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Where i can find kappa?


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REKUSO_III answered:

kappa... you heard of the original kappa legend ryt? well, it is pretty OBVIOUS that he can be found in lakes.
You can fish him in the left side of the lake, or grow cucumbers and throw the ripe ones in the lake. but it sucks that he keeps on saying that *you're annoying* that's all
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tatsuyahosako answered:

Okay, it's like this... First, you grow cucumbers ( they only grow in Spring), then every day, you must throw only one cucumber each day in the lake. For the first time you throw a cucmber in the lake he will appear and say something, and then he will dissappear again. Do this every day for ten days, then after he may give the Kappa Berry.
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EnderFlash answered:

I only know of two way to see the Kappa, and these are the two ways (Not including if you married him):

1) This way I stumbled upon on accident. I continuously fished in the pond, just throwing it in and out, and then the Kappa appeared, did a '...', then I think spun off upwards until it was off screen. Kinda random.

2) This is the common way. Throw a cucumber into the lake, and he'll appear and say '...', or 'You're annoying.'. Just continue ten days in a row and he'll give you a special berry.
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clarissa2014 answered:

Kappa can be found in the lake mine but in the lake (not the mine) so if you want to see him you have to grow cucumbers (they only grow in spring) and then you throw one cucumber everyday into the lake mine and you see him but if you want to marry him you have to keep throwing cucumbers and you have to find all the Kappa Jewels found inside the lake mine you can go in the lake mine in 2 ways you can wait until winter and the lake will be frozen so you can cross it the second way is to get a teleport stone found in the spring mine on the last floor the floor 225
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