FAQ/Walkthrough by Josh Tamugaia

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Taiketsu! Ultra Hero (J)
(Ultra Hero Showdown)

October 11, 2004

)1( Introduction
)2( About Ultraman
)3( About the Game
)4( Menus (Translation)
)5( Modes (Translation)
    > 1P mode
    	 o Versus
	 o Free battle
    > 2P mode
    > Tournament
    > Other Stuff
	 o Gallery
	 o Stat viewer
)6( Character bios
)7( Moves list
)8( Character specials
)9( Strategies
)10( Secrets
)11( Music
)12( Credits and Disclaimer
)13( Contact Me

)1( Introduction|--------------------------------------------------------------------
Badabing!  This is the Walkthrough/Tips/FAQ for Taiketsu Ultra Hero Gameboy Advance.
Basically it is a fighting game.  You choose your character and you fight in various
modes.  Is this a good game, you may ask.  Well sure it is.  But whether you like it
or not is a different story.

You might want to read the credits and disclaimer of this document first.
Section 12.

If you are an Ultraman fan, then this game is a MUST.  I repeat.  This game is a
MUST.  Look what it made me do.  I wrote a walkthrough.  
Anyway, if you are new to Ultraman
you would not like this game as much.  I've seen some bad reviews about this game.
But by reading those reviews, I could easily conclude that the bad points are a
result of the lack of information that the reviewer has about Ultraman.  Also, the
game is in Japanese, so most US/UK gamers might have trouble understanding stuff.
If you can't understand the Japanese menus, you can pretty much still play, but
playing without knowing what you are controlling can lower your interest.

Enough introduction for now.  A few reasons why should you read this walkthrough:
 - For fun
 - To know more about the game
 - To know more about Ultraman
 - To know the game secrets (that I found)
 - To know the controls (how to play)

Is this game fun?
 - If you are an Ultraman fan, yes, the hell it is.
 - If you are not familiar with Ultraman and you play the game, it won't be that fun
   for you.
 - If you know Japanese, it would be fun
 - Read this walkthrough to find out about stuff and then play.  
   Would be lots of fun.
 - The more you know the more fun the game becomes.

This walkthrough can also serve as a guide if you don't know Japanese.
My Japanese ain't that good FYI but it is enough to play.

Is this game boring?
 - If all you do is punch and kick, yes it will be boring.
 - Learn what the characters can do and it will be damn fun!
 - From the time I am typing this, I have been playing this for about a month
   (not continuously but I am still hooked)

)2( About Ultraman|-----------------------------------------------------------------
Whoa.  This is the most important section here.  If my memory serves me correctly,
I think I saw a statement saying that Ultraman was some kind of a "Power Rangers"
style show where the guys that special powers and become gigantic.

First of all, Ultraman is NOT a "Power Rangers" style show.  The first Ultraman
started around 1966 when I was not born yet, long before Power Rangers existed.

A bunch of people from another planet got transformed into powerful superior beings
and their planet got destroyed or something... There is a long storyline for this
but I'm not including it here.  Anyway, those people become silver and red giants
called Ultras.

There are lots of Ultraman shows, usually each Ultraman has his own show. A 
misconception here is that the 8 ultras in the game form an Ultra Team in their
"Power Rangers" style show, and that is wrong.

Back to the story.  Ultraman gets nosy ad decides to help out people on other
planets.  They may have been to other planets, who knows, but one thing's for
sure.  They came to earth.  1966 give and take a few years... The Ultraman
(the selected Ultraman once you enter versus mode) came to Earth.  Yes, he is the
first Ultraman.  Earth is troubled by monsters and aliens, so Ultraman has to
play hero.  But the problem is that he cannot stay in his gigantic form for long.
I am not sure why, maybe he breathes in some other kind of gas instead of oxygen.
But he can't maintain his original form.  He has to stay as a human.  So he finds
a body and possesses him... NOT LIKE A GHOST!!  Just stays in the guy.
Sometimes in the guy's sleep he may dream of Ultraman talking to him.
That and all, the guy already has the Ultra power, and not to forget, an item to
transform into the giant size Ultraman.  Note here, there are 2 beings, the guy
who can transform into Ultraman and the real Ultraman.

Then when the monster is rampaging the city, the guy uses his item to transform
into a huge Ultraman to battle the monster.  When he is in Ultraman form, the
Ultraman's conscience is still the guy with the power, not the real Ultraman.
The real Ultraman is living inside him all the time, providing the power, but
the guy still controls his own body and the Ultraman body the whole time
Ultraman is on Earth.

There is usually a anti-monster squad that can't do much, and the ultra guy is
a member of that squad.  His identity as Ultraman is often secret until the last

Earlier I said Ultraman can't remain in the gigantic form for ages on Earth.
That is why there is a timer on his chest.  In the game, the timer is shown as
a seperate bar at the bottom.  When his time runs out or he uses his a lot of
his power, the timer, which is glowing blue, will start blinking in red light.
Then he defeats the monster with his trademark beams, 
flies up to the sky and returns to his human form.
But in some cases, the monster wins.  The timer's red light turns off.  
Ultraman's oval eyes' light disappears and he dies.

After the 1966 Ultraman, there are lots of other Ultraman publications like:
 - Ultra Seven
 - Ultraman Ace
 - Ultraman Jack
 - Ultraman Taro
 - Ultraman Leo
 - Ultraman 80

Just to name a few.
More recent Ultramen are:
 - Ultraman Tiga
 - Ultraman Dyna
 - Ultraman Gaia
 - Ultraman Cosmos
 - Ultraman Neos (& Ultraseven 21)
 - Ultraman Nice
 - Ultraman Legend

Hopefully now you have some idea about Ultraman.  
Go rent some Ultraman DVD's and watch the show if you want.  It's lots of fun.
There's also some animated series of Ultraman.  I remember Ultraman Kids,
Ultraman USA the movie (US oriented Ultraman) and Ultraman Joe.

Ultraman towards the future is a fully English Ultraman series made in Australia
and it is nice to watch although not as good as Tiga, Dyna, Gaia and other
new series.
I watched Ultraman USA when I was 3 and I am dying to get the DVD or VCD to watch
it again.

)3( About the Game|---------------------------------------------------------------
When you start the game, it will show you the producer logo and the start screen.
8 Ultraman faces will pop up.  Those are the 8 ultras you will play as.  The game
is a fighting game.  2D fighting game.  Think Mortal Kombat 2 or 3.  But the
Ultraman concept makes it more fun.  You see, there is a timer bar (refer to part
2 of the walkthrough).  The timer bar represents the time Ultraman can stay in
his gigantic form.  When the timer runs out Ultraman loses power.  The timer can
also get low if you use power beams, making the game harder.

In the game there is a: 
 - versus mode (story mode without the story)
 - freebattle mode (choose your opponent)
 - tournament mode (to get a champion and train your Ultraman)
 - Link Game mode (to battle against a friend)
 - Other stuff (includes gallery and stats)

In the game, there are 8 Ultras and 6 monsters

What you need to do is to finish versus mode to test the game, then train your
ultraman via tournament mode, and then win versus mode again with each ultra.

)4( Menus|------------------------------------------------------------------------
First, when you start the game, press start.
Then you will see 4 buttons:
 - The first button with 1P means one player mode
 - The second with 2P means double player where you need link cable
 - The third one under the 1P first button is tournament mode
 - The last one is options/other stuff

1P Versus Mode
If you choose the first button, you will go to a second screen with 2 options.
The first one is VS mode.  It is actually a story mode but it doesn't tell any
story.  So I guess it will be called versus mode.  Choose an ultra and you will
be pit against certain monsters.  The monster arrangement vary with different 
ultras.  When you win, it will say Thank You Ultraman!  You saved the Earth.
Or similar.

1P Free battle
If you choose the first button, you will go to a second screen with 2 options.
The second is freebattle mode.  You can choose an Ultraman and then choose an
opponent.  If you want to play as a monster, press down and the monster
screen will come up.  You can choose a monster or press down again to return
to Ultraman selection screen.

2P Versus Mode
Not sure about this but I guess it is a link cable battlemode that works the 
same as other games.

The third button will bring you to tournament mode.  You can fight a
tournament with 7 other ultras.  When you win at least one match, you get to
give the Ultraman some points.  There are 4 stats you can add points to.
Here are the translations:

 - The first one is Power
	I am not sure which power this one refers to, but experiments I did
	show that this is the strength of the Ultraman when you hit your
	opponent with punches/kicks
 - The second is Speed
	The more points you have the faster your Ultraman
 - The third is Stamina
	I am also unsure about this one, cause it may mean the amount of timer
	time (bottom bar) before your Ultraman runs out of time.  Or it could
	also mean the amount of health bar.
 - The last one is energy
	This one probably means the strength of the beams the Ultraman shoots.
	But due to unclarity, I suppose it could also mean stamina (above)
	Stamina could also mean energy.

It really doesn't matter much.
But after experimenting with some Ultramen, I conclude that...

 - Power: Strength
 - Speed: What it says, speed
 - Stamina: Health
 - Energy: Beams

When you win the tournament, you get 5 points to distribute amongst the 4
stats.  If you lose at the finals, then you get 3 points.  If you lose at
the semis, then you get only 1 point.

Last note, the stats really do increase, although not much can be seen.
When I first played, I could not defeat Tyrant with Ultraman but after
I increased his stats, I could feel that Ultraman became faster and more
durable.  I beat Tyrant in the first battle.  When I was battling Dyna
I found that Ultraman was as fast as Dyna's silver mode.  There is no
loss battling tournament after tournament.  And increased stats can also
let ou unlock the gallery!

Other Stuff
There are 2 options here.  The first one is Gallery.
If you just got the game and come here, you can see that all the faces are
blackened out.  You have no choice but to quit to the options.
Once you unlock the gallery pictures you can select the ultras here and
view their respective pics.  The pics are from their own episodes if you
are wondering.

The second is Stats.  Here you can view the stats that you acquire in
tournament mode. (refer to tournament mode)  Select an ultra to view his
Here are the translations for the stats:
 - The first one is Power
 - The second is Speed
 - The third is Stamina
 - The last one is energy

)6(Character Bios|-------------------------------------------------------------
(I have really forgotten most of the names of the moves)

o) Ultraman Taro (o
Transformed from Kotaro
The one with the horns.  The 6th brother of the Ultras after Zoffy, Ultraman, 
Ultraman Ace, Ultra Seven and Ultraman Jack.  In the series, Ultraman Taro is
often more powerful than his brothers.  The episodes were very fun to watch.
A lot of cameos from mother of ultra and the ultra brothers.  His trademarks
 - the T-beam (the thing he does, putting his palm on the fist, forming a T)
 - body rush (he rushes with a body of fire, burning the monster)
 - shrinks to human size and enlarges from inside the monster, destroying it
 - acid spray

o) Ultraman Jack (o
Transformed from Goh
He looks like Ultraman, and I think he actually is supposed to be Ultraman.
His show was called the return of Ultraman but in the end it was decided,
this Ultraman would be called Ultraman Jack, a different one.  Lots of
episodes.  His trademarks are:
 - specium ray (beam when he fires from his crossed hands)
   (the name maybe incorrect...)
 - cutter
 - multi-purpose bracelet
 - acid spray

o) Ultra Seven (o
Transformed from Dan Maboroshi / Kazamori
His timer is on his forehead, not his chest.  There are new series, where Dan
Moboroshi is still Ultraseven and he is already old.  He passes the ultra power
to Kazamori.  Note Dan Moboroshi is not human.  He is Ultraseven in human form.
Kazamori is a possessed human though... I think.  His trademarks are 
 - Wide shot (like specium ray, but the whole lower arm is above the other hand
   so the beam is wide)
 - detachable fin on his head
 - forehead beam

o) Ultraman (o
Transformed from Hayata
The oldest Ultraman.  His trademarks are:
 - specium ray (beam when he fires from his crossed hands)
   (the name maybe incorrect...)
 - cutter

o) Ultraman Tiga (o
Transformed from Daigo
Newer Ultraman from 1996.  The latest Tiga movie is 2001 I think...
He has nothing to do with the first 4 ultras as the series are set in a 
totally different universe.
Pretty cool.  He can transform to 3 forms.  Normal, Speed and Strength.
His trademarks are:
   --Normal mode (purple+red)--
 - super wide shot (he does an armspread and then shoots the beam)
 - teleportation
   --Speed mode (purple)--
 - throw laser
 - ultra flight
   --Strength mode (red)--
 - fireball beam
 - hurricanrana (leg grab)

o) Ultraman Dyna (o
Transformed from Asuka
Sequel to Ultraman Tiga.  He can also transform to 3 forms.
His trademarks are:
   --Normal (red and purple)--
 - specium ray (beam when he fires from his crossed hands)
 - cutter
   --Power mode (silver)--
 - some beam
 - rollout (like Blanka in Street Fighter)
   --Fighter mode (red)--
 - mega punch
 - mega kick

o) Ultraman Gaia (o
Transformed from Gamu
This Ultraman is from Earth.  There is a theory called Gaia theory.
It's a long story but basically the theory says Earth is alive.  And the
life-force is Ultraman Gaia.  Nothing to do with the previous Ultraman series
and the Tiga/Dyna series.  His trademarks are:
 - Head beam (a more powerful beam than Ultraseven's)
 - cross specium ray (beam when he fires from his crossed hands)
   (varies from the original one.)
 - some other specium ray (the one in the game, I don't know the name)
 - big/small slicer
 - dash punch

o) Ultraman Agul (o
Transformed from Fujimiya
In the Gaia series there is a rival Ultraman called Ultraman Agul. He is all
blue and is a bad ass but in the end he joined forces with Gaia to save 
Earth.  His trademarks are:
 - one handed wide shot
 - beam sword (very cool move from the series, not so cool in the game)
 - ki blasts

[[I terribly apologize if I made any mistakes here, in case you are an Ultra

Right, moving on to the monsters

o) Z-ton (o
One horrible alien from outer-space.  The big boss in the Ultraman 1966
series.  In the end he defeated Ultraman by returning his beam.  I did not
actually watch the show but I played the game.  His powers are the explosives
from his hands.

o) Dinotank (o
A monster from Ultraseven.  Pretty useless monster sitting on a tank.  I
don't really know how the monster does it.  Anyway it shoots eye beams and
tank bullets, and has really good defense.  You need to punch and kick it 
many many times to defeat it.

o) Alien Baltan (o
This is one famous monster from Ultraman 1966.  Has crab pincers and the face
of a squid.  Shoots bullets from his pincers.  Later version of Alien Baltan
can be seen in the Ultraman Cosmos movie.

o) Reicubas (o
Another monster with pincers.  This one is from Ultraman Dyna.  It is short
and most beams cannot hit it.  Even though not too hard to defeat, it can
be a real challenge.

o) Gatanothor (o
The boss of Ultraman Tiga series.  It is one giant pair of testicles with
a face in the middle.  5 times as huge as Ultraman Tiga.  He could not
defeat the monster at first and had to use the aid of everybody watching.
The people said, "Tiga!  We will give you our light!" or something like
that.  Tiga used the armspread to gather the energy and fired a wide shot at
Gatanothor but no sell.  In the end, he did another armspread, slowly, and
everyone can be seen emitting light and tiny light orbs flyi into Tiga's
chest.  Tiga fired an extra large wide shot and Gatanothor got destroyed.
Wait, I may confuse this monster with the one in Dyna but... nah.

o) Tyrant (o
If my memory serves me correctly, this is a monster from Ultraman Taro.
Very very very hard to beat.  Its spike body and pentagonal armor plate
provides it with super defense.  Try pummeling hit several times and you
will see that his health bar only drops a little.  And it ain't that easy to
get to him.   He has a long iron chain that works like Scorpion in MK 
and he blows fire in 3 different directions.  In my opinion, the toughest
monster in the game.

)7(Moves list|-----------------------------------------------------------------
General moves
L=L Button
R=R Button

In general, UP lets you jump.
DN will let you duck.
BW is perry, FW is forward.
To avoid confusion, BW which means back, is the opposite direction of your
opponent.  In other words, backwards.
> means towards.  So if the monster is on your left, FW means to the right.

A is kick.  There are many kinds of kicks:
A = normal kick
DN A = low kick
DN FW A = slide
FW A = hard kick
UP A = jumping kick
UP FW A = flying kick

B is kick.  There are many kinds of punches:
B = normal punch / chop
DN B = low punch
FW B = hard punch
UP B = jumping punch

These are the basic attacks and they vary from character to character.
For example, DN A with Taro will do a back high kick.
UP FW FW A with Ultraman will do a flying kick
DN BW B with Ultraman will do an uppercut.
Experiment with these for a while.

There are 2 block moves.  The first one is when you press BW when you are
being attacked.  Like street fighter and other fighting games.
But sometimes that won't work when you are hit with a beam.  There is
another block for Ultraman to block beams.  Press DN DN and he will make
a defense glass.

Throw moves are done by pressing L and R together or A and B together.
Get close to your opponent and press the 2 buttons to make a throw move.

Power Moves
Most people complain that it is hard to pull off the trademark moves of the
characters.  This is probably the number 1 reason they think the game is
boring.  I mean if you are punching and kicking the hell out of Tyrant and
it blows your guts out, it will get frustrating soon.  Well, actually it is
easy to do the moves.  Too easy.

In this game you are not going to do combo keys.  DN FW A or BW BW B will
do nothing.  In this game the L and R buttons are the keys to the power

There are 4 power moves for each character generally.  They are:
 - L + A (ultimate)
 - L + B
 - R + A
 - R + B
You need to hold down 2 buttons, preferrably L/R first, and wallah, you 
just shot a beam.  However, please not that you cannot Hadokken forever like
in Street Fighter.  Everytime you use a power beam your timer bar at the
bottom is depleted a little.  Some moves use a lot, some use none.
When your timer bar is empty, your character will lose.  So use the beams
wisely and accurately.  And the beams are damn powerful.  Some finisher 
beams can kill your opponent in one blast! (or make you lose immediately if
you miss)

)8( Character Specials|-------------------------------------------------------
Here goes.  What powers the characters have.
The format is as follows:

- (keys)(Name of move, description)(damage inflicted to opponent)(energy used)

Name of move, as said earlier, is not accurate.  Sometimes I only use
descriptions.  There are so many moves to remember and normally the Ultras
in the TV shows do not say out the names of the moves.

Damage inflicted is not very accurately calculated.  It's my estimation.
But it gives a rough idea.  Shown in asterisks. ***

The same with energy used.  Energy used means how much power will be consumed
from the timer bar once you use the move. Shown in bars.  |||
Notice some special moves do not need energy.


o) Ultraman Taro (o
 - L + A (T-Beam, a large colorful beam)********||||||||||
 - L + B (Running fire body attack, you need to hit the opponent)************
		(empties the whole timer bar, so you need to win with this)

o) Ultraman Jack (o
 - L + A (wide shot, finisher beam)******||||||
 - L + B (javelin)***|
 - DN L + A (low specium ray, finisher beam)*****|||||
 - DN L + B (rising cutter, short ranged)****||||

o) Ultra Seven (o
 - L + A (wide shot, finisher beam)******||||||
 - L + B (fin slash, dashing attack)***
 - DN L + A (head laser, very good as a surprise attack)*****|||||
 - DN L + B (fin boomerang, very useful)***

o) Ultraman (o
 - L + A (specium ray, finisher beam)*******||||||||
 - L + B (cutter)*****||||||
 - R + A (finger lasers)****||||
 - R + B (sky cutter, shoots a cutter diagonally up)*****||||||

o) Ultraman Tiga (o
 - L + B (changes to red mode, L+B again to change back)
 - R + B (changes to purple mode, R+B again to change back)
Note:  This is probably one of the most fun part of the game
 - L + A
	Normal mode: (wide shot)******|||||
	Red mode: (fireball blast)********|||||||||
	Purple mode: (blue laser)***||
 - R + A
	Normal mode: (teleportation) ||
	Red mode: (hurricanrana, leg grab)****
	Purple mode: (flying cross)***|
Note:  Here it looks like purple mode is the lamest.
Power wise, yes but the speed can clearly make up for it.

o) Ultraman Dyna (o
 - L + B (changes to red mode, L+B again to change back)
 - R + B (changes to silver mode, R+B again to change back)
Note:  This is another fun part of the game
 - L + A
	Normal mode: (specium ray)******||||||
	Red mode: (mega punch)****|||
	Silver mode: (orange beam)**
 - R + A
	Normal mode: (cutter) *****||||
	Red mode: (downward mega kick)****||
	Silver mode: (rollout)**
Note:  From here you can see that silver mode has least damaging
powers but note that there is no energy needed for silver mode
moves!! So this means the beams I can do with silver are
unlimited. I defeated Tyrant using silver Dyna by shooting endless
orange beams at it.

o) Ultraman Gaia (o
 - L + A (double palm ray, like wideshot, unsure of the name)*******||||||
 - L + B (horizontal slicer)****|||
 - R + A (dash punch)****|||
 - R + B (small slicer)***||
Note:  Ultraman Gaia uses a lot of energy and the timer bar can often
drop to dangerously low levels.
I suggest using punches and kicks with Gaia.  Use specials only when
you are low on energy and have no choice, or it is a guaranteed hit.

0) Ultraman Agul (o
 - L + A (one armed wideshot)******||||
 - L + B (beam sword)***||
 - R + A (big ki blast)***||
 - R + B (small ki blast)**|
Note:  Agul's wideshot is powerful and doesn't eat up much energy!

o) Alien Baltan (o
 - L + A (bullet)***
 - L + B (3 bullets)****

o) Z-ton (o
 - L + A (explosion)****
 - L + B (ground napalms)****

o) Dinotank (o
 - L + A (eye laser)***
 - L + B (tank cannon)***

o) Tyrant (o
 - L + A (chain)***
 - L + B (flamethrower)****

o) Gatanothor (o
 - L + A (left tentacle left jab)**
 - L + B (right tentacle left jab)**
 - R + A (left tentacle right jab)**
 - R + B (right tentacle right jab)**
Note:  Gatanothor cannot block.
Gatanothor is very powerful and good to use.
Just position the head near your opponent and the smoke from its mouth
will damage your opponent severely.

0) Reicubas (o
 - L + A (ice breath)***
 - L + B (claw laser)***

Final note:  Monsters do not have timers, so you can shoot anything
anytime as many times as you want.
Special moves eat up timer time but that doesn't mean that they need
enough energy to pull off the moves.  If your timer bar finishes
before your opponent is defeated, you lose. BUT!  If your timer bar
finishes after you defeat your opponent, you still win.  

This happens all the time in the series.  Ultraman's timer is red, 
but he has the monster beat.  
So he uses every single bit of energy left to destroy
the monster and then hangs in there.  He flies off to recharge before
he dies.  But if the monster is still not dead he cannot fly off so
he dies.

For example, let's say you are using Ultraseven and your opponent is
Reicubas.  Reicubas has one half inch of health left but your timer
bar is near zero.  Barely enough to fire a wide shot, right? Just fire
it.  What the hell.  Finish up your energy.  But make sure you hit.
You'll destroy Reicubas but Ultraseven will still fly off victorious.

)9( Strategies        |-------------------------------------------------------
Here I'll cover strategies to fight monsters.  Battling Ultras are easy.
ou can block all the way until their energy finishes.  And you'll only need
to worry about that in the tournament.
Beating monsters fast is essential if you want to unlock secrets.
Here goes nothing.

o) Reicubas (o
Don't play range with it.  Fight a short range battle.  Punch the crap out of
its asshole on its face.  You should win sooner or later.  Just watch out for
its ice breath.  If you go too far from it, it will start using its lasers.
Very hard to avoid if you want to get near it.  If you choose to wait for it
to stop using lasers maybe it just won't.  You don't have all day.  Your timer
will run out but its lasers won't.

o) Z-ton (o
Z-ton is quite like Reicubas except that its ground napalm is easier to dodge.
You need accurate timing to jump over those.  Just defeat it using close 

o) Dinotank (o
Dinotank is not active.  All it does is lay around and shoot its stuff.
Yes it can dash at you.  But it takes too long to execute a move and you'll
know when it's coming.  Jump over it and punch the lights out of it.
Use low moves.  Remember to block when it is charging at you.  You may need
several blows to beat it cause it has a lot of armor.  Do not use your beams
on it cause you will miss it.  The beams will go over its head.  Ultraman Jack 
and Ultraseven are particularly useful with this monster.  They have low beams.  
Agul can only punch and kick it.  Overall, not that hard to beat.

o) Alien Baltan (o
Easiest monster to defeat.  Wait for it to clear up and when you get a good shot
hit it with your beams.  Two beams should be enough.  Or you can punch its
eyeballs out.

o) Gatanothor (o
This is a bit harder.  To defeat it you have to hit its small head.  If you use
beams all the way, it won't die and your timer will run out.  If you go and beat
it up your health bar will drop down like crazy.  There is
only one good strategy here.  You have to beat the head until its health is
one quarter down or more if possible, then jump away from it and use beams.
You should not stay at its head and punch punch punch.  The purple smoke from its
mouth can cause damage to you and eat up your energy on your timer bar.
Do not use special fighting moves like Dyna's mega punch. That will only make you
get hit with the smoke.  So how should you do it?  You have to use the jumping
kick.  Jump towards the head with a flying kick on your first move.  That's one
hit.  You should now be right in front of the head.  Then stay at the position 
and jump up.  Straight up.  When you are airborne, press A to kick.  Your ultra
will perform a jumping kick and connect on the head.  Do it repeatedly and your
contact with the purple smoke will minimize.  In the case of Ultraman, jump kick
is not enough.  You have to jump up, then press forward and kick.  He will do a
flying kick without moving to the front.  The only thing that can hit you would
be the monster's tentacles.  When you get hit, get up and jump in front of the
head again.  Keep jumping and kicking until the monster's health is around 3
quarters or less if possible.  Then jump away to avoid the tentacles.  To the
side.  Use your ultimate beam, like specium ray or wide shot.  If one is not
enough, use 2.  Gatanothor should be defeated.  In Taro's case, you can jump kick
a few times until Gatanothor's health is around 2cm down, then use the T-beam and
use the body rush.

o) Tyrant (o
This is, in my opinion, the toughest boss in the game.  To tell you how tough it
is without much breath, Taro's body rush, the most powerful attack in the game,
does only one half damage of its health.  Maybe a little bit more than one half  
Taro's T-Beam only does one quarter
damage.  This monster is smart.  When you fire your beams it ducks so you miss.
Defeating this baby needs a lot of work.  
If you are using Gaia, it should not
be that hard cause Gaia's attacks are powerful and can wear it down easily.
If you are using Ultraseven you can use the fin boomerang to cut it till halflife
then use wideshot or head laser.
If you are using Taro, you have to beat it up real good immediately after the
game starts, beat it up around one quarter life and use T-Beam followed by
body rush.  Or you can fight it with normal moves.  Sometimes you can try to
use T Beam and then Body Rush immediately to kill it.  But sometimes there will
still be a little health points left on Tyrant.
If you are using Agul, you have to fight it with normal moves and then fire all
your energy using the one-handed wide shot to destroy it.
If you are using Dyna, change into silver mode and fire orange beams repeatedly.
Orange beams do not consume any energy.
The real problem is with the other Ultras.  Especially Ultraman.  All your beams
would be pretty useless against Tyrant.  You need to beat it up but it keeps
blowing fire at you and piercing you with the chain.  But I found a trick.  You
have to trap it in a corner.  Then do a flying kick (UP FW FW A) then
immediately duck and do a slide (DN FW A).  Do another flying kick and then slide.
Repeat the process until Tyrant's health is halved.  Then fire 2 specium rays.
And make sure they all hit.
If you are using Ultraman Jack, use the same strategy as Ultraman, but there is
an easier way.  Throw spears at Tyrant the way you throw fin boomerangs with
Lastly, Ultraman Tiga.  Tiga's most powerful beam, the fireball blast, only does
a little more than a quarter damage to Tyrant.  My strategy is to get near Tyrant
using red mode and hit it with a jumping knee (UP FW A).  You should be on the 
other side of Tyrant.  Jumping knee it again, now from the other side.  Hit it
with jumping knees back and forth until you are comfortable with the odds.
Then fire a fireball blast.

)10( Secrets           |-----------------------------------------------------------
There might be more secrets in the game and I have not unlocked them but here is
the secret I know.  The secret is the gallery.  Remember when you go to options,
other stuff, and choose gallery, all the ultras are blocked?  When you unlock the 
galleries you can view screenshots from the respective Ultra's series!!  If you've
never seen the shows before, well you can see screenshots from the shows when you
unlock the gallery.

To unlock a gallery, you have to beat the game in 1P mode.  Wait, you beat the game
but did not unlock anything..??!!  Of course you didn't.  Did you play tournament
mode?  Nope.  Aha!!  You have to play tournament mode to train your Ultra.  Make
sure he has some points under his belt.  However, I have reason to believe you do
not need any points to unlock the gallery.

Just select an Ultra, say Ultraman Taro (easiest).  Then play 1P versus mode.
Defeat all the monsters WITHOUT LOSING EVEN ONCE!  When you win, it will say thank
you Ultraman... don't press anything.  Wait long enough and the gallery will pop

My experience is I unlocked Taro, Agul, Jack, Seven and Dyna's gallery.  I could
not unlock Ultraman's gallery until I trained him until his stats were 15 to 20
each.  Then I went again with Ultraman and unlocked the gallery.

)11( Music             |-----------------------------------------------------------
If you are an Ultraman superfan, you would recognize the songs in the game straight
away.  They are actually the theme songs of the Ultraman series of each Ultra in
the game!!  Play tournament mode, and in each battle, the song you here is the
theme song of your opponent's show.  It's true.
There are a total of 7 songs:
 - Ultraman theme
 - Ultraman Jack theme
 - Ultraman Taro theme
 - Ultraseven theme
 - Ultraman Tiga theme (Take me Higher)
 - Ultraman Dyna theme
 - Ultraman Gaia theme
What happened to Agul's theme..???  Actually Agul is an Ultraman in Gaia series.
He does not have his own show... boo hoo, but he does have his own theme.  I am
unsure why it is not included in the game.

)12( Credits and Disclaimer|-------------------------------------------------------
I would like to thank:
 - Jordan for producing this game which I enjoyed very much.
 - The Ultrafans that made Ultraman possible
 - Tsuburaya and creators of Ultraman for creating Ultraman
 - Guys like you who took the time to read my walkthrough!!
Thanks everyone.

Ultraman is a copyright of Tsuburaya or whoever holds the copyright.
If this walkthrough became a spoiler (which should not), then I am not liable
for any enjoyment I cost.  Normally people would have fun playing the game after
reading the walkthrough, not spoil the fun, but if it really happens the other way
for you, I am terribly sorry.

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Well that's all folks.  Have fun!!
THE END.  May the Light of Ultra be with you always.