FAQ/Walkthrough by shadowgouki

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Shaman King: Master of Spirits
Author: shadowgouki (sfgouki@yahoo.com)

Table Of Contents

0. Version History
1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Characters
4. Controls
5. Walkthrough
6. Spirits
   a. Spirit Lists
   b. Spirit Combos
7. Items
   a. Stat changers
   b. Clothing
   c. Useables
8. Special Thanks

0. Version History

Version 0.1 (11/21/04) - Began the FAQ

1. Introduction

Okay, I was sick and tired of seeing posts in the message board talking about 
how they needed a walkthrough. Someone then says they'll post them but it never
appears. I've just restarted the game, so I can pretty much answer all the 
questions and what not. So if you have any questions, email me, but PLEASE 
PLEASE PLEASE look at the FAQ before you do ok? Now onto the FAQ, enjoy.

2. Story

During the Shaman King Tournament, a tournament held every 500 years, a Shaman
(one who can connect with the spirit world) is chosen out of the very elite
to become the shaman king. Many shaman battle one another in a competition held
by the patch tribe, a tribe who are the designated people who organize and 
manage this competion every year. Who ever wins all the other contestants will
be able to Unite with the King of Spirits. The shaman will become the Shaman
King and could have one wish fulfilled, as well as becoming the most powerful
shaman of all.

The game occurs in the middle of this competition. A shaman(?) comes in to

3. Characters

Asakura Yoh
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Spirit: Amidamaru
Description: Born into one of the most prestigous and well-known shaman
families, the Asakura, he has been trained to become a shaman ever since he was
a child. He has an easy-going nature, always believing that things will always
work out in the end. He is also the twin brother of Asakura Hao (Zeke in US).
Yoh is the main character in the game.

Asakura Hao (Zeke)
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Spirit: Spirit of Fire
Description: Twin brother of Yoh, he is actually a reincarnation of a member of
the patch from 500 years ago. The Asakura family assassinated Hao. However, he
used the power gained after mastering the great spirits and the five elements
to reincarnate himself. He is now the most powerful shaman, with countless
followers, be it voluntarily or otherwise. Although he is constantly mentioned
in the game, he does not actually appear.

Kyoyama Anna
Sex: Female
Age: 13
Spirit: Kohki & Zenki
Description: Yoh's Fiancee. Extremely Strict toward Yoh with a very cold
personality. She is not a shaman who unites with spirits (like Yoh) but she
summons spirits or banishes them to hell, this type of shaman is known as an
Itako. Although she doesn't show it, but she is very caring with Yoh, even
though she constantly tortures him. She often gives very cold remarks and is
a very tough woman.

Oyadama Manta (Morty)
Sex: Male
Age: 13
Spirit: None
Description: Manta is Yoh's best friend. Although he can see spirits, he can't 
interact with them like all other shamans can. He can only talk to them and
nothing else. Manta is very small and is basically Yoh's companion. Recording
things down as he sees them happen.

There are tons more people but they will most likely be bosses. As you meet
them, I will mention them in the walkthrough.

4. Controls
D-Pad: Movement
A Button: Jump
B Button: Sword Attack
L Button: Activate Equipped Spirit (Left Glove)
R Button: Activate Equipped Spirit (Right Glove)
Select: Switch Spirit Deck
Start: Pause Menu

D-Pad: (S.Unity) Switch Decks/Scroll Through Spirit, (Item) Scroll Item
A Button: Select
B Button: Back/Quit/Escape
L Button: Rotate Menu (Status->Item->S.Unity), (S.Unity) Scroll up 5 Spirits
R Button: Rotate Menu (Status->S.Unity->Item), (S.Unity) Scroll down 5 Spirits
Select: (S.Unity) Switch Decks
Start: Quit

D-Pad: Change destination
A Button: Choose destination
B Button: Remove selection pointer
L Button: (Hold) Look around map
R Button: (Hold) Look around map
Select: No Use
Start: Bring up Save, Status, and Shop menu

A Button: Speeds conversation
Start: Ends conversation

5. Walkthrough
*Note: Please note that the following is the way that I finished the game.

To begin the game, press start and select a save slot and difficulty to begin

*************************Beginning of Conversation*****************************

Yoh: This weather rocks!
Manta: You really think you should be so laid back in the middle of the Shaman
Anna: Don't think it's gonna last.
      First thing tomorrow morning, it's back to the training.
Trey: Ha ha ha! Poor Yoh. Hang in there, dude.
Pilica: You'll be doing some training of your own, Trey.
        You can't let Yoh overperform you!
Jun: Sounds like everyone's in fighting spirits. Don't fall behind, Len.
Len: Who do you think I am?! I never fall behind unless it's my strategic
     intention...Which it's not.
     Either way, it's a foregone conclusion that I'm going to win and
     become Shaman King!
Choc: Heads up, Yoh. We've got a visitor.
Yoh: Hm? Who are you?
???: Is there an Anna Kyohyama among you?
Anna: Maybe. Depends what you want with her.
      Who are you?
???: So you're Anna...
     I've come for something you have -- the Tome of the Shaman.
     I'm going to take it from you.
Amidamaru: You haven't yet honored us with your name.
???: Of course. The all-important etiquette of the samurai...
     My name is Magister.
Manta: You can see Amidamaru? So I guess you're a Shaman.
Silva: I don't recal the name "Magister" being on the
       official tournament entry list.
Len: Enough! I'll see him off!
Lyserg: Everyone calm down. He doesn't seem to be one of Zeke's men.
        Let's hear what he has to say.
Magister: I have nothing to say. I merely came for the Tome of the Shaman.
Yoh: What do you want with it?
Magister: I intend to bring Mephias back to life.
Trey: Who?!
Pilica: Don't ask me.
Silva: Mephias!?... The Guardian of Demons...
       He was the winner of the Grand Shaman Tournament a long time ago.
       4500 years, I believe.
Amidamaru: Winner of the Shaman Tournament?
Manta: Then he must've been Shaman King!
Ryo: What does all of this have to do with the Tome of the Shaman?
Len: Don't you get it? He wants to summon this Mephias person, but
     since Mephias became Shaman King, he's incredibly powerful.
     Magister here will need the Tome of the Shaman in order to control him.
Magister:I don't intend to summon his spirit, or use a medium to perform Spirit
         Control, or even control him as a Doshi like you would.
         I shall return Mephias to his former glory. He will live as he once
         lived, his spirit and his blood flowing in his veins.
         A true reincarnation.
Faust: A true reincarnation...
Choc:So you'll control all the powers of a Shaman King without having to become
     Shaman King!
Lyserg: You could...you could take on Zeke.
Magister: We've wasted enough time talking.
          Hand over the Tome of the Shaman!
Anna: Dream on!
Magister: You leave me no choice. Using force isn't really my way, but...
Yoh: Stay away from Anna!
Magister: You refuse to part with the Tome?
Amidamaru: Anna, you mustn't let him take it!
Manta: Yoh, here, the Sword of Light!
Yoh: Gotcha!
Magister: That's your plan?
*Clang* [Sword of Light is lost]
Yoh: rgh!
Ryo: Argh!
Manta: Rio, don't! If you pull too hard, it'll-!
[Tome is lost]
Magister: Curses! The pages have been scattered!
          I must find the page that explains the secret art at once!
Yoh: Hold it!
Amidamaru: He is quick to flee.
Manta: The Tome of the Shaman's been scattered all over!
       We gotta collect the pages, and quick!
Ryo: Leave it to us, Miss Anna!
     We shall collect the pages for you.
     I'll check out the Shinto Shrine with Tokageroh.
     Master Yoh, use my spare wooden sword until you find the Sword of Light.
Amidamaru: A wooden sword is better in battle than an empty hand.
Yoh: Thanks, Rio.
Faust: I'll go look around the cemetery.
Silva: I'll speak with the Grand Shaman Council and see if they don't have more
       information on this character.
Lyserg: He didn't look like such a bad guy to me...
Yoh: All right, then.
     Anna and Morty, you guys wanna help me look around here?

************************End of conversation*******************************

1st Chapter begin!
After the LONG conversation, we are at the map. I suggest saving here before
moving on to the next stage. If you don't know how to do it, follow these
instructions. I will assume you are at the map screen
1. Press Start to bring up a menu
2. Select "Save"
3. Press A
4. Select "Yes"
5. Press A

There should be four locations. Take the route (basically the stage is the
route to reach a destination, not the destination or point itself) on the
bottom right, you should be at a park.

You Begin with Amidamaru

Spirit Name: Amidamaru
Spirit Number: 01
Master: Asakura Yoh
Spirit Type: Offensive
Furyoku Cost: 25
Furyoku Intake Type: Per Activation
Game Description: Halo Bump: Rip the enemy to pieces in an instant.
Description: A downward slice with some furyoku in it. Sends bosses flying.

Current Stats:
HP: 120/120
SP: 80/80

Attack: 10
Defense: 0
Rate: 0%

Equipped: Wooden Sword

Magamata Beads: 0
Tome Pages: 0

Spirits: 1
++++++++++++++++++++++++++Park Stage 1++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Park 1-1

This stage is pretty straight forward. Basically, the first type of enemy you
meet is a blue and purple monster (now known as Apes), it should be a one-hit 
kill for you. 

Enemy Name: Apes
Enemy Type: Humanoid
HP: Less than 8
Damage Caused: 14

After killing the first monster you see, there should be an obvious chest above
you, open the chest by attacking it. There should be eight gold coins (10 Yen
per piece). When you jump up the first ledge, there is a platform right above
it's one of those falling platforms, jump up and left to reach the platform. 
Jump two more platforms to the right to another chest, containing 5 gold coins.

Go down and continue right and jump up the ledge, and go left, fighting two
more monsters. Jump up first ledge and onward right to the higher one. Right
above you is a chest with 8 gold coins. Jump left from here to get to another
chest with 7 gold coins. Continue right to finish first section.

Chests: 4
Coins: 28 = 280 Yen
Enemies: 6 Apes

Park 1-2
Kill two apes, open first chest with 4 gold coins. Jump up into the falling 
platform and left to get another chest with 3 gold coins. Jump right more and 
kill two more apes and then comes a bigger dude.

Enemy Name: Stick Ape
Enemy Type: Humanoid
HP: 30
Damage Caused: 21
How to Kill: Three hit combo with sword

Kill the Stick Ape with a three-hit combo to kill him, make sure you're a good
distance aways when you begin. Kill another ape. After that, keep moving and 
there will be another ape who will throw rocks at you. If you get hit by the
rock, it will cause 18 damage. Kill him and jump up and left again to get a 
chest with 3 gold coins. Keep going right, killing another ape. Jump up and 
left again for another chest with 4 gold coins. Right some more, up, left,
chest with 5 gold coins. Keep going right, if you're in the mood, kill two more
apes up on the platforms and right some more to finish the first Park Stage!

Chests: 5
Coins: 19 = 190 Yen
Enemies: 7(or 9) Apes, and 1 Stick Ape

+++++++++++++++++++++++++Finish Park Stage 1+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Back at the map, take the next route on your right. Which should take you to
the sewers. 

Current Stats:
HP: 120/120
SP: 80/80

Attack: 10
Defense: 0
Rate: 1%

Equipped: Wooden Sword

Magamata Beads: 0
Tome Pages: 0

Spirits: 1

+++++++++++++++++++++++++Sewers Stage 1++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

When you enter this stage, go right to meet the boxer, kill him and he'll drop
a spirit.

Enemy Name: Boxer
Enemy Type: Human
HP: 30
Damage Caused: 21
How to Kill: Crouch and wait for him to punch, when he punches, keep attacking
             from the crouch.

The boxer will drop Gussy Kenji. 

Spirit Name: Gussy Kenji
Spirit Number: 18
Master: -
Spirit Type: Offensive
Furyoku Cost: 15
Furyoku Intake Type: Per Activation
Game Description: Use a short range punch attack
Description: Yoh makes fast jabs in front of him.

Walk forward a bit more and you'll see a black hole in the wall. Press Up in
front of it to enter the sewers.

Here you will drop into the waters. Be aware that movement speed is decreased.
Also, there will be fish floating in the water.

Enemy Name: Fish
Enemy Type: Critter
HP: 6 or less
Damage Caused: 1

Continue on and defeat three fishes and three apes, jump up the platforms and
go left. Kill one fish and one ape, and then take the Magatama Bead on the 
floor. Don't attempt to crawl through or whatever, you can't do that yet. Just
make a mental note to come back and get the items behind it. Go up from here
and act quickly and take out the boxer. Go right and finish the stage.

Chests: 5
Coins: 19 = 190 Yen
Enemies: 4 Apes, 4 Fish, 2 Boxers

To be continued