FAQ/Walkthrough by DontTouchMyShrew

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/07/05 | Printable Version

F          F          Z      Z  E  E      R        R  O      O
F  F                    Z  Z    E       E R  R R R    O O  O O
F  FFFFF     |------|  Z  Z     E  EEEEEE R  RRRR     O O  O O
F      F     |------| Z  Z      E  E      R      R    O O  O O
F  FFFFF              Z  ZZZZZZ E  EEEEEE R  RR   R   O OOOO O
F  F                  Z       Z E       E R  R R   R  O      O

<<GP LEGEND>> (For the Game Boy Advance; 
Walkthrough created by AJ)

<<<<Legal Stuff>>>>

This mine, do not copy.


Hi there, and welcome to the wonderful world of 
F-Zero! This game is Grand Prix Legend, a much 
better and cooler game than Maximum Velocity was. 
Us Brits were given the benefit of receiving this 
game 3 months before it reaches the shores of 
North America, and therefore I have started 
creating this guide before anyone else makes one. 
Anywho, read on to enjoy and understand this 
magnificent and fast paced game, one where you 
might find yourself going “Aaaaaah!” when 
reaching speeds like 1400km/h.


1a: Controls.

1b: Racers. (list unfinished)

1c: Tips on Racing.

2: Story mode.

2a: Rick Wheeler –story.

2b: Captain Falcon –story.

2c: Jody Summer –story.

2d: Jack Levin –story.

2e: Samurai Goroh –story.

2f: Lisa Brilliant –story.

2g: Black Shadow –story.

2h: Zoda –story.

3a: Grand Prix mode.

3b: Expert Grand Prix mode.

4: Linking mode.

5: FAQ. (coming soon)

6: Secrets and unlockables.

7: Credits and Contacts.


Well it must be obvious, considering this is a 
racing game, but I’ll go through them anyway, for 
the benefit of all stupid people.

A: Acceleration (as you do o_O)

B: Brake

L: Sharp turn Left

R: Sharp turn Right

L&R: Boost (costs 20-30% of power (only possible 
after completing first lap))


There is a total of 34 racers to choose from in 
GP Legend (except in Story Mode, which has 8 
characters to use, and Zero test, which has 
preset racers for each event).

NAME OF RACER (Name of Vehicle)
Weight: ----kg
Body (how strong the vehicle is): Ranking A-E
Boost (how fast the vehicle is): Ranking A-E
Grip (how the vehicle handles with sharp turns): 
Ranking A-E

Here is a list of them:

RICK WHEELER (Dragon Bird)
Weight: 1850kg
Body: B
Boost: B
Grip: B

Weight: 1280kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B

DR STEWART (Golden Fox)
Weight: 1420kg
Body: D
Boost: A
Grip: D

PICO (Wild Goose)
Weight: 1620kg
Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: C

SAMURAI GOROH (Fire Stingray)
Weight: 1960kg
Body: A 
Boost: D
Grip: B

Weight: 1150kg
Body: C
Boost: C
Grip: A

JACK LEVIN (Astro Robin)
Weight: 1050kg
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A

ZODA (Death Anchor)
Weight: 1620kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: C

LISA BRILLIANT (Panzer Emerald)
Weight: 1900kg
Body: A
Boost: D
Grip: B

Weight: 1330kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: C

BABA (Iron Tiger)
Weight: 1780kg
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A

OCTOMAN (Deep Claw)
Weight: 990kg
Body: B
Boost: B
Grip: C

CLASH (Crazy Bear)
Weight: 2220kg
Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: E

BIO REX (Big Fang)
Weight: 1520kg
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A

BILLY (Mad Wolf)
Weight: 1490kg
Body: B
Boost: B
Grip: C

JOHN TANAKA (Wonder Wasp) 
Weight: 900kg
Body: D
Boost: A
Grip: D

Weight: 2110kg
Body: A
Boost: C
Grip: C

KATE ALEN (Super Piranha)
Weight: 1010kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B

ROGER BUSTER (Mighty Hurricane)
Weight: 1780kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B

LEON (Space Angler)
Weight: 910kg
Body: C
Boost: C
Grip: A

DRAQ (Mighty Typhoon)
Weight: 950kg
Body: C
Boost: A
Grip: D

ANTONIO GUSTER (Green Panther)
Weight: 2060kg
Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: D

Weight: Does it really matter?
Body: B
Boost: A
Grip: E

Weight: 2340kg
Body: A
Boost: E
Grip: A

Mr EAD (Great Star)
Weight: 1870kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: D

GOMAR & SHIOH (Twinnoritta)
Weight: 780kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: C

Mrs ARROW (Queen Meteor)
Weight: 1140kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B

JAMES McCLOUD (Little Wyvern)
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B

SUPER ARROW (King Meteor)
Weight: 860kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B

BEASTMAN (Hyper Speeder)
Weight: 1460kg
Body: C
Boost: C
Grip: A

SILVER NEELSEN (Night Thunder)
Body: B
Boost: A
Grip: E

THE SKULL (Sonic Phantom)
Weight: 1010kg
Body: C
Boost: A
Grip: D

LUCY LIBERTY (EleganceLiberty)
Weight: 1000kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: A

Weight: 1110kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B


Ok, at the beginning of the race, you can get a 
boost if you press and hold the A button just at 
the right time. However, be careful, if you hold 
the A button too long, your boost will overdrive 
and you will temporarily short circuit. Sadly, 
each vehicle needs a different amount of time to 
hold the A button during the waiting lights to 
get a perfect boost. However, I think that the 
stronger the vehicle’s general boost statistic 
is, the shorter the time you need to press and 
hold the A button.

Jump ramps are your friend. Unless of course you 
have lousy landing accuracy, causing you to 
sometimes lose the race by crashing and stuff. 
But if you use the ramps at the right angle and 
the right speed, they can shave several seconds 
off your time per lap.

If you and an opponent are next to each other 
when racing, side attack them. With luck, they 
shall lose control and maybe even crash. This tip 
is not advised if you are about to meet a sharp 

<<<<<<STORY MODE>>>>>>

The main part of the game if not Grand Prix, you 
can control up to 8 characters (starting from 1 
at first, completing missions and unlocking 
others to play story mode with later). Just a 
reminder: On each character you can only keep a 
maximum of $2,550,000. Ok, onto the stories!...

-- 2a: Rick Wheeler –

As the first mission, you can expect this to be a 
pretty easy, which, of course, it is! 
Objective: Reach the goal before Octoman!
Difficulty: 1/10

The only difficulty with this course are the 
relatively dangerous turns, but to an F-zero 
veteran they should prove to be no problem at 
all. As it’s a mere lap around Mute City, you can 
beat the red car (Octoman) easily, especially 
since you 2 are the only guys in the “race”.

Bounty: $200,000,000

Rick is now on Zoda’s tail! Get the little 
bastard!... But wait, who is this? Why, it’s 
Captain Falcon! He’s chasing Zoda too, let’s get 
Objective: Reach the goal before Zoda!
Difficulty: 1/10

This is a similar to Mission #1, but this time 
you have to beat a harder course and come 1st. It 
isn’t very hard, but the corners and turns are 
more difficult, but shouldn’t issue too much of a 
problem. And it’s not a wise idea to use your 
boosters in this mission.

Bounty: $100,000,000

Now we enter the Fire Field. Rick explains to 
Falcon how he has 150 year history with him. No, 
he ain’t an old OAP, he was a detective and 
chasing Zoda, they were somehow frozen and woke 
up 150 years later. Now onto the first official 
Grand Prix in story mode!
Objective: Win the race.
Difficulty: 2/10

Quite a difficult course to be honest, even 
though it is very short. It’s the mines in the 
area that are the reason I gave this mission an 
extra difficulty point. Make sure not to bump 
into a mine, if you do it could drive you into 
more, and you could die within a second. Apart 
from that, don’t worry.

Bounty: $500,000,000

Your boss, Jody Summer, seems to be in a spot of 
trouble. Rescue her within the time limit at Port 
Objective: Reach the place where Jody Summer is 
hold before time expires!
Difficulty: 3/10

This is an easy one if you aren’t extremely 
careless or don’t use your boosts. Merely make it 
to the end of the course in 40 seconds.

Bounty: $100,000,000

Congratulations, you rescued Jody! What do you 
get for a prize? A great big slap! Feh, women... 
anyway, Jody will inform you that you should be 
on your own case; and that Zoda will be at Big 
Blue for the next grand prix. Let’s go! Remember, 
if you like to kill people in your races; don’t 
kill Jack, as he’s your friend! You CAN kill him, 
but it’s not very nice. Now l- WHHHAAAT? Someone 
meddled with your brakes! Now you have to race 
without brakes! Ha ha ha, as if you used them 
before anyway...
Objective: Beat Zoda or help Jack win!
Difficulty: 5/10

As the objective shows, you’ll win if Jack beats 
Zoda, even if Zoda beats you. Jack’s car is the 
blue one with the yellow stripe down the middle. 
The main danger is this are the 2 or 3 REALLY 
sharp turns and the jumps, which can kill you if 
you miss-land. However, if you keep to your best 
ability and use boosts when necessary, you should 
prove victorious!

Bounty: $500,000,000 (quite a lot eh?)

CONGRATULATIONS, you have beaten Rick Wheeler’s 
story mode... or have you? If you have less than 
$300,000 when completing mission #4 (you’ll 
original have more than that anyway, what you do 
is repeatedly complete mission #4, you lose 
money) you’ll unlock Mission #X!

Ooh, lookie, it’s Black Shadow, and he’s 
challenged you to a race. You get transported to 
White Land.
Objective: Win the battle with Black Shadow!
Difficulty: 5/10

A relatively short course, yet a very difficult 
course itself all the same. The beginning lap may 
prove to be a challenge, but if you turn and 
boost and accelerate and brake correctly you’ll 
win with flying colours!

Bounty: $500,000,000

Now you’ve beat Rick Wheeler’s story mode. You 
learn that Rick’s fight moves to the next stage 
while he’s chasing Octoman again, whatever that 

-- 2b: Captain Falcon –-

Our good old buddy has been hired to escort Clash 
to somewhere. Why you must beat him in a race 
however I don’t know o.o Maybe I misunderstood 
the cutscene...
Objective: Overtake Clash before the goal!
Difficulty: 2/10

Easier than Rick Wheeler’s first missions because 
of the simpler corners. Just beat the fat guy and 
move onto the next mission.

Bounty: $100,000,000

AIIIYAA! Zoda captured Clash, noooooo. Ehem, 
anyway, remember Rick Wheeler’s 2nd mission? This 
is the same except you’re Captain Falcon.
Objective: Rick or Falcon must finish before 
Difficulty: 1/10

This is easier than Rick’s #2 mission as you 
don’t have to come 1st as long as Rick does. I 
pity you if you have trouble with this.

Bounty: $100,000,000

Zoda was switched for a fake in the race (Bio 
rex, if you must know). Let’s go to Red Canyon. 
Hey look, its’ our buddy Samurai Goroh! But he 
seems to think you poisoned him, prove to him 
that he’s no match for you!
Objective: Beat Samurai Goroh in the race. Be 
careful: you have no boost!
Difficulty: 4/10

As you have no boosts, you can’t.. uh.. boost. 
But apart from that, the course itself as simple, 
it has only 1 bad corner. You can win!

Bounty: $500,000,000


Gasp, it’s Blood Falcon in Port City, and he’s 
challenged you to a race! Win!
Objective: Beat Blood Falcon at all costs!
Difficulty: 5/10

This mission isn’t difficult as long as you keep 
your boosts up. The main difficulty here is 
mistiming jumps, which is bad. Apart from that, 
the race is simple.

Bounty: $200,000,000


Blood Falcon did something to your machine so 
your stranded, noooo! *Sad Music plays* Hold on, 
there’s Mrs Brilliant, she offers to help for a 
small amount of money... she will do either of 
two things. If this is our first time doing 
mission #4, she will leave you to be stranded. If 
this is your 2nd time or more, she will give you 
spare parts.
	Onward to Lightning Volute!
It’s Black Shadow! Our Falcy knows he captured 
Clash, Black Falcon says he’ll give back Clash if 
you beat him in the race, onward we go!
Objective: Win the Race!
Difficulty: 6/10

The hardest mission yet. You see the big big big 
jump near the beginning, no matter how fast you 
are going, DO NOT USE IT! If anybody out there 
knows how to use it safely, please contact me. 
So, Black Bull will be the guy who’s winning, you 
have to use your boosts to win of course.

Bounty: $500,000,000

CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve beaten Falcon’s story 
mode!... or have you? If you did Mission #4 twice 
or more, Lisa would’ve given you spare parts. You 
decide to help Jody (I wonder why Jody and not 
Lisa) out...


Sand Ocean, an ocean of sand. Jody wants to beat 
Blood Falcon. You inform her that you don’t know 
what he has planned, so, we have to beat him!!!
Objective: Help Jody Summer defeat Blood Falcon 
in the race!
Difficulty: 5/10

Whatever you do, DON’T WIN THE RACE! I’m not 
entirely sure about the exact rules, but I think 
Jody must come 1st, you must come 2nd, and Blood 
Falcon must come 3rd or below. The race itself is 
simple with a lot of jumps.

Bounty: $460,000,000

Yes, now you have beaten Falcon’s story mode.

-- 2c. Jody Summer –-


Jody has entered the silence race, especially to 
try and beat Michael Chain, “Michael Chain must 
not win this race!”
Objective: Beat Michael Chain in the race!
Difficulty: 3/10

Easy peasy. Just win the race. This is one of my 
favourite courses too. Also, when you have the 
boosts, use the jumps to shave a second or two 
off your time.

Bounty: $500,000,000


Michael Chain ain’t happy, too bad. Chain knows 
about your brothers death! He says Blood Falcon 
knows more info.
Port Town. Jody’s gonna challenge Blood Falcon to 
a race in the grand prix!
Objective: Enter the race illegally and beat 
Blood Falcon!
Difficulty: 3/10

As easy as Mission 1, except the rather nasty 
beginning which involves a lot of bumping if 
you’re not careful. This is also one of my 
favourite courses. Remember that from the 2nd 
jump, use the course part to your right for a 
massive time shaving.

Bounty: $500,000,000

Blood Falcon scampered off before you could 
interrogate him. Follow him!
Objective: Don’t let Blood Falcon out of your 
Difficulty: 2/10

Just follow the guy. This is the simplest of 
courses. But I don’t know if you have to come 2nd 
or if you can overtake him, but whatever.

Bounty: $100,000,000


After following Blood to a warehouse, he’s about 
to run you over! But Rick appears and stops him. 
Blood runs off, and you give Rick a slap, telling 
him to stay on his own case. You tell him about 
the Big Blue course. 
Mute City.
Jack and Stewart listen to your obsession and 
challenge you to a platoon race!
Objective: Win the platoon members’ race!
Difficulty: 4/10

Until you get your booster you’ll most likely be 
in 2nd place. This is a simple course, so you can 
win without doubt!

Bounty: $50,000,000


You win, yay! Captain Falcon appears at your 
doorstep and offers to help you beat Blood Falcon 
at Sand Ocean! Remember Capt Falcon’s Mission X? 
This is the same, but you must come 1st!
Objective: Beat Blood Falcon to the finish!
Difficulty: 5/10

Winning the race makes it SLIGHTLY more difficult 
than Capt’s X mission, but it’s still simple and 
a fun track. Watch for the dodgy jumps.

Bounty: $500,000,000

Yay, you beat Jody’s story mode!

-- 2d. Jack Levin –


Our poor Jacky has lost his confidence to race. 
In Mute City, he consults Dr Stewart, and he 
challenges Jack to a race.
Objective: Beat the doctor.
Difficulty: 3/10

The simplest of simple course, and the simplest 
of simple races. After obtaining the boost, you 
can easily overtake him, so it shouldn’t be a 

Bounty: $100,000,000


Although Jack beat the Doc, Jacky still doesn’t 
think he’s any good. Now at Silence, Stewart 
thinks he should enter the race and beat Michael 
Chain. Also, Jack can’t seem to contact Jody, 
odd... Huh? Someone tampered with Jack’s machine!
Objective: Beat Michael Chain in this race using 
a faulty machine:
Difficulty: 4/10

What exactly is wrong with the machine I do not 
know. You must beat that hedgehog-like vehicle 
and win the race! This course is like a box, 
watch out for the jumps, although they can be 

Bounty: $500,000,000


You beat Michael Chain! Impressive says the doc, 
still not great says Jacky. Jody has appeared! 
She wants to know about a bad guy named Blood 
Falcon, but Jack’s never heard of him.
Port Town.
Mr Ead has appeared, he tells Jack Jody’s headed 
for Port town alone! Both she and Doc have 
disappeared. Jody faced Blood in a race and beat 
him, but she’s following him to a warehouse. 
Hmm... you see Blood Falcon fleeing the scene, 
kill him!
Objective: Destroy Blood Falcon’s machine!
Difficulty: 4/10

Don’t win this race without killing Blood. The 
beat idea is to bash into him just before a jump, 
or crash (not actually crashing) against him into 
a wall, either way, he should die.

Bounty: $100,000,000


But wait, it was a fake! (Bio Rex again! I wonder 
if Rex is getting paid to do this...) Jack goes 
back to the warehouse, and see the slapping 
scene, Big Blue, blah blah blah, yeah...
Mute City.
Back at headquarters, Jack and Doc challenge Jody 
to a platoon race to train her for the battle 
against Blood Falcon.
Objective: Win the platoon members’ race!
Difficulty: 3/10

Same as Jody’s platoon mission, but this time you 
compete as Jack.

Bounty: $50,000,000


Jack won! Jody is sad that she didn’t win *sad 
music plays* Now you must compete against Rick 
and Zoda in the Big Blue race!
Big Blue.
All machines ready, a favourite is Jack Levin. 
Jack and Rick shall compete fiercely. Zoda is 
stupid XP
Objective: Win the race!
Difficulty: 6/10

Hardest race yet methinks. Yeah, so you must win. 
Zoda and Rick shall be some trouble at first, but 
if you get ahead quickly this should be no 

Bounty: $500,000,000

Yay, Jack has now got his confidence back! And 
Zoda is taken away. But who cares, Jack is 

-- 2e. Samurai Goroh –


Our fat friend is in red canyon, already entering 
a race. “OUCH!!!...?” Someone suddenly poisoned 
Goroh! He feels weird...
Objective: Win the race in this tough-to-handle 
Difficulty: 6/10

The turning has been badly damaged, and this 
course needs good turning, meaning this mission 
is rather difficult. Try your best! Watch out for 
the sharp turns.

Bounty: $500,000,000


It’s Lisa, Goroh’s wife! But she forgot who you 
are! (SHOCK!) He thinks Lisa poisoned him, still 
angry about before (?) Let’s not ask. She 
challenges you to a race. She’ll listen to you if 
you win.
Objective: Beat Lisa!
Difficulty: 6/10

Although this is a short race, it’s still 
difficult. Use your boosts wisely, but do use 
them of course. Remember to turn and steer well.

Bounty: $200,000,000


Goroh admits he does not think she poisoned him 
so he won for nothing. Hmm. It’s Lisa’s amnesia 
that’s the problem.
	Captain Falcon! Now Goroh thinks HE poisoned 
him. Goroh challenged him to a race to get the 
Objective: Beat Capt Falcon in the race!
Difficulty: 8/10

My, these Goroh missions are hard. Anyway, you 
can’t boost on this mission! Don’t ask me why, I 
don’t know why. So you NEED to use the track 
boosts to stand any chance of winning. I hate 
this guy’s turning...

Bounty: $500,000,000


Goroh thinks that a weakling like falcon (even 
though he beat falcon 10 times and Falcon beat 
him 135 times XD) couldn’t have poisoned him, so 
he continues searching.
Sand Ocean.
Goroh now thinks that Black Shadow poisoned him, 
this’ll take forever...! Black plans to make 
Goroh an underling. But Goroh isn’t that foolish, 
he knows how powerful Black is, and plans to run 
Objective: Get away from Black Shadow.
Difficulty: 7/10

Not too hard compared to Goroh’s other missions. 
But hard compared to everything else easy. Boost 
and steer and GET AWAY!

Bounty: $300,000,000


Goroh’s rival, Antonio Guster is also entering 
the race. Antonio was the one that poisoned Goroh 
too! Both Goroh and Antonio know the battle must 
end here for the ttle of the galaxy’s foremost 
Objective: Beat Antonio Guster!
Difficulty: 8/10

A very difficult mission. Remember to use the 
jump near the beginning to shave a second or so 
off, and god damn I hate this guys steering! You 
need a lot of sharp turns for this race.

Bounty: $500,000,000

Content with Antonio’s defeat, Goroh is now a 
better space pirate! YAY!

-- 2f. Lisa Brilliant –


Red Canyon. Lisa already plans to enter the Grand 
Prix! Black Shadow watches and doesn’t agree...
Objective: Win the race!
Difficulty: 6/10

Also quite difficult for a starting mission, but 
nevertheless very possible. Winning the race 
should not be too hard, but watch out as sharp 
turns are needed for this race.

Bounty: $500,000,000


Hey it’s husband Samurai Goroh! The scene is the 
same as Goroh’s, about the memory loss Shadow 
inflicted on Lisa and stuff. Beat Goroh!
Objective: Beat Samurai Goroh!
Difficulty: 5/10

Boost at the very beginning, and when there’s a 
straight path. As your opponent has difficult 
steering, this shouldn’t prove TOO much of a 

Bounty: $200,000,000


Lisa admits she’s forgotten who her husband is, 
she’s NOT playing and she’s NOT lying. Goroh 
promises to help soon...
Antonio claims to know a way to restore your 
memory, he’ll tell you how if you beat him in the 
Objective: Beat Antonio Guster!
Difficulty: 7/10

Difficult at first. But overall isn’t that hard, 
again this honeycomb track is difficult to 
master, but any intermediate player can easily 
clear this.

Bounty: $500,000,000


Antonio is angry that her big sister (Yep!) won, 
and so runs away. Angry, Lisa heads for Mute 
There she meets Zoda. Zoda claims to have Lisa’s 
memory, and must race to get it back, or become 
his slave.
Objective: Win the battle against Zoda!
Difficulty: 5/10

This is only against one guy, so it ain’t very 
hard. Remember to steer well and use your 
boosts... jee, it’s really depressing having to 
give you the same advice for virtually each race. 
I need some sleep.

Bounty: $200,000,000


Shocked, Zoda laughs nervously. He won’t let you 
win so easily next time though! Then he’s knocked 
out by Black Shadow. Huh. Black Shadow claims to 
have your memory now o_o;. You must race in and 
win the next grand prix.
Let the grand race begin!
Objective: Beat Black Shadow.
Difficulty: 8/10

Black Shadow, of course, is your greatest threat 
here. Remember, don’t use the big jump, and boost 
and steer!... God, there I go again with same old 
advice. I mean, here I am, AJ, trying to give you 
information about how to beat this game, yet all 
I seem to do is give you the same old advice over 
and over again. I mean, I have nothing else to 
do, yet I can’t even give decent and unique info 
for each mission. What kind of contributor am I?! 
Sorry, you don’t have to listen to me; I don’t 
want you happy people burdening my thoughts. Just 
go start Black Shadow’s missions...

Bounty: $500,000,000

Ooh, Black Shadow’s machine APPARENTLY blew up. 
We all know he ain’t dead though. Lisa rushes 
after him, but Captain Falcon informs you that he 
ain’t dead. Suddenly, Lisa regains some memory. 
Goroh owes her money! AIIIII!!

-- 2g. Black Shadow –
By far the hardest part of Story Mode.


Lisa Brilliant has entered the Red Canyon race. 
Being your devious self, you must make her your 
underling and wipe out her memory!
Objective: Do a Side Attack on Lisa’s machine!
Difficulty: 9/10

Holy crap this guy’s machine is hard to control. 
Just bump into Lisa once and then finish the 
race, no matter what place you are, watch out for 
the jumps, they may be your end.

Bounty: $(Depends on your finishing rank)


Now you have stolen her memory, get to your 
Zoda, your underling, has challenged you, destroy 
Objective: Knock Zoda off the course.
Difficulty: 7/10

This is simple, you should be able to knock Zoda 
off on the first lap, just get close and side 
attack him, from then on, just complete the race.

Bounty: $200,000,000


Well that was simple. Now to go to Sand Ocean. 
It’s Samurai Goroh! He knows how powerful you are 
and tires to escape, get him!
Objective: Destroy Samurai Goroh’s machine.
Difficulty: 7/10

Similar to mission 2, but with less chance of 
death and just one lap. Just do a powerful side 
attack and you’ll win in no time.

Bounty: $360,000,000


Anyone who stands against you dies! Onto 
lightning to face Captain Falcon! Beat him in the 
Objective: Win the race against Captain Falcon!
Difficulty: 10/10

Yes, it’s that hard. Remember this is a difficult 
course too, so, remember to not use that big jump 
at all costs and drive like there’s no tomorrow, 
told you this guy’s missions were hard!

Bounty: $500,000,000


Onward to your final battle... against the mighty 
Rick Wheeler! Defeat him at silence! Or else. 
Rick’s very tough though, watch out.
Objective: Win the battle against Rick Wheeler.
Difficulty: 12/10

HOLY @!*#... ehem, yes, VEEERRYYYY tough. I got 
real frustrated with this Mission-of-a-bitch, and 
considering the Black Bull handles like a 
pregnant cow on marijuana, this is oh so 
difficult. Took me forever, a whole loada tries. 
You need expert driving and a hell lot of luck to 
win at this!!!

Bounty: $360,000,000

Wow. You beat the guy? Amazing! You might even be 
as good as me! ^_^ As if!!!

-- 2h. Zoda –


They’ll try to protect Clash coz he has new 
technology. Ya, the fat guy. You, as Zoda, must 
get him.
	You’ve captured Clash, get away from the 
bounty hunters!
Objective: Get away from Rick and Falcon.
Difficulty: 3/10

There is a high chance of death here from all the 
corners, especially if you use your boosts. 
Remember, at the very beginning take the shorter 
turn, or instant failure is guaranteed.

Bounty: $200,000,000


You take Bio Rex’s machine and scidaddle! Now 
you’ve escaped, time to head back to Black 
Shadow, in the middle of nowhere.
Overconfidence has arisen. Now you think you can 
take anybody, even Black Shadow. Time for a race!
Objective: Beat Black Shadow:
Difficulty: 5/10

Quite easy. As Black Bull is slow, using your 
boosts and the short cuts should make this 
mission a cinch!

Bounty: $200,000,00


It’s Lisa Brilliant! You tell her you have her 
memory, but you’ll only give it back if she win 
the race. If you win she’ll become her servant.
Objective: Beat Lisa!
Difficulty: 5/10

Very easy too. Just win o.o

Bounty: $100,000,000


Winning, Lisa threatens that she’d rather die 
than be your servant, Zoda tells her to calm down 
but is quickly knocked out by Black Shadow. Later 
Zoda awakens and heads towards...
Fire Field.
You run around excited. Yeah...
You can’t shake the anger about Rick. Time to 
destroy some vehicles!
Objective: Destroy all of the machines in the 
Difficulty: 6/10

There are only five, so don’t worry. You can kill 
one straight away. Others you can kill along the 
race with only one side attack each. Careful 
though, this is a VERY dangerous course.

Bounty: $500,000,000


Content with your destruction, you head for Big 
Blue to defeat Rick Wheeler! Now to finish your 
fight with him once and for all.
Objective: Beat Rick and Jack in the race!
Difficulty: 7/10

Not too hard for a final showdown! Just do you 
best for the fight for evil! =)

Bounty: $500,000,000

Zoda is happy, yep, he runs off content.

Finally you beat story mode, onto Grand Prix 

<<<<<< GRAND PRIX MODE >>>>>>


MUTE CITY Tradition Park
Traditional indeed. This is the simplest of all 
courses. Just watch out for the sharp turn about 
3/4 of the way through just before completing a 

Hmm, quite a difficult course considering it’s 
bronze cup, but still very easy, the path to 
choose is the left at the beginning and then half 
way through take the right course with the speed 
boosters on the first lap and then left with the 
healing strip afterwards if you use your boosts a 

As it is difficult to see in this course it also 
proves to be challenging to a complete beginner, 
but as there are only 4 turns per lap it 
shouldn’t be too complicated.

A very difficult course considering it’s bronze 
cup. Remember this piece of information submitted 
by RAMEN: This is impossible to do on your 1st 
lap.  You need at least 2 boosts worth in your 
power meter.  Right before you hit the last boost 
arrow before the big jump in the beginning, boost 
and hold the buttons in case you boosted too 
early.  Follow the extreme left edge of the 
purple barrier so that if you miss the landing 
you won't crash.  Try to land on the edge of the 
track to the left of the one you're just 
above.  It should have a big blue jump ramp on 
it.  If you time your turn just right,  you 
should land on the purple barrier lust to the 
left of the jump ramp 
This works best with a light machine with either 
great turning, high speed, or just go ahead and 
use Astro Robin.  That's what I did. Thanks 
Ramen! And near the end take the left course if 
you need healing and using boosters and right 
course while not boosted, have a lot of health, 
and have good turning.

FIRE FIELD Blast Track
Explosive, that’s what I say. Keep directly to 
the track at all costs, if you go into the mines 
you could volley off many and die before you know 
it. Be careful.


A favourite of mine; when boosting the jumps are 
very useful. They’re quite useful even when not 
boosting. But it has a few sharp turns so watch 

SAND OCEAN Caterpillar
This has many jumps, if you use them correctly 
they shall be greatly to your advantage, but be 
careful and always watch the screen, otherwise 

MUTE CITY Expansion Park
Similar to Tradition Park but now with a longer 
course and sharper turns; but still no threat 

BIG BLUE Slip Highway
Hoorah for the cool music! Remember to not get 
slipped away by the shiny roads and turn 
correctly, especially near the first sharp turn 
at the beginning. The 2 jumping areas are quite 
dangerous if you are careless, too.

MIST FLOW Front & Back
Again you have limited sight because of the fog, 
proving this to be a worthy course. Be careful of 
the sharp turns as you may crash into one before 
you know it, and use all the speed boosters along 
the straight roads.


PORT TOWN Forked Road
This is a simple course; and remember, on the 2nd 
and 3rd jumps use the course parts to your right 
for a great shortcut. Mind you don’t misplace 
your jumps or make them too slow/fast.

SILENCE Honeycomb Rink
As the name says, this course is roughly shaped 
like a honeycomb as well as its turns, meaning 
turning can be difficult. Also use the jump near 
the beginning after using a boost only.

A rather hard course; only use the short cut on 
the right petal (on the map) if you have 
confident turning, it isn’t that much of a short 
cut anyway.

FIRE FIELD Wreckage Circuit
Be very careful on this course. One slip and 
death may await you. Nevertheless it’s quite a 
short course itself, but you need good turning 
skills to not be in trouble.

The few wonky corners about 1/3 of the way 
through the lap may be what make you lose. It’s a 
good idea to brake on the corners and quickly 
start again when turning around. Also, don’t use 
the jump, it gets you nowhere.


The easiest of the easiest of easy course, even 
simpler than the Mute City usually used. Just 
remember the square-like cornering 2/3 of the way 
through, and you’ll pass this course with ease.

I presume these were the original course from F-
zero thus having no particular sub-names. This is 
also an easy course, be sure to use your boost a 
lot here as you have many opportunities.

The rough square corners are what make this 
difficulty level of the course more than the 
first two. The short cut is only slightly useful, 
DO NOT take it if you are low on power, as there 
are about 30 mines on the road section.

Apart from the rough turning near the end which 
involves two 180’ turns, this shouldn’t prove to 
be too much of a challenge.


This is a short course, and has very simple 
cornering. Pass with ease.


For some reason there is a zigzag path 1/3 the 
way through and straight after that is a 180’ 
turn; Otherwise an easy course.

About 1/2 way through this course has 3 180’ 
turns and one 90’ turn, but don’t worry. On this 
course it is simple to ricochet off the 
boundaries, and the jump near the end is simple 
to clear.


They WOULD leave a dangerous mine course till 
last wouldn’t they? This is a difficult course 
with many hard corners and mines to boot. 
However, any skilled player should have no 
trouble, and everyone else be on your guard.


The difference between expert and novice/standard 
course is very little. If you need any help on 
any expert Grand Prix course, just e—mail me.

<<<< LINK MODE >>>>

Here you have two options:

SINGLE-PAK game allows you to play a course not 
featured on the rest of the game know as Big Blue 
Calm Sea. This is a very simple course and the 
difficulty of any remaining computer players (if 
the amount of human players is 2-3) is not 
difficult at all, only about novice. You are not 
allowed to choose your vehicle. Player 1 has 
Green Bird, Player 2 has Yellow Bird, Player 3 
has Red Bird, and Player 4 has Blue Bird. They 
are all exactly the same except for their 
colours, of course. Have fun!

MULTI-PAK allows you to play with any characters 
the person with the most unlocked characters have 
unlocked, any courses the person with the most 
unlocked course has unlocked, and I think any 
computer players. I am not sure as I have never 
played Multi Pak mode.

<<< Frequently Asked Questions >>>

Coming soon.

<<< Secrets and Unlockables >>>

Black Shadow: Beat Black Shadow’s story mode.

Jack Levin: Beat Jack Levin’s story mode.

Zoda: Beat Zoda’s story mode.

Lucy Liberty: Beat Capt Falcon’s or Rick’s story 

Lisa Brilliant: Beat Lisa Brilliant’s story mode.

Misaki Haruka: Beat C-class Zero Test.

Silver Neelsen: Beat B-class Zero Test.

The Skull: Beat A-class Zero Test.

Billy: Beat S-class Zero Test.

Jody Summer: Beat Jody Summer’s story mode.

Mr Ead: Get $2,550,000,000 on Rick Wheeler’s 

Gomar & Shioh: Get $2,550,000,000 on Capt 
Falcon’s story.

Mrs Arrow: Get $2,550,000,000 on Samurai Goroh’s 

James McCloud: Get $2,550,000,000 on Lisa’s 

Mr Arrow: Get $2,550,000,000 on Black Shadow’s 

Beastman: Get $2,550,000,000 on Zoda’s story.

Mighty Gazelle, 
Bio Rex, 
John Tanaka, 
Michael Chain, 
Super Piranha, 
Roger Buster, 
Antonio Guster, 
Blood Falcon, 
Lucy Liberty, or 
Misaki Haruka: Beat Grand Prix mode to randomly 
unlock one (in Novice) two (In standard) or three 
(in expert) at a time.


I would like to thank:
Nintendo for hosting and helping make this game 
and such wonderful other games.
TV TOKYO/ASHIPRO/DENTSU for some reason.
Myself for making this walkthrough XD

You can contact me at: