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  S u p e r  D e f o r m e d  G u n d a m  G G e n e r a t i o n  
		             A d v a n c e

		       Secrets FAQ Version 1.2
   Written by Zerox12 (Anthony Mollise [])



1. Introduction
-1-1.  Introduction to GGeneration
-1-2.  Introduction to GGeneration Advance

2. Secrets
-2-1.  Secret Characters
-2-2.  Secret Mobile Suits/Armors
-2-3.  Secret IDs and Hyper Modes

3. Other Things
-3-1.  Contact Information
-3-2.  Special Thanks
-3-3.  Copyright Information

1.  Introduction:

1-1.  Introduction to GGeneration

GGeneration is a series of strategy RPGs that have been on many different platf
platforms.  GGeneration is a game that mixes together many different Gundam
series and universes.  In it you control SD (Super Deformed) Mobile Suits (MS)
and attempt to trudge through the game.  GGeneration games feature original
stories that contain original characters, as well as many favorites from the
series such as Amuro Ray and Char Aznable.

1-2.  Introduction to GGereration Advance

GGeneration Advance is the first game in the series to appear on the Game Boy
Advance.  It features absolutely beautiful graphics (For a handheld at the
least) and a nice list of MS from some of your favorite series.  And of course,
 it wouldn't be a GGeneration game if you couldn't convince some of your
favorite villains and other characters who wouldn't normallg help you to fight
along side you on your mission to stop whatever evil plan they are trying to
launch this time.  In this FAQ I'll be covering the secret characters and
mobile suits in this game.

2.  Secrets:

2-1.  Secret Characters

Doan and his Custom Zaku 2F:

In stage 3, have Amuro convince Doan and kill Garma before he can get in the
range of White Base's hiding spot.  This will unlock EX mission 1.  You will go
there next rather than stage 4.  In it, just kill everything with Doan and
Amuro.  Plain and Simple.  Decent Pilot, horrible MS.  But wait... there's more
in the Blue Destiny EX stage, deploy Doan in his Zaku and Domon in Shining.
Have them both attack Nimbus.  His Hyper mode should now be unlocked.  Hyper
mode greatly increases his usefulness.  Use him alot afterwards.

Proto Zero Murasame and Gundam Mk.2 prototype:

In Stage 6, kill Hamon Ral before you kill Ramba.  You will unlock EX mission
2.  In it you get to fight Aisha and Hamon as well as alot of others.  Later,
Proto Zero and some friends will show up.  Proto Zero is in a MC Gundam.  Kill
him and he will join you.  Later when you have to fight Bright and Synapse
because they join the Titans, convince Proto Zero with the Archangel.  He's
damn good pilot and his Mk.2 is crazy.

Marion Welsh and better ID commands for Yuu Kajima:

Every mission that pits you against Nimbus, have Yuu fight him and kill him.
You do not have to kill him the first time, you can also have others hurt
nimbus, but make sure Yuu kills him in a BD. Also turn EXAM on just incase.
Later on (Mission 11ish) you will be in a mission that has Archangel, Camille,
Christina, Mwu, Kira, and some others. Have Yuu kick some ass, and you will
eventually get some transmission. It marks an area on the map. Move Yuu on to
that spot. You will lose Yuu for the rest of the map, but you get some cool
little mission afterwards. (I'm pretty sure this is a special mission) Have
Yuu kill Nimbus. Nimbus respawns with EXAM running this time. Kick his ass
again with Yuu with EXAM on yourself. Scene occurs, after the map BD3 is gone.
But don't worry. At mission 13 (May be 12, not a hundred percent) Garrod Ran
and Judau Ashta show up and steal some MS. Yuu and Amuro are also used in this
map. Marion is also there. Attack her with Yuu and then convince her. She'll
join you with her Qubeley Mk. 2. She is a very good pilot, and that Qubeley is
very useful.

Seebook Arno and Usso Ebbing:

Complete Mission 9 in under four turns to unlock an EX Stage.  Complete it and
Seebook and Usso will join you.  Seebook comes in the F91 and Usso comes in a
Tauros.  They are both great pilots and the F91 is great.  Usso later gets the
V2, but it isn't very good.

Judau Ashta and Garrod Ran:

Have a Zeta Gundam before stage 12 to trigger another EX stage.  Complete the
mission and Judau and Garrod will join you.  Judau and Garrod are absolutely
fantastic pilots and the Gundam X which you can get with Garrod is amazing.
There is also some mention on how this is not how you get them, however,
until I personally see otherwise, I am not changing it.

NT001 (Leila Raymond) and Qubeley MP Type:

In stage 16, use Zero Murasame to fight with her and then convince her next
turn.  She joins you.  I don't really know how good she is because I don't use
her, but she appears to have good stats.

Athrun Zala (Asuran Zara) and Aegis Gundam:

In stage 17 have Kira talk to Athrun.  Kill him now, and he joins after the
mission.  Athrun is a very good pilot and Aegis is pretty good too.

Char Aznable (not really secret but):

After mission 18 you have the choice to make Char a ship captain or pilot a
mobile suit.  The top choice is to be captain, and the lower one is MS pilot.
Pick pilot because he is a damn good pilot and Sazabi is pretty damn good too.

Poe and Phil:

On stage 14 do not blow up Poe and Phil.  Instead wait until Loran comes out
with the Turn A.  Move the Archangel beside Phil and convince Phil with Diana.
She is inside the Archangel. Phil and Poe will retreat and join you after the

Zechs and Tallgeese:

On stage 13, have Heero talk to him, then kill him.  He'll show up next
mission.  He's a pretty damn good pilot and Tallgeese is also quite good.

Anavel Gato and Neue Ziel:

Have Kou convine Gato whenever possible and have him always have him deal
the final blow.  In stage 18, have Kou convince Gato and kill him every
time he respawns.  He should join after the mission.

Cima Garahau:

In stage 19 use Gato to convince her.

Haman Kahn and Jagd Doga:

After you beat the game, play the "Search for enemies option about 7 times to
get a special mission with Haman in it.  Convice her with Char.  She is an
absolutely fantastic pilot.

2-2.  Secret Mobile Suits

Gundam X:

During mission with Tifa in it, take her down to critical hp with Garrod.
She'll be rescued and you will recieve Gundam X.

Gundam Mk.V:

During a few of the missions that Yazan pilots this you can capture this.
It is also available in free mode.

Kowloon Gundam:

Get Domon up to level 30 by stage 20.  Master should join you for the final
fight with Gineas.

Gundam Epyon:

Search for enemies for two missions.  You will get encore stage one.  Beat
this mission.  You get Preventer Wind in Epyon to join you in Encore two.
On a side note,  Epyon is a very goodmobile suit, I highly recommend 
using it with Preventer Wind in it.

2-3.  Secret IDs and Hyper Mode

Amuro Ray:  Be in Nu Gundam.
Camille Vidan:  Must be in Zeta Gundam, obtained during the mission that
you get Gundam X.
Marion Welsh:  Put her in a squad with Yuu Kajima and she will have the ID
Command EXAM.
Loran Cehak:  Put her in Turn A Gundam.  The Power of Turn A compels you!
Domon Kashuu:  Put him in Shining Gundam.  It is obtained mid game no
matter what.
Kira Yamoto:  Not really secret, but if you put him in Freedom Gundam he gains
the ability to go Seed mode without being hurt via ID command.

3. Other Things:

3-1.  Contact Information

Email =
AIM = Deathslasher12
Or alternately you can contact me on the GameFAQs Gundam Board.  If you are
going to IM me, please tell me why you are because if you do not, chances are
I will just block you.

3-2. Special Thanks

Tomino.  He is the creator of Gundam, and without him none of this would be
here.  He has also made some other fantastic anime that the man deserves much
more credit for.

RPGZero for helping me out with various things both Gundam and non Gundam
related.  Also thanks for allowing me to borrow the layout of your FAQs.

The GGen Advance board for giving me some information on how to get certain

CJayC for hosting GameFAQs.

Bandai for creating such a wonderful game.

3-3.  Copyright Information

This FAQ is copyright 2003 by Zerox12 
(Anthony Mollise). It may not be copied without consent of the author, and 
all sections including this copyright must remain in their full, 
unaltered content. It may not be used or distributed for any commercial 
purpose. This FAQ is granted for use solely by GameFAQs, Rox Industries,
or any sites created by the author.