Acre Wood. Sometimes he talks so
mcuh his friends fall asleep.

Roo-A feisty kangaroo who's full of energy. Little Roo wants to learn
to bounce as high as Tigger.

Eeyore-A glommy donkey whose tail keeps falling off and getting lost.
Eeyore is timid and always a little down, and likes to take things

Tigger-The one and only. Cheerful Tigger loves to bounce all day long.
Sometimes his energy is too much for the others, but he always means

Rabbit-A diligent gardener who's always busy with his vegetables.
Sometimes Rabbit is a bit short-tempered, especially when Tigger 
bounces around in his garden.

|The Heartless: |

Shadow: A Heartless that pops up in all kinds of places.
The Shadow ambles around and attacks without warning. It is 
Invulnerable while it hides within the darkness.

Soldier: A swift-moving Heartless that attacks its prey with a spin 
Kick. Its whimsical nature makes the Soldier a less than tenacious foe.

Large Body: A rotund Heartless. The Large Body repels frontal attacks 
With its jiggly belly. Sometimes it throws its weight around and shakes
The ground, so jumping is key.

Red Nocturne: A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air. 
It's flighty and hard to hit. The Red Nocturne attacks with Fire from
A distance, and absorbs Fire damage.

Blue Rhapsody: A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.
The Blue Rhapsody attacks with Blizzard once it's close enough, and 
Absorbs Blizzard damage.

Yellow Opera-A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.
The Yellow Opera hurls itself at enemies or attacks with Thunder. It
absorbs all Thunder damage.

Green Requiem-A magic-wielding Heartless that drifts through the air.
It doesn't attack, but it can cast Cure to heal the other Heartless.
The Green Requiem is slow, but its immunity to magic attacks makes it
tough to squash.

Powerwild-A simian Heartless that excels at jumping. It has destructive
instincts and attacks with punches and sliding kicks.

Bouncywild-A simian Heartless. It teases its enemies and throws banana
peels from far away. Be careful not to slip!

Air Soldier-A winged Heartless. It swoops down onto its opponents head,
or slams into them when they let their guard down. The Air Soldier is
swift, resilient, and not easy to ground.

Bandit-A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah. The Bandit deftly
wields the scimitar it carries, and should be approached cautiously.

Fat Bandit-A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah. The Fat Bandit
repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly and spits fireballs.

Barrel Spider-A gunpowder-packed barrel transformed by the darkness
into a Heartless. The Barrel Spider sets upon anyone foolish enough
to think it's an ordinary battle.

Search Ghost-A spooky Heartless. The Search Ghost can warp out of
harm's way and absorb its enemies' HP, making it a tough opponent.

Sean Neon-A jelly-fish like Heartless. It might look laid back, but
the Sea Neon's long tentacles can propel it toward enemies for a 
ferocious attack.

Screwdiver-A Heartless that likes to team up with the Aquatank. It
attacks with a spear or charges at its enemies.

Aquatank-A fish-like Heartless that lazily wanders the sea. The 
Aquatank attacks with Thunder or by whirling its sizable body about.

Wight Knight-A Heartless that calls Haloween Town its main hunt. The
Wight Knight's long appendages make it dangerous to approach.

Gargoyle-A winged Heartless that mainly appears in Halloween Town.
It pelts its stunned opponents with fireballs.

Pirate-A Heartless that mostly sticks to Never Land. A skilled
swordsman, the Pirate can knock its enemies out cold and then finish
them off with a vicious combo. If its sword flashes, watch out!

Air Pirate-A winged Heart;ess that mostly sticks to Never Land. It's
not armed, but it doesn't need to be. The Air Pirate deals a brutal
punch right after its fist flashes.

A Heartless made from the very shadows of darkness. The Darkball mostly
justs bobs through the air, but its random weaving and biting are a

Defender- A Heartless that primarily resides in Hollow Bastion. Its
shield stops head-on physcial and magical attacks, and can launch
fireballs. The defender is also a skilled card user, and will break
the cards of unprepared opponents.

Wyvern-An enormous Heartless that hunts its enemies from the skies.
The Wyvern is agile despite its size. Upon sighting its prey, it
rushes forward and attacks with a flurry of kicks.

Wizard-A Heartless proficient in magic. The Wizard is a formidable
opponent that attacks with high-level Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder

Black Fungus-An agressive, poisonous Heartless, not to be confused
with the White Mushroom. The Black Fungus likes to paralyze its
foes and toy with them. Its tough to beat, but victory doesn't go

Creeper Plant: A flower-like Heartless. It's rooted in one place, but 
Staying far away isn't enough, since it can spit seeds or attack from
Below with its sharp roots.

Tornado Step-A Heartless that flies about ising its arms like
propeller blades. Whether moving or attacking, it's always spin, spin,
spinning-but never seems to get dizzy.

Crescendo: A hopping, horn-like Heartless. It's a bothersome foe
That can honk and call other Heartless.

Guard Armor: A Heartless that haunts Traverse Town. It appeared
When the bells rang to wreak havoc on the town.

Parasite Cage-A Heartless that dwells inside Monstro. The Parasite
Cage is quite the gourmand and eats anything in its path. Pinocchio
figured out how to escape Monstro after getting gobbles up by it.

Trickmaster: The Heartless in Wonderland that stole the Queen of
Heart's memory. Victims of memory theft don't even remember 
What it is that they forgot.

+World Stories: +
+khc_wst        +

This is the section in which we tell what happens in each world, so
if you want to know what happens, or have just plain forgotten, read
this section for a quick summary, as they are in the Journal.

Sora's Tale I-Our friends may be here...it was that thought that led
us to Castle Oblivion, where cards rule over all. A mysterious man
gave Sora a card, and using it took us to Traverse Town-of all places!
It turned out the town was just a figment of our own remembrances, the
first world of many that lie in Sora's heart. And so our journey 
through these worlds begins.

Stora's Tale II-It seems we're slowly losing our memories of what
happened before the castle. And all of my notes about the last journey
have vanished! But in exchange, Sora is remembering other things he 
have forgotten until now-like a girl he knew when he was little. While
fighting Larxene, Sora finally remembered the girl's name...Namine.

Sora's Tale III-Sora pressed on his search for Namine, and can you
believe it? He found Riku, his best friend whom we thought was lost.
Sora was so happy, but Riku attacked him just like that, saying "I'll
protect Namine!". What could he mean? Will something happen if Sora
finds Namine? Sora is chasing after Riku...and the answers.

Traverse Town-The card that the hooded man gave us took us to Traverse
Town, where we were reunited with Leon, Yuffie, and our other friends.
Leon acted like he'd forgotten Sora, but for whatever reason still
knew his name. I guess his memory got mixed up somehow. Aerith sensed
that everyone there was a product of Sora's memories. It may sound
crazy, but I think she was right.

Wonderland-When we chased the White Rabbit, we stumbled upon a trial
in progress. The Queen of Hearts accused Alice of stealing her memory 
and sentenced her to death! Angered by the shoddy trial, Sora freed
Alice and hunted down the real culprit. But even after we bested the
Trickmaster, the Queen regused to believe that Alice was innocent.
Fortunately, Alice's quick thinking pacified the Queen and no one
had to lose their head.

Olympus Coliseum-Sora wanted to take on Hercules, so we all decided to
compete in the games. Hades, frantic to dispose of Hercules, hired
Cloud to take him out. Cloud cooperated, thinking he would get his
lost memories back. But not even Cloud could best Hercules. Hades
stepped in to finish the job, but we put his plans on ice.

Agrabah-Alladin brought the magic lamp back from the Cave of Wonders,
hoping for a chance to meet Jasmine, Princess of Agrabah. Inside the
lamp was Genie, who would grant three wishes to the lamp's bearer.
Aladdin hoped to become a prince so he could see Jasmine whenever
he wanted. But he used two wishes battling the Heartless, and then
Jafar stole the lamp. Jafar turned into a genie, but we defeated him
and Aladdin got the lamp back. Instead of becoming a prince, Aladdin
used his last wish to set Genie free, and decided he wanted Jasmine
to know him as he really is.

Halloween Town-Dr.Finkelstein invented a potion that restores true
memories, but it drew the Heartless to Haloween Town. Intrigues, Sora
went with Jack to look for Sally, who nabbed the potion because she
was scared of what it could do. Oogie Boogie swiped the potion and
downed it in a single gulp. But his true memories drove him mad with
fear. What if true memories do that to everyone's heart? Scary.

Monstro-Gepetto went out looking for Pinocchio and was swallowed up
by the whale Monstro. But finding Pinocchio inside filled him with
joy. But Pinocchio felt bad about running away from home and
putting his father in danger, so he set off to find a way out of
Monstro. After a run-in with a big Heartless, Pinocchio had a great
idea: Why not make a commotion and get Monstro to spit us out?
With our help, the plan worked, and Pinocchio and Gepetto escaped

Atlantica-Ariel, Princess of Atlantica, was worried about her little
friend Flounder, who was nowhere to be found. The sea witch Ursula
told Ariel Flounder was trapped in the outside world, and King Triton's
trident was the only way to save him. Ariel was so worried, she stole
the trident for Ursula, but it was all a trick-Ursula had Flounder all
along. With the Triden'ts power, Ursula became a giant, but we stopped
her and Ariel resolved to apologize to her father, the king.

Neverland-Peter Pan stowed away on Captain Hook's ship to save the
kidnapped Wendy. But no sooner had she been saved that Wendy told Peter
she wanted to go home to London. Would Wendy grow up and forget about
him and Neverland? Peter didn't like that one bit, and left in a huff.
Meanwhile, we were just trying to get off the ship. Hook caught us on
the deck, but Peter came back and bailed us out. In the end, Peter and
Wendy said their farewells, but promised to meet again one day.

Hollow Bastion-The Beast comes to rescue Bell from Maleficent's 
clutches, but to his dismay, Belle acted coldly and would not go with
him. We felt bad for him, so we went to see Belle. It turned out that
she was only pretending to be cruel, to keep her heart and love within
safe from Maleficent. But faced with a choice, Belle couldn't hide how
she felt for the Beast, and Maleficent stole her heart. Together with
the Beast, we took care of Maleficent and restored Belle's heart.

100 Acre Wood-Pooh seemed to have lost his friends, so Sora stopped to
help him look. Maybe Sora saw himself in Pooh, since he's looking for
his friend's too.

Twilight Town-The card Vexen gave us led to a town none of us 
remembered. But Sora held fast to his promise to Namine, and we pressed
on. Speaking of which, Vexen seemd about ready to say something about
that, but Axel showed up, and...Well, we won't be seeing Vexen again.

+Card Index: +
+khc_cards   +

This is the section in which we will have every card in the game 
and a description from the journal along with it.

|Map Cards:   |
|khc_world    |

Tranquil Darkness-A room where only a few Heartless appear.

Teeming Darkness-A room where many Heartless appear. Enemies are more
likely to drop enemy cards.

Feeble Darkness-A room where Heartless with weak cards appear.

Almighty Darkness-A room where Heartless with strong cards appear. 
Enemies are more likely to drop enemy cards.

White Room-A room where only white mushrooms appear. But what happens
when you help them out?

Black Room-A room where only Black Funguses appear. What happens when
you defeat one?

Sleeping Darkness-A room where Heartless are drowst and easy to ambush.

Premium Room-A room where victory often leads to Premium Bonuses.

Martial Waking-A room where attack cards are more effective.

Sorcerous Waking-A room where magic cards are more effective.

Alchemic Waking-A room where item cards are more effective.

Meeting Ground- A room where friend cards appear at the beggining of 
all battles (if your friends are with you).

Stagnant Space-A room where Heartless move slowly.

Strong Initiative-A room where striking first in the field does
additional damage to Heartless.

Lasting Daze-A room where striking first in the field stuns all
Heartless that join the battle. 

Calm Bounty-A room containing treasure.

False Bounty-A room where only one treasure chest is real. Opening
the wrong chest triggers a battle.

Moment's Reprieve-A room where you can save your progress.

Mingling Worlds-A room where anything could happen.

Moogle Room-A room where cards can be traded with moogles at the 
Moogle Shop.

Key of Beginnings-A room where untold stories unfold.

Key of Guidance-A room where untold stories unfold.

Key to Truth-A room where untold stories unfold.

Key to Rewards-A room containing special treasure.

+Premium Cards: +
+khc_prem       +

Since this was in the journal, I decided to add it. It isn't in the 
table of contents though, as it is explained earlier in the guide.

Evolved versions of normal cards. Premium cards require very little 
CP, but can only be used one per battle-no reloads allowed. Only
attack cards and magic cards can be upgraded to premium cards. You
can forfeit a Premium Bonus by pressing the B button.

|Attack Cards: |
|khc_attk      |

Kingdom Key-Strike: D+
            Thrust: D+
            Combo Finish: D+
            Swing Speed: B
            Element: Physical
            Break Recovery: B
            Required CP: *
The default weapon. Not very powerful, but reliable and easy to handle.

Three Wishes-Strike: C+
             Thrust: D+
             Combo Finish: B
             Swing Speed: A
             Element: Physical
             Break Recovery: B
             Required CP: A
Obtained in Agrabah. Fairly strong with a fast swing.

Pumpkinhead-Strike: C+
            Thrust: C
            Combo Finish: B+
            Swing Speed: B
            Element: Physical
            Break Recovery: *
            Required CP: B
Obtained in Atlantica. Easy to handle with an impressive recovery time
after card breaks.

Pumpkinhead-Strike: C+
            Thrust: C+
            Combo Finish: D+
            Swing Speed: B
            Element: Physical
            Break Recovery: A
            Required CP: A
Obtained in Haloween Town. Easy to handle with a fast recovery after
card break.

Wishing Star-Strike: C
             Thrust: C
             Combo Finish: D+
             Swing Speed: A
             Element: Physical
             Break Recovery: A
             Required CP: A
Obtained in Monstro. Not very powerful, but very easy to handle.

Spellbinder-Strike: D+
            Thrust: A
            Combo Finish: D+
            Swing Speed: C
            Element: Lightning
            Break Recovery: A
            Required CP: B
A special attack card with lightning-based attacks.

Olympia-Strike: C+
        Thrust: D
        Combo Finish: B
        Swing Speed: C
        Element; Physical
        Break Recovery: A
        Required CP: A
Obtained in Olympus Coliseum. Poweful with a quick recover after card

Lady Luck-Strike: C+
          Thrust: C+
          Combo Finish: D
          Swing Speed: A
          Elemental: Physical
          Break Recovery: B
          Required CP: A
Obtained in Wonderland. A balanced weapon that is easy to handle.

Divine Rose-Strike: A
            Thrust D+
            Combo Finish: C
            Swing Speed: A
            Element: Physical
            Break Recovery: C
            Required CP: B
Obtained in Hollow Bastion. Features a powerful strike and fast swing.

|Magic Cards: |
|khc_magic    |

Fire-Magic that deals fire damage. Stock 2 cards for Fira and 3 cards
for Firaga.

Blizzard-Magic that deals ice damage. Stock 2 cards for Blizzara and
3 cards for Bilzzaga.

Thunder-Magic that deals lightning damage. Stock 2 cards for Thundara
and 3 cards for Thundaga.

Cure-Magic that restores HP. Stock 2 cards for Cura and 3 cards for

Gravity-Magic that deals damage relative to the enemy's remaining HP.
Stock 2 cards for Gravira and 3 cards for Graviga.

Stop-Magic that halts enemy movements for a set time period. Stock 2
cards for Stopra and 3 cards for Stopga.

Aero-Magic that blows away nearby enemies and inflicts damage. Stock
2 cards for Aerora and 3 for Aeroga.

Simba-Simba lets out a mighty roar that deals damage to enemies
in front of him. Stock more than one and his roar will also
stun enemies.

Dumbo-Dumbo douses enemies with water over a set period of time,
dealing ice damge. Stock more than one to prolong the attack.

Bambi-Bambi bounds around and drops recovery items. Stock more than
one to boost the effect.

Genie-Genie casts Thundara, Gravira, or Stopra. Stock more than one
and Genie will cast multiple spells.

Tinker Bell-Tinker Bell restores HP over a set time period. Stock
more than one to boost the effect.

Cloud-Cloud unleashes two successive sword attacks. Stock 3 cards to
use Omnislash.

|Enemy Cards: |
|khc_foes     |

Shadow-Incrementor-Increase the value of all cards by 1.
Duration-2 reloads.

Powerwild-Retrograde-Reverse the values of all cards. 1 becomes 9, 2
becomes 8, etc. Cards with value 0 are not affected. 
Duration: 1 reload.

Air Soldier-Reload Kinesis-Reload while in motion.
Duration: 3 reloads

Guard Armor-Wide Attack-Slightly extened the range of attack cards.
Duration: 30 attacks.

Parasite Cage-Dispel-Break an opponent's enemy card without fail.
Nothing happens if you opponent has no enemy card in play.

Trickmaster-Value Break-When you lose a card, reduce the enemy's 
card by the value of your broken card.
Duration: 10 breaks.

Card Soldier-Attack Haste-Increase the swing speed of attack cards.
Duration: 30 attacks.

Hades-Berserk-Boost the power of attack cards when low on HP (when the
gauge is flashing red).
Duration: 30 Attacks
         -Resistant to fire
         -Stunned by ice

Jafar-Attack Bracer-Stop enemies from breaking attack cards you use.
Duration: 20 attacks

Oogie Boogie-Regen-Gradually restor HP. HP return more quickly when 
Duration-10 uses

Ursula-Shell-Halve the damage from magical attacks by the enemy.
Summon magic does normal damage.
Duration: 5 hits taken

Hook-Second Chance-Retain 1 HP after a critical hit, provided you
have 2 or more HP left. 
Duration: 3 uses
-Resistant to lightning
-Stunned by fire

Dragon Maleficent-Overdrive-Sacrifice reload speed to power up attack
Duration: 30 attacks

Vexen-Auto-Life-Revive automatically when your HP reach 0. Only a small
amount of HP is restored.
Duration: 1 use
-Immune to ice
-Stunned by fire
|Combos and Sleights: |
|khc_combo            |

Sliding Dash-Slide toward distant targest for a close-range attack.
-Three Attack cards of the same type
-Total Value 10-15

Blitz-Unleash a powerful three-hit combo upon the enemy.
-Three attack cards of differing types
-Total value 10-15

Stun Impact-Stun surrounding enemies with a single attack.
-Three attack cards of the same type
-Total Value 20-23

Zantetsuken-Break a card and renter it unreloadable until the end of
the battle.
-Three attack cards
-Total value 0 or 27

Strike Raid-Hurl the Keyblade forward, stunning and dealing damage to
enemies in its path.
-Three Attack Cards
-Total Value 24-26

Sonic Blade-Rocket across the field, striking down any enemies in the
way. Press the A button for up to six additional attacks.
-Three attack cards of differing types
-Total value 20-23

Ars Arcanum-Rain a flurry of blows upon the enemy.
-Three attack cards
-Total value 1-6

Fira-Sizzle the opposition with powerful fire magic.

Firaga-Scorch the opposition with supreme fire magic.

Blizzara-Chill the opposition with poweful ice magic.

Blizzaga-Freeze the opposition with supreme ice magic.

Thundara-Shock the opposition with powerful lightning magic.

Thundaga-Fry the opposition with supreme lightning magic.

Cura-Restore a lot of HP.

Curaga-Restore a very large amount of HP.

Gravira-Deal damage relative to the enemy's remaining HP.

Graviga-Deal damage relative to the enemy's remaining HP.

Stopra-Halt enemy movement for a long period of time.

Stopga-Halt enemy movement for a very long period of time.

Aerora-Blow away surrounding enemies and inflict damage.

Aeroga-Blow away all enemies in a large radius and inflct damage.

Fire Raid-Hurl the Keyblade and inflict fire damage.
-Any attack card
-Any attack card

Blizzard Raid-Hurl the Keyblade and inflict ice damage.
-Any attack card
-Any attack card

Thunder Raid-Hurl the keyblade and inflict lightning damage.
-Any attack card
-Any attack card

Reflect Raid-Hurl the keyblade and make it ricochet around to strike
many enemies.
-Any attack card
-Any attack card

Homing Fira-Cast a Fira spell that seeks out the targeted enemy.
-Any magic card

Firaga Break-Inflict fire damage on enemies in front of you with a
powerful attack.
-Any attack card

Homing Blizzara-Cast a Blizzara spell that seeks out the targeted 
-Any magic card

Shock Impact-Simba's roar ends enemies flying and triggers Stop.
-Any attack card
-Any attack card

Tornado-Blow away enemies in a wide area, inflicting damage and
stunning them.
-Any summon card

Quake-Inflict damage on all ground enemies with a violent tremor.
-Any magic card

Warpinator-Eliminate the closest enemy. Not always successful.

Warp-Eleiminate all enemies in sight.

Bind-Hold enemies in place. Enemies can still attack from their
-Any magic card

Confuse-Temporarily confuse enemies so they attack less often.
-Tinker Bell
-Any summon card

Terror-Strike fear in the enemy so they no longer approach.
-Any summon card
-Any summon card

Synchro-Set surrounding enemies' HP to that of the target.

Gifted Miracle-Reload cards and reset the counter while restoring HP
to friends and foes alike.
-Any summon card
-Any magic card

Proud Roar-Simba's roar stuns and deals damage to enemies in front
of him.

Splash-Dumbo douses enemies over a set time period, dealing ice damge.

Paradise-Bambi bounds around and drops HP recovery items.

Idyll Romp-Bambi zigzags around the battlefield, confusing the enemy.
-Any attack card
-Any attack card

Showtime-Genie randomly casts two spells chosen from Gravira, Thundara,
and Stopra.

Twinkle-Tinker Bell restores a lot of HP over a set period of time.
-Tinker Bell
-Tinker Bell

Cross-slash-Cloud assaults the enemy with a thre-hit combo.

Omnislash-Cloud swoops down from the skies, attacking the enemies in 
a wide area.

Cross Slash+-Cloud singles out an enemy and uses Cross-slash.
-Any attack card

Magic-Donald double-casts Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, or Cura.

Goofy Charge-Goofy rushes at enemies, bashing and stunning them with
his shield.

Goofy Tornado-Goofy whirls his shield around, bashing enemies in a
wide area.

Sandstorm-Alladin runs around while swinging his sword.

Surprise-Jack double-casts Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, or Gravira.

Spiral Wave-Ariel whirls back and forth, striking many enemies.

Hummingbird-Peter Pan soars around, striking enemies in a wide area.
-Peter Pan
-Peter Pan

Ferocious Lunge-The Beast charges in a straight line, scattering the
-The Beast
-The Beast

|Friend Cards: |
|khc_friend    |

Donald Duck-Donald randomly casts Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Cure.
Stock more than one to power up Donald's magic.

Goofy-Goofy swings his shield at the enemy. Stock more than one to
power up Goofy's attack.

Alladin-Alladin swings his sword at the enemy repeatedly. Stock more
than one to power up Alladin's attack.

Jack-Jack casts Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, or Gravity. Stock more than
one to power up Jack's magic.

Ariel-Ariel whirls across the field, striking many enemies. Stock
more than one to power up Ariel's attack.

Peter Pan-Peter Pan attacks with his dagger. Stock more than one to
power up Peter's attack.

The Beast-The Beast mows down anyone in Sora's path. Stock more than 
one to power up the Beast's attack.

|Item Cards: |
|khc_item    |

Potion-Quickly reloads attack cards with no charge time required.
It does not work on cards that cannot be reloaded.

Hi-Potion-Quickly reloads cards with no charge time required. Even
normally unreloadable cards are restored.

Ether-Quickly reloads magic cards with no charge time required. It
does not work on cards that cannot be reloaded.

Mega-Ether-Quickly reloads magic cards with no charge time and resets
the reload counter. Even normally unreloadable cards are restored.

Elixer-Quickly reloads attack cards and magic cards, including normally
unreloadable cards.

+Frequently Asked Questions:+
+khc_faqs                   +

Credit goes to Mykas0 (www.geocities.com/Mykas0) for these.

Introduction <------- BE SURE TO READ THIS! 
1. General Questions (no spoilers) 
2. Gameplay Questions (some spoilers) 
3. Storyline Questions (lots of spoilers!) 
4. Secret Stuff (obvious spoilers) 
B_END. Special Thanks 
END. Contacts 
0. Introduction 
This FAQ was made to answer to all the questions about this game, even 
if they are not directly related to the gameplay, story or anything 
like that. In order for people not to have anything spoiled for them 
(hey, there are people who just hate spoilers!) I split this FAQ in 
several parts, each of them corresponding to a level of spoilers, 
so be sure to read the chart above in order to understand it fine 
and not have anything spoiled for you! 
Finally, all questions and answers are provided in this way: 
Q: [A question here] 
A: [Its answer here] 
Ok, this introduction text has ended, be sure to read carefully the 
chart above in order to understand what sections you really want 
to read and not have anything spoiled for you!

1.General Questions (no spoilers) 

Q: Should I get this game or [insert other game name here]? 
A: This game is quite good. However, you can finish it in a couple 
hours. If you are wanting to get a game which keeps you busy for 
several days, try another game. If you just want to spend some 
interesting time and don't want a game with an high replay value, 
get this! 
Q: Where can I get the rom? 
A: I won't help you with that, sorry! 
Q: I saw a commercial in which the game showed 3D FMV sequences. 
Does this game have them? 
A: Yes, it does, and their quality is quite good for a GBA game! 
Q: I loved Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 2. Do I need to play this 
game in order to understand the new Kingdom Hearts 2? 
A: I don't think so. This game clears up some things from the first one  
and is an introduction for the second one, but due to some events that 
happen in the game (read section 3. if you wanna have it spoiled for  
you) you don't need to play this game in order to understand the next 
one for Playstation 2. 
Q: Is this game related to Kingdom Hearts 1? 
A: The story in this game starts exactly where that game ends. 
Q: Should I play this even if I never played the original game? 
A: Yeah, this game may be also seen as a completely alone storyline... 
Q: I heard this is a card game, is that true? 
A: Somehow... It is not a card game like Yu-gi-oh or Magic the 
Gathering, but you will need to use cards in order to perform any of 
the actions in battles, I mean, there are cards that let you summon 
someone, others that heal you, some let you attack with the many 
keyblades you find during the game, and so on! Don't get me wrong, 
all this is made in real time, as you move Sora while in the battles 
and you choose your cards at the same time! 
Q: I've seen a commercial on television, and I wanted to get the music  
that I can hear in it. What music is that, actually? 
A: It's "Simple and Clean", by Utada Hikaru. 
Q: I heard about "Reverse Rebirth", what's that? 
A: It's a story mode in which you will play as Riku. 
Q: How many Disney worlds are there in this game? 
A: 13 for Sora, 12 for Riku. 
Q: I am parent and I am thinking of getting this game for my kid, is 
it a good idea? 
A: Yeah, but if he has a Playstation 2, offer him the original Kingdom  
Hearts too, as he may enjoy it more than this one! 
Q: Is there any way for me to skip the cutscenes? 
A: Yeah, press START during them! However, you can't skip the video  
sequences, but I doubt you wanna do that, anyway... 
Q: Why isn't the jungle level in this game? 
A: Copyright reasons, plus I heard that nothing important happens 
there, so maybe they choose not to include it in order to spend less 
money making this game! 
Q: What is the maximum level you can reach? 
A: Level 99, with both Sora and Riku. 
Q : What is the maximum amount of HP, CP, and number of Sleights that 
you can learn? 
A: From what I heard, if you don't use cheat devices the maximum values 
that you can have are: HP: 560 , CP: 1900 and you can learn 66  
Sleights, 11 of them being learned in level ups, and the others are  
just acquired by events on the game, or by opening certain of those  
doors that contain rare items! 

2.Gameplay Questions (some spoilers) 
Q: How can I learn the controls for this game? I don't have the 
original manual! 
A: During the first parts of game you will face two battles that will  
teach you how to play in the battles. Also, everytime you face a new 
function (or you enter a menu you never entered before), it will be 
explained to you! 
Q: I need the card [insert card color and value here], where can I get 
A: Almost everything in this game is completely random, so there isn't 
any place specific where you can get a certain card. However, if you 
need that card to get into a non-storyline door, you can re-create that 
room by using a different card in a door from that room, but used from 
the outside. However, if it is a storyline door, there is not any  
chance, you will need to keep on searching for it. A way to prevent  
this is defeating ALL the hearthless you ever see, this way you will 
have plenty of cards! 
Q: How can I open the "storyline" doors with a golden bar? 
A: You will need that type of card, which can be gotten randomly in  
Q: What is there inside those "storyline" doors with a golden bar? 
A: Inside them you will find rare cards. 
Q: How do I get to play "Reverse Rebirth"? 
A: Finish the game with Sora, you will then be able to play as Riku, in 
an option given in the main menu. 
Q: What is the link option for? How do I unlock it? 
A: In it, you will be able to play against a friend of yours, provided 
that both have this game. You can only play as Sora and using the deck 
that you currently have on Sora's side. You will see your friend as a 
dark Sora, and so will he see you. You unlock it by finishing Sora's 
story mode. 
Q: What happens in the 100 Acre Wood? 
A: You find Pooh and all the his friend, and if you help Pooh with many 
tasks, each of his friend will then reward you with some interesting  
Q: How can I enter Moogle Shops? 
A: Well, just Use a card that has a Moogle in it in a door! If you are 
wondering the name of the card, it is "Moogle Room"!

Q: How can I get more Moogle points? 
A: You can get the red balls that appear on the scenario (randomly got  
when you interact with certain parts of it) or sell cards that you 
don't need to the Moogle, by using the RIGHT option on the store. 
Q: What are the cards with value 0 for? 
A: Those cards can break ANY attack, but can also be broken by ANY  
attack, which makes them good only for breaking the combos that the 
most powerful enemies use against you. 
Q: How are premium cards different from regular cards? 
A: Premium cards cost less CP to add to your deck, but they can 
"normally" only be used once in battle. However, you can put then in 
second or their place in battle, and then they will be able to be 
used more than once in a battle, if you ever do it. 
Q: How do we use Boss/enemy cards? 
A: First, add them to your deck, as you would do with any card usable 
in battle. Then, press SELECT during a battle and you will be taken 
into a new menu, where you will be able to choose between the 
boss/enemy cards that you currently have on your deck! 
Q: What do we have to do in the Hundred Acre Wood? 
A: You can just have Pooh follow you (pressing the R button) and reach 
the end of the level, which will grant you a Bambi summon card. 
However, if you complete all the tasks available in this section, 
you will receive some extra rewards! Like, I am gonna tell y
ou what you need to do... 
- Have Pooh follow you up to the top of Rabbit's cart, then the cart  
will loose a wheel; 
- Take Pooh next to Piglet and they will chat; 
- Take Pooh to the group of balloons, then Owl will appear and destroy 
them, then you get a card; 
- Take Pooh to a hole that has some marks near it, Roo will appear and 
give you another card; 
- See the pattern in which Tigger is jumping, and then continue walking 
up to Eeyore. Somewhere on the right you will see a bee hive,  
"attack" it and Pooh will run into a tree, making Eeyore's tail fall 
down. Take it to Eeyore and then he will give you a new item; 
- Go to the point where you see a friend of Pooh and some empty stumps, 
in there make Pooh follow the same pattern that Tigger took (jumping 
from stump to stump) and then Tigger will appear and give you a new 
- Continue going, you will see 12 posts, smash them until they are flat 
and then hang on that place. You will see some cabages going down, so 
just keep on going down and down and hitting the cabbages; they will  
go to a specific place. Keep on doing that until Rabbit appears, and 
then you will get a card more; 
- Keep on having Pooh following you until the end of the path, and then 
you will receive the Bambi summon card. 
Oh, and don't forget to have Pooh get all the honey pots in the path, 
as he will need them to stay fit and "happy"! 
Q: The enemies I face are not dropping any more map cards! What can I 
A: Press START, and then access the "Map Cards" menu and see the value 
that is said in "Map Cards: XX/99" on the top right corner. If XX is 
equal to 99, then it means that you can't have any more map cards. In 
order to get rid of some of them, just create a lot of rooms or select 
a card, it's value, and press A, you will then be able to delete on of 
your cards (the second choice is the best one!).

Storyline Questions (lots of spoilers!) 
Q: Why do you say that this game isn't necessary to play Kingdom Hearts 
A: At the end of it, Sora chooses to retrieve his lost memories, but in 
order to do that he would have to forget everything that happened in 
this game. Riku is confronted with the same choice, but he chooses not 
to forget what happened, so maybe he will tell Sora what happened,  
later on the next game! 
Q: I heard that people die in this game, is that true? 
A: Yep, it is... You actually don't see them dying or anything (hey, 
this is still a game made by Disney!), but you see some strong language 
(parents, I bet you know what I am talking about...) and they disappear 
from that moment on.

Q: Do you ever fight Sora, when playing as Riku? 
A: No. 
Q: How do I defeat Hades? 
A: With Riku, it's quite easy. As for Sora, I will just quote the 
strategy that I made for another faq of mine: "First, equip the best 
keyblade cards you have, then equip Simba and other summon cards 
(if you have  any more, which I doubt...). Some Cure cards (they are 
green and they have a leaf...) finally equip some cards with value 0, 
IN THIS SPECIFIC ORDER. I am not sure if you already noticed this or 
not, but the cards with value 0 can ALWAYS stop any combination of 
cards from your opponent. When Hades is about to use his best attacks, 
he will turn red. So, go the section of the deck in which you have 
your cards with value 0 and use one of them, which will instantly 
stop his attack. As soon as you don't have any card with a 0 left, 
be sure to shuffle your deck. After successfully stopping his attack, 
strike with Simba and with the best cards you have currently on your 
deck to cause him some damage. Be sure NOT to use any combos, since 
those will take some cards from your deck and you will surely need 
them later in this hard battle. If you can't seem to win despite my 
advice, try gaining some more levels in order to get more HP and SP 
points and be able to put more/better cards on your deck. There is 
also a small tip... You can use many ice cards instead of those of 
Cloud, since (and as you may imagine...) Hades attacks with fire 
element you can use the ice element against him, meaning that it 
will cause him great pain, mainly if you make combos using 2 or 3 
consecutive ice cards..." Hope this helps you! 
Q: How do I defeat Dragon Maleficent? 
A: With Riku, you will surely have an easy time in this one, as it 
would  be your first boss battle. As for Sora, "One of the worse 
things about this boss is that it spits some flames that stick to 
the ground and can heavily damage you. Once again, your best bet would
be using your best keyblade cards and lots of healing ones (once again,
3 or 4 cards will be enough...). Be sure to attack these flames on the 
ground sometimes, as they grant you mickey cards, which will create a 
platform in the middle of the screen, which makes it easier for you 
to hit the dragon's head (its only weak point, if you were wondering 
about it...) and a big help to avoid other flames for some time. 
Except for this small detail I guess this is an easy battle, you will 
just need to avoid the flames (the dragon can bite you, but that 
doesn't cause you much damage...), heal when necessary and then strike 
with your best keyblade cards. However, DON'T USE COMBOS, since they 
are somehow a way to spend some cards, which you may need later. As 
for summon cards, I guess that only Simba will be of great help in 
this one, because it will be able to hit the dragon's face even if it 
is in a hard to defeat place! If you really can't seem to do it, try 
Dumbo too..." Good luck with it! ;-)

Q: How do I defeat Riku, in his forth battle against Sora? 
A: "This time he seems to have a lot more HP, plus now he has a new 
special attack, which only turns out being one of the best ones in 
this game... Be sure to put lots of 7, 8 and 9 keyblade cards on your 
deck, some healing cards (3 or 4...), many Cloud cards (5 or 6, I 
would say) and finally some cards with value 0, all in this particular 
order. Now, use the same technique that you used against him before, I 
mean, strike with combos of 3 Cloud cards, lots and lots of strikes 
with your best keyblades and heal when necessary, I mean, whenever 
your health probs above its medium value. Also, be sure to use your 
cards with value 0 to stop Riku's best move, which turns the entire 
screen black and causes you a lot of damage. Apart from this move and 
his increased health bar, just be sure to beat him as you did in the 
previous fights against him... I mean, just hit him as quickly as  
possible, using the cards with value 7, 8 and 9, and strike with combos 
of 3 Cloud cards, but only when you are sure that he won't break your 
attack, which turns out being when he is reloading his deck. I am not  
sure if this is the best strategy, but at least it worked for me... 
Q: Who is Diz? 
A: He is a masked guy in a red suit. Nobody knows yet who he really is, 
and that isn't said in this game, but rumors say that he is Ansem's 
body and soul!

Secret Stuff (obvious spoilers) 
Q: What can I find inside each of "storyline" doors with a golden bar? 
A: Here is a list of what you find inside each of the doors, the value 
of the card (if there is a card in it) is random: 
Agrabah -> Blazing Donald skill 
Atlantica -> Quake magic 
Destiny Islands -> Megalixir item 
Halloween Town -> Gravity Raid skill 
Hollow Bastion -> Mushu summon 
Monstro -> Water Splash skill 
Neverland -> Lightning Raid skill 
Olympus Coliseum -> Metal Chocobo keyblade 
Traverse Town -> Lionheart keyblade 
Wonderland -> Stop Raid skill 
Q: Where can I find the Oblivion card? 
A: You can get it in the floor 12 of the castle. 
Q: Where can I find Ultima Weapon card? 
A: Finish the game with both Sora and Riku. Now, use a "Calm Bounty" 
card in any of the doors from Castle Oblivion and you will get this 
Q: Where can I find Lexaeus enemy card? 
A: Get Ultima Weapon and then use another "Calm Bounty" card on a 
door  from Castle Oblivion, you will then find this card in there. 
Q: Where can I find Ansem enemy card? 
A: Get Lexaeus enemy card and then use another "Calm Bounty" card on 
a door from Castle Oblivion, you will then find this card in there. 
Q: Where can I find Diamond Dust card? 
A: Get Ansem enemy card, and then use another "Calm Bounty" card on a 
Door from Castle Oblivion, you will sometimes get this card, but it 
appears to be random! 
Q: Where can I find One Winged Angel card? 
A: Maybe there are more ways to get it, but after getting Diamond Dust 
I got it randomly in a booster bought in a Moogle Shop created in a  
Castle Oblivion room. 
B_END. Special Thanks 
I want to take this people: 
- Everyone who made this game. Although it is far from perfect, it 
turns out to be a quite funny game! 
- Everyone who likes my works here on gamefaqs, it's for those people 
that I like to work in this type of project; 
- People who rejected to go out with me these days, this way I stayed 
home, played this game and took the time to write this faq; 
- Many people from gamefaqs' boards, who helped me with some of the  
questions, mainly "Cupcake of Doom", "g sim", "CiprianoMcDohl", 
"chibi super shadow" and some other people whose names I didn't got 
authorization to put here.

Once again, credit goes to Mykas0 (www.geocities.com/Mykas0) for these. 
Still feel free to ask me questions over email.

+Closing and Thanks:+
+khc_close          +

KFantasy017 thanks the following people:

-Mykas0 (www.geocities.com/Mykas0) for the FAQ section
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masterjjx, akade1, Blaze Wizard, snoocete, 
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For their suggestions in my topic on the CoM board.
-abrack, dansan, keiji, tygra, tsk, dkgerbil, lastchance, 
crox, and all my other friends from the KH2 board, 
just cause. 
-My brother, for letting me hog the GBA.
-My parents, for getting me the GBA and CoM.
-Square, for making the game.
-CJayC, for accepting this guide and running GameFAQ.

Shanon Spencer Fox thanks:

There's just two groups of people I want to thank in relation to 
this game:

First, to Squaresoft and Disney, for making yet another kick-ass 
action-RPG/CCG...thing. Here's hoping to see KH2 as soon as possible!

Second, to Necros, my signifigant-other... who somehow still manages
to put up with me after all this time.

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