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A Great Idea Botched Like You Wouldn't BelieveRewikitty3/10
Square has done it a-BANG!!!Joe the Destroyer8/10
Square-Enix at its best with the Game BoyAlucard5179/10
Bittersweet MemoriesArkrex8/10
A decent sequel to a great gameBlkmage6/10
Very redundant, patently frustrating at times, and not enough substance. Chain of Memories is still a good game, however.CandyBar123457/10
A great handheld game from two OrganizatonsComputerbug88/10
A decent game and pretty good sequel. Despite some noticeable flaws, it's still definitely a fun experience.durango9/10
A Rusted KeybladeEJRICH6/10
A fairly good game, with several flaws.EmiHinata8/10
At times, you will love this game, and at times, you will despise this game.Etrurianmage7/10
Mixing Innovation with UnoriginalityFraghappy7/10
Chain of Memories, a Great and Unique Game!Game_Reviewer8/10
Playing with the Kingdom of Hearts.GMRZno97/10
The true gem of the series, hands down.KFantasy0179/10
"Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories holds as a faithful sub-story to the Kingdom Hearts story."magus7048/10
An innovative battle system leads to a great game.MasterVG7828/10
Chain of Memories conforms to Kingdom Hearts' formula, but it only ends up as a decent game overall.MythrilCrystal6/10
A Great Addition to the Kingdom Hearts Franchisesecret_asianman8/10
Play if you're a fan of the seriesShapeQuest6/10
Incredible game.StickyLlamas9/10
It's all in the cards for Kingdom HeartsUnkownver28/10
A fun sequel to the PS2 original but got boring halfway throughwolverinefan7/10

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