FAQ/Walkthrough by KieCloud

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F-Zero GP Legend
General FAQ/Walkthrough
Composed by: Kie (could only get KieCloud as a username :D)
E-mail: decimation@gmail.com
Copyright (c) 2005

If you wish to use information from this FAQ on a site or for reference, please
e-mail me, ask and say the purpose of the use of information also. When using 
this guide, please give me credit for it; saying it's your own is violating 
copyright laws. Cheers.

1.0 - Introduction

2.0 - Version History

3.0 - The Basics

4.0 - Characters and Vehicles

5.0 - Story Mode

      5.1    Rick Wheeler
      5.2    Captain Falcon
      5.3    Jody Summer
      5.4    Jack Levin
      5.5    Samurai Goroh
      5.6    Lisa Brilliant
      5.7    Black Shadow
      5.8    Zoda

6.0 - Track Guides

      6.1    Bronze Cup
      6.2    Silver Cup
      6.3    Gold Cup
      6.4    Platinum Cup
      6.5    Bronze Cup (Expert)
      6.6    Silver Cup (Expert)
      6.7    Gold Cup   (Expert)

7.0 - Zero Test Mode

      7.1    Class C
      7.2    Class B
      7.3    Class A
      7.4    Class S

8.0 - Time Attack Records

      8.1    Bronze Cup
      8.2    Silver Cup
      8.3    Gold Cup
      8.4    Platinum Cup
      8.5    Championship

9.0 - Secrets and Unlockables

      9.1    Tracks
      9.2    Modes
      9.3    Racers
      9.4    Misc. Secrets

10.0 - Frequently Asked Questions

11.0 - Acknowledgements


G'day everyone. F-Zero GP Legends(tm) is the second newest F-Zero game 
released. It is vastly improved from the terrible Maximum Velocity which had no
evidence of classic F-Zero tracks or racers in sight. Luckily, GP Legend brings
back all of your favourite racers, vehicles and tracks, all new and improved. 
It also features a new mode called Zero Test which contains 48 missions for you
to complete. Of course, the classic Time Attack, Story and Grand Prix modes are
still there, and all of the modes...except Master class, which only appears on 
the 3D F-Zero games anyway so it doesn't really matter, Expert is good enough. 

This guide was created for the benefit of those diehard F-Zero fans that still 
enjoy a good challenge on the handheld system but need a helping hand along 
the way :) Enjoy!


Version 0.6: Finished most of the basics of the guide. Story Mode, Time Trial 
Records, Zero Test. Tracks section is still being constructed. I know the Track
section is the most referenced part but it also takes a lot of time and i'm 
swamped in uni work at the moment.


For those that acquired this game without a handbook (don't worry, we won't 
say it's a rom), here are some tips and basics of the game.

Pad: Left and right move left and right respectively (very important) and 
press down just before you land from a jump to prevent a rough landing.
A button: Accelerate/Select options in menu
B button: Decelerate/Cancel options in menu or go back
L Button: Drift left
R button: Drift right
L and R together: Boost
L twice quickly: Side Attack to the left
Holding Left on pad and L twice quickly: Side-attack turn to the left
R twice quickly: Side Attack to the right
Holding Right on pad and R twice quickly: Side-attack turn to the right
Start button: Pause

A lot of that is also explained in the Options menu and can be changed to your 
liking, but if i refer to controls during the guide, i'll use the default ones.

Also, when you begin a race, it is possible to get a boost. I'm not sure on 
timing, but i suggest trying accelerating as soon as you see the third light. 
Try it too early and the engine burns out which means you gotta slow down to a 
stop before it gets fixed. This is easily seen by yellow flames behind your 
vehicle instead of the usual blue.


There are a total of 34 characters in F-Zero GP Legend(tm). Each with their 
own pros and cons (some with more cons than pros however, and vice versa of 
course), and most of them are not available at the start (you begin with 5). 
To see how to unlock the rest, see the Secrets and Unlockables section (9.0)

The character layout is as follows:

Name of character
Name of their vehicle
Weight of vehicle
Body grading
Boost grading
Grip grading
Rating (includes a brief vehicle rundown and a grading of A-E, E naturally 
being hopeless)


Rick Wheeler
Dragon Bird
1850 kg
Body: B
Boost: B
Grip: B
Rating: A new racer on F-Zero. A decent beginner's player. Heavy but fast. 
Easy to control.


Captain Falcon
Blue Falcon
1280 kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B
Rating: Another decent character. A little slidey however. Get used to it i'd 
suggest, his story is necessary to complete. B


Dr. Stewart
Golden Fox
1420 kg
Body: D
Boost: A
Grip: D
Rating: Slides too much. Remarkably slow for a heavier vehicle. Never really 
was great. C


Wild Goose
1620 kg
Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: C
Rating: He's a bit worse in this game than previous ones. Slides too easily. C+


Samurai Goroh
Fire Stingray
1960 kg
Body: A
Boost: D
Grip: B
Rating: Terrible...as usual. Makes story mode tough to complete. Slow 
acceleration and pathetic turning. D-


Jody Summer
White Cat
1150 kg
Body: C
Boost: C
Grip: A
Rating: Purrs like a kitten. Grip's everything in this game and she handles 
well. Similar to Jack Levin (below) but a little weaker. A-


Jack Levin
Astro Robin
1050 kg
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A
Rating: My personal favourite. An excellent vehicle for the tad more 
experienced who can compensate for slow top speed by mastering the cornering. A


Death Anchor
1620 kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: C
Rating: Too fast to handle well. Slides dramatically and the weak body doesn't
help with that. Makes some story levels of his a little tricky. I'd suggest 
getting used to side-attacking left or right at corners to stop the sliding. C-


Lisa Brilliant
Panzer Emerald
1900 kg
Body: A
Boost: D
Grip: B
Rating: Another new racer on F-Zero. She's a heavy girl. Turns slightly better 
than Goroh but not that great still. D+


Mighty Gazelle
Red Gazelle
1330 kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: C
Rating: Basically get tapped a few times and you're dead. Doesn't handle too 
well either...not recommended, which is a shame cause he used to be good. D+


Iron Tiger
1780 kg
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A
Rating: Very good machine here, contrary to previous apprearances. A favourite 
of mine, but a shame he loses a lot of speed if you hit anything. B+


Deep Claw
990 kg
Body: C
Boost: B
Grip: C
Rating: A bit slidey. A fairly decent all-rounder but that grip lets him down a
lot unfortunately. Makes a certain A-Class Zero Test mission near-impossible. C


Crazy Bear
2220 kg
Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: E
Rating: Oh boy...NOTHING is good about this guy except the fact that he can 
survive just long enough to annoy the hell out of you. Speed is bad, boost is 
fair, but useless in the end. Look at that grip, speaks for itself...he can't 
turn and he slides everywhere. Makes some Zero Test tracks harder than they 
really should be. E


Bio Rex
Big Fang
1520 kg
Body: B
Boost: D
Grip: A
Rating: Good racer here. Quick off the mark, no sliding, survives pretty well. 
Fast as well. Boost isn't too helpful but his base speed makes up for it. Does 
lose some speed on sharp turns however. B


Mad Wolf
1490 kg
Body: B
Boost: B
Grip: C
Rating: Eh, if you want a great challenge without impossibility then this guy 
is alright. Fairly good pickup, loses speed easily however and most turning 
requires a few side attacks which slow you down even more. C


John Tanaka
Wonder Wasp
900 kg
Body: D
Boost: A
Grip: D
Rating: Loses control too easily. Decent speed on straights with boosts but 
really can't turn too well. I'd suggest this guy if you want a challenge. C


Michael Chain
Wild Boar
2110 kg
Body: A
Boost: C
Grip: C
Rating: Good base speed combined with a fair boost makes this guy an alright 
player for the experienced. If you think you've mastered the double L and 
double R (side-attack) turning method, this guy will prove you wrong, just 
barely allowing you to do it successfully without sliding out of control or 
going too slow. B-


Kate Alen
Super Piranha
1010 kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B
Rating: Fairly decent racer. Nice turning (except on jumps so be careful) and a
good all-rounder really. Could do with quicker pick-up for her weight though. B


Roger Buster
Mighty Hurricane
1780 kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B
Rating: If only this guy didn't take a year to get about 900kph, he'd be fairly
decent. Also, his speed drops very fast after boosting, and you don't wanna hit
a corner too much. Not only does his speed suffer too much, but you're likely 
to die without notice. C-


Space Angler
910 kg
Body: C
Boost: C
Grip: A
Rating: This guy is let down heavily by the combination of a weak body and 
boost. The turning and general speed is great (though he skids a bit if you 
turn too sharply due to his weight) and the pickup isn't bad either, it's just 
that the boost takes a real chunk of health away and doesn't really do much...
plus he doesn't gain much health in the green restoration strips, making 
opponents tough to keep up with. C+/B-


Mighty Typhoon
950 kg
Body: C
Boost: A
Grip: D
Rating: Much better when at high speeds, and with a boost like that, he sure 
can get to them. The turning is better than at first glance, however i wouldn't
take a jump with this guy. Everything else about him is decent though, just 
don't take sharp turns. C+


Antonio Guster
Green Panther
2060 kg
Body: A
Boost: B
Grip: D
Rating: Ah another Crazy Bear. Ok so he's not as bad, but close. Good pickup 
but a crap top speed for his size. Baaad turning as expected. Loses speed way 
too quickly on anything and just all-round bad handling. D-


Blood Falcon
Blood Hawk
1170 kg
Body: B
Boost: A
Grip: E
Rating: Wow, this guy slides way too much. Good speed but it doesn't do much if
he can't take a corner. Makes certain Zero Test courses near-impossible. C-


Black Shadow
Black Bull
2340 kg
Body: A
Boost: E
Grip: A
Rating: Turns very well on normal corners at normal speed. If he gets a little 
faster he drifts to the outside of the corner and then you're in trouble. Also,
he slows down from boosts very easily, as expected from an E rating in boost. 
Only good for easy tracks. C+


Great Star
1870 kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: D
Rating: Basically just annoying. He turns poorly as shown, and has a slow 
pick-up, however he is half-decent if you keep using your boost, turns a little
better too at that point. C


Gomar & Shioh
Twin Noritta
780 kg
Body: E
Boost: A
Grip: C
Rating: Very good for experienced players who know the tracks and can handle 
the average grip. Very fast with boost. You'll find them breaking your old lap 
records with ease. Just don't get hit too much. A-


Mrs. Arrow
Queen Meteor
1140 kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B
Rating: Another decent racer here. Handles very well but watch the jumps; 
drifting in mid-air helps. Doesn't use much health on boosting but don't hit 
too much or you'll suffer. Good overall speed and capabilities. B+


James McCloud
Little Wyvern
1390 kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B
Rating: A run of good machines apparently. His only downfall is that he always 
feels sluggish, but it helps him turn well. The E body shouldn't both you too 
much either as he slows down easily for turns. B+


Super Arrow
King Meteor
860 kg
Body: E
Boost: B
Grip: B
Rating: You would think that a racer with the same attributes as the previous 
couple, who were good, would also be a good racer. No dice. His weight (or 
lack-there-of) gives rise to annoying slides when turning and he can stupidly 
bounce off walls forever and die easily. Disappointing. C


Hyper Speeder
1460 kg
Body: C
Boost: C
Grip: A
Rating: Very good indeed. He has a high normal top-speed which cancels out the 
boost. Turns very well and is very easy to handle for decent players. His 
drawback is that he loses a lot of speed if you hit a wall and it takes a bit 
to get back up unless you boost. A-


Silver Neelsen
Night Thunder
1530 kg
Body: B
Boost: A
Grip: E
Rating: Gains speed well but that's about the limit of this guy. I see no point
in having A ranked boost and E ranked grip...it just doesn't work. He slides 
dramatically and uselessly. D+


The Skull
Sonic Phantom
1010 kg
Body: C
Boost: A
Grip: D
Rating: It's a real shame that after your efforts in the Zero Test, you get 
poor and pathetic racers as prizes. This guy is no exception, and it's also an 
extra shame because he used to be great. Poor turning as shown, but also has a 
lot of trouble gaining speed quickly for such a light vehicle. C-


Lucy Liberty
Elegance Liberty
1000 kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: A
Rating: New racer Lucy is another very good racer. Similar to Jack Levin, 
except she's too slow in regular speed. B+


Nisaki Haruka
Moon Shadow
1110 kg
Body: B
Boost: C
Grip: B
Rating: She's ok...surprisingly slides a bit for her weight, i wouldn't suggest
you use the side attack turn with her much, it isn't effective (however 
neither's her drift) so just try to take advantage of her general speed...oh 
wait, it's bad too. Oh well. C-



In this story mode you actually play as 8 characters instead of just Falcon 
*joy* so their stories coincide at times. I'll be going through each character 
as listed in the game from top left to bottom right. My story version is a 
non-spoiler version so don't worry about reading too far into it.


==Chapter One==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Reach the goal before Octoman!
Difficulty: Very Easy
Bounty: $200 million

The first chapter takes place on a new track of Mute City. It's a fairly easy 
track to negotiate around and you have boost from the start. You can either 
beat the Octoman outright or try and kill him, but i wouldn't suggest this if 
you just want to get the chapter over with. Octoman is very slow and easy to 

==Chapter Two==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Reach the Goal before Zoda!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $100 million

This race is on a trickier course of Mute City. It has a fair few sharp turns 
and you'll have to use the double L or R presses to get around some corners 
quickly. Make sure you avoid hitting falcon when you easily pass him. Zoda is 
also easy to pass and beat in this course. The trick is to not overestimate 
Zoda and speed away then start bouncing off corners and end up killing 
yourself. Take it easy and the mission will be easy.

==Chapter Three==
Location: Fire Field
Objective: Win the race.
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $500 million

You're racing on the Blast Track of Fire Field so if you're any good at the 
Bronze Cup you'll be fine in this. Just miss the bombs on the first part of 
the track and you'll be fine. There's no hard turns at all, and the computer 
opponents are probably at a beginner/standard level.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Port Town
Objective: Reach the place where Judy Summer is held before time expires!
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Bounty: $100 million

You have 41.00 seconds to complete the track. You have no opponents either. 
The track is very easy to maneuvour around ann you have boosts all around the 
place. Watch out a little bit for the jumps and never release the accelerator,
because you will cut it fine every time, usually getting there within the last
5 seconds no matter how much you boost. It isn't difficult however.

==Chapter X==
*note* Rick's Chapter X can be unlocked only if you finish Chapter 4 with 
under $1 billion. This is easy to do if you don't finish the first three 
chapters a few times before doing four. If you go straight through the story 
in order and do not backtrack, you'll automatically unlock this instead of 
Chapter 5. To unlock Chapter 5, finish Chapter 4 again with over $1 billion.

Location: White Land
Objective: Win the battle with Black Shadow!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $500 million

This is a very difficult track to navigate through well. It's a Gold Cup Expert
Class track called Flower II, so i suggest you see my guide on how to get 
through this track without destroying yourself (Section 6.7). Lucky for you 
Black Shadow isn't a very strong competitor in this race and the main challenge
is getting through the course itself. However if you can manage to destroy 
Black Shadow, the challenge is gone, but that in itself isn't easy.

==Chapter Five==
Location: Big Blue
Objective: Beat Zoda or help Jack win!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $500 million if you win. $20 million off that for every place dropped 
if Jack wins (ie- 2nd gets $480 million, 3rd gets $460 million).

For this race i suggest you see my guide on Big Blue: Slip Highway in section 
6.1 because you will need to be good at this track or at least know how to 
race it in order to win this (that is the hard part). Letting jack win is 
simply a means of keeping Zoda busy throughout the race or destroying him. 
Jack is very fast but drops off at around lab 3 if Zoda isn't being kept at
bay by you. I also suggest that if you destroy Zoda and are not good at this 
track that you just take it easy throughout the race and let Jack win.


==Chapter One==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Overtake Clash before the goal!
Difficulty: Very Easy
Bounty: $100 million

A pretty easy Chapter to begin Falcon's story. The track has a few twists and 
turns but it's easy enough to maneuvour through. Watch out for that hard right 
around the middle of the track. Clash is very slow and won't be a challenge at 
all for you.

==Chapter Two==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Rick or Falcon must finish before Zoda!
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Bounty: $100 million

Yes i know, Moderate, but it isn't as easy as it was for Rick. Falcon's vehicle
slides a little bit and the corners are sometimes hard to negotiate, so you can
end up killing yourself if you're not careful. Zoda still isn't fast however, 
and you shouldn't have too many hassles if you're a little experienced. You'll 
most likely hit the wall on the 150 degree right turn.

==Chapter Three==
LOcation: Red Canyon
Objective: Beat Samurai Goroh in the race. Be Careful: You have no boost!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $500 million

Well as the objective in the game states, you have no boost...but neither does 
anyone else, so you'll be fine. The track itself is Red Canyon's Seven-Corner 
Speedway, which is a new track that's not in the Grand Prix. The first hard 
right turn has a speed-up straight after on it on the right of the power-up 
strip so it helps to take that turn wide a bit so you can get it (or use the 
double R turn). Also mind that 180 degree turn, it's difficult to get right. 
Other than that it's easy, Goroh is no threat at all.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Port Town
Objective: Beat Blood Falcon at all costs!
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $200 million

First time i played this i mis-interpreted the objective and thought i had to 
destroy Blood Falcon. This proved exceedingly difficult and in my frustration 
i just decided to reach the finish before him and i won, so i was pretty 
annoyed, but it's not hard to race him and win, you just need to get to know 
the course a bit. Be VERY careful not to go too slow near the end jumps 
because it's easy to crash in the jumps (I got lucky and did a nice bounce 
over the last gap) but i suggest that on the second last left jump you just 
clear the middle platform and the last left jump and land just after that then 
take the final right jump as normal. Also...that annoying loooong jump around 
the middle. Boost before it and when you begin to fall fast, press and hold 
down on the control pad and you'll make it over.

==Chapter Five==
*note* Similar to Rick Wheeler's story, you unlock this Chapter if you have 
under $1 billion after completing Chapter 4. If you have over that amount, 
you'll unlock Falcon's Chapter X (below). Basically just play Chapter 4 again 
once you finish Chapter 5 and you'll unlock X.

Location: Lightning
Objective: Win the race!
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Bounty: $500 million

You're racing on Lightning's Volute, so get to know it (Section 6.1) and you'll
be fine. Black Shadow is a strong competitor in this race however, and he'll 
get annoying at times trying to attack you. He's the only hard part in this 
race, so keep ahead of him and you'll be fine. Don't bother trying to kill him,
it's near-impossible.

==Chapter X==
Location: Sand Ocean
Objective: Help Jody Summer beat Blood Falcon in the race!
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: Depends on your position. You won't come in first place so it starts at
$480 million for second and drops $20 million for every place you drop.

The track is Sand Ocean's Caterpillar, so you can learn that first if you wish 
(Section 6.2). This is a fairly fun Chapter if you know what you're doing. 
Basically you're not allowed to win, so your job is to basically smack Blood 
Falcon around for the entire race. As a good tip, try side attacking him onto a
jump. 9 times out of 10 the computer won't have a clue what to do and will 
crash. Then you can just tail Jody for the entire race (maybe bump her a few 
times for fun cause she's easy to beat)


==Chapter One==
Location: Silence
Objective: Beat Michael Chain in the race!
Difficulty: Very Easy
Bounty: $500 million

For Jody's first race, you're on Silence's Box Rink level (Section 6.1) so you 
can look it up if you want to, however the track is not difficult and you 
should have no trouble at all beating Michael. From lab 2 you can easily boost 
continuously until the end of the race, but you don't need to.

==Chapter Two==
Location: Port Town
Objective: Enter the race illegally and beat Blood Falcon!
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Bounty: $500 million

Port Town's Forked Road this time. This is a difficult track, being on the 
Gold cup (Section 6.3) so learn the track well, use my guide if you wish, and 
you shouldn't have much difficulty. Blood Falcon is a bit slow in this race 
also so just focus on getting through the circuit alive. Oh and don't worry 
about the illegal race entering thing, she manages that on her own before you 

==Chapter Three==
Location: Port Town
Objective: Don't let Blood Falcon out of your site!
Difficulty: Very Easy/Easy
Bounty: $100 million

I'm not sure if this was a glitch in the game or not but all you really have to
do is get ahead of falcon and finish the course. It's a very simple course at 
that! Just boost whenever you want, be careful of how much health you have 
left. Don't worry about getting too far in front of falcon cause the game does 
nothing about it for some reason (even though you're supposed to tail him :P)

==Chapter Four==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Win the platoon members' race!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $50 million

Well you're on Tradition Park so it's not a difficult track to know at all. The
racers are all very slow barring Jack Levin who's probably the only challenge. 
Shouldn't be a problem if you've gotten this far.

==Chapter Five==
Location: Sand Ocean
Objective: Beat Blood Falcon to the finish!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $500 million

Quote from Captain Falcon just before the race: "You can't lose! You just 
Can't!!!" and yet he's a real nuisance in this race. Both falcons are, but i 
wonder why our hero would say something like that and then attack you 
throughout the race. Anyway, you're on the Caterpillar level again (like in 
Captain Falcon's story, Section 6.2) and this time, you've gotta win. As a 
suggestion, killing either falcon makes the race a lot easier. Sometimes you 
get lucky and Blood Falcon kills himself by misjudging jumps a bit, but only 
sometimes...i wouldn't rely on it.


==Chapter One==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Beat the doctor.
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $50 million

In the first lap you'll feel like he's kicking your ass bad, but don't worry, 
once you get that boost you'll be fine. You're on Mute City I, a Platinum Cup 
track (Section 6.4) but it's not a difficult track at all. A nice start indeed.

==Chapter Two==
Location: Silence
Objective: Beat Michael Chain in this race using a faulty machine!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $500 million

This is another easy Chapter for you. The only thing faulty in your machine is 
the boost so you don't really have to worry about much, the race is still easy. 
You're on the Box Rink (Section 6.2) so it's an easy track as well.

==Chapter Three==
Location: Port Town
Objective: Destroy Blood Falcon's machine!
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $100 million

A fun little Chapter here. You're on a forgiving track with easy turns and lots
of chances to side attack Blood Falcon into oblivion. However most of the turns
don't make good spots to attack so i suggest the few straight areas such as 
straight after the start, after the 3rd left turn and the straight at the end 
to destroy him. Watch also that you don't run out of health.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Win the platoon members' race.
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $50 million

You'll notice by now that some of the stories really mess up every other 
character's story (like this one) because characters interfere with their own 
team-mates. Anyway, this is the same race as Jody's race, so you're on 
Tradition Park of course. It's as easy as Jody's was pretty much. Jody 
challenges for a little bit, but then falls back.

==Chapter Five==
Location: Big Blue
Objective: Win the race!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $500 million

Slip Highway again (Section 6.1) and this time the competition is as stiff as 
ever, but unlike Rick's story, you have to win. Luckily you're now in a better 
machine and hopefully after Rick's story you know the track a little better, 
but oh well. Zoda is another strong contender and you'll probably find yourself
trailing both Rick and Zoda for a long time before Rick drops off a bit and 
you're forced to use your skill and knowledge of the track to win.


==Chapter One==
Location: Red Canyon
Objective: Win the race in this tough-to-handle machine.
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $500 million

Right off the bat hard this one (expect more difficult Chapters in the latter 4
stories). Remember up a bit in Section 4.0 when i said Goroh's machine can't 
turn? Well it just got worse here. Unbelievably pathetic turning makes this a 
difficult race to master. Luckily the racers aren't much of a challenge, and 
for experienced racers this slips more towards Moderate, but it's still 
annoying...by the way, though it doesn't make much difference, you're on Red 
Canyon's Junction.

==Chapter Two==
Location: Red Canyon
Objective: Beat Lisa!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $200 million

This one is a little tricky, however you do have your turning back (if that 
means much). You just have to beat Lisa through an annoying circuit of twists 
and turns. Ok, I suggest for this one that you don't boost much, because 
chances are that you'll crash and die horribly. If you do boost, boost after 
the backwards 'S' bend and on the bends near the end. They're your best shots. 
Go slow on the first few turns. The third and fourth turns (on the reverse 'S' 
bend) will make you go extra slow. Don't worry about Lisa, she's not fast at 
all. The hardest part is the area after the straightish area (which is why i 
don't recommend boosting there). Enter slowly and wide, then make a hard right 
as soon as you see the opening and slip in through the bends. Go SLOW, like 
500kph or something. If Lisa overtakes, boost on the bends near the end and use
the double L and R tap turns (side-attack turns) to get around the corners.

==Chapter Three==
Location: Red Canyon
Objective: Beat Captain Falcon in the race. Be Careful: You have no boost!
Difficulty: Very Hard
Bounty: $500 million

Well well, i never expected this would be so difficult, because boosts never 
help Goroh anyway, but i wish they were in this race. You have to learn the 
track VERY well and be able to put up with Goroh fairly well to even have a 
chance of beating Falcon. If you let him get too far ahead too early, you'll 
never catch him. You're on Seven-Corner Speedway again so i'll give you a guide
here on how to get through this.

First you have to start well. Don't try and kill Falcon because you won't 
succeed and Falcon will speed away, as will 3 or 4 other opponents. The first 
corner of the seven is easy, just go around it however you want. The next one 
is tricky; take it wide and drift left all the way, OR keep in the center of 
the track and when you enter the turn, do two quick left side attacks while 
turning left. On the third corner, you can either go wide on entry and drift in
to get the speed-up or go close on entry and use the side attack to turn 
swiftly in. I prefer the latter, it's quicker. The fourth turn is also easy. 
Here we go now, the hardest turn. Number five is what makes this so hard, 
because if you don't hit anything, you'll be going unbelievably slow anyway. 
What i suggest is that you enter the corner as fast as you can, swerve sharply 
to left via a drift or better yet a side attack, and smack into the wall. If 
you went quick enough you should bounce back onto the wall behind you and start
moving forwards again without losing much speed. Anyone with alternate 
strategies to that turn can e-mail me. The sixth turn is a breeze after that 
ordeal. For the seventh turn i suggest you do one right side attack across the 
grassy area and a second one straight afterwards to get the speed-up. Then 
repeat all that for 4 more laps, enjoy.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Sand Ocean
Objective: Get away from Black Shadow!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $360 million

Some of these difficulties are hard to judge actually. In difficulties with 
slashes, like this one, the Hard is for people who've never played the story 
before and the Moderate is how i find it now. Basically, don't let Black Shadow
get in front of you or you lose, which you've prolly found out if you came to 
this guide to find a solution to the Chapter :P. So basically, you should boost
every now and then to keep ahead, but Black Shadow won't trouble you too much, 
unless you mess up in the fairly difficult course. The first couple of turns 
are easy enough. The third comes after a bit of zig-zags, and i suggest for 
most of these that you use one or two side attacks (two quickly) to make these 
turns without much hassle. Now, there two turns that are tricky. Both near the 
end. The first one just requires a bit of practice with the side attacks, but 
the second is annoying and you'll probably end up sliding through the green 
sludge-like stuff. After that is a good place to boost, is all i can say, but 
at least try to make the turn, it reduces the effect of the sludge on the 

==Chapter Five==
Location: Silence
Objective: Beat Antonio Guster
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $500 million

This is a nice little change from all the hard chapters up to now. Basically 
you have to get any position higher than Antonio Guster, which is usually first
and you're on the Honeycomb Rink. The track may seem difficult but i'll give 
you a guide to finishing it with Goroh (as my general guide in Section 6.3 
won't pick out parts that affect only him).

On the hexagon at the start, always take the right route. Left has a speed-up 
but it doesn't do you any favours. On the corner after that i suggest that 
after lap one, you take the jump that's available and swerve right, landing 
further down the track. Take the easy turns with care and hit the speed-up ONLY
if you think you can handle the sharp turns with the side attack well. It's not
necessary though because Antonio is slow and you'll have other times to boost 
in future laps. Take the jump that's after the green power-up strip and head to
the finish. As you as you get to lap 2, boost and go straight into the jump, 
swerving right and that. Keep going like the last lap and just before the green
strip (which is just before the second jump) boost again and take the jump, 
then boost at the start again and repeat like lap 2 until the end. I found this
to be a really easy way to win this. Any queries on it, just ask.


==Chapter One==
Location: Red Canyon
Objective: Win the Race!
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $500 million

The track is Red Canyon's Peak Jump level (Section 6.3) so you can check out 
the guide if you want. As an extra guide for Lisa I suggest you take it easy on
the big bend before the jump, keeping about 800kph before hitting it (although
drifting around it at normal speed works well). No opponents are really a 
threat besides Black Bull who likes to ram you a lot (you'll see why in his 
story) so relax a little and take the track easily. Not a very difficult 
chapter but it can go wrong quickly if you mess the track up.

==Chapter Two==
Location: Red Canyon
Objective: Beat Samurai Goroh!
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $200 million

First and foremost: Be careful! It's easy to lose all of your health if you 
don't watch it, especially if you don't know where to boost. I suggest you 
boost straight after the reverse 'S' bend and after the tricky part following 
the straight strip. This version is slightly easier than the one you endured 
through with Samurai Goroh, so don't worry. He's very slow anyway. For the 
tricky part i suggest you enter the corner from the far left, starting to turn 
before you get into it. As soon as you see the opening of the corner, do two 
side attacks to the right and if you have to, weave through the bends (but you 
shouldn't have to if you did it right. That's all there is to this.

==Chapter Three==
Location: Silence
Objective: Beat Antonio Guster!
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $500 million

Basically you're on that annoying Honeycomb Rink level (Section 6.3) again, 
like with Goroh, except it's a tad easier this time. I suggest that if you use 
the same "special" strategy i had for Goroh (See Goroh's story Chapter Five)  
you should be fine. Antonio isn't difficult to beat and Lisa handles a little 
better than Goroh so it shouldn't be a problem.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Win the battle against Zoda!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $200 million

This is a great change from previous chapters. All i suggest to you is that you
learn the track relatively well and if necessary, check out my guide for Mute 
City's Expansion Park in Section 6.2. Zoda barely challenges at all. Piece of 

==Chapter Five==
Location: Lightning
Objective: Beat Black Shadow!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Bounty: $500 million

Lightning's Volute is the track (Section 6.1) and it's a little tricky. The 
track isn't hard but Black Shadow is fast! You probably won't catch up to him 
for two or so laps (but when you pass him he isn't really seen again). Besides 
what's mentioned in the track guide, i suggest that as well as using those 
arrows to boost, you also use your own boost at the same time, because Lisa's 
speed drops rapidly after you use an arrow boost, but that speed decrease drops
dramatically when you're boosting as well.


==Chapter One==
Location: Red Canyon
Objective: Do a Side Attack on Lisa's Machine!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: Depends on your position. If you win, $500 million, and you drop $20 
million for each place you drop.

This is a simple start to the story of Black Shadow. It doesn't matter what 
position you come in, as long as you do a side attack (double L or double R) 
on Lisa Brilliant's machine (you should recognise the blue vehicle from her 
story easily). This is the reason Black Bull rams you a lot in her story as 
well. It's easy to side attack Lisa, she hangs around you a lot anyway 
throughout the race, but be careful of the track, it doesn't suit Black Shadow 
very well at all, so once you've rammed Lisa, back off and take the track easy 
and you'll be fine. If you didn't guess already, the track is Red Canyon's Peak
Jump like in Lisa's story (Section 6.3).

==Chapter Two==
Location: Illusion
Objective: Destroy Zoda's Machine.
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $300 million

You'll get a few of these in Black Shadow's story. It's very fun to have 
"destroy a machine" as a goal, you just have to be efficient at side attacking.
For those who haven't done many Zero Tests or played an Illusion stage before, 
there aren't any barriers so be careful ay? This particular Illusion track 
(Illusion: Secret) is not on the Grand Prix and so i'll guide you through it 

You don't actually have to win, but you do have to kill Zoda (I suppose it's
the same thing lol). I suggest that you let Zoda stay in front and slowly 
catch up to him, then smash him to bits on a straight. A couple of things on 
this track, it's fairly simple and straightforward, but the third right can 
catch you off guard if you've beaten Zoda and aren't paying attention. I 
suggest to play it safe that you take the outside route of the track at all 
times where possible. Once you kill Zoda, just run the rest of the laps at your
own pace.

==Chapter Three==
Location: Sand Ocean
Objective: Destroy Samurai Goroh's machine.
Difficulty: Moderate
Bounty: $300 million

This one can be very tricky to get right. The track has many twists and turns 
and it can be hard to find space to attack Goroh. There are only really two 
places where you'll have a remote chance of destroying Goroh's machine. One is 
on the first couple of turns, definately before the green restoration strip. 
After that, hang back until you reach the long straight area on the bottom of 
the map and take him out there. Might wanna save some boost for that too.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Lightning
Objective: Win the race!
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Bounty: $500 million

Oh no, you actually have to win a race! You're on Lightning's Volute level 
(Section 6.1) so it's a Black Shadow-friendly course. The only trouble you'll 
really have if you know the course is Falcon and Crazy Bear in the first two 
laps, you'll most likely exchange blows a few times in those laps, then they 
drop away. However i wouldn't try to destroy them, it's near-impossible (i've 
never done it myself).

==Chapter Five==
Location: White Land
Objective: Win the battle with Rick Wheeler!
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard
Bounty: $500 million

A difficult finish for Black Shadow. You're on White Land's Flower II level 
(Section 6.7) so it is definately not a simple track to negotiate with Black 
Shadow's slow turning. The first lap is CRITICAL! If you let him get too far 
ahead in the first lap you'll never see him again. However if you can catch 
him and overtake, he'll miraculously drop off and you won't have a difficult 
time winning unless you can't get the track right. This one is not for 
beginners, or even intermediates for that matter. For extra track tips i 
suggest boosting before the last corner but go really slow around it and then 
when you accelerate, the boost will still be on and you'll gain speed quickly. 
Good luck.


==Chapter One==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Get away from Rick and Falcon!
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Bounty: $200 million

A simple start actually...except that neither Falcon nor Rick can pass you or 
you instantly fail. This can be difficult for people just learning to use 
Zoda's slidey machine. Use you Side Attack turns all of the time for this 
course, they help heaps. I don't suggest you boost at all in this race, unless 
absolutely necessary, because it does more harm than good. Rick and Falcon are 
slow so unless you crash a lot of times they won't catch up very easily.

==Chapter Two==
Location: Illusion
Objective: Beat Black Shadow!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $300 million

Now, i know it doesn't say to destroy Black Shadow's machine, it's very easy to
smack it off the edge of Illusion's Secret track right at the start of the 
race. If you can't manage that, it's still easy to beat him in a race. Just 
keep to the outside of the track and use the strategy i gave in Black Shadow's 
story (Section 5.7, Chapter Two), except this time be extra careful of that 
sharp third right turn cause Zoda can slide off it really easily and that's 
very annoying on the last lap, seriously.

==Chapter Three==
Location: Mute City
Objective: Beat Lisa!
Difficulty: Easy
Bounty: $500 million

Simple if you know the track. It's Mute City's Expansion Park (Section 6.2). 
Back in Lisa's Story i said Zoda never challenges. Now it's reversed and Lisa 
is pathetic. Better players could probably lap her. Use you Side Attack turns 
and avoid the jump and you'll be fine.

==Chapter Four==
Location: Fire Field
Objective: Destroy all of the machines in the race!
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard
Prize: $500 million

Probably the most fun you'll have in Story Mode! Use your side attacks and 
destroy the other four machines on the track before 5 laps are through. This 
is actually difficult because you can die fairly easily if you miss an attack 
and hurtle into the minefield. You're playing on Fire Field's Wreckage Circuit 
so check the guide at Section 6.3 if you're stuck with the track. If not, the 
blue one is the best one to take out first. Take it out before the first turn 
if you can. Then follow the green and red. The red should drop back a bit and 
you can destroy it easily. ALWAYS watch your health and take a break from 
destroying to replenish your energy whenever possible on those green strips. 
The green one isn't too hard to get, but the white one is a real annoyance and 
often shields the other racers. The white is skillful as well so i suggest you 
take him out whenever you see him. Don't try to knock players into the 
minefield because they won't die. The best way is to get alongside them and 
side attack, no other way really works here. Take it slow also, you've got five
laps which is enough time for one a lap, but if you're good you should be done 
by the start of the second lap. You sometimes get lucky and some kill each 
other but it's rare; i wouldn't hope for it.

==Chapter Five==
Location: Big Blue
Objective: Beat Rick and Jack in the race!
Difficulty: Very Hard
Prize: $500 million

The objective basically implies you have to come first because Jack and Rick 
are your only competition in this race, all the other racers are for show (or 
annoyance). The creators of the game could not have picked a worse track for 
Zoda's final story. You're on Slip Highway (Section 6.1) and "slip" is an 
understatement. It's like you have no traction throughout the race, making it 
very difficult. Adding to that, Jack and Rick aren't slow at all, so you have 
to deal with the track and keep up at the same time. I managed somehow to 
destroy Rick on one of my tries, as he's the stronger competitor of the two.

To actually have a chance at this, you really need to know when to use the 
side-attack turns. Also watch your speed, because the jumps are not kind to 
slow racers. If you can get a hang of the track, you'll find catching up to the
leaders isn't too difficult, it's just getting to them initially which makes 
this probably the second hardest story chapter in the game (Behind Goroh's 
Chapter Three). I still have trouble with this one.

That goes for all of the story missions. Any extra tips can just be sent to my 
e-mail and i'll try them out. Provide a name and i'll acknowledge your tips 
here. ~Kie

6.0    Track Guides

Initially i was going to make this a Grand Prix section, however since it's 
more of a guide for the tracks in the Grand Prix Mode, i've renamed it 
accordingly. As it happens, if you know the tracks well in this game, you'll do
well in the Grand Prix! Funny how that works. Anyway, here's how it's going to 
be done. I'll give a guide to the first lap, which will indicate not only the 
speed-ups and green strips but also the hazards and how to get past them. I'll 
then give a guide to laps 2-5 which basically describes the new hazards due to 
you going faster, also including boost points and best times to boost in each 
lap. I'll also include a difficulty rating as you'll see. I'll just say now 
that my guide for tracks is very general and assumes you've picked a decent 
character for the course (perhaps from your own judgement, or Section 4.0 or 
both). Alternate strategies for courses are given in Sections 5.0 and 7.0 for 
specific characters the game makes you use on those tracks that are not decent.

Under construction...

7.0    Zero Test

Zero Test consists of 48 missions that vary in difficulty and requirements of 
skill. They test your cornering, handling and boosting points mainly, however 
general knowledge of F-Zero racing is already assumed (ie- it's not a tutorial 
to begin with and does not give many useful tips). I'll be giving you a guide 
on how to finish the missions with a Bronze cup, not the Gold or Silver ones. 
That's probably best saved for a special FAQ. I'm just helping you complete 
them all so you can get all the racers.

7.1    CLASS C

-Mission One-
Cornering Techniques - Level 1: Learn the basics.
Character: Rick Wheeler
Time to beat: 8.8 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy

Simple, just boost at the start and cut through the grassy corners, then boost 
again when your boost stops. Silver is easy to get in this.

-Mission Two-
Blast Turns 1 - Clear tight turns with a machine with C-level grip.
Character: Pico
Time to beat: 8.5 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy

Boost right at the start, stay roughly in the middle of the track and when you 
reach the corner do three quick side attacks to the right, then do one to the 
left on the final turn.

-Mission Three-
Hairpin Turns 1: Clear corners that bend 180 degrees.
Character: Captain Falcon
Time to beat: 8.5 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy

Boost at the start as usual and as you reach the turn, swerve inwards and take
the turn with three quick right side attacks. Boost again when necessary. 
Silver isn't hard to get here after a couple of tries.

-Mission Four-
Blast Turns 2: Clear tight turns with a machine with D-level grip.
Character: Dr.Stewart
Time to beat: 9 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy

You know when you see "Blast Turns" (which just means side attack turns) that 
you're gonna be using the side attacks a bit. Boost at the start and do your 
best with as many side attacks as you can on the 180 degree turn. Don't worry 
if you smack the wall a couple of times, you should be fine.

-Mission Five-
Hairpin Turns 2: Clear corners that bend 180 degrees. Beware! The track is very
Character: Jody Summer
Time to beat: 8 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy

I can almost get gold on this one. You have two choices, the easy way and the 
easier way in this short piece of track. The left path is the easier part which
includes simple turns and boosts, but you'll end up at the finish around the 6 
or 7 second mark, whereas the right path includes a sharp turn (two side 
attacks take it easily) and good times. Boost constantly and hit the speed-up 
on the right near the end.

-Mission Six-
Blast Turns 3: Clear tight turns with a machine with E-level grip.
Character: Clash
Time to beat: 9.2 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Boost at the start and side attack left on the first little turn. Then go 
slowly and side attack three times to the right (more if necessary) to get 
around the hairpin turn, then another one or two left side attack turns for the
next one and boost again. 

-Mission Seven-
Hairpin Turns 3: Clear corners that bend 180 degrees. Beware! The machine 
doesn't turn very well!
Character: Samurai Goroh
Time to beat: 8.5 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy/Easy

Basically boost at the start and cut through the grass. The best way to do the 
180 degrees turn with Goroh is take it wide and do a couple of side attacks to 
the right so you don't hit the wall, then boost again. Silver's easy to get.

-Mission Eight-
Jumps 1: Beware! If you don't press down on the Control Pad, you'll land 
Character: Black Shadow
Time to beat: 8 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy/Easy

If you can control Black Bull decently, silver's a breeze. Boost at the start,
land correctly (Ok, maybe it's a little tutorial in the hints here :P), take 
the turns carefully, with side attacks if necessary, and boost again when the 
time comes near the end.

-Mission Nine-
Cornering Techniques - Level 2: Beat a slippery track using blast turns.
Character: Mighty Gazelle
Time to beat: 13 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

As soon as you hit the straight you can control the machine. Boost and do a few
side-attacks to get around the hairpin turn. Then be careful cause this guy 
slides a bit, but take the next two turns fast and try to be as straight as 
possible after the latter of those, because if you start bouncing off walls on 
the icy patch, you might as well restart. If you start to get out of control, 
use a side attack in the appropriate direction to steady yourself. On the final
right, keep to the right and use side attacks if you start to slide left, then 
boost to the end.

-Mission Ten-
1 Lap Time Attack: If you've learned all the basics, you'll be fine!
Character: Rick Wheeler
Time to beat: 20 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

The course is Mute City: Tradition Park (Section 6.1 if you need a review) so 
it's not too difficult with Rick. You should be fine like they said. Remember 
those side attacks always.

-Mission Eleven-
1 Lap Time Attack: Run the route without missing any dash plates!
Character: Samurai Goroh
Time to beat: 31.5 seconds
Difficulty: Very Easy/Easy

The track is Mist Flow: Clip Oval (Section 6.1) which is kind to Goroh so it 
shouldn't be a problem really. I think you have to hit all of the speed-ups if 
you want gold cause you can miss heaps and get silver.

-Mission Twelve-
1 Lap Time Attack: Run the course without getting trapped in the minefields!
Character: Lisa Brilliant
Time to beat: 18 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Fire Field: Blast Track (Section 6.1) is a good course for Lisa's poor turning 
so again you shouldn't have much trouble. Do what the game tells you and keep 
clear of the mines or you'll be messed up (although i fell into one and got 

7.2    CLASS B

-Mission One-
Blast Turns 4: Clear a course with tight corners in a machine that slides 
Character: Samurai Goroh
Time to beat: 10 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

I'm sure the creators know which of the machine they created are un-drivable 
for any racer, and they like choosing them for missions a lot. This one's
pretty simple, use your "blast turn" (Side attack turn) on every corner and 
boost constantly. Do two on the first large left, then one on the little right 
one and two or three on the second large left and you're done. Silver's easy.

-Mission Two-
Serial Jumps 1: Run the course by using jumps to take shortcuts over the 
Character: Baba
Time to beat: 11.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

You're in a good machine for once so it isn't difficult to just run the track 
as you would normally...if you want bronze. However if you want a shortcut, 
boost as you as you can move and as soon as you hit the jump in front of you, 
drift hard right (use a side attack if necessary) and land on the track after 
the green strip. This'll cut lots of seconds off your time after some practise 
and also helps in time trial and grand prix modes too.

-Mission Three-
Blast Turns 5: Clear a course with tight corners in a machine that doesn't turn
Character: Lisa Brilliant
Time to beat: 10.2 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Depending on how you handle Lisa, this can be an easy silver or a moderate 
bronze. Boost straight away, take the first bit easily, maybe add a side attack
to the right on coming back if you stray too close to the left wall. On the 
hard right, since you're boosting and it won't matter, keep inside the patch 
ground on the left of the turn and side attack twice to make the turn. Another 
two side attacks on the last left with a second boost near the end should get 
you through alright.

-Mission Four-
Serial Jumps 2: Jump then adjust your direction to change your landing point!
Character: Michael Chain
Time to beat: 16 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

As soon as you start going straight, boost and keep to the left as you take the
jump. Land with the gravity pads on the track and take the second jump. You'll 
then most likely smack into the back wall if you're still going fast by the 
time you reach the corner, but use this and bounce off quickly and boost again 
if necessary. Then continue and take the speed-up on the right and head to the 
next jump. Be careful on that turn before the jump, i suggest a single side 
attack. I'm not sure if it's in your best interests to take the right path 
instead of the left. The right has a gravity pad which i suggest you use if 
you're planning on taking the speed-up and trying for silver. If not, just take
it easy through the jumps, boost again and you'll be fine.

-Mission Five-
Hairpin Turns 4: Use perfect timing to nail the entry of the hairpin turn after
the long straightaway!
Character: Jody Summer
Time to beat: 14 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Not exactly sure what they mean by perfect timing, but you can get a decent 
time by boosting at the start and side attack turning on the first and third 
turns before the long straightaway. Hit the speed-up in the middle of the 
straight at it's start and on the hairpin turn, just stay about the middle, 
still boosting, and three left side attack turns should do it.

-Mission Six-
Lane Change Jump: Change direction during your jump and access the fastest 
Character: Clash
Time to beat: 13.5 seconds
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard

They just chucked this one in for fun i bet. Unless you're very efficient at 
Clash i seriously doubt you'll do this on the first couple of tries. Basically 
if you want any chance of a bronze, you've gotta do as they say and take the 
shortest route. I suggest you boost at the start, slow down before the turn, 
maybe a side attack if necessary, but you've gotta hit that jump fast enough to
make it to the right lane. Once that's done i suggest you side attack to the 
right and boost again to the jump. Try to get as right as possible (farthest 
down the track as you can after you jump) without crashing. This makes it 
(much) easier to hit the final jump and allow you to control the vehicle for 
the final turn. Simply drift right around it and you'll be fine. Remember your 
side attack turns in this, they help control the machine. Don't worry if you 
can't get it right after 10 tries, i was the same :P Now i've almost gotten 
silver on it, so you'll get better.

-Mission Seven-
Cornering Techniques - Level 3: Clear a series of corners. The most important 
factor is how you tackle the hairpin turns!
Character: Dr.Stewart
Time to beat: 15 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Even experienced racers will still probably find yourself struggling to beat 13
seconds here. The doc ain't really a good racer in general anyway, but you've 
got a tricky piece of Expansion Park here. I suggest you really use the boost 
and side attack turns a lot if you want to do well. Be careful with those side 
attacks, don't take them too sharp or they'll be more harm than good (as with 
all characters).

-Mission Eight-
Hairpin Turns 5: The transition out of the hairpin into the next corner is 
Character: Leon
Time to beat: 14.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Basically focus all of your skill into the first corner, and it's easy from 
there. I suggest boost at the start (as always), take the hairpin a little 
wider than usual and do three or four side attacks to the left and you'll get 
around it fine. Then side attack through the other 90 degree corners if you 
like and hit the speed-up in the middle of the straight.

-Mission Nine-
1 Lap Time Attack: Take as many shortcuts as possible using jumps to cut 
Character: Pico
Time to beat: 33 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

This is really difficult for beginners because Pico is generally crap. I 
suggest taking as many jumps as possible. Don't try and cut the track like you 
were supposed to do in Mission Two of this class, you'll just die. Take the 
track as it goes and just hit those jumps. Side attacks are not very effective.
If you're getting stuck on a certain turn, slow Pico down and then try a drift
or something, usually works. Good luck.

-Mission Ten-
1 Lap Time Attack: The machine you're using doesn't grip very well so use 
blast turns wisely.
Character: Blood Falcon
Time to beat: 32 seconds
Difficulty: Very Hard

"use blast turns wisely"...couldn't have put it better myself. Blood Falcon is 
really bad at this course and makes this very difficult to even get bronze. By 
wisely i think they mean use them all the time but not sharply. You're on Mute 
City's Expansion Park (Section 6.2), but here's an extra bit of guide.

Boost at the start and take the first hairpin slowly, then boost afterwards and
keep in the middle of the track using side attacks (blast turns) to get around 
the next four corners. Don't take them too fast or sharp, becuase if you hit a 
wall you'll be bouncing for ages and waste lots of time. Hit the green strip 
and do two or three right side attacks to get around the sharp turn. Because 
you're boosting, you'll probably need one or two side attacks on the easy long 
left following the turn to adjust yourself and keep in the middle (drifting 
doesn't do much). Do the same for the easy right turn after the straight as 
well. Two sharp rights follow that and i REALLY suggest that you don't hit the 
jump. Take the first turn wide to miss it and you should flow into the next 
right. Boost and follow the track around, doing one or two side attacks to the 
left on the turn before the jump and land on the left side of the track, 
hitting the speed-up, and you're done.

Don't worry if you can't do it exactly how this guide does, you'll have to 
improvise sometimes, because even this guide just barely gets you under the 
time (if you do it right). Anyone with more effective strategies can e-mail 
them to me and you'll get acknowledgement.

-Mission Eleven-
1 Lap Time Attack: The course is very narrow so choose boost locations wisely.
Character: Zoda
Time to beat: 25 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Hard

This can actually be easy or hard depending on how you tackle the track. Zoda 
doesn't have the greatest grip so i suggest you boost at the start and use 
side-attack turns to your best ability to navigate the first part of the 
course. You're on Silence's Honeycomb Rink (Section 6.3) so you'll need to do a
single side attack on the first two lefts you take (but take the right side of 
the hexagon) before the jump. If you're not too banged up before the jump and 
you're still boosted, take the jump (Section 6.3 explains tips on the jump part
of the track) and then when you're back on the normal track, boost again and 
follow the track for a bit using side-attacks if necessary, then boost again 
and hit the jump. After that it should be simple and silver shouldn't be hard 
after a couple of tries.

-Mission Twelve-
1 Lap Time Attack: The machine has good grip but the course is very difficult,
so learn it well!
Character: Jack Levin
Time to beat: 34 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

You're as Jack! Finally, a decent character for a 1 lap time attack. Ok so 
you're on Mist Flow: Front and Back II which is an expert class course 
(Section 6.6 should have all you need to know this track well) so do as the 
game tells you and you'll actually do pretty well.

7.3    CLASS A

-Mission One-
High Speed Techniques: Avoid the mines and race as fast as possible!
Character: Roger Buster
Time to beat: 15 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

This one is not hard if you know the track a little bit. It's Fire Field's 
Black Track II (Section 6.5) so i suggest you read up on it because there's a 
part near the end with mines all in the center of the track that can really 
catch you off guard. You start with not much health when you start but boost 
all the way through (green strips are on the track).

-Mission Two-
Cornering Techniques - Level 4: Clear a course with a series of alternating 
Character: Rick Wheeler
Time to beat: 9.8 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Again, knowing the track helps. It's Silence's Honeycomb Rink (Section 6.3) but
you shouldn't have any trouble with it if you use your side attack turns and 
boost all the way through. Taking the jump helps too.

-Mission Three-
1 Lap Time Attack: The locations where you use your boost are very important!
Character: Pico
Time to beat: 18.5 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

The level is Red Canyon's Red Canyon (Section 6.4) which is a little change 
actually. Pico makes a mountain out of a molehill, as the track isn't usually 
very difficult. It can be done however, even if you smash into heaps of walls 
because of his pickup. I suggest a maximum of one side attack turn for each of 
the tight corners or else you'll skid into the wall anyway. Drifting is useful.

-Mission Four-
Hairpin Turns 6: Make the best use of this light machine's attributes!
Character: Octoman
Time to beat: 10 seconds
Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard

You might recall in Octoman's profile i mentioned a certain A-Class mission. 
Well, this is the one. A simple piece of Silence's Silence (Section 6.4) for a 
decent character, now made unnecessarily difficult by a very tricky-to-handle 
machine. I've played this mission so many times and cannot get below 9.76 
seconds. The only suggestions i can give you is that you don't even try the 
side attack turn on the hairpins (including the final one). Just boost at the 
start and drift a hard left into the wall, rebound off the back wall and 
continue down the straight (side attack turning to straighten yourself if 
necessary) then drift the final left turn into the wall, bounce off the other
wall and boost to the finish. Good luck.

-Mission Five-
Chicane 1: Try to find a direction route without having to turn left and right.
Character: Michael Chain
Time to beat: 10.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

A good change from the previous one. Silver's possible if you work at it. Boost
at the start and release the accelerator just after you turn the first small 
bend before the "Chicane". Get to the left side of the track and drift right 
into the turn and slip through the straight (boosting again). Then release the 
accelerator again and drift right into the final straight and smash the 
accelerator on as quick as possible. This is all about how you take those two 
turns while still keeping your speed up. Btw you're on White Land's Flower 
(Section 6.3 has an advanced way of taking that turn, it's a little quicker 
but trickier to get right) but i think i've pretty much covered it there. It's 
just a bit harder with Chain.

-Mission Six-
Cornering Techniques - Level 5: Clear a course with tight corners in a machine 
with poor grip.
Character: John Tanaka
Time to beat: 13.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

The level is Port Town's Port Town II (Section 6.4) and that means an 'S' bend.
However, Tanaka isn't too bad of a racer and this shouldn't pose much of a 
problem. Boost all the way through and use two or three side attack turns 
around the tight bends. Be careful not to smack into the wall near the end, 
because you'll die easily (i reiterate my hatred towards the unrealistic 
bouncing off walls in this game) so go slower if necessary and keep yourself 
steady with side attacks. Silver is achievable.

-Mission Seven-
Hairpin Turns 7: Learn to use the special attributes of this heavy machine.
Character: Billy
Time to beat: 10 seconds
Difficulty: Hard

Same part of track as Mission Four but not as difficult. Still very hard to 
negotiate that first left-right turn with another tricky machine, except you 
can actually slip through the middle with Billy after boosting at the start. 
Not too hard to do if you've done well in Mission Five. Also be careful not to 
bounce stupidly off the wall after the first turns.

-Mission Eight-
Hairpin Turns 8: It's important to take these back-to-back hairpin turns as one
big corner.
Character: Captain Falcon
Time to beat: 10.5 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

Notice the lack of exclamation marks in A-Class compared to the rest up to now?
Oh well, you're on Illusion's Abyss Drop (Section 6.3) so remember not to fall 
off. Basically all you need to do is boost at the start, turn the first corner,
do two or three side-attack turns to the right on the next turn and then 
release the accelerator and do a couple of left side attack turns on the next 
one. Then boost and head easily to the finish. Silver's possible.

-Mission Nine-
1 Lap Time Attack: The machine's grip is poor so use blast turns to maneuver
the curve.
Character: Dr.Stewart
Time to beat: 20.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Port Town's Forked Road II is all about knowing where to go. Since you start 
with boost, boost instantly and take the jump, but head off to the left and 
land near the speed-up. Turn and side-attack (or blast turn as they say) to the
right and take the jump, heading straight this time. Then at the forked road, 
take the left part (it'll be the easier one to take from where you're coming 
from) of the track and continue (always boosting). DON'T hit the speed up 
because chance are you'll be bouncing off the walls all the way through the 
narrow strip and the doc hasn't got a good Body. Take the next right how you 
wish and keep boosting to the next jump. Go as left as you think necessary and 
land in the corner and side-attack to the right to finish. Practice a few times
and Silver's easily yours.

-Mission Ten-
1 Lap Time Attack: Try to run a straight line by drifting in this hard-to-turn
Character: Samurai Goroh
Time to beat: 21 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

For the experienced racer, this is no problem. Ignore what the description 
says, it complicates things. You're on Silence's Box Rink II (Section 6.6) so 
it's a little trickier than the original one, but just boost all the way and 
use your side-attack turns well and you should be fine, but i suggest you let 
go of the accelerator on a few of the tighter bends like the final one.

-Mission Eleven-
1 Lap Time Attack: The most important spot is the rumble strip just prior to
the last turn.
Character: Baba
Time to beat: 26.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

You're in a good machine, so it's all about knowing the track. This time it's 
White Land's Flower (Section 6.3) and the only really tricky part is the most 
important spot that the description mentions...but if you've done Mission Five 
pretty well, it should be a breeze with a better racer. Silver's possible.

-Mission Twelve-
1 Lap Time Attack: The spots where you use boosts will make the difference in 
this race.
Character: King Meteor
Time to beat: 31 seconds
Difficulty: Hard

This one's just annoying. It is possible to get under 30 seconds if you don't 
get frustrated by going slow in places and crashing all the time. Fire Field's 
Fire Field is the track (Section 6.4) and King Meteor is pretty crap. I suggest
boosting at the start, staying in the middle. Then releasing the accelerator 
and turning the first corner slow, then boosting, then repeat for the next 
couple of corners until you pass the first hairpin (bottom of the map) then go 
slow-ish until the zig-zag area and boost again. Side attack turn around the 
corner with ice and then if you have any boost left, use it afterwards and take
the wide turn with the green strip on it, using side-attacks to correct 
yourself if necessary, and boost to the finish. Practice.

7.4    Class S

-Mission One-
Chicane 2: The machine is heavy and hard to control, so use drift turns to find
the straightest line possible.
Character: Antonio Guster
Time to beat: 9.5 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

Not sure if drift turns really help if you boost at the start, so ignore the 
description (although if the description was helpful you wouldn't be looking at
this anyway). This is very similar to Mission Five in A-Class except Antonio 
Guster is harder to handle. It's not too tricky, just boost at the start, take 
the track wide, release the accelerator after the small right and swerve in 
with a couple of right side-attack turns, then hit the accelerator and do a 
couple more side-attack to the right on the next turn, and then boost to the 
finish. Be careful of that final turn though, Michael Chain can take it easier 
than Antonio can.

-Mission Two-
Cornering Techniques - Level 6: Make your way through the minefields and hit 
the jump!
Character: Draq
Time to beat: 14 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

Takes a bit of practice to get right this one. You're on Silence's Silence 
(Section 6.4) and you basically have to do what the description says if you 
want to finish under 14 seconds. Boost at the start and do a side-attack to the
left to make the first turn. Take it easy up the next part and boost again. The
next bit is all about aim. You have to drift Draq just right so that he goes in
between the mines. It's not really that hard once you get the hang of it. 
Anyway, go through the mines and left side-attack to hit the jump. Boost again 
and do some mid-air drifts or side-attacks to land on track again. Take the 
last couple of turns as well as you can.

-Mission Three-
Cornering Techniques - Level 7: Keep a close eye on your Energy Meter. You only
have enough energy to boost once!
Character: Clash
Time to beat: 21 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Here's one of the reasons you never race with Crazy Bear. Because it takes 21 
seconds to race through a third of Fire Field's Fire Field track (Section 6.4).
It's more annoying that difficult, because you're going so slow the whole time.
I don't suggest boosting if you just want bronze, focus on getting through the
track without blowing up. Alright, the only time you should take your finger 
off the accelerator is maybe on the second turn, when you're still recovering 
from the first one. Just keep going, use side-attack turns to negotiate corners
and don't look at your speedo or the time, it's a distraction thinking you're 
not going to make it when it isn't that difficult to do so.

-Mission Four-
Cornering Techniques - Level 8: Keep a close eye on your Energy Meter. Clear a
narrow course with a hard-to-turn machine!
Character: Blood Falcon
Time to beat: 14.5 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

This one isn't as tricky as the other Blood Falcon missions you've encountered
have been. You're on Red Canyon's Peak Jump but don't worry cause the jump 
isn't in this. Now don't panic, but we're actually not going to boost at the 
start of this one. Ok so just take it easy, going your normal speed at the 
start, then when you reach the corner, swerve right and do two side-attack 
turns to the right, then immediately do two or three (depending where you're 
positioned) side-attack turns to the left to get back on track. Now boost and 
navigate the easy turns with a side-attack in the correct direction so you 
don't slide away. Boost again, take the jump and you're done!

-Mission Five-
1 Lap Time Attack: Run the oldest circuit with the latest machine.
Character: Rick Wheeler
Time to beat: 15 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Something fun Nintendo wanted to do i guess. And why not. A simple track, Mute 
City I (Section 6.4) hasn't got many difficulties, just the last turn: take it 
wide and use your side-attacks to make it. Boost all the way through, take the 
jump and you'll be fine. Silver's easy.

-Mission Six-
1 Lap Time Attack: Conquer Port Town, Captain Falcon's home turf!
Character: Captain Falcon
Time to beat: 25 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

Some nice changes. The track is Port Town II (Section 6.4) so take it basically
how the guide says it. Don't take the jump at the start and don't boost on the 
last turn if you want Silver.

-Mission Seven-
1 Lap Time Attack: A good strategy is to run up on the guard beam corner.
Character: Jody Summer
Time to beat: 30 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

White Land II (Section 6.4) and a fairly simple track with a good racer. The 
hint given basically means cut the two hairpins by driving through the circular
guard beams that take your health. Everything else in the track shouldn't be a 

-Mission Eight-
1 Lap Time Attack: Be wary of your Energy Meter.
Character: Zoda
Time to beat: 21.5 seconds
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

The description tells you to watch your health because Zoda has an E ranked 
body and you're on Fire Field's Wreckage Circuit II (Section 6.7) which can 
destroy you easily if you can't control Zoda well. My only extra tip for Zoda 
is that you release the accelerator on the corner before the green strip. Other
than that, use your side-attack turns.

-Mission Nine-
1 Lap Time Attack: The way you handle the tight corners of the last half of the
track will make the difference!
Character: Lisa Brilliant
Time to beat: 28.8 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Sand Ocean (Section 6.4) is the track and it's a little tricky with Lisa. Boost
at the start and do a couple of right side-attack turns on the first bend to 
make. Continue and release the accelerator near the second tight bend and do 
three left side-attacks when whack the boost on again. Head down straight, turn
the corner with right side-attacks and boost again. Boost all around the large 
bend, using side-attacks to the left to keep you from heading wide. Then take 
it easy on the large bend, release the accelerator and a few right side-attacks
should do it. Then boost to the end.

-Mission Ten-
1 Lap Time Attack: There are no excessively difficult areas.
Character: Jack Levin
Time to beat: 20.3 seconds
Difficulty: Easy

The track is Big Blue's Big Blue (Section 6.4) and the only problem seems to be
the very limited time you have. However, Jack is a great racer and the track is
not difficult so Bronze is easy.

-Mission Eleven-
1 Lap Time Attack: Beware of the jump that follows the 360-degree loop!
Character: Samurai Goroh
Time to beat: 33 seconds
Difficulty: Hard

Probably the hardest mission of S class. Samurai Goroh navigating Red Canyon's 
Peak Jump II (Section 6.7). Boost at the start and drift around the corner 
(side-attack turn near the end of it) and head down. Release the accelerator 
and do a couple of left side-attacks to get around that bend. Go normally and 
hit the speed-up. Make sure to drift a bit here making sure you don't smack 
into the left wall around the bend. Hit the jump but don't boost. Before you 
reach the tricky corners, head to the left of the track, then swerve right at 
the corner and do a right side-attack. Do a left one after the turn to get back
on track. The next bit is the hardest part. This really sharp turn tests even 
the best machines. Go slow-ish (over 650km/h) and drift wide around the bend. 
Just before you hit the jump, speed up a little. Continue and boost at the 
first straight you see, then hit the jump and boost again to the finish.

-Mission Twelve-
1 Lap Time Attack: Clear the double-hairpin turn with the most hard-to-handle
Character: Black Shadow
Time to beat: 36 seconds
Difficulty: Moderate

I actually got Silver on my first try here. The track is Illusion's Abyss Drop 
II (Section 6.7) which i also hadn't played on before (albeit i crashed once 
before getting the Silver). Boost at the start and use your side-attack turns 
to negotiate the first two major turns. Boost after the second turn and run 
along the straight (either side will do, boost again when necessary) then 
side-attack a few times to the left to make the turn. Ok this bit may take some
practice. Release the accelerator after the next right and take the tight turn 
wide, side-attacking to the right as much as necessary. Go as wide to the right
as possible and take the first hairpin turn with lots of side-attack turns 
(don't go very fast) and boost afterwards. When you start turning to the left, 
hit the brake and take the next turn (probably the hardest hairpin in the game)
sloooowly and carefully. The rest is simple and you can boost and go as fast as

Congrats! Zero Test Completed!

8.0    Time Attack Records

Well, this section is actually going to be a records section for other people 
to show their times. Basically if you have a few wicked times (or an entire 
set) then just e-mail me and tell me the times and i'll put them up here 
(provide a name as well). Also e-mail the pics in a .rar or .zip file for 
verification. For now, the times you see below are mine, but i'm not much of a 
time trial person so i can bet my times will be beaten easily. COMING SOON: I'm
also planning to do records for Zero Test as well so get your times ready soon.


--Mute City: Tradition Park--

Best Time: 1'30'57
Best Lap: 0'16'03

--Red Canyon: Junction--

Best Time: 1'16'25
Best Lap: 0'13'98

--Mist Flow: Clip Oval--

Best Time: 2'21'47
Best Lap: 0'26'88

--Lightning: Volute--

Best Time: 2'37'64
Best Lap: 0'30'86

--Fire Field: Blast Track--

Best Time: 1'23'85
Best Lap: 0'15'33

--Mute City: Tradition Park II--

Best Time: 1'38'87
Best Lap: 0'17'52

--Red Canyon: Junction II--

Best Time: 1'24'43
Best Lap: 0'16'24

--Mist Flow: Clip Oval II--

Best Time: 2'24'18
Best Lap: 0'27'19

--Lightning: Volute II--

Best Time: 2'59'59
Best Lap: 0'34'83

--Fire Field: Blast Track II--

Best Time: 1'39'23
Best Lap: 0'18'71


--Silence: Box Rink--

Best Time: 1'29'71
Best Lap: 0'15'94

--Sand Ocean: Caterpillar--

Best Time: 2'09'87
Best Lap: 0'24'36

--Mute City: Expansion Park--

Best Time: 2'07'94
Best Lap: 0'23'96

--Big Blue: Slip Highway--

Best Time: 2'35'74
Best Lap: 0'29'65

--Mist Flow: Front & Back--

Best Time: 1'58'41
Best Lap: 0'22'75

--Silence: Box Rink II--

Best Time: 1'34'02
Best Lap: 0'18'01

--Sand Ocean: Caterpillar II--

Best Time: 2'22'19
Best Lap: 0'26'66

--Mute City: Expansion Park II--

Best Time: 2'12'67
Best Lap: 0'24'39

--Big Blue: Slip Highway II--

Best Time: 2'39'43
Best Lap: 0'30'99

--Mist Flow: Front & Back II--

Best Time: 2'24'01
Best Lap: 0'27'23

8.3    GOLD CUP

--Port Town: Forked Road--

Best Time: 1'32'91
Best Lap: 0'17'74

--Silence: Honeycomb Rink--

Best Time: 1'20'01
Best Lap: 0'14'65

--White Land: Flower--

Best Time: 2'01'62
Best Lap: 0'22'90

--Fire Field: Wreckage Circuit--

Best Time: 1'44'86
Best Lap: 0'19'75

--Red Canyon: Peak Jump--

Best Time: 1'59'72
Best Lap: 0'23'07

--Illusion: Abyss Drop--

Best Time: 2'06'78
Best Lap: 0'24'10

--Port Town: Forked Road II--

Best Time: 1'26'28
Best Lap: 0'16'61

--Silence: Honeycomb Rink II--

Best Time: 1'45'55
Best Lap: 0'19'53

--White Land: Flower II--

Best Time: 1'48'26
Best Lap: 0'20'12

--Fire Field: Wreckage Circuit II--

Best Time: 1'46'14
Best Lap: 0'20'42

--Red Canyon: Peak Jump II--

Best Time: 2'20'62
Best Lap: 0'25'82

--Illusion: Abyss Drop II--

Best Time: 2'17'77
Best Lap: 0'26'06


--Mute City: Mute City I--

Best Time: 1'09'75
Best Lap: 0'12'43

--Big Blue: Big Blue--

Best Time: 1'48'19
Best Lap: 0'19'53

--Silence: Silence--

Best Time: 1'42'53
Best Lap: 0'18'44

--Port Town: Port Town II--

Best Time: 1'54'20
Best Lap: 0'21'58

--Red Canyon: Red Canyon--

Best Time: 1'15'64
Best Lap: 0'14'39

--Sand Ocean: Sand Ocean--

Best Time: 2'20'21
Best Lap: 0'26'06

--White Land: White Land II--

Best Time: 2'22'86
Best Lap: 0'27'04

--Fire Field: Fire Field--

Best Time: 2'29'69
Best Lap: 0'27'59


--Mute City: Championship--

Best Time: 1'57'36
Best Lap: 0'22'28

There you go. Times to beat the heck out of. Enjoy!

9.0    Secrets and Unlockables

9.1    Unlockable Tracks

Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups: Finish Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups respectively 
on Grand Prix mode in any difficulty to unlock the tracks.

Platinum Cup: Finish the Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups on Novice and Standard 
difficulties. The Platinum Cup contains some of the original tracks from F-Zero
on Super Nintendo, revamped.

Illusion - Abyss Drop: Play through Gold Cup on Standard difficulty a few times
(3 or 4 tops) and this track will replace Red Canyon's Peak Jump stage.

Illusion - Abyss Drop II: Similar to the previous one except play through Gold 
CUp on Expert difficulty a few times.

Mute City - Championship: Finish Bronze, Silver and Gold cups on any 

9.2    Unlockable Modes

Time Attack/Training: Finish one race on any Grand Prix Cup on any difficulty

Zero Test: Finish any Cup on any difficulty in Grand Prix

Zero Test - B,A and S classes: Finish C,B and A classes respectively on Zero 
Test (that one should be obvious :P)

9.3    Unlockable Racers

Astro Robin: Finish Jack Levin's story
Big Fang: Win the Silver Cup on Novice difficulty
Black Bull: Finish Black Shadow's story
Blood Hawk: Win the Platinum Cup on Expert difficulty
Crazy Bear: Win the Platinum Cup on Standard difficulty
Death Anchor: Finish Zoda's story
Deep Claw: Win the Gold Cup on Novice difficulty
Elegance Liberty: Finish Rick Wheeler's Story
Great Star: Get up to $2,550,000,000 on Rick Wheeler's story
Green Panther: Win the Gold Cup on Standard difficulty
Hyper Speeder: Get up to $2,550,000,000 on Zoda's story
Iron Tiger: Win the Bronze Cup on Standard Difficulty
King Meteor: Get up to $2,550,000,000 on Black Shadow's story
Little Wyvern: Get up to $2,550,000,000 on Lisa Brilliant's story
Mad Wolf: Finish all of the missions in S-Class in Zero Test
Mighty Hurricane: Win the Platinum Cup on Novice difficulty
Mighty Typhoon: Win the Bronze Cup on Expert difficulty
Moon Shadow: Finish all of the missions in C-Class in Zero Test
Night Thunder: Finish all of the missions in B-Class in Zero Test
Panzer Emerald: Finish Lisa Brilliant's story
Queen Meteor: Get up to $2,550,000,000 on Samurai Goroh's story
Red Gazelle: Win the Gold Cup on Expert difficulty
Sonic Phantom: Finish all of the missions in A-Class in Zero Test
Space Angler: Finish the Bronze Cup on Novice difficulty
Super Piranha: Win the Silver Cup on Expert difficulty
Twin Noritta: Get up to $2,550,000,000 on Captain Falcon's story
White Cat: Finish Jodie Summer's story
Wild Boar: Win the Silver Cup on Standard difficulty
Wonder Wasp: Finish all 8 stories on Story Mode

9.4    Miscellaneous Secrets

Under construction...

10.0    Frequently Asked Questions

None as such :) E-mail me if you have any questions about the game or are 
unsure of something in my guide.

11.0    Acknowledgements

Nintendo for keeping the F-Zero series alive
All the fans of F-Zero for the same reason
My laptop for working
GameFAQs for being the #1 gaming information site, cheers!